...Last night I watched my mom's boyfriend touch himself...
 I STILL can't believe that I sat there and watched him stroke his cock!

Over dinner last night Mr Clark told me that he'd be taking a week or 2 off of work, I didn't even think to ask why, I just nodded. I was too deep in thought about this whole thing. "What the hell was he talking about when he said 'God damn bitch' earlier?!" I thought to myself...

My suspicions drove me to consider maybe Mr Clark was cheating on mom. "...No, he wouldn't do something like that!"

After dinner he and I talked for a while, watched a movie then I decided to go to bed. The strange thing is that when I stood up and said goodnight, Mr Clark stood up and hugged me saying "Goodnight Jamie". As his muscular arms held me tightly I couldn't help but feel a mixture of confusion, shock and...slight lust.

Confusion and shock because he never usually hugs me. I know I said he's a sweet guy but in the three years that I've known him we really haven't hugged that much! Only if I were upset about something.

And lust because of what I witnesses just hours before.

This had me thinking of the first time I can remember him hugging me - a girl I was dating when I was 16 had cheated on me. I came home, trying to act like nothing was wrong because I really didn't want to talk about the whole thing but Mr Clark instantly noticed I was upset. All it took was for him to ask "What's wrong, Jamie?" and I broke down. I told him that my girlfriend had been cheating and he sighed, stood up and wrapped his big arms around me and held me close. I'm not sure how long he held me for, time just seemed to stop while I was in his embrace. I quickly stopped crying and just took in his scent. It was calming and...fatherly. It relaxed me and calmed me down. It was amazing.


I didn't ask why he hugged me, I just let it happen. He held me for a minute or two which I would normally find pretty awkward but it actually felt nice. When I eventually felt him pull back I smiled up at him and said "Goodnight dad" with a smile on my lips.

I watched his tiny smile grow bigger and he almost looked like he was tearing up. I couldn't figure out why at first but it soon kicked in - I JUST CALLED HIM DAD!

I have NEVER called him that!

I decided to just try and act casual, as though I meant to say it. I hugged him quickly again and quietly mumbled "Love you", also something I have never told him. This time I didn't look him in the eye, I just turned and walked up the stairs. I got changed into my pyjama pants and got into bed...

If only I could tell him how much I loved him...

The next day...

I have just woken up, having my usual morning wood. I had dreamt about last night so that's probably why! I just try to ignore it as I sit up in my bed and yawn, looking at my phone to see what time it is - 11:30am. I get up out of my bed, stretch and yawn again. I look in the mirror, fix my hair a little and walk out of my room to use the bathroom, still in my pyjama pants and no shirt.

My body has nothing on Mr Clark's but I'm still in pretty good shape.

As I'm walking to the bathroom I notice that mom and Mr Clark's bedroom door is wide open. The bed is already made, so I know that Mr Clark is already awake. The strange thing is that there are some brown boxes by the side of the bed. I just assume that it's useless stuff being sold or something and continued to the bathroom.

I walk in and close the door behind me, I know Mr Clark is probably downstairs but I always close the bathroom door anyway.

Except, he wasn't.

I stand in front of the toilet, barely hearing the water running behind me as I pull my cock out of my pyjamas and start to piss. I close my eyes and sigh in relief.


I jump when I hear Mr Clark's voice, thankfully having finished peeing at that point, and turn to look at him. He's standing in the shower, the glass door was covering him completely when I walked in so I didn't see him and I wasn't paying any attention to the sound of running water.

"Oh my God. Mr Clark, I-I'm so sorry I-Why didn't you lock the door?!" I exclaim, embarrassed.

He just laughed at me and shook his head "Jamie, don't be ridiculous. We've gone to the gym together, remember? You've seen everything in the changing rooms" he points out.

"W-Well, yeah, but..." I tried to think of an argument but he had a point. The only argument I had was that we hadn't gone to the gym together in over a year and I only realised that I like guys a few months ago, after yet another failed relationship with a girl, so I never paid much attention to all of the nakedness around me in the gym locker rooms back then.

But I am NOT going to tell him that!

Mr Clark laughs a little more, turns the shower off and as he slides the glass across, revealing his full wet, slightly hairy, muscular, naked body, he asks "Could you hand me a towel?"

I was stuck in a trance for a moment but I snap out of it when I hear him say my name. "Everything okay?" he asks.

I quickly nod "Y-Yeah. T-Towel?" I ask, my voice cracking slightly. I look around, almost forgetting where the towel's are for a moment. I grab one and hand it to him, smiling nervously.

He smiles back at me "Thanks" he says as he steps out of the shower and messes up my hair. Even though he had literally just washed he still has a very masculine aroma to him.

"I-I'm gonna-gonna...uh..." I couldn't get the sentence out, I was too distracted as his fat cock swung from side to side while he dried himself off. It wasn't the biggest, maybe around 7 inches or so, but it was pretty fat and still looked amazing.

I heard him laugh again "You act like you've never seen another guy naked" he said, causing me to snap out of my trance once again.

"W-Why would I have seen other guys naked?!" I exclaimed, trying to act offended. I haven't told anyone, aside from one person, that I'm gay!

He laughs "Let's just say you and your friend Ryan aren't exactly quiet" he grins at me, causing my face to turn bright red.

Ryan and I had experimented a few times together earlier this year after I had told him that I think I have feelings for Mr Clark.

"I-I'm gonna go get dressed" I said, just wanting an excuse to leave, then I quickly exit the bathroom.

Quickly, I walk down the hall and into my bedroom and close and lock the door. I take a deep breath in and out then bite my lip hard, slamming my eyes shut as I feel my raging hard-on twitch. "Why is he so fucking sexy?" I mumble quietly to myself. I look down, seeing the bulge in my pants. My cock is around the same size as Mr Clark's, if not a little bigger.

Mr Clark's incredible, fat, sexy, hard cock...-AH!

I take off my pyjamas, now totally naked. I look up and see my reflection in the mirror. I was naked, blushing, kind of sweaty and my boner was killing me! I can't remember the last time I was this hard and horny! I grunt quietly before wrapping my right hand around my member...

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