Freshman year

Brian Chambers joined the college of his dreams a little over 4 months ago and loved everything about it! The classes were challenging, the teachers were great and he even got his own bedroom in his dormitory since someone dropped out at the last minute. Unfortunately though, he was almost instantly named all over campus as a social outcast. He suspected that this would happen anyway being that he grew up mostly focusing on his schoolwork and not much else but for people to pick up on his social awkwardness so fast was kind of unexpected. His appearance only added to his 'stereotypical nerd' persona - he wore glasses, he had a slim swimmer-type-body but just looked pretty thin, he always wore a plain buttoned shirt and a plain pair of blue jeans with some plain black shoes.

Although he hasn't exactly gotten off to the best start here he still loves it more than any other school he has ever attended. Growing up, because of his father's job, Brian had to move between different towns quite frequently which meant moving schools almost every time this happened so he never had any time to make any friends. Well, that was the excuse he made anyway. When he heard he wouldn't have a roommate here in college he was unsure if he was relieved or disappointed. On one hand he was hoping to finally make friends here on the other hand he was unsure of how to talk to anyone here, even if they were to start a conversation with him he would quickly fall silent and not know what to say.

Over the last few days in a couple of different classes Brian has heard people gossip about some party on campus this Friday night. He didn't hear where this party was going to be held but he didn't really care; parties have really never been an interest of his so he didn't pay much attention to the whispers he would hear all over school, not that he ever did anyway, he would be sticking to his usual routine of studying hard and looking over his previous school projects.
 Judging by how many people were talking about the party it was becoming clear that it was going to be a pretty big turn-out.
 Whilst looking over some school work he has done over the last few weeks Brian hears music beginning to blare loudly from down the hall and he sighs "Great. The party is in this dorm" he mumbles to himself. Deciding to try and ignore the music he tried to hold his focus on the papers laid out in front of him on his desk but it felt like the noise of the party was only getting louder - if it wasn't the music it was the people at the party! Groaning in frustration he stands up, deciding to go and tell them to keep the noise down.

He marches down the hall and when he reaches the door he raises his right arm with his hand balled into a fist then goes to bang on the door but as he is about to make contact with the blue painted wooden door his hand slows down and he stops himself, knowing that he doesn't have it in him to get angry, mostly because he knows that he isn't even  remotely intimidating. He lightly knocks on the door wondering if he will even be heard over the sound of the music but surprisingly he is. Some girl opens up the door and smiles at him, seeming a little tipsy. "HEY!" she practically screams "C'mon in! Join the party!!" she exclaims before grabbing his arm and pulling him inside while giggling mindlessly. Brian tries to argue but before he can say a word he is lost in the swarm of people inside of this dorm room. He can no longer see the girl who pulled him inside and so sighs once again.

Trying his best to not make any form of contact with anybody he pushes through some people, quietly mumbling the words "excuse me" and "sorry" every once in a while, not that people can hear him anyway. He begins to question why he even bothered to come here; yes he wanted the music to be turned down but it's not like he'd have had the courage to go up to whatever the music was playing from and turn it down himself and he definitely doesn't have the balls to try talking to whoever lives in this dorm room either.

Continuing to push through the crowd of people he soon ends up getting a little too close to one of guys at this party who turns out to be quite short tempered; Brian had accidently nudged the guy's back in his haste to get out of the large crowd of mostly drunken students. He had felt his elbow brush against the guy's back but just hoped that the guy didn't notice. Unfortunately for Brian though, he did.

Turning to look at Brian he yells "Watch it, dumbass!" and aggressively shoves him hard causing him to stumble forward and trip over his own feet. He falls forward and ends up falling on top of another guy who was sitting by the window by himself with a drink in his hand. The drink this guy was holding ended up being spilled when he was caught by surprise as Brian fell onto him.

Looking up and shaking slightly Brian lightly mumbles "I-I'm so sorry" while thinking 'I'm dead!' in his head.

The guy looks at his now slightly wet shirt before looking back at Brian. In the five seconds it takes for him to respond Brian feels his heart go up into his throat, now being lost for words. He wants to get up and run but somehow can't. The guy has his nose and ears pierced and both arms are covered with tattoos. Brian looks at his brown eyes and worries as he assumes he is angry.

"Had too much to drink tonight, buddy?" the guy finally says with a raised eyebrow before setting his empty cup down and standing up, having Brian stand up with him. He really doesn't seem angry at all but Brian is terrified nonetheless.

"N-No, I-I don't drink. I'm not- I shouldn't even be here. I'm really sorry" he tells him quickly still desperately wanting to run but still cannot for some reason unknown to even himself.

He watches as the guy laughs "Hey, relax. You tripped. And what do you mean you shouldn't be here? It's an party to everyone on campus" he asks with confusion and chuckles.

"W-Well, yeah, I-I know that but..." he sighs, knowing he sounds ridiculous right now. He has always stuttered when he was nervous and he hated that! "I'm a complete outcast" he mumbles and looks down.

"Outcast? You're kidding me, right?"

This response sends confusion through Brian's mind as he looks back up at this tall and attractive guy. He blushes slightly, not because this guy is being nice but because he is ogling some guy he doesn't even know the name of!

"You're known all over campus as some big fuckin' genius!" he chuckles "Yeah, some asshole's here might call you an 'outcast' or something like that but most of us have been afraid to say anything to ya in case you think we're morons. That was the only reason I didn't invite you to my party" he explains and smiles softly.

While still shocked and surprised Brian lips curve into a big smile "Wait, really?!" he exclaims and laughs " much have you had to drink? Is this some kind of prank or something? Because-"

Laughing this brown-haired Adonis cuts Brian's sentence short, interrupting him by saying "I'm not drinking beer, that was juice you made me spill and no, this isn't a prank. Ask anyone here. That's not my kinda thing. I'm more into sports...and cute guys" he admits as a grin forms on his lips

"Oh" Brian says with a quiet sigh of relief before his eyes widen as he just realises what he has just been told. "Y-You- You're g-"

Not wanting everyone in the room to hear what Brian is about to say he quickly leans in and pecks him on the lips. That tiny peck was Brian's first ever kiss and although it was short it felt better than he could have ever imagined.

Finally deciding to reveal his name the guy chuckles slightly at an astounded Brian's expression before standing up straight and holding out his hand to shake Brian's "I'm Nick" 

"N-Nice to meet you, Nicolas" Brian replies, shaking his hand, still shaken from the light peck he received from the example of his dream guy.

Laughing, Nick responds "Please, just call me Nick." Nodding, Brian apologises and Nick smiles "Want a drink?". Now knowing that Nick doesn't drink alcohol Brian knows he's just offering juice or soda so he nods, returning a smile.

Nick walks off and returns seconds later with 2 cups of soda and they both sit by the window on the window ledge and start to talk. After a while Nick says "Listen, sorry about that kiss earlier. I just wanted you to know that I wasn't lying to you and that I am gay" he smiles.

Brian nods "There is really no need to apologise, trust me" he smiles, blushing a little more than he had earlier.

A small grin appears across Nick's lips again "Oh, you liked it, huh?"

Brian's cheeks become heat up even more and he just nods and looks down like a bashful child.

"You...maybe wanna do it again?" Nick asks, now being the one to sound nervous. Brian doesn't reply with words but simply nods with a tiny smile on his lips. Nick smiles back before setting down his now empty cup and leaning in, cupping Brian's cheek and kissing him. This time the kiss lasted longer and was immensely more passionate than the last. After what felt like an endless lifetime of incredible kissing Nick pulls back slightly and whispers "Should we go back to your dorm room?" as his lips brush against Brian's with each word he quietly utters.

Brian feels he cannot say yes fast enough but he is so caught off guard that he cannot seem to make a single word, he just stutters and mumbles senseless noise. Nick chuckles and takes his hand, standing up and walking himself and Brian towards the door. "Wait" Brian says, breaking away from his happy daze. "You said this was your dorm room... are you sure it's a good idea to-" Brian is cut off when he hears a familiar voice from behind him.

"Aw, come on!" the voice aggressively yells as the guy who had shoved Brian earlier walks towards both he and Nick. Without a single thought Brian holds onto Nick's arm, feeling afraid. "You said you wouldn't do any of this gay shit anymore!" the guy yells at Nick.

"No, YOU told me to 'stop being gay' and I believe my reply was 'Go fuck yourself'" he tells him, adding a fake smile to the end of his sentence.

Nick's asshole of a roommate then diverts his attention to Brian "I knew there was something up with you. I mean, I knew you were a nerd but a queer too?!" he yells. Brian is able to smell the alcohol on his breath and does not respond to him. The angry roommate then turns back to Nick "If you do anymore of this gay bullshit I'll make sure you get kicked out of this room!"

Nick stares at his roommate with anger on his face before he hears a soft voice through his left ear "Y-You could move in with me. I live in my room alone and it's just down the hall" Brian tells him and smiles lightly.

Smiling back at him Nick asks "Are you sure? I mean, you barely know me" he laughs a little.

"I know...but...I have never had a better first impression of someone before" Brian replies and smiles a little more, still holding onto Nick's arm.

Smiling, Nick wraps his free arm around him and whispers a quiet "Thank you". He pulls back from the hug a few seconds later and grins at his now confused and pissed off looking now-ex-roommate's face. He steps closer to him and whispers into his ear "I'll collect my stuff in the morning" before planting a small kiss on his cheek just to add to his frustration. Looking back at Brian he takes his hand again and says "Let's go" Brian happily nods and they both exit the dorm room and walk down the hall towards Brian's room.

Thousands of thoughts are flying through Brian's mind as they take the small amount of steps down the hall towards his bedroom but he remains as silent as ever. Once they reach his room Brian opens up the door and allows Nick to walk in first; thanking him, Nick steps inside of his room. Brian enters behind him and closes the door before turning to see Nick grin at him, that same naughty but cute grin from earlier right before they kissed. Nick steps closer to him and places his hands on Brian's hips, leaning in and starting to kiss him once again without saying a word.

Brian melts into both the kiss and Nick's arms, closing his eyes kissing him back. Half a minute passes by when Brian feels Nick licking his lips, hoping to be granted access. Brian silently gasps from shock but Nick takes this as Brian just granting his wish as he slides his tongue into the shy nerd's mouth. As his eyes widen Brian feels the sensation of another tongue inside of his mouth for the first time and loves it! Slowly reclosing his eyes he moans into Nick's mouth. Soon he begins to move his tongue around as well, now playing a game of tongue wrestling with a very loving competitor. "Oh Nick!" he mumbles against his lips as they make their way towards the bed. After falling onto the bed they break away from one another for air and look into each other's eyes, each smiling at the guy in front of them. "Nick...I've never done anything like this before. That small kiss you gave me earlier was actually my first kiss" Brian admits with a look of embarrassment spreading across his face.

Nick smiles rubbing his hand up and down Brian's back. "I understand" he whispers and pecks his forehead. "We don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with" he tells Brian, rubbing his cheek with his free hand and smiling.

"I...I didn't say I didn't want to do it" Brian mumbles and looks down again causing Nick's lips to go from a smile to a smirk.

"Oh, okay." He lays his fingers on Brian's chin, lifting his head then whispers "I'll go as slow and as gentle as you want" then kisses him lovingly.

Brian smiles into the kiss and returns the passion that Nick is giving out. He lays there happily, feeling the incredible feeling of being kissed by his...his...

Brian pulls back "C-Can I just this a one night stand or are we..."

Nick kisses him again before looking him in the eyes "This is whatever you want it to be, Brian."

"Alright...could this be...the stereotypical nerd and the hot jock...being know..."

"I'd love to be your boyfriend" Nick tells him and is responded to with a relieved and excited smile from his cute and nerdy now-boyfriend.

 The two roll around on the bed for a while, kissing and giggling when Brian gets up the courage to slide his hand up the front of his partners shirt. Nick feels this and does the same and the two of them are soon shirtless. After taking turns removing the rest of their clothes both soon are wearing nothing at all. This is the first time anyone has ever seen Brian naked and he is now standing in front of the bed and in front of Nick with a blush covering his face. Nick bites his lip "Wow" he whispers standing up and wrapping his arms around the shorter male, smiling "You're not just cute, you're sexy as hell" he tells Brian before kissing him.

Brian pulls back and looks down at the monster that will hopefully soon be taking his virginity. Keeping his point of vision on both he and Nick's feet he mumbles "..promise you'll be gentle?"

Nick can't help but laugh before cupping his lover's cheek into his right hand and smiling at him "I will" he whispers before kissing him softly causing Brian to smile again. Nick sits back down on the bed time seems to freeze as Brian kneels in front of him on the floor and stares at the incredible cock just inches from his face; he has never done anything without thoroughly thinking it through first but before he knows it his right hand is wrapped around the stiff meat in front of him. "I'm guessing you like what you see, huh?" he hears the voice from above him ask. Looking up Brian simply nods and a quiet giggle escapes his lips, feeling a little embarrassed. " don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with, Brian. I just want to make you h-OH!" Nick exclaims and slams his eyes shut with surprise and pleasure as his cock is fully devoured all at once by Brian's mouth. Brian quickly pulls back once he hears Nick's reaction.

Returning to his former nervous and stuttering state Brian says "I-I'm sorry. I've never done this before, I-"

"Please..." Nick whispers, breathless "please do that again" he then grins down at Brian. Blushing Brian giggles and happily tends to Nick's request opening up his mouth and taking him fully into his mouth once more. "fuck YES!" Nick cries out, resting a hand on the back of Brian's head. "You're so good" he whispers, closing his eyes blissfully. 'This is the guy's first time? He's unbelievably good!' Nick thinks silently as he enjoys the sensation of his cock sliding in and out of the wet blower otherwise known as Brian's mouth. His train of thought is soon derailed as Brian begins to massage his balls while continuing to suck on his rod. "Oh baby. S-Stop"

Pulling back Brian looks up at Nick "Is everything okay?" he asks, once again worrying that he has done something wrong.

"No" Nick replies sweaty and breathless

Brian gulps nervously and Nick leans down close and whispers "You're gonna make me cum before I've gotten a chance to feel your ass around my dick" Brian has never been redder than he is right now but he simply giggles and kisses Nick, wrapping his arms around him and falling down on top of him onto the bed. Nick is soon alarmed whilst kissing his partner, he pulls back and looks down seeing Brian's cock standing hard and proud. "And here I was thinkin you were some kind of innocent nerd" he teases as he reaches down and strokes the rock hard cock.

"I-I really am, I swear" Brian says as he grunts, squirms slightly and moans as his cock is played with "I just...really like you, I guess" he confesses with his eyes closed. He begins to worry when he feels the hand remove itself from his member "I-I mean I-" he stammers, trying to cover up what he just said but before he can think of some kind of pitiful excuse he feels the familiar set of lips on his.

"I like you too" he hears Nick whisper as his eyes are still closed. Laughing Nick soon asks "Why are your eyes closed?" as he rubs Brian's left nipple with his right thumb.

Brian shivers as Nick does this then giggles "I dunno...I'm nervous!" he smiles.

" know..." Nick leans down and whispers "nervous is a pretty sexy look for you" before licking behind Brian's right ear and kissing down his neck, causing Brian to shudder in pleasure once again.

"Y'know...I don't much feel like topping tonight" Brian is told.

He is not sure why himself but Brian's eyes remain closed as he responds with "Oh...don't worry, that's fine" trying not to make the sound of disappointment obvious in his voice.

"Sorry" Nick says softly.

"It's okay, real-" Brian's eyes fly wide open as he is caught off guard by the feeling of something tight poking his cockhead and is faced with Nick grinning down at him as he is sitting over him with his ass right above Brian's crotch. "W-What are you...?"

"I'm sorry, I really can't resist it" Nick tells him before biting his lip and sliding down slowly, Brian's cock slowly breaking through Nick's tiny hole as they both cry out with both pain and pleasure. Once they are both used to the feeling Nick rests his hands on Brian's chest and begins to pull up before slamming back down on the cock repeatedly, now riding it.

Brian watches as Nick does this, completely dumbfounded and not able to believe that this is really happening. He is not sure what comes over him as he reaches out and grabs onto Nick's hips, beginning to buck up into his asshole in sync with Nick's jumps making Nick moan even louder than before.

"Nick!" Brian whispers loudly "S-Someone's gonna hear us"

"I don't care! This is too good! FUCK! Don't stop" Nick cries out lustfully.

Brian has always been one to do as he is told so with a proud smirk forming on his lips he continues to thrust up into his boyfriend's ass, now moaning along with him and closing his eyes, trying to hold back his orgasm for as long as humanly possible. He pulls Nick down on top of him and kisses him hard, moaning into his mouth as well.

"Y-You know...for a 'stereotypical nerd'..." Nick starts, picking up on something Brian had said previously "you're REALLY fucking good in bed!" he groans, once again sitting up fully on Brian's member and throwing his head back with pleasure.

"Well...for someone that looks like such a bad boy you sure take a good fucking VERY well" Brian replies and giggles.

Nick continues to jump on and ride Brian's length "Y-You're lucky I'm enjoying this so much, Chambers! Otherwise I'd...I'd flip you over and show just how fucking good this feels!" Brian giggles at this before Nick adds "D-Damn it! I'm close"

"Me too" Brian whispers reclosing his eyes and thrusting harder and faster.

"H-Hold it back" Nick begs "I-I want this to last as long as it can!" he says as he grabs his own cock and strokes it fast. Brian bites down on his lip hard, fighting back his ejaculation with all of his might but as soon as Nick's load starts to erupt and some lands on Brian's lips he is pushed over the edge and without another second passing by Brian begins to shoot his load deep inside of Nick's asshole.

"FUCK!" Nick cries out once more as he sits up straight feeling the warm juices flowing up into his ass.

The two lay next to each other sweating. They are both breathing hard and loudly but besides that they remain silent. Brian wants so badly to say something to break the silence but doesn't know what to say; opening up his eyes he sees Nick smiling over at him and he smiles back, feeling truly happy for the first time since he joined this school. Without saying a word Nick sits up and takes hold of the beds blanket, pulling it over the two of them and snuggling in close to Brian.

Alright, so maybe nothing needs to be said...


Sorry that it took me over a month to post a new story but I have been really busy with a bunch of different things so sadly I don't get to write nearly as much as I would like to but I'm trying to, I promise.
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