Nick laid there on the sofa breathing lightly, his body tense yet so very willing.Ryan's hands slowly explored Nick's body, Nick's body had a slight definition to it most likely from his swimming practice, and somehow Nick managed to not get one flaw on his body or face matter, Nick's body was beyond gorgeous it was perfect.

 Ryan laid his head down on Nick's chest so he could listen to Nick's heart beat, what Ryan heard was strong and calm steady beat that surprisingly matched his own. Ryan let out a small giggle.

"our hearts beating at the same rhythm," Ryan said looking Nick contently.

"Are they? I feel like mine going to explode through my chest." Nick responded.

Ryan let out another small laugh, he was amused by how uncomfortable his little brother was with the situation because Ryan felt so natural in it.But Ryan had to admit this was no ordinary situation, he was about to commit one of modern society biggest taboo, he could tell no one of this especially his parents.

 "Nick, can I kiss you?" Ryan asked

Nick was paused for a moment.

"Yes," Nick responded in a soft comforting voice.

 Ryan placed his hands on Nick's flawless face held it gently, Ryan licked his lips slightly before pressing them to Nick's. Ryan slowly pushed his tongue into brother's mouth and began to gently massage Nick's tongue. With their saliva mixing and the chemicals reacting, their bodies began to analyze the other, and they both got different results.

 Ryan felt a warm peaceful radiance from Nick, they seemed to be very similar in body and mind.Ryan was very happy and excited for the future they may have.Nick, on the other hand, did not feel the same as Ryan. Nick felt like he was cheating on someone, who that someone was he did not know. But while embrace in Ryan's passionate kiss, Nick swore he was committing adultery, and the longer they embraced the more Nick resisted.Ryan didn't notice that Nick began to struggle, Ryan was lost in his happiness, it only when Nick finally gathered enough strength to push Ryan off of him and onto the floor.Hitting the ground with a small thud, Ryan got up with a surprised look on his face.

"Did I do something wrong?" Ryan asked with a surprised expression.

Nick was looking for the right words

"Nick we can take this as slow as you want and no has to know," Ryan said to think that was what was concerning Nick.

"No, it's not that," Nick answered.

"Then what is it?" a puzzled Ryan asked

Nick was silent for a few moments before he said

"Your not the one," Nick said apologetically.

A knock on Nick's car jolted Nick out of his thoughts.

"Hey, kiddo what are you think about so hard?" His father asked

"Oh hey, dad. Just thinking about school is all got a new project for class and I'm trying to figure out how to go about it." Nick lied to his father.

"Well, I'm sure you will think better inside in the warm." His father laughed a bit.

"yes I could use some fresh coffee," Nick said with an honest smile.

Nick grabbed his backpack and got out of his car. Nick felt much better that his father was home earlier than usual.Ryan wouldn't be so persistence while their parents were home.Walking to their large house, Nick's father opened the door, the smell of an apple cinnamon candle welcomed them into a warm luxurious home.The house was well lit and decorated, Nick's family loved this time of year just after the New year were everything seem to hit a steady pace and all the hassle and chaos that ensue during the holidays were over. Where the Florida weather finally became cool and pleasant.Ryan immediately appeared in the hall where the front door was. he was expecting Nick but not his father.

"Oh hey dad your home early." Ryan said

"yea, your mom finishing up back at the lab so she should be home in 45minutes or so."

"Hey, dad what's for dinner?" Nick asked walking pass Ryan trying to get to his room without trying to speak to Ryan.

"PIZZA!" Shouted his father as he began walking up the stairs to his bedroom.

Nick I need to talk to you." Ryan said as Nick just made it to the door of his room.

Nick lowered his head and let out a small sigh.

"What is it Ryan?" Nick asked while not looking at Ryan

"Do you feel any different?" Ryan asked in an optimistic tone.

Nick looked at his older brother with a sad expression.

"No." Nick answered

"Well, maybe later in a few months, you may share the same feelings" Ryan responded in a disheartened tone.

"Just don't get your hopes up too high." Nick said honestly.

 Ryan gave him a weak smile and walked away.Nick couldn't help but feel sorry for his brother, he was in love with someone who didn't love him back in that particular way.But Nick refused to be with Ryan or to even try a relationship because it felt like Nick was cheating off someone he deeply cared about, who that person was Nick or Ryan did not know but never the less Nick refused to go any further than what he did with Ryan that stormy day two years ago.Nick opened his door to his room and threw his stuff on the floor and fell on his bed.

 Nick had a very long day. First some stupid project he had to work on for the rest of his senior year, Swim practice, a ton of homework, and some stupid bicurious jock claiming that he wanted to be his boyfriend. Nick giggled out loud silly white boy, definitely the most interesting part of his day. Nick laid in his bed about 45 mins until he smelled pizza and heard his mother voice. Nick was able to get out of his comfy bed to acquire pizza and to say hello to his mother.walking out of his bedroom he wondered what tomorrow had in store for him.



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