I woke up the following day feeling my face glow from the amazing fuck session that i had had the previous day.. I got outta bet, got some sunlight into the room, and went for a hot steamy shower. I got into the shower and i just let the water stream on me.. I lathered up and started washing every part of my body, I finished my hair, and my chest, and stomach.. and i slowly went down to my cock that was semi erect from images of the previous day just coming back to me, and as i went through it all , my cock grew and grew till it was at full mast. And like any normal 19 year old, I started stroking it all up and down and all i kept thinking of was Joe and how balls deep he was in me, and how it was so good, that i couldnt take it anymore, i just kept stroking and stoking, till a thick rope of cum just burst out on the wall and on my feet.. I washed it all up, and got outta the shower. I was in the mood for a run, so i had gotten my headphones, my ipod and i went out for a run.. It was pretty early.. Like 7:30 AM early... And as i was running, i saw this really good looking hunk.. I'd say late 20s early 30s.. And his body was perfect ...He had Honey brown hair, messed up a bit .. apparently he had been running for a while .. he had this caramel like skin tone, Deep brown eyes, and lips as red as a perfect rose ... I knew i wanted him.. I needed him ... Luckily for me his face was one of the faces that i had seen on grindr... So i knew i could have his royal hotness getting my hair all curled up .. So i started running closer to him ... I looked to him , he looked back, and i nodded, smiled and picked up my pace a bit .. He smiled a very beautiful smile that could make angels cry.. His teeth were white and delicious.. and in turn he picked up his pace .. It Was ON ... We raced all through the street, trying to beat him But failing miserably .. His body was much stronger than mine.. And We just ran and ran till our bodies gave out and we were sweating so hard ...

"You're ... You're Impressive" He said Between deep breaths .. "Oh, you have no idea" I said with a grin on my face, and he just flashed that smile .. " Peter " He said, extending out his hand, for a handshake.. "Adam" I said back, and reaching my hand .. The moment we handshaked i knew i was gonna have him in bed.. "Care for a cup of coffee?" He asked .. "Sure" I replied .. We went into a starbucks, and we both got our orders .. we drank as we walked in the streets ... "So Adam, tell me what do u do or study" He asked as he looked at me .. "Well, I am a business administration student, who hopefully will be able to major in marketing" I said .. "What about you?" I asked ..  "Well, I am a dentist" He said.. "Oh my .. I have always loved dentists" I said .. "Yeah?! You're the first to ever say that" He said quite surprised .. "Well I had a really good dentist growing up, and i still do, and i never thought of it as scary ... OMG i fight the urges of getting hard ons when he has his hands in my mouth ... And yes ... I just realized that i said this out loud"  I said , and laughed .. he laughed as well ... Well ... If you would like i live really close by ... i could give you an exam .. He said as he winked at me ... "I surely wouldnt mind" I replied in a low voice ... We walked to his building not talking, and letting the sexual tension grow and grow ... It was insane ... It was killing me , i was so pleased that we had finally gotten to building ..We went to his building.. he lived on the 12th floor, and as soon as we got into the elevator we started touching each other, feeling each other up.. groping each other .. and then we reached the 12th floor... we got out .. and then into his apartment..

We kissed .. And it was Toxic! ... His hot breath against me was like this vibrant green poison that took all over me ... I was on a high.. We almost tore our clothes off of each other,  and I was addicted to whatever that high was.. He threw my shirt away and started sucking and biting on my nipples instantly, sending me to cloud 9 and i was moaning so loudly, from how good he was.. his shorts were pressed against my ass, and i could feel his cock through the fabric, and with my feet i just pushed him closer to me, and he was still working on my nipples, He went up to my neck and kissed me again, all the while i was taking his shorts off and There stood a beautiful 8.4" Cock , he took my shorts off instantly and our cocks were grinding against each other, and our bodies were grinding, sweating, and breathing heavily.. I owned him .. And i knew i was having him  ... And it was time to let him into my world and let him ride the wild train around the friggin globe, cause he was about to have some of the best he ever did .. I forced our bodies to roll, and he was on his back, he was gonna get up to realize what happened , but i just pushed him down and went to his ears and whispered "Just enjoy and let it all go" And let out this small steady breath of hot air against his ear, and neck.. I bit his earlobes for a quick second ... I went down on his lightly haired chest, and teased his nipples a bit, then i went down on his perfect abs,licked them, the mixture of sweat and skin was delicious, i went down and held his cock in my hand .. I kissed the pink mushroom head that was leaking some precum.. In one motion i licked his shaft from the balls to the head, and then engulfed his entire cock in my throat .. He was moaning so loudly, and his body was all mine .. I stayed there for a few seconds, and i started sucking him .. "FUCK YES" He said "Dont Stop at all!!" He grabbed my hair and stopped my head from moving, and he started thrusting it all down my throat, and i was loving it.. But i quickly regained my control over this Hercules and i took his hand away from my head and i  went down on his balls, i sucked each one, while viciously stroking his beautiful cock.. He was in another world, I got back up on him, and i kissed him while grinding my hard cock against his thick piece of meat.. I got all the way up to his head, and had him lick my balls, and i got my entire cock in his mouth, the heat of his mouth sent shivers to my body, and i was loving his head play, i was in heaven .. I got my cock out, and then I sat my ass on his face .. I could feel his tongue licking my ass, and then getting to my whole , licking it all out, and in a sweet electrifying movement He started probing me with his tongue, It was so good I screamed out "FUCK" I was on fire that the fire alarms should've gone off !!! He was sending shivers through my entire body, and i wanted him so bad .. I knew i wanted him to fuck me so hard that the bed would break. I couldnt take any more .. "Fuck me .. AND FUCK ME HARD!" I demanded " FUCK YEAH !!" I was on all fours, and he continued rimming my ass for a little, and i could feel it ... His head against my hole ... He let it in slowly.. he got the first 4-5 inches in, and then shoved the rest in... His balls were against mine .. And WE WERE ON FUCKING FIRE ! He knew i liked it rough, and he went as rough as he could .. "FUCK!!!" We both said in unison, i was breathing so hard .. And he was fucking me so hard .. He didnt hold back at all! He just fucked and fucked and fucked and i was so turned on .. He slapped my ass as he fucked me .. "AWW YESS !! I screamed out loud .."You like that ?!" He asked knowing the answer .. "FUCK YEAH DONT STOP" He slapped my ass some more, till it was all pink .. Just feeling him in me .. just skin on skin .. Sweating and sending out electricity and shockwaves into the world.. Then he twisted my body, making me face him , and he just lifted my body .. never getting his cock out of me ... And slammed me against the wall .. his hands under my armpits.. Him fucking me , all the while licking, biting, and sucking on my lips and neck.. and he just fucked, and fucked and we were both moaning and breathing hard ... we then moved on to his desk and he fucked me so hard that the things that were on his desk were falling from it .. we were fucking really hard .. and he was hitting the right spots .. "Im about to cum" I told him .. " So am I" He said .. Then he  got his cock out of me, and he stroked us both till we came together .. "FUCKKK!!!!!!!" I screamed "FUCK IM CUMMING!!!" He screamed .. Hot long thick ropes were fired .. On his desk , on the wall, on my chest, on his abs, and on the floor .. It was one big fucking mess ...And we were both so out of breath .. we were really all spent .. he just collapsed all over me ... we were both really breathing heavily ... A few minutes later we were able to breathe a bit normally , and he got off of me ... "WOW!... Just WOW" he said .. "I know right" I laughed.. he helped me off his desk, which was now super uncomfy ... and we showered together .. he gave me my own towel .. And i washed it all off, and i got dressed .. I just asked a cup of water of him, and he gave it to me .. I drank, and told him i was off .. "Why? Why not spend the day .. I could cook something" .. "Oh no .. No no no ... I wish i could .. which i could but i wont" I replied .. "Why?" He asked confused ... "Well .. I just got out of a really tough relationship, and im really not ready to get into anything.. cause if i stay today i could develop some sort of a crush.. and i just want us to be friends .. for now at least .. if that's okay with you.." I said not really sure what to expect for an answer "Okay" he smiled .. "Okay?" I asked ... "I totally respect that from you .. and i know what its like to be out of a terrible relationship .. so yeah .. okay .. im good with being just friends .. for now ... But with benefits of course till otherwise said?" He flashed me one of his crazy good looking smiles .. "Well what other kind of friends would we be?" I laughed and walked out of his out .. But a step before i went out he grabbed me by the arm, and kissed me... I smiled, and closed the door behind me .. I got into the elevator, and did some sort of a victory, and i just walked all the way back home ... On my way i heard my phone ring .. I looked at it, and found it was my friend Kat .. "Sup KittyKat?" I picked up .. "Hey Doumi" she replied .. "I wanna talk about my guy, and bitch about him .. and i need a good talk with you .. you always know what to say" she continued .. Now Kat is one of the first people that i came out to during my first semester in uni .. and she was okay with it and she was accepting and amazing about it .. I loved her for it .. Still do .. So far we are inseparable .. I love my KittyKat ... My phone like to autocorrect her to KitKat .. She told me about how her guy was being an ass, and wants her to limit her talk with all the guys .. including me .. "Please tell me you told him to finger himself with a butcher Knife"  I said raising my voice a tiny bit ... "Well .. I told him i would do that ... with a total exception of you " She said .. "That's not enough!! Who does he think he is to tell you not to speak with any other guy including me ... What is this 1950s ?!!! Are women not allowed to make their own choices and decisions without having a pair of testicles pressuring her decision making?!!!" I asked not expecting an answer .. I was pissed off for her .. "Next thing you know he will be telling you not to use the internet .. You might get thoughts, and start using your brain! Don't allow him to shut down the light that is inside of you!" I said ... "Well.. I dunno .. I just need time to think about things, and what to do..."She said "Anyway.. I gotta go cause i'm going out with my mom for some errands that needs to be run" .. "Okay babe ... Just please dont let him control you and have you under his control all the time"  I said.. We hung up .. and i was almost home .. I stopped by a supermarket and got myself some good cranberry juice .. I drank and went home ... "Yellow" I said as i got in home .. "In here" I heard my Mom say from the kitchen ... she didnt have to .. cause all i had to do was just follow the amazing smell ... "MMMM smells delish!!" I said as i kissed her on her cheek .. "What's for lunch today?" I asked .. "Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, fried rice with veggies, and some spring rolls.. I know its your favorite" she said .. I smiled widely .. "Whats the catch?" I asked laughing .. She smacked me on the head playfully "I don't have to expect something back from the son i love" she said .. I smiled and hugged her tightly.. "Enough with the emotions, I have food to cook" She said ... "Yes Ma'am" I said and i took the army officer stance .. we laughed, and i grabbed a cup of water, pouring some for her aswell .. "So what are you gonna do today?" She asked me .. "Not much .. Probably read this new book that Angie has been bugging me about .. she says its gonna be made into a movie" I said .. "Oh yeah? .. What's it called?" she asked .. "It's called the fault in our stars... by John Green.. I never read any of his stuff, but angie says he is good, and that we should read the book together" I replied .. "That sounds nice" She said .. "Anyway, im gonna go change into something more comfy, and start reading .. tell me if you need my help with anything" I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, before i left the kitchen..I got into my lady gaga shirt, and a pair of black shorts... and I just sat down and started reading the book, and felt really quite good..


Hey Guys .. Hope You are doing well .. Hope my story is entertaining :D .. Anyway , i would appreciate all sorts of comments,and would love to know your thoughts about anything .. and if you think that there is something i should adjust .. Im all ears ... Enjoy life you lovely people <3




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