They tied up my hands and feet and threw me half naked into the Van.

The two Cuban guys had gotten into my house somehow and attacked me in my sleep.

I could hardly fight and was bound and gagged in no time. Since I only slept in my underwear I was carried to the Van with no clothes on at all.

The two Cubans were in their 20's muscular and the younger one had this big bulge in his crotch.  It only was the fact that it was so big that it got my attention. 

The Cuban guy saw me looking at it and grabbed his crotch and said.  "My girlfriend was on the rag last night, man, I couldn't get off, goddamn it!"  He looked at me and I looked away.

I hope he didn't think I was a fag or that I sucked cock.  Nawwwww!'

The older Cuban gave me the usual warnings to shut up and didn't try and escape and I would live through this.  Plus the ransom money.

We were rolling down the road and I had no idea where wewere heading or where we were even going.  That was the scariest part.

Suddenly the Van stopped and the older guy announced that he had to take a piss.

No sooner had he left the Van when my captor asked me if I wanted something to eat.

That was so kind of him and I was about to ask him for a cheeseburger and fries when he stuff his semi-hard, really long cock down my throat.

I was not ready for it as he unzipped his pants and said, "You have sausage dinner tonight.  Now suck it or I kill you!"

I knew better than to resist.  This was not the first time I had been kidnapped.  I wasn't even a major movie star but just famous enough to be known so that I made headline news when this happened and the ransom went up.  I didn't know if these guys knew it or not, but none of the kidnappings had been successful.

"Fuck!  That feels good!"  The young Cuban said as he trusted his long, uncut member into my mouth.  I was nearly choking already as his dick grew in my mouth to a rock hard steel rod.

Just as I adjusted to his throbbing dong, he heard the other guy coming back and pulled his wet dick out of my mouth and stuffed it back in his pants.

"Shut the fuck up and I'll let you finish it later."  He said opening to door for his buddy.

"You're not making him suck your cock, are you?!"

His friend was looking at is friend's shit-eatting-grin.  The big package in his pants and the big wet end where the tip of his hard dick was.

"Noooooo!  He asked for it and I told him No!"

"Bullshit!"  His friend said.   He pulled out a dong even longer than the one that was ripping up my mouth.

The Van was moving again drownig out a lot of noise I could make so I knew it was to my best advantage to chill and just 'go with the flow."

"Let's fuck the shit out of this Virgin hole!"

I was looking at 12 and 13 inch hard, long dicks that wanted to bust my cherry for the first time.  I had no time to protest as the youngest Cuban stuck his cock back down my throat.

"He's a good cocksucker!"  He said bucking his small, but muscular ass into my face as his long cock went in and out of my mouth.

The other Cuban was busy taking off my underwear.  With my underwear down around my ankles, he grabbed my ass and shove his hard cock into my mouth like a frieght train.

"Take it easy!"


bert lavey


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