...A half hour ago I thought I was about to get caught after jacking off to my stepdad and now...now I'm kissing him!

The kiss seemed to last forever while somehow not lasting long enough at the same time. Millions of thoughts run through my mind as my lips are pressed against his. I eventually know that I'm going to have to break the kiss myself; I had expected Mr Clark to break it seconds after it started but he didn't. Then again, my eyes are closed so I don't even know if he is enjoying this just as much as I am or if he is just frozen with shock.

I slowly pull away from his lips and slowly open up my eyes. I see him staring at me and, as I expected, he looks incredibly shocked.

Great! Nice going, Jamie! You just scared away the sweetest man in your life!

"J-Jamie I...I--" Mr Clark's babbling was cut short when we overheard the landline phone ringing out in the hall.

I quietly groaned as Mr Clark quickly stood up, walking out of the room to answer it.

Why the hell do we still have a landline anyway?!

I stay seated on my bed and look down at my crotch, seeing that I am now erect again, but this time, it's so hard that it hurts!

I sigh and put my head in my hands.

I'm such a fucking idiot!


J...Jamie...my...my own stepson...just kissed me!

He kissed me and...and I didn't even stop him!

I slowly lift the landline phone and put it to my ear.

"Who is this?" I hear a female's voice ask through the phone.

I groan, hearing her. "It's Gavin" I reply simply.

She sighs "Gavin, you better be out of there by the time I get back!" she yells "Have you even told Jamie about all of this yet?!"

As she speaks to me like this I begin to question what I ever saw in this bitch to start with!

"Yes! I have! And frankly, I feel bad for the guy. He's gonna be stuck with a goddamn bitch like you!" I yell and slam the phone down.

I stand there, breathing hard as thousands of thoughts run through my mind.

Jamie kissed me!

Why did he kiss me?!

I didn't stop him though!

I still don't exactly have anywhere to go!

I sigh and walk back into my bedroom, grabbing some of my things, none of the boxes, just small things like my wallet, car keys, etc.

As I'm walking downstairs I hear Jamie's voice from behind me - "Daddy? W-Where are you going?"

He sounds afraid...almost like he thinks I'm angry with him. But, in this moment, I'm so pissed off and confused, I didn't know how else to react.

I reply with "I'll be back in a couple hours" and walk down the rest of the stairs, to the door. I walk out, closing it behind me and I get into my car, driving off.


I'm 1000% certain now! I fucked up! The man can't even stand to be in the same damn building as me!

I'll be surprised if Mr Clark really does come back.

Then again...he does have to come back for his stuff...

I sit on the couch and try watching some TV to try and relax my mind a little

It doesn't work.

I turn the TV off again after a short 10 or 15 minutes.

I start pacing around the house, trying to think of some kind of way to distract myself and get my mind off of all of this but I can't! I know that no matter what I try it won't work!

After a pacing for over an hour I'm pretty tired, having barely slept last night.

Guess I should just go lay down for a while...

I walk upstairs and as I do I walk by the room filled with Mr Clark's stuff, seeing that he has just left his dirty underwear from yesterday on the bedroom floor.

'Am I really considering this?' I ask myself but that question soon becomes moot as I find myself stepping closer towards the discarded white briefs on the floor.

I have never done anything like this before. 'I'm not some kind of perv!' I think to myself but it just feels like I'm trying to convince myself more than anything else.

I sigh, no longer caring. This is the closest thing I'm ever going to get to having Mr Clark's bare body connect with mine. It's the last chance I'm ever going to get and I'm going to take whatever I can get at this point!

I press the briefs to my nose, close my eyes and inhale deeply. That same dizzy feeling from earlier takes over my body again as I stumble back and sit down on the bed.

I instantly grew hard as a rock when I took in that first whiff. Smelling the drops off piss, the left over semen after he jerked off a couple of nights ago and his natural manly scent all mixed into one is amazing.

I literally rip off my own underwear and toss them aside. In the moment, I don't care about anything else. I just want Mr Clark!

I stand in the middle of the room and wrap his underwear around my raging member and start stroking violently. I moan loudly, tilting my head back and thrusting into my hand. It feels like I have never touched myself before! This is a whole new feeling that I'm not at all used to but it feels really good!

With how hot all of this feels I was expecting to burst as soon as my hand made contact with my penis but I was wrong. If anything, I was lasting a lot longer than I usually do.

With my eyes closed and back to the door I continue stroking my cock while thrusting into my hand and moaning. "Oh Daddy" I whisper, wishing I had him and not just his underpants.

I was so lost in my own little world that I didn't even hear the front door of the house open up, nor did I hear the approaching footsteps as they came upstairs.

The first clue I got that somebody else was in my presence was when I heard a loud, deep and angry voice yell "What the fuck are you doing with my underwear?!"

We're coming up to the last chapter!

See you then ;)





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