I am completely frozen.

I have just been caught with Mr Clark's underwear wrapped around my hard and leaking cock, by the man himself, no less!

"I asked you a question!" I hear his loud voice boom out once again.

"I-I...I was just...just..." I stuttered as I tried to respond but I am completely lost for words.

But a bigger shock was yet to come...

Too afraid to turn back and look him in the eye I decide to remain standing with my back to him. I hear him sigh from behind me "Guess I shouldn't be surprised" he mumbles to himself. I hear the floorboard creak as he takes one step closer to me. "Jamie, I didn't leave because I was mad at you...". I don't respond, not knowing what to say, or even if I should bother to speak at all! He could just be hiding how pissed off he really is!

"I mean, I have to be out of here by tomorrow night before your mother gets home. I had to go look for somewhere to go" he tells me and chuckles a little bit.

Without even thinking about it I let out a loud sigh of relief.

"This doesn't mean you're not in trouble, Jamie!" he tells me, his voice raising once again, and I hear him take another step closer.

I hear and feel a small thud from behind me as something fell to the floor. I'm not sure what it is and I am still too afraid to turn my head to look behind me.

Next thing I know I feel a warm sensation as a pair of muscular arms wrap around my torso, followed by a chin resting on my right shoulder.

"This is what you wanted, right, Jamie?" Mr Clark asks with a soft voice, his lips inches from my ear. Before I can even answer his question I feel his tongue lick behind my ear.

He then presses his body against my back and my eyes widen as I feel his bare skin on my own.

From what I could tell...he has nothing on but his underwear!

"Y'know Jamie...It's rude to not answer your elders when they ask you a question" he says and kisses my neck a few times. I bite my lip to keep myself from moaning.

"D-Daddy..." I whisper, not able to make any more words than that as my mind is too caught up in what is happening right now.

With one of his hands he reaches up and uses his fingers to rub my lips and without a second thought I open up my mouth and start to suck on them, he didn't even have to ask!

"I'd be lying if I said I had never thought about stuff like this" he said gently. "But...I honestly never expected you to feel this way about me".

I take his fingers out of my mouth and finally turn to look at him. "Daddy...I love you" I say and smile up at him. "Everything about you, in fact!" I giggle a little bit.

He laughs and shakes his head, finally smiling at me again. "I feel exactly the same way, Jamie. Now...come here" he says and smirks.

I blush, knowing he's asking for a kiss. I happily do as I'm told, wrapping my arms around his big, muscular upper body and grabbing his ass as I lean in closer and closer to his lips.

As our lips finally connect I moan instantly, granting him access to the inside of my mouth and I feel his tongue slide in. He grabs my ass too as the kiss continues.

I feel him squeeze my ass every once in a while.

I pull back from the kiss and I start kissing his muscular chest.  He laughs and moans, keeping one arm around me as I continue to kiss his chest, slowly moving toward his nipples.

Right as I get to his right nipple I stop and pull away from him.

"So..." I say as I wrap my arms around his right arm. "Find anywhere to go?"

He laughs at how casually I ask this question, given our current situation.

"Actually I did" he tells me as I softly kiss his arm.

"Oh yeah? What's it like?" I ask

"It's a nice place. It uh..." he pauses as I walk around and stand behind him, rubbing my hands up and down his body, feeling every last piece of his manly muscles. "...It actually has three bedrooms, a huge living room, a nice kitchen and two spare rooms." he tells me, sounding slightly cocky.

I pull back and look up at him, laughing. "Damn, that apartment sounds better than this damn house!" I point out and he laughs as well.

"Yeah..." he says, looking around the room. "So...how'd ya feel about moving in with me?" he looks back at me and smiles.

Once again my eyes go wide. "Y-You can't be serious" I mumble and he simply nods.

"Of course I am"  

I give him a shock as I push him back hard, causing him to land on the bed. He looks at me, thinking I'm angry with him as I crawl on top of him.

"Listen, you old bastard!" I growl at him, looking him in the eye. "I know you're just using me to piss off my mom!"

"What?! No! Jamie! This isn't like that at all, I swear! I mean it, I have always had feelings for you, I-"

I shut him up by slamming my lips against his, kissing him hard. "Hey, hey...I didn't say I wasn't okay with you using me for revenge. You deserve better than mom" I smirk at him.

"B-But Jamie. I mean it...I love y-"

"Man! You're getting soft in your old age!" I say and roll my eyes before laughing. "I love you too" I say and kiss him softly, feeling his arms wrap around me again.

I feel his warm hands sliding down my back as we kiss. He squeezes my ass again and I giggle again his lips. I pull away from the kiss and look down, watching his hands tightly grip my ass.

"Y'know son, you have one goddamn incredible looking ass" he says with a light chuckle. "Can't wait to feel it wrap around my dick" he chuckles and kisses me again.

"Me neither!" I mumble against his lips, teasingly rubbing my ass against his crotch which is continuing to grow harder and harder by the second.

I soon start to slide down his body, planting soft kisses on him along the way.

Now his crotch is right in front of my face, the scent is pretty familiar, the light smell of piss, cum and sweat, but at the same time, taking a whiff of him brings me into a whole new world!

I pull down his underwear so quick that I hear Mr Clark chuckle.

"Ooh, somebody's eager, huh?" he asks and I blush.

I look up at his cock and raise my eyebrow, smirking back at him. "Look who's talking!" I say, wrapping my hand around his hard cock.

He chuckled "Yeah, you're right. Hell, I don't think I've ever been this hard!" he said and moaned quietly, putting his hands behind his head as he watched me stroke his member slowly.

I feel his feet rub against my crotch, still shielded by my underwear, and I moan. He grins and says "How about you see how it tastes, Jamie?"

I look up at him and giggle before looking back at his cock. 'There is no way I'm gonna be able to fit that entire monster into my mouth!' I think in my head but my determination takes over as I wrap my lustful lips around his cockhead. I hear him let out a sharp moan as I do this.

"Fuck!" he grunts quietly. I swirl my tongue around his cockhead a few times, gaining nothing but positive reactions as I do so, before I decide to try and go deeper. I slide my lips further down  his cock and I soon have over half of his length in my mouth.

From the corner of my eye I see his hand grip the side of the bed tightly as I do this. I have never seen Mr Clark so weak!

I start sucking a little faster after a while, hearing him moan, saying my name a few times.

"That's it! Oh, Jamie! Fuck, yeah! More! OH!" he says in between his moans.

I pull his cock out of my mouth and start licking up and down and the sides of his now very wet penis.

He blows out some hot breath before saying "It's been too damn long! But, fuck! You were certainly worth the wait, Jamie" he smiles down at me.

I climb up his body again and kiss his, allowing him to taste a mixture of my lips and his sweaty cock.

"Daddy..." I look him in the eye. "I have waiting too long for this! I need you, now!" I say, hoping he'll take me right here, right now.

He smiles and kisses me hard before pulling back.

"Alright" he spanks me again before saying "I don't wanna hurt ya so I'll let you be in control. Ride me"

I bite my lip, having imagined this scenario a thousand times, this couldn't be going any better!

I smile at him and peck his lips one more time before sliding off my underpants and tossing them aside carelessly.

As I go to position myself over him, Mr Clark says "Whoa, whoa, whoa" I look up at him, worrying that I have somehow already done something wrong.

"I wanna see that cute ass of yours before I tear it apart" he tells me and grins playfully. I giggle and turn around, my ass now inches away from his face. "Wow" I hear him whisper as both his hands grab each cheek. I feel his face press against my ass and hear him inhale before moaning. In front of my eyes I see his cock tremble, seeming to get even harder, if that was even possible!

Just as I go to make a teasing comment I am interrupted when I moan out loudly and close my eyes, feeling Mr Clark's tongue on my hole. "Oh, YES!" I cry out, gripping onto his legs. I feel his hands pull my ass cheeks apart to give him more access to my entrance.

He eats my asshole for a few more minutes before slowly pulling his tongue out of me. I cry out, not wanting that feeling to go away. Just from him doing that I am now sweating, breathing hard and my dick is harder than ever.

"Ready?" I hear the voice ask from behind me. I can't say a word, breathing too hard so I simply nod my head.

Mr Clark puts his hands behind his head again as I sit there for another moment, trying to gather my thoughts and catch my breath and when I do I don't bother to turn to face him. I just want him inside of me right now! I slide a little further down his body before taking hold of his cock with my right hand, keeping my back to him as I get up on my knees and keep his cock in my grip.

After aligning both my ass and his cock as best I can, I close my eyes and slowly start sliding down, my legs shaking with fear.

This is going to hurt so bad!

Once I feel the head of his cock poking at my hole my eyes shoot open once again. I bite my lip, not wanting to appear weak or scared, least of all in front of Mr Clark, of all people!

"Jamie, if you're scared I understand" I hear his voice say softly from behind me.

Hearing him say the word 'scared' sends a form of anger through me. I'm not angry with him, I'm angry with myself for letting him think that I can't do this.

I don't respond with words. I instead respond by sliding down a little further until I feel his cock slip through my ass and right inside of my hole. I blow out some hot breath before slowly pushing myself down further.

I bite my lip, not wanting Mr Clark to hear me cry out in pain. I then hear him groan loudly "FUCK!" he exclaims. "You're REALLY fucking tight, Jamie!" he grunts.

I can't help but grin a little. "Too much for you, big guy?" I ask.

He laughs and spanks me, hard. "Na, feels too damn good!" he tells me and laughs some more.

Forgetting about the pain I'm feeling, I slide further down until I have his entire manhood inside of my tight asshole.

I am soon riding him, not caring about the pain I'm feeling, just focusing all of my attention on the pleasure I'm feeling and on giving Mr Clark all of the pleasure that I can. By the sounds of his moaning, I'm doing a pretty damn good job!

"Jamie" he says and grunts, trying to catch his breath as I keep riding him faster and faster. "I-It's really been a long time for me. I-I'm really not gonna be able to last much longer" he grunts again.

My head is spinning from all of this pleasure. I can't believe I'm able to turn on such a sexy man like Mr Clark!

Without thinking about it, I fall back onto him, his cock remaining inside of me, I was just too dizzy to stay upright any longer. "M-Me neither" I whisper, eyes closed and breathing heavily.

I open up my eyes to look up at him and he is smiling down at me. He chuckles and bucks up into me without any warning, causing me to moan in surprise and pleasure.

He smirks at me and I laugh, allowing him to carry on thrusting up into me.

"OH DADDY! MORE!" I cry out.

The neighbours could probably hear me at this point, I was being so loud, but I couldn't care less!

"J-Jamie, I-I can't...hold back...anymore!" I hear him tell me between grunts and moans.

"Me neither!" I whisper loudly.

Without either of us exchanging another word we both cum simultaneously, my load shooting all over me and his load shooting up inside of me.

We lay there for a few minutes, not saying a word. The room is filled with nothing but the sound of our heavy breathing and the smell of hot man sex and sweat.

I finally get up enough energy and manage to climb off of him, only to collapse down next to him. I wrap my arms around him and smile. He smiles back at me.

"Mr Clark...when I move in with you can we do this every day?" I ask and smile, cuddling close to him.

"On one condition" He tells me, grinning.

I look at him with curiosity. "Anything" I respond.

He leans in so close to me that our noses are now touching. He then says "Call me Gavin" and smirks before kissing me.

This is definitely the begging of an incredible relationship! Although it may be forbidden, I don't care at all.

The end

Well...that's it!

I really hope you guys liked this story and enjoyed the final chapter!

Thanks for all of the support I have gotten while written this story!

Also I have changed my name from GayBearBoy to JordanM, just in case there is any confusion.

Hopefully I will get to write some more stories soon and hopefully you guys will enjoy them!

Thanks again





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