At the start of my summer turning 20, my dream had come true. I was headed to college on scholarship. How would I tell Darren?

Well,  he was very excited for me and had his own news. In August he would take a new job in a western city.

My news excited him. He was proud. The clothes, the confidence that brought me the college opportunity. 

What would we do I asked. He simply said "make the best of the time."  And did we.

We fucked in his bed, pile driving, doggy, side by side, cowboy, perching, taking positions from a book for men and woman.  

We slept, woke up, fucked more. We met at lunch time, foregoing dinner to be inside each other.  

We copulated standing  in the shower, laying on the steps, poolside on a bunch of towels, in the hot tub at 2 AM

He fucked me hard and fast, cumming in a minute, or soft and slow, spending 30 minutes sliding in and out of me.

I fucked his mouth till he sucked me dry. He let me fuck his lubed balls and cock, sliding over them till we both shot loads.

He dry humped me from behind in an elevator with 10 people, sending me over the edge in a minute. Did they know?

And later in the car I reached into his slacks to find his cock wet and sticky from our elevator sex.

Darren fucked my ass in the back of his car one night, ripping my shorts, exposing my briefs, pushing them aside and going at me with a condom lubed with KY jelly.  Pushing me against the door in lustful power, my feet rubbing the roof of his convertible

 I fucked his cute ass from behind, standing, his hands on a tree, at a country resort outside of a wedding reception we were attending.  Our pants and briefs at our ankles. My blue clad cock lubed with hand lotion from the mens room, finding his button over and over till he shot a load into the tree with me pumping mine into him.

We went camping and found the tent and sleeping bags a perfect bed! We fondled each other most of the night, falling asleep, spooning. With the sunrise his smooth lubed cock pushed into me. It was the first time I let loose and screamed as we both orgasmed

As August hit, we were both ready to move on. I was ready for college, he to the west. Our last day was one of packing boxes. And a hot shower to clean up.  You can guess our actions. Finally we relaxed on our first stop, the garage couch.

Our last hours consisted of necking and stroking.  We just sat their naked, kissing, and sliding our hands up and down shafts we learned so well in a year. Darren and I orgasmed together.  Sharing slick hands and kisses.

The next day, I gave him a quick hug, and watched as the moving van and his convertible drove away. No tears.  Just an amazing feeling that he had prepared me for better things in life.



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