Chapter 2&3 - A week goes by fast.



I had my hands over his naked body, our lips on each others lips and our tongue's playing. Tony moaned and he spread his legs I was close to enter him and just as last....

I woke up almost jumping out the sofa, sweat running from my face and I was in some sort of panic mode I walked to my room and to the right into my bathroom, I needed a cold shower. I took of my clothes and looked down, I really needed a cold shower. I stood in the cold running water for a few minutes but the images of my dream popped back and I shook my head, I knew dreams came in a certain state of the bonding process but this early.

I got out the shower had found something to put on quickly. I went out to the phone on the wall by the refrigerator, and dialed a number that I often Used. After my call ended I still had no help to solve my problem, if this was something that had to do with the pill I needed to found out now. I walked with quick speed and up to Dave's room I opened the door.

"Dave wake up now" I yelled.

He turned in his bed, stretching his arms and legs.

"What?" He groaned.

"How old where those pills" I said as I dragged of his cover.

He stood up rubbing the sleep from his eyes, telling me he had no idea. Only that he had been given them from his mother, he promised to give her a call. I went back downstairs seeing Tony standing in the kitchen dressed in nothing but a pair of boxers and a baggy t-shirt, I froze and tried to swallow the lump of nervousness that seemed to grow in my trout.

"Good morning Scott" Tony said and smiled, poring his coffee.

I just nodded and in a hurry went into my room, I had to clam down. I looked over to my clock on the bedside table and saw that class would start in just a half an hour, I thought for a bit and then made up my mind to change clothes. I looked into the mirror as I got dressed, a pair of baggy jeans still showing of my perfect firm butt and a tight sleeveless t-shirt. I took a quick last look at myself and my tall posture of 193cm, broad shoulders, I even pulled up my shirt a bit so one could see my nice V line from my hips down into my pants. Not only did I have the V line my body was a bit of a V shaped small from hips and broader as you came further up my body. I took my bag and left my room.

"Dave, Chris are you ready!" I shouted.

Chris came out from his room down the stairs fully dressed in a pair of sweat pants and a tight T-shirt, he as me and Dave had a very nice body. Toned and defined muscles, he did not have the V, not even in body figure he was more even from hip to shoulder. Dave came out still a bit sleepy and dragged his bag behind him, dressed in a pair of jeans tighter then mine and a baggy t-shirt. We all looked so good, no wonder we where the most wanted guy's in school, I turned as I heard foot steps coming down the opposite staircase. Down fully dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a baggy t-shirt both in the color black came Tony.

"Are you all ready" He said.

"Yes" We all answered at the same time.

He smiled and went towards the door, we all came after him and started to go down the hall as we went left from our apartment. I looked at Tony as he walked and noticed he had a nice firm butt and swayed with his hips as he walked, really feminine and so cute. I shook my head knowing I had no time for a cold shower now, with only five minutes left for class. We walked down to the first floor and out to the practice field there waiting stood teacher Reinheld, ready to start.

"Nice of everybody to come" Mr Reinheld said.

"Today we are going to do something that all second and third years are very familiar with" He continued.

I know what this was, he loved to see people show of there skills and even when somebody failed, as he took pleasure in there downfalls. I remembered last year when I showed my fully transformed state, not having developed much of the few magic ability's we wolf demons had. I was most curious about Tony and his gifts, but had to wait the first years were always last to show there talents. I heard my name being called forth and I took a stand at the field beside Mr Reinheld.

"So what will you show us this year, transformation again" He said with a mocking voice.

"No" I simply answered.

I went a few feet from him and turned into my half form, the easiest form to have control over. I lifted my hands and arms, slowly but with power pulling them down as if I had collected energy. I screamed and released the built up pressure and let my arms out towards the ground. The wave of energy made the ground shake and tossed away a few people that stood to close even Mr Reinheld.

Everybody in the group laughed and I walked back. One by one they all showed there talents, Dave showed the flame tail and Chris the call of his kind. Many did well and then I heard Tony being called, he walked with slow steps. I felt his sent and I looked at both Dave and Chris how also had sensed it, Tony was nervous but why. I had seen him do magic, so why was he so nervous. He stopped and was about to show his magic.

He lifted his hand and people could see him drawing in light from the surroundings, but it stopped as Mr Reinheld spoke. We all heard him laugh quietly, he turned to call the next one but all eye's were focused on Tony. He had started to lift from the ground and his eye's had started to shine in a bright white light, nothing seen but white.

"Dear Mr Reinheld It's never nice to laugh at once students" He said.

Mr Reinheld Turned seeing Tony up in the sky, with his arms slowly raising towards the sky. Dark clouds was formed and thunder broke of he slung his hand in the direction he wanted the lighting to land. The thing I smelled in the air was power and anger, I screamed RUN. Everybody left the field in a hurry and Tony lost control, lightning tossing up dirt leaving big holes in the ground. Striking trees and starting fire's.

Out from no where the headmaster came forth.

"What has happen" He said and came to me, Dave, Chris and Mr Reinheld.

"Oh why don't you tell the headmaster Mr Reinheld" I said.

We looked up seeing the green smoke that landed and formed a person, it was Jake. He looked to be angry himself.

"How made him mad" He said in a load voice.

He told us that Tony don't have that good of control when it comes to higher forms of magic, but under the 3rd level he can but only if he concentrates. We looked up at Tony, still in the sky and now a massive wind had surrounded him and made it hard for us to stay still. It almost blew us away and it only became stronger.

"What should we do then" The headmaster asked.

"Its not we, it's me" Jake answered.

He started walking closer and like he held a bow a arrow of magic energy appeared, He aimed and I closed my eye's knowing he was going to strike Tony down. I had to turn my hands into fist, the urge to protect him was high and just as I was about to lose it. The arrow flew and broke the wind shield hitting Tony, he fell to the ground. Which got me running to catch him, just in time as he landed in my arms.


I started to wake up and turned around, rubbing the sleep from my eye's, I must have lost consciousness. I looked around with hazy eye's seeing I was in my room, oh no did I do something again. I got up still dressed and walked down, there stood both both our headmaster and Mr Reinheld and of course my roommates and Jake.

"What did I do now" I said.

"Oh don't bother with that, no one was harmed" The headmaster replied.

The headmaster made Mr Reinheld apologize, and then he left the room.

I sighed and went up to Jake giving him a big hug, and as he read my mind he went to the kitchen and started to make me something to eat. He smiled and I chuckled a bit, he always knew how to handle me even in the worst case scenario. I walked and gave Scott a hug, he held me tight and I felt a bit awkward as it seemed he sniffed my hair. I broke the hug.

"Did you just sniff my hair" I said giving him a weird gaze.

"What me no, no that is so. No definitely not" He answered fumbling with his words.

I looked at the clock on the DVD, 17:34 I must have been out for a long time. I nodded my head to Chris and Dave, both giving me a smile in return. I sat down in the sofa turning on the TV waiting for the pancake's Jake made me with melted chocolate on them, I ate every bite. Scott even took one and snacked on, Dave and Chris went to football practice.

"Are you not part of the team" I asked Scott.

"Yeah but I thought you might want some company" He answered.

"You can go if you want to, Jake is here" I replied.

"No you don't I have to go soon" Jake said standing by the dishes.

Oh I had forgotten that the djinn holiday started tonight, I smiled at him and then to Scott thanking him for being here. In some strange way he looked really happy about the fact I let him stay with me but it was so hard to see yet I saw it. I flipped through the canals and found nothing, sighed and stood up.

"I'm going for a walk" I said and started to move towards the door.

"Can I tag along" Scott Asked.

I just nodded and he followed me, I walked slowly through the school still looking at all the painting that had so much history, Scott walking beside me but not saying a word. We walked out to the garden, I sat down on a bench and took a deep breath. Scott sat down beside me.

"Do you want to talk about it" He asked.

"There is nothing to talk about" I answered.

I Swirled my hand in a circular motion and below it a basket was conjure up and in it a pair of glows and a scissor. I rose form my seat and started to collect some herbs, Scott still by my side. He was quite as he was waiting and I started to speak.

As you now know I have trouble with higher forms of magic, yeah I can do it once I'm scared or angry. You have also seen that I can do magic without any problems, those forms are basics and often mastered by 12 year old's. I have only recently mastered it, and it makes me feel so frustrated. I have so much pressure on me when knowing I will become the next king in my family, the patriarch and I'm scared that I may not be able to protect them nor to not be as good as my great great grandmother. I'm clumsy and often do the wrong thing when I preform higher magic, Turning my brother into stone when I only was going to change the color of his shirt.

I heard Scott chuckle quietly.

"Stop laughing, it's not that funny" I said and chuckled a bit myself.

"Yes it is" He replied.

We both started to laugh and we went back to our dorm. He spoke a bit about himself, and I told him more about me. I noticed I could really get along with this jock and even maybe soon call him a friend, he was nice and cared for me. Once inside we sat in the sofa again, but in a rush Scott stood up.

"Come on, Let me see you do magic" He said.

I looked at him as he was nuts.

"Have you gone mad" I replied.

He just smiled, I stood up and tried to calm myself. So he wanted to see magic, then I would show him magic. I told him I could only do small things and he nodded, I lifted my hands and pointed everywhere. The walls change color and the furniture once more switched place's, the few ingredients in the kitchen started to bake on it's own. Scott smiled and I started laughing, Dave and Chris came back just as I was in the middle of everything.

"Nice Tony" Dave said.

I smiled and kept doing my thing. The table that I had conjured on the right side from the kitchen started to dress it self. A nice cloth and plates levitated to each place, the food laid up and the magic ended. All of us were very hungry, and we took a seat at the table.

"This is great, but not that much" Chris said and slapped a hand on his mouth.

"Oh I have one more thing up my sleeve" I answered.

I closed my eye's and snapped both my fingers and the food turned into everyone's favorite meal. Dave had a big piece of lasagna with some vegetables and a big glass of coke. Chris smiled seeing sushi in a ton and a glass of white wine, Scott had a plate with fruit and pancake's just as me. We smiled at each other and all of us started eating. Just two day's in this school and I had the feeling this was going to be a great year, and that I had even made some friends.

After the great meal, Dave and Chris took a shower and decided to turn in early, me and Scott watched some TV but night came fast and when the clock passed 02.00 We said goodnight.

"Thanks Scott" I said as I was about to walk up the stairs.

"No problem, ever" He answered.

I walked up and knelt by my bed, dragging forth from under it a suitcase. Inside it my book of recorded magic laid. I took it and laid it and myself on the bed, flipped trough the pages wanting to learn more and as I did drifted of and fell asleep.



I awoke at 06:00 and as the previous night from a lustful dream, drenched in sweat and in desperate need for a cold shower. It also pissed me off that couldn't let me sleep for a longer periods of time, when it come to the weekend. Well now that I'm up I should go take that shower, I stripped from my clothes and was about to grab a towel. Naturally they where all in the wash, I walked out to get a clean one from Dave or Chris, I walked slowly and looked so nobody would see me I looked straight ahead and saw Tony. He saw me naked, but hands covering my cock and balls and looked down to the floor

"Good morning" I said and went towards the bathroom.

"Yeah same to you" Tony just answered.

He took his glass of juice and walked towards his stairs, he turned and I knew he cheeked me out.

"Oh Scott, nice ass" He said and laughed as he went up to his room.

I looked back at my butt, it was perfect why did he laugh. This was never going to work, how the hell would I ever get him to be mine if he did not even like my body. I found a towel and went to the shower, in thoughts when the cold water ran over my body. I had to get closer to Tony some how, and that is soon. I don't know how long I could hold these sexual feelings in check, I got out to and dressed my self in a pair of sweat pants and bare chested. I walked to the kitchen, to make myself some breakfast. There again standing was Tony wrapped in a towel, he looked angry. He did not say anything just sighed with volume and walked with firm steps back up to his room.

What was his problem, it really was hard to believe that he is my chosen one. He came back down and in that moment just as he was about to say something, my pants slipped down, showing everything. Tony started to scream like a girl and ran back up again slamming his door close. I thought for a second or two and then knew why Tony looked down before and now screamed, he must think I'm good looking, or he has never seen a naked guys cock before A smile spread across my face, and I giggled.

After breakfast I had a quick workout, and when the clock was 07:47 Tony came back downstairs from his spiral staircase. He acted as if noting had happened, he took some more juice and a plate of left over eggs. He sat down at the counter on one of the ar stols, and started eating.

"Tony would you like to hang today" I asked.

He looked at me and smiled nodding his head and mouth full of food, I smiled and walked to my room needing to find something else to wear. We later sat down in the living room couch, and both of us almost simultaneously spoke, I let him go first.

"So what do you want to do" He asked.

"Don't know, a walk or something or maybe just watch a movie getting to know each others" I answered.

It became quite for some time and I needed to find a way to break this boring tension.

"Tony I'm sorry" I blurted out.

"Why are you sorry" He asked, sipping his glass of apple juice.

"About yesterday in the forest" I replied.

Why the hell did I bring that up again, and knowing he had already forgiven me. Why did I need to bring all that up.

"It just something that happens to my race when danger is near" I continued.

"I have already forgiven you, I knew it might be something like that" He answered.

I did not know what else to say. Oh Tony I'm destined to be your life mate can we have sex now. That would scare him, and probably lose all my changes at even have him as a friend. I actually would like him to be my friend.

He stood up and slapped me on my upper arm, giving me a gesture that he wanted to go out. I smiled and rubbed my arm, he had hit right on the spot. He smiled and we went to take a stroll around the castle. I asked if we could go back, told him I needed some more sleep. He smiled and we started moving back to the apartment.

"Then you have to do something for me" Tony stopped half way back and said.

"What?" I asked.

"You will see" He replied.

I awoke at 09:51 after a nap of just ten minutes and dressed myself in new clothes. I put on a simple black t-shirt, with blue jeans that seemed to be a bit tight. They had presumably shrunk in the washer. It still looked good on me and my ass really showed off, but this tight made them a bit gayish. I knew Tony had gone, for we would meet up later outside so I had decided to go the the football field knowing that some of the guy's had practice now. Dave and Chris where probably there.

I walked out my room and then out of the apartment, and as always I took my time walking down the hallway. Everything was so beautiful and the massive statues of the schools founders and heroes were gorgeous, I knew something had changed in me, for the fact that I still was enchanted by this school was so unlike me to linger on to. I stepped out on the ground and after about fifteen minutes of walking to the back of the school. A thought came across my mind, this island is a lot bigger than what it seems. But that's presumably has to do with the fact that this island was formed by magic. I walked in a normal phase towards the field, and looked at my surroundings. The dark forest that enclosed the school grounds and beyond that, a rivaling school called Night high had its location.

That school was a school filled with beings just like us, but it was a school build for those who did not like all the rules and laws. It was still a good school, but to many things was allowed. They were most known for their vampire students, yeah true is we have vampires here but not like them at Night high. and the dark forest creatures were beyond human. Not an trace of humanity.

I heard the coach whistle, it's no game today I thought and I started to rush towards the field. Their both Dave and Chris stood already in gear and I quickly put on my football shoes, so we could train but the coach had to speak a few words.

"I'm sorry to have to inform you all that the match for tonight is canceled" The coach said.

A huge disappointing sigh was heard in the team of players, I was in a way relived. I did not fancy practice so now we could skip it. We all were free to still practice or just relax if we wanted. Dave, me and Chris talked on the way back to our dorm room.

"The party's still on and we are going to have fun" Dave said.

"I'm sorry but I can't" I said.

"But why It is going to be awesome" Dave asked.

"Yeah probably, but I have plans with Tony" I blurted out.

"Oh is this a date" They both said at the same time.

"No he just wanted to do something" I answered.

We continued talking for a few more minutes and then entered our apartment. It was at that moment we saw the explosion, and Tony flying cross the room. The smoke cleared and he slowly tried to stand, ash over his whole body and his hair almost stood up as if hit by a rush of electricity. I rushed over and gave him a hand.

Are you okay? I asked him.

What the hell is going on here? Dave said.

I gave Tony some help across the room and he placed himself on the bar stol. He looked at the broken glass and all the liquid on the floor, he waved his hand and in a second it all became clean. His magic was still so enchanting to me, of course we demons could do magic but he could do it for more than just battle or defense.

"So what's up" I asked.

"I was just practicing" Tony replied.

"I'm so tired of not being able to control my magic" He continued.

He sighed and kept talking, he told us about his great great granny and that he one day would have to take the throne, (something i already knew) but how could he. Still a novice in the magic arts, true he had enormous power and that they sometime showed themselves but if he even once tried without being scared or angry it all became a complete mess.

"No worries we can help you, cant we guy's " Chris said.

"Yeah of course only for battle and defense but better then nothing" Dave replied.

Tony got of the stol and snapped his finger all his applies for his training disappeared and he started walking across the room to his stairs he turned around and thanked us all and accepted our offer, he started walking up the stairs and stopped turning to face me.

"Oh Scott, tonight at nine in the garden" He said and opened his door.

I smiled and lit up, I knew it was no date but what should I wear. I rushed to my room that was under Tony's with Dave and Chris right behind me. I got to my closet in a instance and took forth every piece of clothing I had, Dave and Chris sitting on the bed with there usual grin on there face's. Every time I had a date they enjoyed teasing me.

"Just you two wait" I said and pointed at them.

"What we didn't say anything" They both answered.

I sighed knowing there teasing never needed words, I got forth a pair of fresh and lighter pair of jeans and a black tank top. What am I doing I need to shower first and find a nice fragrance, I felt I was more nervous then I had first thought, I wonder how this night is going to be and what will happen.


I had made my way to the garden a bit earlier than nine but as I saw in the corner of my eye so had he, walking down from the hill towards the lake where I was standing waiting for him. I turned around and smiled, I saw him smile back and noticed he seemed a bit nervous why I wondered, this wasn't a date. I just wanted to get to know him an thought he wanted that to, why on earth would I ever date him. Well he was attractive but from what I had heard a real playboy.

"Nice of you to come" I said.

"Of course, wouldn't miss it for the world" He answered.

He became quite for a time and looked everywhere except at me, I giggled a bit knowing he thought of it as a date and smiled as he turned his gaze to me once I had started giggling.

"So what are we going to do" Scott asked.

I lifted my arms and focused. For the first time in a very long time I manged to call for my broom, it landed in the firm grip of my left hand and I turned to see Scott's eye's almost standing out. He must not know what we are about to do our he knew to well.

"I thought we could fly together" I said.

"Are you joking?" Scott asked.

"No and you said you wanted us to be friends and friends do thing with each other and try to get to know each other" I replied.

He swallowed his lump of chock and nodded his head and in the same time said okay lets do this. I laughed taking a seat on my broom, he sat down behind me and placed his arms around my waist. I felt a jolt inside me but I brushed it of as nothing, I giggled and withing seconds as we were shoot out in the air we flew in the night sky. We flew high and low near the water and touched with our hands, Scott's fear had vanished and he laughed then I laughed. It was as if we where inside a dream everything seemed to disappear, for only we existed no thought of school nor worries. It was a shame we had to end it, but flying three hours was hard especially with two people on the same broom. We landed and not so gracefully into the grass.

"That was really fun, I can see why you like it" Scott said.

"Yeah I like it a lot and I feel so free" I replied laying down on the grass watching the stars.

Scott rose and offered me a hand, I took it and he in almost a slight swipe dragged me up with our face's only inches form one and other.

I think it's time to head back" He said.

"Yeah I think your right" I answered.

We started our walk up towards the castle and small talk for the most part, I looked over at Scott and saw he was nice to look at and that he still seemed a bit nervous. I had know idea why but I was curious, wondering what could cause his state of nervousness.

Once inside the apartment we had stopped talking but as friends we said our good nights and we both went to our rooms. I closed the door and laid down to try to sleep but I could not find the calmness and knew why as I heard the thunder. The rain fell and made music on the windows and I rose from bed draping a robe around me, I went down the spiral staircase and made myself a hot cup of tea.

Standing by the window looking at falling gray rain, that many thought as dull and sad. I found it enchanting I heard a door behind me open and Scott stepped out from his room. I almost lost my breath, seeing him only in a pair of boxers his ripped body, strong legs and broad shoulders. I turned to the window again.

"You couldn't sleep either ?" I Asked as he went and opened the refrigerator.

"No the thunder is to intense" He answered after swallowing his milk.

He walked closer to me past the kitchen island and past the sofa and right behind the staircase and behind me he glimpsed outside. It was quite for a short time and then we heard the naughty sounds from Dave's room he must have gotten a girl to come over, I looked at Scott and turned away within seconds. Why did I turn red, why did I blush. Scott walked back to the kitchen and placed his glass in the sink, said good night and went back into his room. I myself just nodded to him and sat down by the window and stayed awake the rest of the night.



I peaked over to the clock on the wall as Scott Came out from his room rubbing the sleep from his eye's and sat down besides me and saw that the time was 10:34. I couldn't help to take a fast peak at Scott, I felt my stomach turning to knots. I Took a quick peak once more and saw him looking at me like he wanted to say something and just when I was about to speak he spoke up.

"Oh Tony would you like to do something together to day?" He asked.

"Yeah sure what do you have in mind ?" I replied.

He told me hadn't made any plans. So both of us was stuck in thoughts what would one do on a night in a school full of magic, I jumped a bit as the front door opened. Dave and Chris came Through with skipping steps and laughing and smiling big smile's, as if their face's was about to burst.

"Why are you so happy?" Scott asked.

"Have you forgotten what day it is?" Dave said and dunked a hand on Scott's back.

Scott thought for a second and then stood up in a laughing frenzy, He lifted his hand and gave Dave a high five. He ran to his room and was gone for some time, and Dave followed him. Chris went to the kitchen and I was very curios as what could get them all so happy and exited. I got up and leaned over the counter behind the sofa and smiled at Chris. He looked at me with wonder and smiled back a bit stiff.

"What is it" Chris then asked.

"Well what are you up to" I replied.

He smiled, now less stiff and told me that every first Sunday of the school year they went skinny dipping. Not only they but many from school did so, but these guys had a secret spot. I smiled and then turned around and walked back to take my seat in the sofa, flipping through the channels on the TV. Scott came out the room with a packed back pack, and Dave following. Both laughing and skipping around like little girls, and they all went to the kitchen.

"Why don't you come with us Tony?" Chris asked.

I turned around and lit up with a broad smile, rose up and ran up to my room.


I heard him say it and thought he had lost his mind, and once the door to Tony's room closed, I would kill him.

"Why the hell did you invite him" I almost yelled.

"Chill it's not like we are going to a orgie" Chris said.

I bit my lip and smiled at him and continued packing the beer and snacks. I heard both Chris and Dave chuckle a bit, they seemed to enjoy this. Not that I couldn't see why, I had never been this shy or nervous before but the fact that my mate would see me naked made me a bit shaky. Then I realized, Tony is going to see me naked,Yeah he had seen me naked but so fast and not really naked naked. My eye's almost fell out as the thought passed my mind I would maybe see him naked. I felt my stomach rumble a bit of nervousness.

"Your turning red" Chris said giggling.

"I'm not so just shut up" I replied.

I walk away, but first slammed my open hand on the back of his head. I rubbed it for it was quite hard and must have hurt some but they both laughed as I went back into my room. I came back out to the living area to see that Tony was ready, he looked at me and smiled and I smiled back knowing he would found it a forced smile. I started to feel ill, I had never been this nervous not even when I had sex for the first time. Would I get to see my mate naked before I even kissed him, before I even had told him my feelings, well I don't even know fully if they are mine. That pill had not helped much, just dampened my wolf instincts. I need something else I thought and an idea came to my mind but I had to wait. Chris and Dave still made some last plans and thinking over the thing they needed as if we where going on a camping trip. I just had to wait, I glanced over to the clock on the DVD and saw the time blinking 14.32 not long now before we would be going. Every year we had been there at time just a bit past three and the walk to the lake took almost fifteen minutes, I just waited for and as I thought it it happened.

"Come on, lets go" Dave said.

Tony and Chris went after and I was about to do the same.

"Oh guy's I will come a bit later I need the bathroom" I said.

"Why don't you use the outhouse by the lake" Dave asked.

"It's an emergency" I replied.

They waved and all said see you there, I smiled and closed the door to our dorm. Now where was that vial, I looked for some time and saw it standing on the nice TV counter. I went to it shook it, rubbed it and even asked Jake to come out.

"Please Jake I need to speak with you" I said.

"Fine but you don't have to say it in the lamp, just turn around" Jake replied.

I turned my head and saw him standing in the kitchen, I laughed as he laughed. I walked over to him and swallowed the lump I had formed itself in my trout, he had started to pick out a few things from the refrigerator and even started the stove.

"Where were you?" I asked.

"In the bathroom" He answered.

"Now what is it you wanted to talk about" He said.

I swallowed and in a fast phase blurted out everything, all from the bonding and that Tony is my mate and the weird pill and the naked bath and that made me nervous. He listened and tried to keep up, he even asked me some times to take it one more time. He sat down on one of the bar stols as I did so and as I finished I took a deep breath.

"So you want me to use magic" He asked.

"Yes, if you can" I answered.

Well he started and told me that his magic may be under control but not as great as a witch's power, he said it would only lats for twelve hours. I nodded and we both stood up. He grabbed my shoulders and asked me to stand still, he moved a few feet back and lifted his hand with open palms towards me. A green light in a foggy movement encircled me, it became thicker and harder to see through all I saw as it continued was a black surrounding. I felt a wind and the green fog vanished in the force air.

"Did it work" I asked.

"Yes" Jake replied.

I smiled and jumped around giving Jake a big hug and ran grabbing my back pack in the speed and left to join the others.


Scott looked so happy as he came running down the hill and I felt the weird sensation again in my stomach. We had made everything ready for night time, I had thought this as a stupid idea who took a bath in a lake in September. Yet the fire place looked nice and the blankets seemed to be a good idea, The clock struck five as we had finished everything, the sun beginning to set and soon time for the fire to get started. I looked over the lake and saw on each side the light of fire's some students had already started there nights. I had a hard time focusing, and most of all letting my eye's of Scott.

He must have noticed. He walked over to the cooling bag and grabbed a beer, he even tossed me one. I smiled and excepted even though I did not drink beer, in fact I hated beer.

"What is it Tony" Scott asked seeing I had yet not opened my beer.

"I don't like beer" I replied.

"Well why did you not say so, we have soda" He said.

I smiled and said it's no bother, then I lifted the can and trickled my fingers on the metal and in a flash the beer had turned into white wine. Even the label had change, now instead of brutes beer it stood witches wine. Scott smiled and I felt my face turn a bit red, forcing me to turn towards the lake.

Tony was so cute, now that Jake had spelled me not to feel the feelings I felt I knew it more surely. Jake had even told me that The spell he cast not only blocked the symptoms of the bonding but also the feelings that followed, I felt like my old self again and I knew that I did not last for long. I also knew I had to give Tony all the time so I could find some true feeling, and a good starts was thinking he is cute.

Clock now Half past five and I went to the log place where the wood could be found, not only did I stand there but a line of people stood there waiting for there turn. Once I had gathered the wood the clock had moved past six and now it was darker out then there was light, I had to get the fire started as soon as I got back.

Scott looked so manly handling the wood and lighting the fire, a big and roaring fire. I smiled and saw him smile back at me. I looked around and as I turned back Chris and Dave and even Scott had started to take off there clothes, I gave off a slight noise of chock.

"Why don't you get ready" Chris asked.

"No chance in hell, to cold" I replied.

"Common its just a dip" Dave said.

"Well you do it first, and then I maybe will do it, if not a sound comes from your lips" I answered smiling.

"Promise" Scott asked.

I smiled and nodded my head, I knew that there was a huge chance that they would not make a sound indicating that is was cold. I blushed as they all pulled of there boxers, seeing there cocks made me flustered and I turned to the lake once more. The all walked past me and I could not help but to cheek in their asses, Scott's was the hottest and absolutely an ass I would love to grab. I stood up from the stone I sat on and saw them all jump in, and as I feared not a sound nothing except laughter. They came walking back up and giving each other high five's, and grabbing there towels.

"Now it's your turn" Dave said to me.

"Fine but wait a second" I said and walked down to the water.

We all decided to follow Tony and saw him touching the water with his hand and in a few seconds the whole lake shone in a red glow, we could still see from the last light off before the night that steam came from the water.

"What are you doing" I asked.

"Well if you want me skinny dipping, I will do it in warm water so just turning up the heat" Tony answered.

Me, Dave & Chris went to feel the water as it stopped glowing, and are jaws dropped. It was warmer than it even became during the summer period, I loved to see Tony do magic and I found yet another thing I liked about him. He walked back up to the fire.

"Wait, should you not follow through" Chris asked.

"Yes but I don't want my clothes to get wet" Tony replied.

Our hidden spot was perfectly hidden behind a few tree's and the island rocks were flat down and just a little bit of sand at the end as a beach. And the chance to get once clothes wet was big, I stopped my thinking as I saw Tony pull off his Jumper and pulled down his pants. I could not pull my eye's away, just only for a second turning to see that even Dave and Chris seemed a bit taken by his body. Yes a bit chubby but not that it was noticeable, his nice and feminine curves blood red long wavy hair that landed in his nice arch and showed his nice firm ass. Everything about him was gorgeous and when he took of his boxer I blushed, something I had never done in my life before. He walked slowly down to the lake, with seductive movement I felt something in me becoming draw to him and not only inside me but as I looked down I saw my cock starting to become hard. I wrapped the towel around my waist and put on my t-shirt, first now I knew I found Tony sexually attractive which chocked me for I had never felt that for a guy. Second was that I enjoyed his company, now for the last part would I needed to find some sort of feeling of love towards him but how.

"Why don't you all come down for a swim" Tony yelled from the water.

Dave and Chris took of there towels and ran down, jumping into the warm water. I myself took a few deep breath and tried to make my hard on to soften, just a few calming thoughts and I to was down in the water within minutes.

It started to get cold but I did not want it to end, I had such a great time with Dave, Chris and Scott. I walked up and was followed by the others we all sat down by the fire and talked until the late hours of night. The clock struck 01.00 and our fun was interrupted, the ground started to shake and all the fire's was blown out. A evil foul voice echoed through the air.

My dear Tony, I have finally found you after a few years of searching I will now make you mine.

From behind us a bright light was seen and the protective shield was raised and the voice broke off.

We turned to see the headmaster standing there and asked us to leave, go back inside and stay there.

"And Mr Da-Silva, I need to speak to you tomorrow" He said.

I nodded and felt a comforting arm gripping around my arm as I continued walking towards the school castle. I was now a bit scared had he found me, not again I don't think I have the strength to go through with this all one more time. I tried to slow the phase down, just so I cold avoid the questions from the guys, I gripped Scott's arm tighter and felt my heart start to raise not of joy getting so close to Scott but out of fear. So much fear.

I felt him shake a bit, and knew it was not from the cold, I had turned on my wolf hearing and had heard his heart raise in just seconds to a great speed. One thing was good I felt the urge to protect him and the feeling that I did not want to lose him, Tony was my mate with our without bonding.

We came back to our dorm and I still heard the fast beating of Tony's heart. I lead him to the sofa and sat down beside him, grabbed his hands.

"You need to calm down" I said.

"I cant" Tony replied.

I had no idea how to help him and just in a whim a pulled him in for a hug, I felt tears coming from his eyes down on my neck as he grabbed me harder. His heart rate slowed down, I pulled back seeing a smile on Tony's face. I smiled back telling him to not to think about anything until his talk with the headmaster, Tony nodded and stood up, I rose and asked if I could do something he shook his head and reached over to me and leaved a kiss with his full moist lips on my cheek.

"Thanks" He said.

I felt calm and after the hug more myself again and within seconds I had gone from scared to happy,

I smiled to him and went up to my room. I laid myself on the bed. I was all giggly and did not knew why, maybe just happy to been able to make a friend. The green smoke came out the bottle, and Jake stood before me.

"How is it, you look weird has something happened" He asked.

"Yes and No, the first is that I cant figure out this feeling I have" I replied.

"What feeling" He asked.

I had a little trouble knowing what to say, but tried in the best way I knew how. I told about Scott and that I had seen him naked. I also told Jake about the rumbling sensation in my belly and that it seemed to be tiny wings fluttering inside me. Jake just stood there and smiled, that smile that always makes me curios.

"What is it Jake?" I asked.

"Tony you are in love" He answered and vanished back in the veil.

He did it once again, always dropping a bomb and then poof. Could that be it, that I'm in love and the one I loved was Scott.



I phased back and forward in my room and was confused by all the things that was flying around. It knocked on the door and in came Dave plus Chris after about five minutes, I was so stuck in thinking I didn't hear the knock. They both sat down on my bed and I still did not notice them, until Dave spoke.

"Scott can you calm down a bit" He said.

I reacted and saw them, why were they in my room. When did the door knock, I hated having so many thoughts in my head.

"Oh yeah sure" I said and sat down on the chair that stood at my desk.

"What's up you look worried" Chris Said.

I told them everything that I was thinking, I did not want my life of partying and fucking tight pussy to end. But I also told them the feelings I had towards Tony, and that thanks to Jake I had found something I could live with. I even told them I got a hard on when seeing Tony naked. They seemed amused about the why I was thinking. The just sat there with smiles on their faces, it made it even harder to tell them everything. It was all so hard and I couldn't grip my head around it nor was I not sure I wanted it to.

"What should I do" I asked them both.

"Well I know you may not like it but..." Dave said then ended in the middle of the sentences.

It took some time before one of them continued to speak, but I was not at all prepared at what the were about to tell my.

"I think you should kiss Tony to really know your feelings" Chris continued the sentence .

"No way in hell" I screamed at them.

I pushed them slightly to leave my room and I looked the door behind them. Now my thoughts were even more intense and confusing, maybe the were right but the thought of kissing a guy made me a bit sick, I got the feeling I was about to puke. Then I knew I really had to do it just a a day or two left until the Spell wore off, thanks to a friend of Jake he had managed to make the spell last longer and he had said that the spell in a weird way took a pause when one slept.

I walked out into the kitchen and saw that my buddies had left a note on the refrigerator. - Just do it it stood, and that just made me angry. Still a part of me longed to spend a night with Tony, and the other part felt really sick. I heard Tony's door opened and I saw him walk down the spiral staircase, he walked towards me and smiled.

"Good Morning" He said.

"Yeah to you to" I replied.

He took forth the juice and pored him self a glass, Jake came walking and went to the bathroom. Tony took forth eggs and milk and flour, I knew he was starting to make the batter for pancakes I needed to stay for this.

"Can you make one to me to" I asked.

"Yes, and I wondered if we could walk to class together. Saw that we have the same class" He answered.

"No problem, what's your next class" I asked.

We ate our breakfast and got ready for first class, and when we talked walking down the hallway we both noticed on our schedules that we have almost the same classes all week. This was going to go just fine or straight to hell. We got closer the room where Miss Raul was teaching, teaching in the art of magic defense and attack. I opened the door and we stepped out to the courtyard. There all our classmates had gathered, but no Miss Raul.

"Hey Dave, what's going on" I asked as he had turned to say hi.

"Well it seems that Miss Raul, is sick" He answered.

"Yeah but we are still put in pair to practice, look" Chris continued.

I looked at where he pointed, and saw the note on the statue.

I'm of sick, but as for you this class is still on.
I have paired you in teams and you have to
work together, and document your way of doing
this. How you do it is up to you and you will
be tested at the end of this month for I will be
resting until then.
/Miss Raul.


I went up to the statue, looking on the parchment next to the note. I searched for my name, seeing as if the cosmos tried to tell me something me and Scott had been paired up. I smiled and turned around bumping into his chest I looked up into his eye's meeting his smile.

"Guess we are partners for a few weeks" He said.

"Yeah, where do you wanna practice" I asked.

We walked to the edge of the forest almost where I had been attacked the first day we meet, He seemed not realizing were we where. He thought that since I needed to get a better grip around my magic, we should use this as a chance to do so. He would act as a teacher and I would be the student and we would document the process. The whole day was really funny, and by the end of the first class I had learned to make a protective shield. The classes to follow was a bit boring yet fun the whole day with Scott seemed to make the time fly by. The clock struck 16.00 and the school day ended, I had asked Scott to follow me to the headmaster's office.

"So after this do you wanna go flying" I asked as I needed to think about something else.

"Yeah sure" Scott replied.

I Stopped and looked at the headmasters door, and waited before I lifted my hand ready to knock. The door opened and I jumped slightly but walked in. There behind the big wooden desk in a grand and throne like chair the headmaster sat.

"Please sit down, Mr Da-Silva" He said.

I sat down and swallowed the lump stuck in my trout.

"Am I in trouble?" I asked.

"No and yes" The headmaster replied.

I sat still as he spoke about the things that happened yesterday, I knew what he was going to say. He had been talking to my parents about what had happened. It all was the work of the Vampire king Voltan, a sadistic and greedy bastard. He had been threatening me before, he had even tried to steal me when I was born. All I knew was that he wanted me, needed me but never what for until now.

"He wants you to be his bride" The headmaster finished.

It all shocked me, and I almost fainted as I tried to move.

"Will you excuse me" I said and walked out from the headmasters office.

He nodded and I meet Scott standing in the hall, waiting for me. I felt a bit better and blushed a bit for the sweetness of Scott's act. I tried to hold back my sadness and anger, why did this have to happen now and why to me.

"Is something wrong" Scott asked.

"No nothing" I said and started to walk.

We went through the hall to the left and then right, and at the end we arrived to our dorm. I rushed up to my room and screamed as soon as the door behind me shut, I laid down on the bed needing rest before I could go down again.


I knew Tony held something back but I really didn't want to push him, we already had a sort of tense relationship. Not that we had a relationship, yes we counted one and other as friends but the feelings and the fact I was bonded to him made it all so tense in some situations. I took a quick snack.

"Hi Scott" Dave said coming out from his room.

"Oh hi" I replied.

He sat down on one of the bar stols and looked at me with questioning eye's. Sometimes he was really annoying, but he always knew when I had something on my mind. So I sat down beside him snacking at a few pieces of apple, and told him about yesterdays realization and today's classes and the vibe I got from Tony after the meeting with the headmaster.

"Well just be there for him, and do it to night" Dave said.

"Yes of course I will, wait do what?" I asked.

"Kiss him" Dave answered.

He smiled, seeing me blush a little, I had never acted this shy nor nervous. He laughed and went back to his room as Tony came out his room and down the stairs.


"So are you ready to have some fun" I asked.

He just smiled in reply and we walked out from our dorm room, we walked a few feet and then came to the stairs that would take us higher up in the castle. He looked a bit jumpy, for he shook a lot and seemed to want to trow up at any moment. It was quite for sometime then he broke the uncomfortable silence.

"So where are we flying" He asked.

" Well the same place but I hope your ready to fly by your self" I answered.

He looked shocked but his shock turned into a smile, he did something that almost took my breath away he grabbed my hand and walked a bit faster to the broom storage. Once we came there it took us sometime before we could open the lock, we went in and took the first brooms we could find. Then we ran downstairs and out to the back garden, where we were hidden by the large cherry trees.

"Are you ready" I asked.

"Yeah but I have never ridden a broom before" He said.

"Just lean in the directions u want to turn" I said.

He smiled and we both mounted our brooms, I kicked off the ground and went straight up in mid air. Scott followed my lead and soon even he was in the air, we flew for sometime before heading back down. We flew over the sea and I told him the feeling I got when I saw the vast ocean and wondering what secrets could be found below. Once we had landed and gotten the brooms back to the storage, we went back to the dorm room and turned on the TV. But in low volume so that we still could talk, he was so handsome and siting this close to him looking deep in his eye's made my heart race.

"So I hope you had fun" I asked Scott.

"Yeah I like flying a lot" He answered.

"Maybe we can do it again soon" I asked.

The thing that followed almost made me faint, he leaned in and wet his lips that shortly after that was pressed against mine. He ended the kiss and left the sofa and walked into his room. I was stuck and couldn't move, had that just happened or had I imaged it. I dragged my self to my room, and fell to my bed, falling asleep in an instant still in clothing.


23:20 the time was when I had closed the door and looked over at my clock radio. Had I just done what I think I had done, and it wasn't as bad as I thought. I actually liked to kiss Tony and I even felt a twitch in my pants, it was possible that I may have feelings for him. I looked outside, slowly taking a look around and no Tony could be seen. I went into the kitchen and was about to get a glass of apple juice, when the phone ringed. I answered and the voice was so familiar.

"Hi Mrs Dunnum" I said to Dave's mum.

"Oh Hi Scott" she replied back.

We talked for sometime after I told her that her son wasn't home nor that he would be in for hours. She than asked who it was going with the bonding, I was chocked I couldn't believe that Dave had told her. Still glad he hadn't said it was a man.

"No I took the pill" I told her.

"Oh those old pills, hope you are not sick not even sure if they work" she said.

I said bye and hung up. I went to bed and had not seen Tony since our kiss, not that I blamed him I had just put one on him and then left. I fell asleep waking up to the clock ringing and the suns ray coming from my window. The rest of the week had me in a state of worry, Tony avoided me seemed as if he hated me sometimes. Now I was scared that I had blown all hope for me, and as the week was closing in I had nerves almost breaking. A wolf demon without a mate is a fate worst then death, and not was it the fact I would be alone but all the time I came back to one thought I really did like Tony, I had enjoyed kissing him and this may be love. For him ignoring me almost broke me in half.



I awoke at 10:12 only one hour left for class and I knew I needed a shower for the fact that I had to change my boxers, just a simple thought about Scott made me hard and to dream about him put me over the edge. I Changed and put on my tight jeans and a fluffy sweater, it wasn't of wool or anything like that just big and of to one side showing my shoulder. I opened my door and went down the spiral stairs that led me straight to the living room, and just below my room there u could still find Scott in his room. Which I found a relief, for I was not ready yet to see him nor did I know what to say. I had ignored him all week, with much pain. I had not want more of him, yet I wanted all of him. I had heard his reputation and I would not be his try out for a night of gay sex, nor leaved with a broken heart as he had done with many girls. 

Jake stood in the kitchen making me breakfast as he did all mornings.

"Good morning sleepy head" Jake said and placed two pancakes on a plate.

"Thanks, so how is your morning?" I asked.

"Great, but don't think u can avoid being shoved with questions" He smiled and started the interigaton.

He asked about everything that I had tried to avoid talking about all week, but I tried to keep everything to a minimum I still was not so sure about my feelings, nor if Scott was true to me.

Maybe the rumors where true and that meant he just lie's to get a fuck, cause he can't get more pussy. All thoughts scared me even my own feelings scared me. We ended our conversation and I started to enjoy my breakfast and a giant glass of apple juice. I heard Scott's door open and I in a fast phase tossed the food down my throat, he walked past me and went into the bathroom. My heart started to race and I went back to my room, I do not think I can control myself any longer. Scott took my breath away, yet I didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

I went back after some time to the kitchen to get another glass of apple juice, when Scott came out from the bathroom. I grabbed the glass and turned almost bumping into Scott, I looked down and then back up. Him standing in a towel still slightly dripping of water, I blushed, and all within seconds everything happened. The glass I held fell and it shattered, broken glass flying everywhere.

"Jake can you clean this up please" I said and ran up and into my room.

Jake sighed and started cleaning up the mess I had made.


I looked at him as he ran up to his room, and then I focused on Jake that with a rag had started to clean up.

"Jake, what is going on here" I asked.

Jake did not answer just kept cleaning, I in a state of mild anger grabbed his arm and all the pieces of glass he had collected fell out his hand. He leaned down again and started cleaning up.

"Jake please tell me what going on" I said with a raised voice.

" It is not my place to say" He answered.

Then as I turned and was about to go into my room he uttered words, if he was a girl. I did not quite realize what he mean, and that made me a bit frustrated, not that angry anymore just frustrated. I slammed my door shut and pulled of the towel, standing there in all my nakedness and let the towel rest on the back of my chair. I walked to the dresser and opened it to get a fresh pair of boxers, black was the color this time. I was still stuck inside my mind about what the hell might have gotten into Tony, and in the same thought I went over what Jake said. If he was a girl, what the hell did that mean. It was so frustrating.

I really had to be going the practice was about to start, all my life I had enjoyed playing magic football. The rules so much more fun then the mundane ones. I tossed on the other clothes, a pair of sweat pants and a simple t-shirt, I packed my gear in a green bag and placed it hanging on my right shoulder. I left the apartment quickly not really in the right mood to face Tony, not knowing if I would scream at him or just kiss him.

On the way down the corridor I saw Dave, walking up in similar clothing and his grey sport bag on his left shoulder.

"Dave are you not going to practice?" I asked as we came within talking distance.

"No the coach told me, it is my turn to sit out the match" Dave replied.

I just nodded my head and I shrugged his shoulder and we passed each other, I started to jog a bit as I heard the lunch bell, for the practice always started with the sound of that bell. I stopped as I felt a lump form in my throat, after this It was time to practice with Tony. I knew it was the last class for the day and for Tony the only lesson of the day. I sighed and rushed again towards the court. All of practice was a complete disaster, not a single goal made and I usually made the most goals in the entire team not to brag but I was the star player. Before I knew it the practice was over and now my nerves was more jumpy then ever one could think that I was about to be scouted for a major team in the magical community. I Walked to the showers and let the cold and what felt like really heavy water fall down on my body, still stuck in thoughts taking my time to get to the next lesson.


I sat in the sofa trying to find the nerve and strength to go to my only lesson for the day. Me and Scott practicing in magic for three hours, I knew if I did not go he would wonder why and if I did show up I would probably blow us both up. I felt myself drift of but in the same second I jumped up in the air when I heard the door open and their Dave stood. He smiled to me.

"Hi Tony how is it" He asked when seeing my scared face.

"Oh nothing, but can I ask u something" I answered.

"Yeah sure, what is it" He replied.

We both sat down in the sofa, and he sat there waiting for me to speak. But I was sill trying to sort out what to ask and what to not ask, it took a few minutes before I mustered up the courage to speak. Dave had actually turned the TV on.

"Dave, is Scott a player" I asked before I found out what I said.

Dave looked at me with a surprised eye's and tried himself to find words to respond with. Why did I have to say they thing I wasn't going to say, that was so typical of me to just blurt out things that weren't meant to be said.

"No and yes" He then answered.

"What do you mean?" I asked no a bit nervous.

Dave started to go on about the conquests that were on Scott's long list of sexual escapades. I was trying not to cry, how could Dave said yes and NO. Scott was a real player and I can't fall someone like that again. The memories from my past fluttered back in my mind, about my old boyfriend that after just a few kisses fucked the girl in our class. Not stopping when he saw me, just saying. Sorry I need to fuck but your still my love, luckily he did not know I was a witch so I cast a spell on him. Evil of me yes but I thought that it served him right, all I did was making all he found attractive would never be into him.

"Thanks Dave I don't need to hear more" I said and rose form the sofa and went to the bathroom.

After a long shower and a change of clothes I felt my pulse starting to raise, it was time to go and meet Scott. There by the edge of the forest he stood waiting, and I saw he seemed nervous, why was he in this sort of state maybe he had regretted kissing me. I started to become scared, but tried my best to cover it.

"Hi" I said.

"Hi, are you ready for your first day of practice" He asked with a somewhat stiff smile.

I nodded not being able to speak, just a few minutes into the practice I had started to relax it felt as the day's we had gone flying. Just behaving like friends. I was practicing on how to manifest fire in my hand, it was only the first step of it all, for the goal was for me to be able to throw it like a ball.

An hour had passed, now standing in a defensive pose I tried to focus but this proved to be hard. I had just this and one more lesson before I needed to make this, and making a protective shield was harder then I had imagine. I managed to raise it but to hold it was the challenge, I sighed in frustration as it for the sixteenth time failed going of as if it was a light bulb blinking and then puff.

"Here let me help you" Scott said.

He stood behind me and grabbed my wrists, I felt the betting of my heart beating faster. He told me to relax, which was easier said then done. He followed my movements and told me to not put so much magic in it at first, I raised the shield and managed to hold it I smiled but that did not last long, for the breath of Scott brushed against my neck and cheek.

"Let's do it again" He said.

I nodded and seemed to get used to his body against mine, he smiled as I managed to hold it and told me if I wanted to make it stronger I should think about wanting to protect someone I loved. As he said it the shield became really bright, so bright that I had to shut my eye's and just like a over charged light bulb it blinked and went out. I turned and looked at Scott who just smiled.

"Was that good" I asked.

"Yes very, and it was extremely strong for a beginner" He replied.

The tree hours had passed and it was time to walk back to our apartment. Not much was said during our walk back, all that was between us was tension. Much by the fact the one I had thought of raising the shield was Scott, now it was really clear and I knew my feelings I was in love with Scott and it scared me. I could not go through another heartache again, so I knew it was no point in me saying anything I just had to hide it.

"Scott can I ask you something" I asked. And stopped just a few steps from our apartment.

"Of course anything" He answered.

"Why did you kiss me" I said after a huge deep breath had been taken.

Scott was shocked and now it was him that found it hard to speak, the lump that I thought was gone since practice had appeared in my throat. I can't tell him the truth, not yet anyway.

"I talked to Dave about your past and I don't think I can be with a person like you or to have to got trough all that again" I said and turned to walk back outside.

"Where are you going" Scott asked.

"Out and is that all you want to know and reply? " I answered and run off crying.


I wasn't sure what he knew about me, but Dave knew. I opened the door and screamed after him, he came out from his room not knowing I was mad. The first blow struck him right on the nose and he fell to the floor, he just looked at me a bit frightened yet he rose.

"What the hell man" He said.

"What did you tell Tony" I yelled.

Dave told me about what Tony had asked and what Dave had reviled, the second blow struck his stomach. Someone clapped their hands and as if by magic we stood still, frozen in time just our head were functional. Our bodies turned magically around and we saw Jake standing before us.

"Now tell me whats going on" He said.

We calmed down and the magic wore off, then we sat down around the kitchen table and started to explain everything to Jake. He took it all and then just sat there, he smiled when he rose from his seat to poor him some more coffee. We now wonder why he smiled, and that we now saw cried at the same time. He sat back down and told us about Tony's past about a guy named Nick, both my and Dave's jaws almost hit the floor. How can someone do that to another person.

"Now you see why Tony don't want to be with you after what Dave said" Jake said to me.

"Yeah but I think I love him" I answered.

"You must be sure, u can't think" Jake said and went to the living room.

He dropped his cup and fell to the floor, both me and Dave helped him up. What the hell had happened, he was a bit out of it but came to quite quickly. Dave handed him a glass of water and dabbed the cold wet towel he had brought on his face, I sat down beside him and looked him with a gaze full of questions.

"What happened Jake?" I asked.

"He has left the school ground, and cut me off" He said.

I was now worried and scared, but still needed to hear what Jake said. He told me that Tony had only cut off their bond one time before and what had almost happened that time, now I needed to be fast. Jake had told me that Tony had once tried to take his life, I can't let that happen.

I rushed, with Jake and Dave close behind. We split up but non of us found Tony, his broom was not gone and his most precious things where still to be found. This all seemed so strange. I ran to the last place I knew Tony had been and there my Wolf-demon form came forth. My nose wrinkled up and my jaw became more defined and eyes more animal like, a strong sent of Tony was found. I looked through my eye's that in this formed made the surrounding brighter with a tone of yellow. The sun had started to go down and I began to lose my mind, not knowing anything. There on the ground I saw marks of someone being dragged into the forest. I closed in sniffing, and heard Dave and Jake coming from behind me but not were they alone, I turned and shut of my Wolf as they and the headmaster came within speaking range.

"Have you found him" Jake asked.

"No but I could sniff him out, and it is a big chance he's been kidnapped" I replied breathing in a gradually faster phase.

"Seems so, now I will handle this and your tree go back to your dorm" The headmaster said.

I was about to growl but saw the look Dave gave me and held it in, we slowly walked back. Once inside I rushed to my room and started packing a bag, and walked into the kitchen packing a snack. I sat down on the ground and lifted the lose floor board and took forth the money I had been given from my father before coming here.

"What are you going to do" Dave asked.

"I'm gonna track him, and find him" I replied.

Dave did not respond, just went into his room. From the room above his Chris came down, he looked at the rush of my movements and seemed afraid to ask what was going on but did so anyway. I had no time to speak so Jake filled him in.

"Then I'm in" Chris said as Dave came from his room with his own bag packed.

I smiled to both my friends and they smiled back.

"The hell your leaving me alone here, I'm going to" Jake said he also started to pack.

Night time had come and we looked out the windows, me and Dave had our wolf sight in action seeing the raised shield and this shield was stronger then before. We knew it was going to be hard to break it.

"What can we do" Dave said.

"I have no idea" I replied.

"What is going on" Jake and Chris said simultaneously.

"The shield is stronger and may be impossible to pass without triggering the alarm" I answered.

"No problem, my mist can get through the toughest of shields" Jake said smiling.

We all smiled back and left the apartment but as we was almost at the front gate and about to open it. We heard a voice speaking, in a shock we turned to see the headmaster.

"I knew that you might do this" He said.

"I you really are going to do this, I want you to take professor Bullgh with you" He continued.

From the shadows the teacher came forth, a young quite handsome man, with a slightly stiff persona. Long straight black hair in a ponytail laying down on his back, dressed in a scifi like clothing, all leather & skin. A dagger on his hip and a sword on his back, did they both really think this could get that ugly for him to bring those kind of weapons.

"Fine He can come but he better not get in my way" I said with a growl.

"Why do you think you can speak to us that why" Professor Bullgh said.

" He is my mate" I said and opened the door and left, with the others close behind.

As I walked I heard the professor still had chosen to come. There in front of the forest where Tony had been abducted, I stopped for just a second to take a deep breath and continued. We walked until it became dawn for the eye's of a wolf had not the same effect as in the night time. Just like a cat, wolf's can see in the dark. We are night beings, children of the night and of the moon which dwells in the dark is our home. All my life I had to hear this, but I may have found my light my sun and my moon the stars in the sky. My love and everything and I would not rest until I found him.

Walking and thinking those thoughts circling in my mind made me realize, I did have feelings for Tony more then I knew. I loved him. We decided to sleep a few hours at dawn and a few hours at night fall, but for the remaining of hours we walked. Each step took us further into the dark forest, the forbidden forest here the laws of the magic community did not apply. The outlaws lived here and in it's center the king of the forest lived, an ancient half vampire half warlock lived and ruled over the rouge vampires of this forest but what I feared more where the uncontrollable beast in this dark place. A hell on this earth. The night was upon us and we continued. Wolf sight in full power, red eye's with a hint of gold. I could see clearly and the sent of Tony was still strong.

"Hey look over here" Dave yelled.

We all ran slightly to were he stood. There we all almost felt our own eye's fly out, and mine more so then any other, a vampire turned to stone. I went towards it and sniffed, yes this was Tonys magic I could smell it and I felt that there might be hope. Hope that he had escaped.

"Look here" The Professor said kneeling down.

I rushed over to his side.

"What is it" I asked.

"It seems there have been someone on the run in this direction" He answered.

He stood up and pointed in a north east direction and we all could see the foot steps clearly even in this night light Jake could see them. I felt the sent strongly, the sent of my love of my mate. I turned quickly.

"Who's there?" I yelled.

The others turned in the same direction, all except the Professor. For he to had noticed someone, not hearing but seeing. From the darkness a woman in a tight but short dress appeared, light skin almost like snow and hair as dark as night. She walked slowly towards us showing a smile, and those razor sharp teeth. A vampire, and not a young one.

"What do you want?" I asked in a loud voice.

"Hungry of course, and yeah to stop you from going further" She replied.

She charged and in a fast phase, so fast not even my wolf eye's could catch her, yet I managed to move with only a cut on my arm, I turned around seeing her standing there. She smiled and liked her finger that had my blood on it.

"That tastes good" She said purring like a cat.

She charged us again but this time was pushed back, the professor had blocked her and then with power in a manner tossed her away. She rose and now not showing the same smile, but anger and a more pressed smiled of hate.

"Good thing, I brought company" She said and snapped her fingers,

Out from the shadows four other vampires became clear. Tree men and a woman, all dressed as sensual as the first vampire, somewhat in the same way the Professor was dressed. We all stood ready but no one charged, the vampires stood around us had us in there grasp and just smiled.

That's when Jake made the first strike, His green smoke surrounded us but only on the ground as a circle. Two of the men charged at the same time, yet they burst into flame. I looked at Jake in chock, he was sweating and not just that he was shaking. I knew he could not hold the circle for long. This must be his borrowed power, I had to act quickly.


When a Dijinn have a master they are tied and the Dijinn can borrow power to protect it's master. But if the tie is severed the borrowed power will fade fast.

I jumped out and attacked the other man who in his great speed came towards me, I felt the pain of his claw like hands digging into my stomach I fell. Gasping for air on the ground the vampire man stood besides me and was about to feast on my blood. As he closed in on my neck I swung my head back and knocked him. I rose to my feet and felt the pain of my body changing, and within seconds I was in full wolf-demon form.

Hair longer and reaching down my back, chest full of hair, legs longer and stronger, claw like hands and longer fingers, pointier ears and sharper teeth and a wrinkled nose. A mix of human and wolf.

I lifted the vampire by my hand and and pressed my claws in his throat, severing his body and head. Once the head fell to the ground the body had turned to ash and the head slowly also vanished, in my anger I had not heard the vampire woman that came forth with the tree men I felt a punch and as she was about to strike, her head flew of and I looked as the body turned to ash and there the Professor stood with a bloody blade.

"Now lets move" He said and looked really serious and at the same time dangerous.

We both turned to the woman we first meet and charged in full speed. In a blink she vanished. And turned up again behind us but sitting in a three.

"Not what I had hoped for but nothing I can do" She said and then ran off.

I turned to see if the others where okay and saw that the sun had started to let it self known. Jake was exhausted and the others had managed to get out of this with noting much as a cut. I turned to catch the glimpse of the professor sitting down on a stone and cleaning his sword. I sat down almost falling, feeling the deep wound and the blood that left me. I tried not showing any sign of weakness. The professor stood up and rushed towards me pushing me down, and ripping up my shirt.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked.

He pressed his hand against the wound, and gave of a bluish light and within minutes he removed his hands and left was nothing but a simple scar. He stood up.

"Sorry cant do more than that" He said and went back to sit on his stone.

I said thanks once I had gotten up from the ground, we made ready for a few hours of sleep before we would continue. Not that I could sleep, I had now since we left only gotten about two hours of sleep. The dreams of Tony in pain waking me or my own thoughts keeping me awake, I hated this not knowing anything now more confused then ever. Did he managed to escape or was he still in the claws of the bad one's and who the hell did want him, the only one coming to my mind was the foul voice that had been heard in the air on our nice night of bathing in the sea.

Tree hours later the others woke up and we continued, not that we walked far before we saw a gigantic castle made of iron and stone. It looked very futuristic gothic styled, with windows big and in colored glass almost from floor to ceiling. This most be the king of the forest castle. The suns rays where still shining bright.

"Should we go inside?" Jake asked.

"I have no idea" I replied.

"Of course we need to go in but we need to hurry" The professor spoke.

The professor explained the sun would only be up for five more hours so we needed to be quick, and with that we stepped inside. The huge double door was really heavy and hard to push open, rusty and seemed to be at least hundred years old. As we entered the dark took us, no light and no electricity. Me and Dave summoned fire in our hands, and so did Jake but with a greenish shimmer.

"Now what?" Chris asked.

"You two can look around on this floor" I said and pointed to Dave and Chris.

They nodded and the rest of us walked forwards, the floor made of dark marble that gave of a slight shine from the light of the flames. The windows draped with huge curtains of dark red and green colors, this place was gorgeous yet very creepy. The flames did not help much but as we walked further we saw the beginnings of a stair, and in the dark and slightly shadows we created with our magic fires we saw the stair split into two ways. One to the right and one to the left.

"Jake you and the professor take that way and I will take the right one" I said.

The professor was about to hesitate on the idea but I had already started moving. He sigh and Jake and him started walking up the left stair.


(Intro to; Free But Captured (will start later with this if I get a good response)

We had reached the top of the stairs, non of us saying a word. The professor seemed quite stiff and very anti social, yet he had caught my breath away from the moment I saw him stepping out the shadows I had felt my heart skip a beat.

"So have you always been in Tony's service?" The professor said suddenly, braking the silence.

"Well yes, but service sound wrong" I replied.

It was quite for some time more, we passed a hallway to the left but continued forwards.

"Well you have a contract with him" Professor Bullgh said.

"Yeah but he have never treated me like a slave, like many of his family members do" I replied.

What did he really want to get out of this chat. We continued walking, I turned my head a mistake that made me fall to the floor. The professor had stopped and me not seeing it had made me bump into his back. He turned around.

"O I'm so sorry" He said.

He stretched out his hand and helped me up, I thanked for the help and told him it was no worry. He smiled towards me and I felt my heart skip a beat once again, we continued walking and came to a smaller passage of the hallway. Tree doors on each side and one at it's end, we opened one and saw a vampire sleeping in a bed. We closed it quickly but quietly. The doors that was in heavy dark wood and what we noticed carved in different manner, this door had roses on it.

"I think we can head back" I said.

The professor nodded and just as we turned we heard a crack, we looked around but saw nothing. Then we heard yet another crack and the next thing I heard was the sound of my own scream as we fell threw the floor, that broke.

(Preview ends)


We had managed to find the entrance to the basement and I felt Chris arm clench on mine, he had always been a bit of a scary cat. Yet he never gave up and was still brave when it came to his friends. The floor of the basement was pure stone, just like the walls which made this place chilly as hell and I wished so for a thick coat.

"Dave should we not wait for the others" Chris said.

"Well yes and no" I replied.

Chris did not respond and we kept moving it was a long hallway not a single door had we yet seen. We walked another ten minutes before we saw the hallway split, still going forwards but also right and left. I Decided we should continue forwards, and just teen minutes after that we came to a single door. The end of the long hallway. We opened it and saw the light of the suns ray's dancing down a few steps of a stair. We walked up to see that we had gotten to the end of the forest, and the door that was hidden in the ground only to be found by a few steps down.

Now lets head back " Chris said.

I nodded my head and we started to run back in a great hurry, for if no creature or not a sight of Tony had been found the others would soon be in some beasts grasp. The hallway seemed longer on the way back we ended up in the main hall, the one we had entered on arriving.

Now what Chris asked.

I think we should wait here I replied.

I walked to one of the huge windows and moved the drapes just so I could get a glimpse, the sun had almost vanished and I hoped that the others would soon arrive. Just as I thought it Jake and the Professor came out from the hallway we had just left, covered in dirt and slightly bruised and cuts.

Now where was Scott.


The right stairs had led me to a corridor to the east wing, still creepy yet beautiful. The place was more then a castle it was a palace, huge but did not look so on the outside. I felt the sent of Tony becoming more intense and I knew I was close, I had passed several doors because my power led me to a single direction. I stopped, there in front of the last door in this wing I stood for some time I took a deep breath and placed my hand on the door handle I pushed it down and pulled it against me. The light in the room where lit, and there on the bed he sat.

TONY! I screamed and rushed towards him.

We both with open arms embraced each others as if we had been together forever and this was the first time we had been apart.

Are you alright I asked and cupped his face with my hands.

Yes, I'm just fine I managed to get away.

We had started to go and had moved trough half the corridor, what did he mean. I asked and Tony told me that he had sought out the kings help which he had been given. I was chocked then who had kidnapped him, the foul voice that was heard by the sea flashed in my mind and a slight growl left my lips. Where there more vampire Kings in this dark forest. Tony squeezed my hand that he held tightly, as if he was afraid he would be taken again or lose me. We came to the stairs and walked down seeing the room more brightly as it was fully lit of flames by the walls and candles in chandeliers. Everybody was there and even a person I had never seen before.

So are you really leaving right now The unknown person said as both me and tony took the final step from the stairs.

"Yeah I think it is best, and thanks for your help and hospitality King Kellan Tony said.

My gaze of anger shifted to thankfulness as we came closer to the king.

"May I ask your majesty a question I asked.

He nodded his head.

"Do you might know where the vampire king who wants Tony is living or hiding" I asked.....

We left with a few answers and a band of vampires watching us on the kings demand to guard our journey back to the school grounds, only a week had past in our quest. I was glad never had Tony let go of my hand not even when we slept by night. The seventh day we arrived and was

immediately summoned to the headmasters office.

So glad that you are safe and back to school Tony He said and walked back and forth.

We just nodded and gave simple yes and no as answers. He kept talking, and with everything I felt as if he would reveal that Tony was my mate. Yet he did not, A sigh left my lips every time he stopped speaking and then he let his words fill the room once more.

I have made sure this cant happen again, when your on school grounds. I have also contacted the magic court and the knights had been put on the hunt for the vampire king that will probably try to kidnap Tony again.

And the last thing I have to say is that I'm giving you two weeks off He said and dismissed us.

We all went to bed as soon as we had arrived at our dorm room. That was the first time Tony let go of my hand since I found him, the feeling it gave me made my heart almost break. He walked up the spiral staircase and turned before he opened his door.

"Goodnight Scott see you tomorrow" Tony smiled and went into his room.

It made me feel a bit better but not holding his hand was something I wished to be able to do once more. I went into my bedroom and crashed on the bed and let sleep take me even though it was mid day we all slept like rocks and our dreams were full of relief and joy.


I awoke and sat up on the edge of my beds left side looking out the window, it was still dark yet a hint of light could be seen. In the horizon faint rays of light shined and had started to break up the dark. I rose and took of yesterdays clothing, clothing I had been wearing for the last week. I put them in the hamper and went to take a quick shower, back in my room I put on a pair of black tight jeans and a quite long t-shirt and a opened hoddy. I looked at the clock on my bedside table and saw the clock had just struck 06.00 yet the faint smell of pancakes was in the air. I went down to the kitchen and saw Jake, he smiled towards me and as I approached he lifted his hand and so did I.

"I'm bond to thee until you wish me free" He said.

I accept and so it shall be I replied.

We made our bond once again, and never did we mention that I had broken the bond. The bathroom door swung open and I gasped for air and almost shocked on the apple juice, Scott had come out dripping wet.

He went towards me and grabbed my waist and pulled me of the chair and close to his naked chest that still was socking, the only thing that were between us (except my clothes) was his towel rapped around his waist.

"Good morning babe" He said and gave me a long passionate kiss.

My eye's almost flew out. He ended the kiss and went back into his room after getting himself a glass of water. I may need sometime to think about my feelings and the next move of action.


I have done my best in prof reading and have a spell program yet its not fully functioning. I hope you enjoy this chapters and please leave a comment or email. My englsih is growing strong when speaking and slightly in writing but still Swedish lol... Still hope it's a good read. 



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