For countless hours had I laid in bed, tossing, turning, unable to sleep, breathe, or function as a human. Like what once was a beautiful temple, is now ruins that are left for me to rebuild. I cried myself to sleep that night. I woke up to the sunlight streaking across my face, I checked my phone to find it outta charge. So i sat up on the edge of the bed and plugged my phone into the charger. The realization that the previous day wasn't just some hideous nightmare dawned on me, and i just inhaled deeply, and let out a slow  long  and steady stream of air. I needed to get out of my vintage shirt, boots and jeans. So i took them off and went into my shower and just let the steady hot stream of water hit my body. My shower is usually over 20 minutes long.. Most of the time spent in there is just me escaping and letting the water take over me and wash all my troubles apart. It didnt work that time, i felt like i was beyond repair. So i wrapped it up and got out. I dried myself up and just got into a pair of CK briefs, and this really old Armani pullover (It was my dad's when he was 28). I got back into bed and just curled up against myself. I saw my phone's notification light fading in and out. I grabbed it and all that there was was just some texts from friends, facebook notifications, and other various apps notifications.. But nothing from him ...

I put my phone on vibrate and just laid on my bed, not sleeping, not moving.. Just air.. In and Out.. it was like 8 in the morning, so my sister had already gone off to her job, and mom was still asleep for sure. Now i may have been depressed, but not even the deepest depression could drive me away from food, or being hungry. I knew cooking some breakfast would take my mind off things for just a bit. I went into the kitchen and made my fav. spanish omelettes, some freshly squeezed OJ, and a bowl of doritos. I ate, washed the dishes and cleaned up. And here i was .. on a weekend, heartbroken, laying on the couch, watching the TV although i had it on mute.. It was a distraction. I needed it. when i looked at the clock i saw it was 10 AM, so i decided to call my friend Angie. I called her, and as soon as i heard her voice, i just exploded into tears.. "He cheated,Angie... He slept with his friend" I said trying to control the sobbing. "WHAT! HE DID WHAT!!" She said enraged "Calm down, Adam." she started regaining her composure. "Here is what is gonna happen.. You are gonna get dressed, and meet me at starbucks, we'll talk there." I agreed and got into my leather jacket and my black jeans, and my faux leather shirt, and slapped on my boots, and got a cap and went to starbucks. Now Angie is the sweetest person ever. She is protective of those she loves. She is 165 Cm, curly brown hair, and a slim/curvy body that guys love. She was and still is my person. I got into starbucks and found her there with two caramel laté's extra caramel and whipped cream "My usual".

"I want details" She said. I sipped on my drink and just looked towards the street, seeing all those people walking, passing by, cars honking, how i wished to trade lives with anyone of them.. But then i thought ... what do we really know about anyone... I smiled at the thought that someone could be going through something worse than i am, and all i said to Angie was "My heart broke, but somehow i could feel that there is a light at the end of that road." That's the thing about me ... I am more of an optimist than a romantic.. I filled her in with the details, letting a tear go here and there.. Told myself that i cant allow myself to dwell on the sadness, or else nothing would change.. Sure a part of me broke and isnt fixed, and i doubt it would be at all in the near future.

I got back home and i got into my room without any hellos. I sat on the edge of my bed and i told myself i am allowed only one breakdown to let it all out of my system, i dont deserve being sad, or that depressed.. I got up.. Locked the door to my room.. Got into bed.. held my pillow... and just let it all out.. I cried and cried and cried... After what seemed like an hour of constant sobbing.. I got up, took off my clothing, and got into the shower, i just needed water on my body.. I got out, and put on a pair of shorts and a long pullover.. i cleaned up my room, opened my laptop and decided to start erasing him outta my life.. I got to all the emails, the txts, and the folder i had named after him, and all of our pictures together, and i deleted them all .. Just permanently erased it all .. I got the things that he had bought for me and i just threw them outta the window, and i started feeling better and better by each and every passing minute..

i was done with all that, i sat on my bed and i opened my phone.. I went to the appstore, and i remember reading about Grindr. So i downloaded it, i installed it , and had set it up.. I found so many people on the app .. It was a surprising amount to be honest.. I was more surprised when i found a person who was practically in the building next to me. he started the conversation "hi". "Hi" i replied. "Im joe, 19, study business, and apparently from the distance , you are very close to me" I read, and replied saying "I'm Adam, 19, I too study business, and yeah apparently we are.. Which building are you? Im building 27" .. "OMG im building 28" he replies instantly .. "so what are you doing?" he asks.. "Well im just laying in bed, doing nothing in specific, just talking with you and listening to some Beyoncé.. You?" I reply .. "Well, I just got back home from a run, and im home alone, gonna take a shower and just chill around.. Wanna come over ?" he asks "Okay" i reply after a minute of thought. "Okay, i live on the 13th floor.. The apartment to the left of the elevator, I will be waiting for you, i'll just take a shower, so just gimmie like 10 minutes before you start leaving your place" He replied.. "Okay" i reply. I got up , put on a fresh pair of briefs, black faded jeans, a neon blue shirt,and a blue converse.. I was infront of his house 15 minutes later.. I rang ... i heard some shuffling and running around for a few seconds... The door opened and i saw the young replica of Patrick Dempsey.. but more muscular and sexy... and OH MY GOD i was about to drool... "Well hubba hubba ding ding, who created this thing" He said quoting mayor Adam West from Family Guy, in this low, strong and very sexy voice.. I immediately had a bulge in my pants.. I laughed at his Family Guy impression. Blushed a little.. he had this crooked smile and was just looking at me.. "So.. are you gonna leave me just standing here all day long?" i broke the very small silent moment.. "OMG im so sorry, i was just too wrapped up into my thoughts and the things i would do to you".. I Blushed and giggled a bit... He invited me in, and as soon as i was in, he pushed me towards the wall,turning me around, and started kissing me.. I was surprised for a quick second.. Then i totally gave in.. My thoughts were like "FUCK IT" ...

I wrapped my arms around his muscular body, and our tongues were in a fight, i pushed him on a couch i saw next to us, and i got on top of him, and took off his shirt and threw it to the floor...  and there he was.. The muscular adonis shirtless , under me, and i wasnt gonna hold back on anything... I leaned in and kissed him.. then went to the earlobes and bit them a bit, and started kissing him.. Down to his neck, all the way to his erect nipples.. I started sucking,and biting the right one, while gently tweaking the left one.. then i switched.. All the sounds that he was making were telling me i was doing the right things.. then i went down a bit, and started kissing his well defined 6 packs.. then i felt his hands pushing me back up to him .. he kissed me some more, and with one move, he wrapped his arms around me, and within a second he was on top of me kissing my.. He started taking off my shirt biting my nipples, and i was groping every part of him, he got back up and we continued kissing.. both our hands were playing with the bulges in our pants.. i took off his pants, and he took off mine.. and together at the same time, we took each other's briefs off, and there we were ... Naked as the day we were born .. And it felt good !! I went down on him and for a quick second i studied his manhood.. he had a nice 9" cock, that was almost as big as a beer can, as soon as i started sucking him,i heard a loud moan with "OHH FUUUUCK" .. i licked his pink mushroom head and i sucked hard and long, and i took it all into my mouth.. I could feel it in the back of my throat, and he was just in another world.. I stood back up and pushed his head towards my erect  cock and he took it all in... He sucked me really well, too well infact i was gonna come within minutes.. i told him "I want you to fuck me right now" .. he got up, went inside got a condom and he put it on, and he just spat on my ass, licked it, and got his tongue into my hole and probed me up nice and well .. I was on fucking fire.. Then he fucked me... He got it all in at once.. We both screamed in unison, and it hurt, and it was good, he fucked me so hard that there were slapping sounds, his balls hitting my ass with every thrust, and we were grunting and moaning so loudly, im surprised the neighbors didnt knock on the door and tell us to tone it down... He fucked me like it was his last fuck ever, and at the same time he was stroking my cock, and he matched his strokes with his fucking... and we kept at it for 15 straight minutes... next thing i knew i was lying on my back, and him on me, with both our cock in his hand and stroking them together... Untill i was hit by a star... we both had the strongest orgasms ever, and after we both came down from that high, his body just collapsed on mine, and we were breathing very heavily... we laughed for a minute

"That.. Was .. The .. Best" He said, breathing hard between words.. "I Couldnt agree more" I replied, the house smelt like sweat, sex, and cum.. we got into the shower together and we lathered each other up and down, and we just washed off, i we both got dressed and sat down for a few minutes, we were so exhausted from what had just happened...We couldnt talk, move, or do anything... But one thing was sure.. Our stomachs were raging and demanding to be fed .. "Chinese?" He asked .. "OMG YES !" I replied .. I love chinese food... We ordered.. the food came.. we ate like monsters.. and after we were done i knew i needed to head back home cause i was soo exhausted .. we said our goodbyes and decided to meet up later in the week.. I got back home and i collapsed on my bed ... my face was glowing , and i  was in a deep sleep within a few seconds ......


Hey you guys.. hope im getting better at this.. cause im really new to publically writing stuff, and to be honest i have never shared all that with anyone.. so im just standing naked infront of everyone who is reading this... anyway i hope you are enjoying.. Have fun .. Stay Flawless and Happy




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