It's been a week of pure happiness. We were talking all the time, texting, calling, skyping, and just being a perfectly happy couple. He had his school and i had my university and we would always talk after we are done about what happens and any news.

There was a talent show in the university and i had joined.. I Sing.. The music professor was a very nice woman and i really loved her, she told me i can sing whatever i want and she would back me up completely, so i had decided since i am so in love to perform Beyoncé's "Crazy In Love" But a slowed down piano version ... and IT WAS AMAZING, i had gotten so many whistles and screaming and clapping.. Truly the proudest moment of my life. I had wished Martin would've been there, sadly my university wouldnt let anyone in,except for the students and immediate family members. The entire performance i was seeing an empty theatre and only him in a seat and i was singing for him, for us.. Its funny how imagination works .. As soon as i ended the song i came back to reality and everyone clapping and getting even a few standing ovations.

After the performance i got off the stage and i went to my Mom and sisters.. My Dad had passed away when i was 14 so its just been us four "including my baby nephew Tim"..  So after the show was done we were on our way leaving. My friend Angie called me and told me not to go with my fam and wait for her we will go out, i told her okay .. A few minutes later i got a text from her saying "Hey , Im outside" I went outta the university and the sky was purple, orange, pink , and a hue of blue. I went out and she wasnt there, instead i found him there.. in a gray blazer with a white shirt, black jeans, and his hair perfectly done and his smile bright enough to make it seem like noon in the middle of sunset. He was standing there infront of his V.W. car and a long stemmed red rose. I ran to him and he hugged me.

"What are you doing here?!" I asked jumping outta joy. "I wanted to surprise you, so i added Angie on Facebook and set this up with her".. I was really happy.. It was at that moment I had known ... I love him ... I love him more than i could ever imagine.. He took me into his car and we went out and ate in my favorite restaurant "Ruby Tuesday" .. It was a perfect date .. He drove me home and my fam had gone out .. So i invited him up.

"And this is where all the magic happens .. And by magic i mean absolute boredom" I said as i had showed him my room

"Its cute" He smiled. I sat on the bed and i replied "You're cuter."


"YEAH" I replied. He came and sat next to me, and we were talking about everything.. and it happened .. BAM .. I felt his lips against mine ... How time stopped and my bedroom had turned into this whirlwind of pure electricity and flames.. He got on top of me and laid me back.. I took his blazer off and our tongues were wrestling and the entire world seemed to fade. I took his blazer off and i squeezed his perfectly bubble but, and he would squeeze mine, and i felt his hands reach for my hard cock ,and he squeezed it through the pants, i rolled him over and i went down and unzipped his pants, and it sprung into life .. My object of conquest that i would lick and suck like my life depended on it. His cock. It was a solid 7".. I stand a good 7" as well.. I started licking his shaft from bottom to top, and id use my tongue in circular motion around the sweet pink mushroom head, and then i started sucking him .. I sucked long and i sucked hard. He started to moan and giving me sounds that made me know i was doing something right. he lifted me up to him and started kissing me, he did this thing where he sucked on my bottom lip while biting on it. It sent me over the edge, he held both our cocks and started jacking them off, and we never broke the kiss, it was strong enough to bring us to the edge, it was only a matter of minutes before we were both moaning and cumming at the same time on each other. we laid back. breathless. happy and just in pure contempt. we'd got dressed and laid on my bed and just cuddled for a while, he reached out for his pocket to check what time it was and didnt find the phone. I had my phone next to me so i told him the time, and i gave him a ring to see where it is. and we found it. So i got off the bed and went to get it, and instead of seeing my name on the caller ID i read "Me", I went to him, gave him his phone and asked "Why is my name Me in your contacts?", He smiled and said "Well , I wont love anyone as much as i love myself"

"I Love You" I said.

That was the very first time i had said it truly from the heart, and i thought then that this was it ,i had found true love. I was over the moon. I started dieting and working out, and losing some weight, but it wasnt that good ( Let's just say i was trying to lose weight for the wrong reasons, so i wasnt completely commited)

I convinced mum to have him stay over and we called his parents and they agreed. We watched movies, made popcorn and just had a lot of fun. We slept in each other's arms and I was in complete and utter heaven. I had never wanted that night to end. I had him hold me so close and so tight so that i would realize that i wasnt dreaming, that he was actually there next to me, sleeping by my side , holding me , and me holding him. Everything was beautiful.

Morning came and we had to wake up early cause we decided we would go out for breakfast and he would have to head back home cause he had family matters he needed to attend to, apparently his sister had decided to study abroad and she was gonna leave in a month and she sprung it on her parents outta the blue, so he had to be at his home. So we woke up, and kissed, and we didnt mind the morning breaths we were happy that we were together. we were really happy.. i locked the door and we 69 for a while untill we climaxed together again. we got dressed, my sisters had already left for work, and mum was still asleep ( she always sleeps in late) so we went out and decided we are just gonna have caramel laté's and turkey bagels for breakfast. So we had, and then we went our separate ways. I got home and i decided i still wanna sleep , and so i had. i held the pillow he had slept on and just inhaled on his perfume, and i was just in love and happy, and in absolute bliss untill i drifted off to sleep.

I couldn't ask for anything more.




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