You'd think that no matter how things change you would never leave the person you are with, and how you are both supposed to be together forever and you are meant to be... Then it happens and your entire world is a carousel..

I'm Adam, and i am about to tell you about my love, sexual, social, and personal lives. "This is my actual life story.. Me the author. I had just changed their Names for protection of Identities."

So about me, I live in a society where everything is totally prohibited, and my being a homosexual is the biggest sin and i apparently shall burn in eternity and live the worst life ever. So growing up i'd thought that there's a very small amount of gay people here in Cairo, Egypt.. And No Egypt is not just pyramids and sand, there are cities, there's a civilization and there are people, Millions ... So much to my surprise by mid 2013 I had discovered there is a large number of gay people here in Cairo.

First I had entered the Egyptian Gay world through this online dating website, and through it I had met my First True Love .. Martin.

Before i talk about Martin, a little about me cause its kinda important here.. I am 2 months away from being 20. early 2013 I was 116 Kg "255.736lb" , 175 Cm "5"8" , by the time i had met Martin I was 98 KG "216.053lb" .. Keep in mind though that i am now 80 Kg "176.37lb" So i am most proud of my progress... Kim Kardashian Skin tone, Brown eyes, and dark brown smooth hair swept to the side.

Now Martin was your movie star looking guy, the slim body, the abs, the blond hair, the grey like eyes, and a smile that would turn your entire world upside down.

we'd started chatting on the website, me starting the conversation "Hey :)" , he replied "Hey, bud"

"Tell me about urself" I'd said going straight into the point

"Well, I'm almost 19 I live with my grandma and sis, well it's kinda weird cuz I haven't used a dating site before :D.I like getting to know ppl but it's kinda hard for me cuz I get shy easily lol.

I've been in a relationship once before. well, eventually. I like having fun! xD" He replied

Now put in mind that I was considered fat, so any kind of conversation that didnt involve someone telling me to put the fork down was the best. I was really interested in Martin, and i instantly had pictured us dating, and i loved it.

I replied to him saying " Hahaha :D Well , Dont feel weird about it :D I've met people here before , but i dont c anything serious happening with any of those i got to know .. As for me . I'm Egyptian , British. Im turning 19 this 24th . I LOVE meeting people , I am very social :D I like having fun too :D Where do u live ? Are you still in school or Uni ?"

He replied "I'm still in a high school, Last year 'hope so' .I live in Kh., Cairo. I wanna know if you're still studying "

I replied trying not to drool on my laptop "Yup , Im a Business Freshman, Hopefully will major in Marketing or Management with a Minor in something interesting, and i really have an important project i need to finish, so i will have to get back to ya later"

We exchanged numbers and decided to just start texting on the cell, and i had gone on about my imaginary project which i came up with cause i felt like i need to play hard to get.. We kept talking for the following few days and we decided we wanna go on a date together. We decided that the right place to go to was this mega mall called City Stars, and that we would just hang.

We had decided to meet there at 11 a.m. and spend the entire day together, we went to starbucks and we spent the entire day talking , we had met two days after my birthday, and having told him about my fascination with Power Rangers as a kid, he got me an action figure for which i had hugged him real tight, it was small but it meant the world for me, we had lunch and we had just walked around my arm and his crossing, and we talked about everything, we talked about his life, my life. I'd told him about my dad who passed away when i was just 14 and how my life and my mum and sister's lives were changed. Everything was going perfectly, and i was in heaven. we got into this elevator and there was no one there and it was at the end of the night and he just planted a kiss on my lips, and my entire world was on fire, it was like time had stopped for a second, and everything was sugar and rainbows.

"Well , that was somethin" He said, as my face was flush with blood and heat, it felt like i was on fire, it was the best kiss i had ever had, till now i admit he is one of the best kissers that i have ever been with.

"Uh-huh" I replied unable to speak , and unable to utter a word my mind going blank and sounding like a total idiot.

we went out of the mall and he got me a cab and sent me home.

Straight before getting into the cab he told me "I Love You" ... Now i may have been a lonely desperate human who was still this caterpillar getting into its cocoon. But my first instinct was "RUN".. But i didnt .. Instead i had just decided to say it back and pretty sure i will feel it later ... And readers .. as i type this i face palm at my idiocy... I got home on this floating cloud and i was the happiest human being ever ...


Hello lovely people :) I hope my life isnt too boring to read :D but i thought there are so many people starting out themselves into the fab glam world of gayness ... So they might just come out with something useful from my past experiences , i will be putting it all here my entire dating history till now, and everything .. I find it our job as homosexuals to stand by each other's sides and make sure we help each other in anyway possible , I will be posting whenever i can , I already have the first few chapters done. So I wont be tardy in uploading anythig :)




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