After Wynn dropped me off my head was spinning.  7 more days in the semester and I had met a new guy.  Talk about bad timing.  Once in my room my roommate asked how I made it back to the dorm. Hemming and hawing I avoided the question.  He laughed and said he saw me sitting there as they left.  Saying I just had a few more drinks, he laughed once again, saying "drinks huh? I bet."  

Then he reminded me we had a Chemistry final at 2PM.  

i had completely forgot about it.  I busied myself with studying until I woke up at 8 at the persistence of my alarm with my head on my desk. I quickly showered and headed out to study in the library.  

As I walked out a whistle caught my attention .  I had heard that whistle jus a few hours ago.  There  was Wynn sitting in his truck.    Man, 8:30 AM! And that whistle made me hard.  I walked toward his truck and the door opened.  Without thinking of my exam, I climbed in. Wynn drove us down to  the local boat launch.  It was a wonderfully sunny day.  The water was glistening.  Wynn got out I followed him down a trail.

His tight ass was showed off by his tight black shorts.  His long legs ended in an pair of old sneakers.  

I was amazed as I followed. His ass.  Legs.  My stiiffy was pushing into my briefs.  I had to stop to adjust.  When I looked backed up the trail Wynn was looking at me and had a smile a mile wide on his lips.  I winked at him.  

Around the next bend the trail went straight, but Wynn grabbed my hand and we went down hill 50 feet or so. Then stopped.  Right there was a rock outcrop.  And a small opening.  He went down on his belly and shimmied through the opening. His ass sticking up as two beautiful mounds.  He motioned for me to follow.  

What the hell.  I did the same getting myself through the opening.  Once inside, Wynn was standing up. The space was massive. I stood up, looked around, it was a wonderful cave.  Sunlight streamed through the rock crevices.  I could hear water dripping.  It was surreal.  

 Wynn had taken his shirt off.  His Amazing chest and nipples naked.  He reached for my hand and used it to rub his nipples.  I soon knew his desire.  I continued on my own. Beautiful chest.  Wynn then pressed me against the cave wall.  Kissing me.  Rubbing my hips.  Reaching for my cock.  I unbuckled my pants.  I was so hard.  My khakis and briefs fell to the hard ground of the cave.

I was waiting for the sex, but Wynn went behind me and guided me through a walkway.  Talking sex in my ear the whole way.  At he end of the walkway  was a pool of water! Clear as glass. I figured damn cold to.   But Wynn took off the rest of his clothes and dove right in.  

I was wondering how he did that. I stepped next to the edge.  It was warm.  I took off my shirt and I slid in.  My body was exhilarated by the warmth.   It was the end of a hot spring system.  Not too hot, not too cold.  After this pool it spilled out into a small stream outside the cave 

Wynn walked on over to me.  Eyes ablaze.  And started feeling me up.  Stroking me, kissing me, pushing his hard cock against me. He whispered in my ear he wanted "to dive his cock into me."   I answered loudy "yes".  It echoed in the cave.  Although I thought "how without lube?"  But Wynn lifted my ass up and because of water and its temperature my bum opened right up.  

Wynn put his cock head at the edge of my ass, started slowly. My rim instantly responded.  And "pop" he was there.  My arms around his neck, my legs around in hips.  In the warm water.  He started to drive into me.  Me sitting on his cock.  Floating in the warm water.  Further in, wider than I had ever  felt before.  His cock expanded my ass hole.  I started to ride him.  Forward toward him, his length at my hole opening.  Then down away, his cock hitting me.  I humped him like this for 10 minutes.

He then lifted me up by my ass cheeks and went at my hole.  Oh my god. He was so thick.  I lost my breath, holding onto him. Deeper.  Wider. The width was vibrating my brains and balls.  I started to shiver at the cum making its way up my cock. Wynn was grunting, driving me to orgasm.  Then wham, his width hit me hard.  Cum flew from my cock. Rising to the water surface.  Wynn drove 4 or 5 more times and his cock exploded in me. His thickness causing cum to leak out my tight ass.  

He stroked my ass a few more times.  Cum floating on water.  Then laid into me exhausted.

He held me by my ass cheeks as he softened.  Then my dorky alarm on my watch went off.  I had one hour to get to exam.  

Wynn lifted me off, literally lifted me out of the pool.  Retrieved his and my clothes.  We hurriedly got out the "hole" in the cave to sunlight.  And back down the trail.  To his truck. He raced me to the classroom.  I will not divulge my exam score.  Suffice to say it gave me a result "wide" enough to gain honors.



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