Three years ago, when I was 31, I was in a pretty rough place - my relationship of 6 years completely broke down after I found out I was being cheated on.

One night I decided to go out to the bar next to the crappy hotel I was staying in to drown my sorrows. While I was there I noticed some women, around my age, enter the bar together.

At one point, one of the women I had noticed earlier came up to the bar to order some drinks. We started talking, I didn't bother mentioning my ex, and we soon started flirting a little. One thing lead to another and before I knew it we were all over each other. I was pretty drunk and looking for comfort and something to take my mind off of my cheating ex so I didn't argue when she suggested that we 'go somewhere more private'. We ended up in a hotel room. We talked a little and she had mentioned something about her 16 year old son, Jamie. But the talking soon ended and, to keep things clean, let's just say after another hour or two went by we were under the covers of that hotel bed, naked, sweaty and breathless.

At that moment I really didn't expected to hear from her again. I thought she was like me, just looking for some fun and nothing more, but the next morning when I had woken up I saw that she had left a piece of paper with her phone number on it on the bedside table. Above her number she had written 'Call me. I NEED to see you again ;)'.

My  relationship was over and she had seemed nice so I figured why not? I called her and we soon started going out on dates. A few months down the line, after she found out that I was still living in a hotel since my ex had gotten the house after our breakup, she allowed me to move in with her and her son.

Things were great for the first year or two - Jamie turned out to be a great guy and pretty mature for 16! Things were going pretty well with his mom and I as well.

She and I slept together almost nightly but, even though I never admitted this to her, I really started to lose interest in sex around a year into the relationship. I just kept it up because I didn't have the guts to tell her I found it boring...

Jamie and I started spending a lot of time together pretty quickly after meeting and I was glad. I had always wanted a son but I knew this was the closest I'd ever have to that but I was happy nonetheless. And things with me and his mother were...okay, I guess. But I wasn't going to complain!

Once or twice over the last year I have heard Jamie fooling around with a friend of his in his bedroom. A male friend, I might add - Ryan something...

Growing up I was taught to believe that being gay was 'wrong' and 'a sin' but I never really believed any of that, though I stayed silent with my beliefs.

I was happy that Jamie was experimenting. Gay or straight I still love know, in a fatherly way.

After three years together the relationship was becoming strained. All she and I did was argue or just ignore each other when we were in the same room, unless Jamie was around, I made a point to never argue around him.

Yesterday she left for one of her 'business trips', at least that's what she had me tell Jamie anyway. The truth is that his mother and I are breaking up. She has left to stay with her friends for a few days and she said that she wants me out by the time she gets back.

I'm not even going to miss her that much, if at all! But...Jamie...

She expects me to break the news to him but I don't know how! We've really grown close over the last couple of years, I know he'll be heartbroken. I have just been acting as normal as I can since his mom left.

Last night I told Jamie I had something important to tell him but when he looked me in the eyes I broke and just told him that I was going to be taking time away from work for a while. Which was true. I told my boss that I'm under a lot of stress so he has given me 2 weeks off. I was just glad he didn't ask why!

This morning...

I woke up pretty early this morning, having barely slept since this whole breakup thing with Jamie's mom started. I didn't even bother trying to get back to sleep, it was 9:45am. I got up, went downstairs, had breakfast then decided to go and have a shower.

I entered the bathroom, took off my underwear and shirt then got into the shower. At first I just stood there, letting the water run down my body. Later I started soaping myself up but I soon realised that I had a hard-on, though I wasn't really surprised. I haven't had sex in over 2 months and I have always found touching myself boring so I rarely do that but I figured I had no other options at this point.

I wrapped my fingers around my fat penis shaft and started stroking slowly. I watched as precum leaked from the slit of my penis and I moaned a little. It never usually felt this good!

Maybe it's because I was thinking of...somebody different.

I felt myself get closer and closer to ejaculation but I could swear I heard Jamie walking around, his bedroom being nextdoor to the bathroom. I stopped jacking off and began to worry, wondering if I had remembered to lock the bathroom door.

That question was soon answered as Jamie turned the doorknob.

I quickly but quietly slid the steam glass door closed on the shower, hoping my erection would go down.

I heard Jamie sigh in relief as he started pissing so I decided to try and act casual. I slid the door open and said "Jamie?"

When he heard my voice he got so nervous. He babbled a little before angrily asking me why I hadn't locked the bathroom door. I ignored his question, instead responding by reminding him that we have seen each other naked before when we've gone to the gym together.

I think I caught him staring at my cock but that was probably my imagination getting the better of me. There is no way someone like Jamie would have any interest in some old man like me.

I asked him to hand me a towel and he did. I dried off as I stepped out of the shower. He still seemed pretty distracted so I laughed and said "You act like you've never seen another guy naked"

It seemed that I touched upon a nerve when I said this as he started getting defensive, claiming he never has. At this point I decided to tell him that I have overheard him and his friend Ryan when they were in his room together. He just stuttered nervously and said that he was going to go and get dressed. He ran out of the bathroom and back to his room. I heard him close his bedroom door and lock it.

And that's where we are now!

I sigh and shake my head.

Great! Now I've made him feel uncomfortable.

I continue to dry off but when I looked myself in the mirror I noticed that I was still grinning and not only that, I was also hard again!

'Why the fuck am I hard again?!' I thought silently in my head, this time deciding to ignore my erection. I walk down the hall, naked, back to my bedroom.

I noticed that my bedroom door was open. FUCK! I wonder did Jamie notice my suitcases when he passed by. I sigh again and enter the bedroom, closing the door behind me.

With the towel still in my hand I begin to dry off. Once I'm dry I sit on the edge of the bed, still naked, and try to think things over, still wondering how to tell Jamie what's going on. I stand up and stretch before pulling on some white briefs. I wasn't getting as dressed up as I usually would since I'm not working today. I lay out some jeans and a black buttoned shirt. I lay them on the bed and decide to change after I start looking for somewhere to go.

I lift my laptop out of its case and start trying to find a place. Since I now have a better job than I did 3 years ago I can afford a good apartment at least. Once I find one or two places online I should go see if Jamie's okay...

I know this chapter is a little all over the place, sorry about that.

Nevertheless, hope you guys are enjoying the story! Thank you so much for the positive reviews!! :)

Chapter 4 coming as soon as I can get it out.

Also if you have any suggestions for other stories please let me know!


UPDATE: I'm pretty sick at the moment so I'm not sure when I will be able to post the next chapter. 
Hopefully soon!





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