The entire time I am perusing through different websites, trying to find a nice place that wasn't too pricey, I couldn't get Jamie off of my mind.

I know I made him uncomfortable earlier by acting so natural, as if it's normal for a father to stand naked, casually chatting with his son. I just figured that because we are both men he would be okay with my being naked, but clearly he wasn't. He couldn't get away from me soon enough.

What I'm ashamed of was that I saw that I was hard after he left, without even realising! Had I had it the whole time?! Furthermore, why the fuck did I have an erection while speaking to Jamie? My own stepson!

Well...He is pretty sexy...

NO! He's my fucking son! But...

Dear God, this is fucking sick! I'M fucking sick!

I try my best to ignore these thoughts and continue searching for a place to live...

Jamie probably spotted the suitcases by my bedside when he was going to the bathroom earlier so I'm going to have to explain to him what's going on with his mother and I.

I eventually stumble across a few good looking places with affordable prices. I decided that I'll make some calls later, but first I should really talk to Jamie...

As I stand up to put on the rest of my clothes I could swear I hear quick footsteps followed by a door slamming shut. I just ignore it, assuming I'm hearing things or something.


As I looked through the small crack in the door I stared at Mr Clark's incredible body. It was a little disappointing when he put his underwear on but I still had plenty to see, those abs, that chest, he's so damn ripped! Even the way his ass and crotch hug his tight white briefs.

I mindlessly allowed my hand to slide down my belly and over my crotch. Next thing I knew my hand was stroking my length, not taking my eyes off of that sexy old man I call my step father.

I started stroking harder and faster, the fact that he was oblivious to my presence was a real turn on for me! I bit my lip and closed my eyes, feeling myself get closer and closer to climax.

'This is wrong! I can't do this! I shouldn't be jacking off to my own dad!' My mind told me but, somehow, in that moment, I didn't care and my hand continued to pound away on my meat.

I soon felt my thick load exploding into my hand, causing me to get a little dizzy. I stumbled back and leaned my naked body against the wall behind me, breathing hard and sweating with a goofy smile plastered across my lips.

But worrying thoughts then began to fill my mind - 'Could he hear me? I was moaning and breathing pretty loudly...' I slowly and quietly stepped towards the door, staring through the crack again. Panic surged through me as I saw him standing up. Without a second thought I bolted to my bedroom.

 I am now standing in my bedroom with my bare back and ass pressed to the coldness of my door. I'm sweaty, breathing hard and my penis is leaking cum.


'Alright...Relax...he was probably just standing up to get dressed...' My mind tried to assure me. I quickly went to my closet and grabbed a pair of black boxers and slid them on, covering up my semi-erect member. Just as I went to find a shirt and pants to put on I heard knocking on my bedroom door, followed by a voice.

"Hey, Jamie? We gotta talk. Let me in"

Sorry that this chapter took longer to come out than the others did. As I said before, I was pretty sick after posting chapter 3 but I'm better now. With work and all I'm not sure how frequently I'm going to be able to post new chapters and new stories but I will anytime I can.
 Hope you guys are enjoying the story!
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