CHAP 1 -


Yet another morning, but this time a woke up in my new apartment.

I arrived yesterday to this school back from the summer holidays, this school that was perfect for me and others of my kind. I stepped out of bed and did a couple of push-ups, I needed to keep my body trim and toned I had a body of a god and I wanted to keep it that way. I changed from my jockstrap to a pair of boxers and took a good look in the mirror. My body was ripped and lean, Arms that had pumping veins and abs that cold stop a bullet. Not to brag but I was damn good looking, Not so hard to believe that all the guys on the football team was jealous. Not weird that all the girls wanted me, I could get anybody that I wanted and i did. My life was very typical for a 20 year old good looking guy like me, wild party's and surrounded by women.

I Jumped in a pair of worn down jeans ripped and bleached by sun and workouts in a light blue color, and on top a simple white t-shirt. I grabbed my bag and went out to the hallway, the corridor of the school was massive and to walk the long way to class was a joy all the statues and pillars against the wall that lifted the ceiling. It wasn't very far but the first day of classes it seemed take an eternity to walk there. The dark color and the old world interior was eye catching, but i did not care for it much, except this day. My first day of college.

I had been very lucky to be accepted to this school, for someone like me to be in a school full of humans could be hard.especially if you were a demon, and that's what I'm. The school was called super high (college and high school rolled into one) a school just for us supernatural beings and had been here for almost 1000 years. I was a demon as said before and of the highest rank, rank 1 and my race was called wolf-demons. We were ancestors to werewolf's, my family was the oldest most noble family left of this race and had a very proud history. Just to think of it brought me back to my homeschooling. Our kind was first human but cursed to this form, non can say by whom but that a curse made our race is clear. That was all my mother and father kept repeating. Now we were few in numbers, but we were a strong race. One of the oldest races still alive.

This school was like any other school, we had the normal classes such as math and English. There were of course the subjects that we supernatural creatures needed to study. For example Demonology - the study of different beings and their tradition and history, Magicology - the study off magic and how to use it. I stopped halfway from the room that my first class was held in and looked in the window on it's left side and stared deep in my dark-green eyes. Fixed my brown hair, my high cheekbones and strong jaw line was very distinctive and my charismatic nose. Not to big nor to small and fitted my face. As I stood and took that last look, not finding any faults I could here a persons foot steps coming closer and closer. I turned my head and meet not just one but two familiar faces.

"Hey Scott" A voice yelled.

It was my buddy and cousin Dave, and following him were our childhood friend Chris. We all were of the same race except Chris he was a half-ling, wolf-demon and centaur. We who were full Wolf-demons could transform into big wolfs, but the fact that his father had been a centaur he transformed into a great stallion. A black horse. except that he had all the other traits of our race, so he didn't feel all that left out and non of us treated him any different. I turned to see them.

"OH hey whats up guys" I answered, when they had walked up to me.

"It so u, to be checking yourself out" Dave said with a light laugh in his voice.

I smiled and we all started to walk to class together, even if the door was just a few foot's from our class-room.We talked about our previous conquests and bragged about who got the most action. We were still young and had not yet found our mate and when it comes to Wolf-demon founding their mate it's a divine thing.Not that we didn't want it, all of our race wanted to find our mate's yet we had no hurry and hoped that it would take some time before it happened. A mate was the ultimate goal for most race's for if one finds it's mate you grow in power not only that but finding that special someone would mean everything. True love to the extreme, living happily ever after thing.

The worst part was that not every mate that one found did reciprocate the same feelings and that was not only the worst thing that could happen but also the most dangerous. For if a mate turned us down we would die within a year. The other part of finding once mate was not that pleasant seeing our mate for the first time would make our hearts starting to jump unevenly, sweat starts to run and a fever like feeling appears and an enormous need to transform into wolf form, just like in puberty the rage and blood lust could be extremely high so no wonder we were all so happy about that we hadn't found our mates, and knowing everybody in the school we felt full reassured that here non would be for us. We took relief in this and enjoyed our life's as single good looking men, young bachelors living the high and wild life.

I opened the door to the classroom and went as always to the back of the room, placing myself at a bench and placed my head on it. i was still talking to my buddies and we planned the big party after the first game that is at the end of this weak. Of course we always had a party even if we won or not, not wanting to go long without female company.

"Attention class" Mr Hann said and started the class.

Mr Hann was the professor of demonology more to say its history department. This class I could do with out, but still had to attend because it was demanded of me. My family were deeply involved in the history of demons and other magical beings, so some pressure was laid on my shoulders. I had even been given a book that me and my buddies shared, containing much of the Wolf-race history and other magical things that could be of use for us. Like the book witches carry, with potions and spells etc.

Half way through the class I could feel myself drifting off half asleep, but I and all in the class focused on the door hearing the knocking sound. It knocked once again and i laid my head down, losing my interest for it was probably the headmaster needing to say something Mr Hann opened the door.

"Nice of you to come at all" He said to the person.

In walked a person and I knew it must be a new student still half asleep and not that curious. but the rest of the class was, even my buddies looked up and stared at this person.

"Class this is our new student, and new to the magical world you can introduce your self and then take a seat"Mr Hann said and went back to his stool.

"UUHh my name, my name is Tony ReLuna" He said.

He talked a bit more but i wasn't that interested in the first place. All that my ear heard was his name and that he was a witch and just recently turned 18years. I lifted my head and meet his eyes, his light crystal blue eyes that made me fall in a trans. My heart jumped and made it hard for me to breathe, the sweat flowed out my pores and dripped down my forehead. I quickly rushed out the room, Dave and Chris asked to follow me and I noticed both my buddies chasing after me. I hear them calling for me but the dizziness of the fever made me disoriented and I needed air, yet I ran in the directions of the bathroom. I could still hear my buddies footsteps after me, yet there voices seemed to be miles away. It all became more intense and the fever got higher, my eye's started losing it's sight and I grabbed the walls as I kept running with my friends not far behind. I fumbled and at every turn in one of the hallways I almost lost consciousness, I felt the fever turn into pain and I screamed as my stomach turned and the knife like pains that struck me had me changing. My Wolf screamed to come out, ears becoming more pointy and the hair on my body became longer and fuller. My nose looked as it was squeezed down and wrinkled on its back and up to my brows, which had become more defined and fuller making my face seem more wolf like and made me seem angry.


I had gotten out of bed two whole hour before the clock rang, so nervous about my first day of school. Now it had gone an hour and i still did not know what to wear, i looked at the beautiful vial at my desk.

"Jake can u help me" I Said with a load voice.

The veil started to shake and and a vooshing sound could be heard and green smoke left its insides. the smoke shaped and in seconds my best friend Jake stood before me. He was a jinn, everybody in my family got one and to most of my family members they saw them as slaves. But that was not the case for me. I saw Jake as a friend and an advisory he gave me advice and guided me, not did I make any demands. If he didn't feel like doing something then I didn't push him. I had been lucky for I had gotten him at an early stage of life, and that had been good for with his company i wasn't alone. I finally had a friend a lifelong friend, and that was the case with us. I tried amongst my family members to be a bit harder on him, but he knew it was just for show.

"What should i wear" I asked him.

"Tony U look good in everything" He said and went back in the bottle.

Thanks for the help I sighed, he was a very honest friend but often lacy and not wanting to leave his lamp/vial and I still didn't know what to wear I just took my short Jeans almost being hot pants, and a simple black sleeveless T-shirt. This would have to do, I was gonna be late if I continued this for an other hour. I grabbed my bag and put the bottle/veil inside it, never leaving the home without Jake and living at the school was not gonna be different. So this time I really had to bring Jake along, good thing was that my father had spoken to the headmaster and gave me permission. If I hadn't got it I wouldn't have gone, were I went he went. I walked to the train station and walked on the train, I sat at the last wagon and at the window so I could watch all the beauty of nature I always when on a train drifted away into my on little world. Just dreaming about what could be, and what this all could bring. A new school new friends and of course the down part of school studying. The train ride took about fifteenth minutes before I arrived at my destination but as every journey it seemed to have taken longer. I still felt the nervousness and it crept all over, like ants that walked all over my body. This crazy itch i often felt when in this kind of situation and the distracting feelings that ruled my thoughts and heart. I knew that I would find the school a good place to study and live but I still wasn't sure if I would fit in. Yeah I knew that school was for supernatural beings but what I had heard a very few witches hand studied at that school and that made me scared, thinking in my panicked state that non would like me nor want to e friends with me. I stepped out the train and saw that I stood in the middle of nowhere I turned and saw the wonderful view.

I looked over the vast sea, not seeing the island that was there, the school stood on in surrounded by a huge forest and the water of the ocean. It had since the dark age been hidden from humans and even Magical beings all that we could see was the light from the protective shield around it. The train went on and suddenly I remembered that I had forgotten my Broom. Yes we use brooms and even wands but just if we need to practice our perfection in the art of magic. I had one but of course I had forgotten the broom. That was always the case with me either I forgot broom or I forgot the wand, and I had forgotten how to teleport it to me, this was so typical of me.

And as if he had read my mind, the green smoke leaked out the bag and Jake appeared.

"Have u already forgotten how to teleport your broom" He asked.

I just lowered my head, ashamed and red in the face.I knew I was very powerful and that one day I would be the leader of the Witches in all of the world, but only after my great great grand mother is ready to give me the crown. But even with this in storage I had trouble to keep all the knowledge in my head and the magic. Magic I preformed if higher then level 3 often worked by instinct. In other cases of higher magic I forgot the gestures or the word or even sometimes that i could preform high magic.

"It a good thing I can do this for U" He Said with a smile.

He did a gesture with his hands and poof he was gone, and within seconds the broom appeared before me. Finally I could be of to my new school, I ascended to the broom in a very ladylike position both feet straddled on one side. Now I shook even more as the nerves had become more intense, before starting my flight i swallowed the lump that was stuck in my throat. I took a deep breath and lifted in a fast phase. I relaxed and enjoyed the flight, looking around. The sea was so beautiful and flying over it was even more wonderful than I thought, and I didn't even think about the shield I past trough for the sea was so enchanting. It was as if I could see the wonders below the water, the corals and fishes, the mermaids that were said to live their. The sun that reflected on the small waves and glittered like diamonds, I no longer felt the nerves that made my jumpy about school. but as in other times I started to think about the heavy burden to one day wear the crown, I had been trained all my life. And yet I wasn't like all the others in my family, I was caring and fair. More down to earth and cared about humans and animals and all around me, even my parents found me strange but they still loved me. They one I was most close with was my grand mother on my fathers side, she loved to be in the garden and harvest herbs and plant new flowers. We shared that passion and she had taught me all about herbal medicine and the plants magic. I started to descend.

I landed softly on the green grass and started to walk a few yards before seeing the school, it was surrounded by a massive dark forest. I held my feet on the path that led me up to the school, it was so grand a huge castle old and Gothic. I opened the huge doors and stepped in the massive hallways, I found my classroom quickly and stood still for a short period of time. I looked at my watch and saw that I was late, now the nerves got me all jumpy again about going in and I changed direction with a rush to the bathroom. I took a hard look in the mirror, I looked into my crystal light blue eyes. stroked my red hair away from my face and took a deep breath. I looked down my body and touched my belly, i had always been a little chubby and hated it, but i owned it like a witch would. I am a witch that's more wicked than a bitch I told myself and went back to the classroom and knocked. Nothing not a sound and I knocked again, this time the door opened.

"Nice of you to come at all" The middle age man that opened the door said.

"You must be Tony" The teacher said.

"My name is Mr Hann" He said.

He introduced me to the class and I was told to speak a few words about how I'm and my interests etc, and I had hoped that I would not have to do to this but I spoke and in the corner of my eye I saw a guy that i found very rude. His head placed on the bench, and almost asleep. He lifted his head in the middle of my introduction and his eye's was fixed on me, like he was in chock and in som sort of a trans. He even started to sweat. What was his problem, was I that weird or even maybe ugly. Did he became ill from my presence, for it looked like he was about to puke. I jumped up a bit when in a hurry he lifted from his seat and ran out from the classroom and two other followed him. What a good first impression I must have made. I went and took a seat and the lesson continued.


I finally found the bathroom and banged the doors open and crashed down on the bathroom floor. I knew what was happening to me but I still didn't want to admit it to myself.Stuck in this fever like state and found it hard to breathe. They had followed me, not to my knowledge as Dave entered the bathroom.Followed by Chris, the both looked puzzled and did not entirely know what was up. I thought to myself that they should be able to know what was going on. Dave squatted down and placed a hand on my shoulder, he told me to relax but I could not find a focus point. All this and I'm only 21 years old, this could not be happening to me.

"What is happening Scott?, Whats wrong?"Dave Asked.

I was stuck on the floor, not able to speak nor to find the air that if I did not receive soon would make me faint.Chris got a look of understanding and also a look of chock when he realized what was up. He first couldent find the words, trying to figure out the best way to speak and to get the information out of me even though he often just blurted things out, this time was no different.

"U Have found your mate!" Chris almost shouted out.

Dave looked up at Chris, and then back to me. I still couldent find words that I wanted to speak, nor the air I needed. I felt a sudden slap in my face. The hand that slapped me was Chris and he did it just in time, for just a second after I could feel myself take a deep breath. I looked up meeting the faces of Dave and Chris.They both looked at me with questioning eyes, but as always Chris took the shoot, but was interrupted.

"Who is it?" Dave asked.

I stood up still noticing the feeling of dizziness, angry and confused. I shaped my open hand into a fist started to slam it in the wall and did not even feel the pain of it, nor that I started to bleed. knuckles bleeding and it ran down leaving stains on the floor. Both my buddies grabbed me and it took much of their strength to get my to calm down. I just shook my head, starting to hyper ventilate. Why me I thought to myself, why a guy this is ridiculous and of course its rare and like 1 in a million that this can happen. Naturally this was going to happen to me was it a punisment for all my pranks and loose living and worst I even knew a few gay guys that could have filled my position ut no I had to be the one to bond with a guy, I started to relax but the anger would not leave me nor did my mind become any calmer.

"Who is it?" Dave asked again.

"Its the new guy" I just shoot out.

They both got in a chock like posture, and couldent find the words. They both knew that a guy and guy mate is really rare and the last time it happened was 500years ago. They both grabbed me and dragged me to our apartment in the school, one the way there I tried to get out from the hands, even yelling to them to let me go. I asked them several times where they took me and what they had planned. Once in the room they went around looking for things like a couple of fools.

"What the hell are u doing" I asked.

They took out the family book that Chris had for safe keeping, knowing Dave and me we would surely lose it. He placed it on the counter that faced the kitchen and they started to flipped threw the pages. They started to read out loud.

The one of male gender finding a mate with the same, shall be our leader and be great. Their destiny's are bonded together and they cant escape their feelings nor the path they must walk.

This was all of the old writing of our race that was left written 440year ago and spoke about the one to unite the four different wolf clans. I was puzzled but did not really think about it for long and then just started to breath heavily,

"I don't want to be with a guy, I don't even know him" I said.

Chris walked up to me and with his hand made to a fist, he slung it and hit me on top of my head, which made me fall to the ground. That really hurt and my head felt numb.

"Why did you do that?" I asked.

"Don't be such a homophobe" He answered in a brute voice.

We were all quite for some time, Dave still flipping threw the pages of the book. He in a fast movement got of one of the bar stols at the counter he stood up and went to his room, it didn't take him long to come back. He smiled and held something in his hand that looked like a pill.

"There is a way for u to get to know him"Dave said.

I looked at him and rushed towards him and grabbed his shirt. I just looked at him with a face of desperation.

"How the hell can I get to know him in this state"I yelled in his face.

If i could get rid of this feelings, I would be feeling much better and maybe live my life again. Yet i knew it wouldn't be that way and I found that the thing Dave was speaking about had something to do with the pill he held in his hand.

"This a secret herbal pill, u can take that blocks the symptoms" Dave said.

I looked at him with a questioning gaze, what did he mean? How was this going to help me, and the help I really needed was for it to go away. I knew it was no use thinking that, for once finding one's mate there was no going back.

"Explain" I just said.

The pill took away the bonding symptoms as the anger and fever etc, but it only last for two to three weeks and it does not take away the feelings. I had to think and stopped immediately as the fever started to flare up once more.

"Give it to me" I said.

"You do understand that you have to have huge control over you feelings" Chris said reaching me the green, black pill.

My hope was lost I had to be with a guy, but now I may get the chance to find some true feelings towards him without the bonding's interference I would make it my effort to really learn to know him. I took the pill and swallowed it. I looked in my buddies eye's.

"Why don't i feel different?" I asked.

"It will take a few minutes for it to work"Chris replied.

"We should go for a walk" Dave said.

"What do u mean, and why" I asked.

"Oh forgot to tell u that, our spare bedroom is for the new guy" Dave said and rushed out. With me not far behind, screaming at him. He ran fast but I knew I soon would catch up to him.

How could somebody forget to tell me that we got a new room mate to share our apartment, and even forget to tell me that a new student was going to arrive today. Chris decided to stay, just so he could greet Tony and show him the place, and get a sneak peak on how he is as a person.


I listened intensively at every words at every class and socked it up as a sponge. Often the image of guy who at the first lesson rushed out when seeing me, made me feel really uncomfortable to get to the next class, what if somebody else did the same thing. The last class was soon over and was held by Miss Flannigan, she held a lesson in Teleportation and the meanings of different magical travels. I was drifting of longing to find my new apartment, the schools dorms were apartments divided into four rooms.Tick tack, the clock was soon to ring and I was as a stone statue just waiting the last minute. The clock rang and I was the first rushing out the door not far behind everybody else came running out from the room, I slowed down wanting to look at the halls and all the paintings and grand statues from floor to ceiling. I walked in a calm phase down the hallway and went outside looking around getting to know the grounds.

The castle was a wounder in it self and the grounds were huge. The island was not as little as I first thought, the garden filled with herbs and beautiful flowers. Not far from the garden a huge lake and beyond that the surrounding forest, it was all so grand and so me. Maybe because I was royalty, but I had always like grand things. There were a football court a practice court and a field for horses and training with them seemed to be really fun and something I would really enjoy. I think i was going to love this place.

Then again the guy that ran out plopped up in my head, what was his problem really was I such a fright to look at or did I have food on my clothes. I shook my head and went back inside to find my new apartment and my new roommates.

I wandered around for a few minutes before I found the door with the numbers 394, this was it. I opened the door and I jumped a bit as A guy stood in front of me by the door as if he was waiting for me.

"Hi my name is Chris and I'm your guide here"He said.

"Hi I'm Tony, and I have already seen the grounds and most of the school" I answered.

He had big eye's telling me that he may have been offended but did not say anything and just smiled, he showed me to my room that was placed on top his room it was built very funny first stepping into the apartment you saw a wall on the right side with a mirror and a small table to the left you saw the kitchen and just a yard from the door the refrigerator stood.There were working counters in front of the stove etc. and a high counter raised to be some kind of table and had bar stols standing by it. Just about two yards from the counter a sofa could be seen and in front of that a table and then a TV placed between the two huge windows

The rooms that were on top of the other two rooms were like two giant balcony's and spiral stairs down to the living space. But this wasn't what I had thought the place should look like, I smiled towards Chris.

"Can I do some rearranging" I asked.

"Yeah sure we don't care that much" Chris replied.

I Waved my hand and as if the furniture was alive they started to move and to my liking. Chris just looked if as he had never seen magic in action before. Everything stopped and I placed my bag with a wave of my finger in my bedroom after I took out the veil.

"U can come out now Jake" I said.

"Cool much nicer, but who are u talking to?"Chris said.

The green smoke swirled out the bottle and Chris became a bit jumpy. It formed into a male shape and Jake appeared.

"Finally, it was getting boring in there"Jake spoke.

I just smiled and turned on the TV. I knew that Jake loved to watch TV and I had to keep him busy, while I took a shower.Chris looked so confusing and I knew what I had forget to do. An introduction was in order.

"Oh Chris this is my Di-jinn buddy Jake, Jake this is Chris my new roommate" I said and went to the shower.

Chris sat down next to Jake and the started to talk.

While in the shower the water that ran down my body, lifted my spirit and made me relax. But yet again the guy popped in to my head, why couldent i get him out of there. I stepped out, dried myself and put on some new clothes. I Went out to the living area and saw that Jake and Chris got along just fine, smiling and laughing.

The door opened and in came two guys in a rush, wait it's him. I looked him in his eye's both of us in a trans and word started to form.

"Are u my other roommates?" I asked.


He stretched his hand towards me and I hesitated for a short period of time before I grabbed it, we shook hands and I gave Tony a faint smile, and the hardest part was to let go but the look of confusion on his face. I had noticed he had stopped his movement of the hand, and I kept shaking my hand yet I let go after I saw him looking at me as I was a nut job.

"Hi my name is Scott" I said and let go.

"My name is Tony if you forgot it after being half asleep in class" He answered.

Both Dave and Chris laughed quietly, they thought Tony already knew who I was and how I was as a person. I found his ways just rude and cocky and still I wanted him yet I knew I had to find control over these feeling, to give him a honest chance to let him get to know me and I him. I smiled with a bit of mild anger shown in my lips and face expression. A sound escaped my lips in a cough as saliva was stuck in my throat.

"Would you mind if I showed you around" I said.

He smiled towards me and answered.

"I would love for you to give me a tour"Tony said.

It was quite for some time and I saw in the corner of my eye, a being that had A greenish skin color. and who might this be I wondered, but I already knew what he was. That part was not hard to figure out, a djinn that's for sure, Tony spoke.

"Oh this is my friend Jake" Tony Said.

I waved my hand and got the same gesture from Jake and smiled at his soft style and cool posture, Jake seemed to be the kind of guy that could be a buddy that had the same interests as me and my buds. Picking up chicks and playing football. I slightly shook my head, I needed to forget all that now being bonded to Tony, and not think about it for I knew it would make me really depressed. Yet having found my mate was a good thing in it self, but why did it have to be a guy. I needed find some common grounds or at least something that was a little likeable about Tony, I looked back at him and saw him still smiling.

"Would you like to go out now" I asked.

"Yeah sure" He replied.

We walked down the hall and I noticed that Tony looked at the statues and the paintings on the walls touching the fabric and texture of curtains and the walls. He must enjoy these halls at lest we had that in common we continued walking and I had started talking a bit about this schools history, and tried to keep up with each painting that captured his eye's. We made small conversation all the way out to the garden. I looked at him as he took a deep breath of all the wonderful smells that flew in the air from the flowers and herbs. I looked at him and my eye's started at the feet of him and traveled up to his head, hoping he didn't see me looking. As I looked I thought to myself that he wasn't that bad looking and if I were gay from the start I would see myself with him, he was a real femboi. Swaying his hips and tossing his long lightly curly hair from side to side.

"Whats that" He said and pointed to the forest.

"That's the shadow forest" I answered.

"But we are not allowed to go their" I said as I gazed up to the sky.

I looked down and was about to give Tony a friendly smile and saw him quite a bit away in to the forest. I quickly went to him almost running, I felt my heart skipped a beat. It seemed that i had the urge to protect him with my life as a lover would protect his true love, and for a wolf it was so much more. We mated for life but not yet getting his heart made this all so strange I needed to keep him away from harm. The pill had taken away the sexual aspects of and the fever and had dampened the feelings, but I suppose that some feelings are bound to appear.

"Hey didn't you hear me say, we are not allowed to be here" I said.

"No, and why?" Tony replied.

Something was heard and both of us turned or heads south into the woods. The sound came all the more closer in a very slow phase as if it was in hunting mode. The darkness made it hard to see and all we could do was wait, we stood frozen ready to run or charge but the last more likely for if we ran we would probably get killed. Not realizing it I immediately walked and positioned me in front of Tony holding out my hands, claws out as if they were shields protecting him from harm. We saw after a short time the creature step out from the dark.

"A new meal, about time" The creature said.

I looked in chock when I saw that it was a vampire, I had heard rumors about that evil beings that lived here. Yeah we had a few vampires in school but in this wood, one could find the one's called outlaws the beings not following the new order wanting to be in the dark and live as one did a few hundred years ago. We sensed the evil and even saw it in the vampires eye's. The vampire showed its sharp teeth and started to move in fast phase towards us, I was in battle mood and felt my self being tossed to the side by Tony...


I had shoved Scott aside, did he really think he needed to protect me. I wasn't a weak female that needed help, no damsel in need of a hero. True was that i was a bit clumsy when it came to magic, but I could still defend myself.

I stared at the vampire and charged up with energy and with just one push of my minds power, the vampire got tossed away into a tree about six yards away. I lifted my hands toward the sky and as if I held a ball, light appeared in my hand which made the vampire to ran away as if the sun had showed it self in my hand. I turned around and went back towards the school with Scott a few feet after me.

"Why did you push me" He asked.

I just stared at him with anger, and walked back up towards the castle. He just meet me and thinks I'm some helpless little pussycat that needs a big man to protect me. I started to think why I was so angry but instead I glanced back in my mind, I had done magic and I knew how and why. Always in the face of danger or anger I could with instinct do magic, otherwise i needed to concentrate or i might blow something up, especially if it was higher then level 3. I felt a hand grab my arm and swirled me around.

"Hey you didn't answer" Scott Yelled in my face.

"Why do you think I need to be protected" I said and shoved him back so he lost his grip and ran back into the castle to our apartment.

I shot up the door not bothering to close it and walked passed a looking Chris and Dave I got up the spiral staircase that lead to my room above Scott's and I just threw myself at the bed screaming for some time. Not for what had just happened but the fact that I never could seem to preform magic that high of a level without being scared or angry. Just a few minutes after the scream from my lips ended I instantly feel asleep. The night came and I woke up at 23.23 craving something to eat, once I came down I saw Chris and Dave watching the TV and Jake stood making me something to eat.

"How did u know" I asked him.

"Tony when will you learn" Jake answered.

I traced back in my mind about the lessons given to me before I got Jake, I was only 7 years old when I got him. I remembered that djinn's could feel it's masters wishes and cravings. I just looked at him and smiled, he smiled back knowing that I had figured it out. The memory of me being only nine years old came to me and I had hurt myself, scraping my knee. Jake came out from his bottle and gave me a hug, that was the day we became more then what my family had in mind. We became friends. I walked up to him as he laid food on a plate that he gave me, it was my favorite snack and meal, with pancakes and fruit and a spoon of whip cream. I sat down to eat and saw Scott getting out of his room, I didn't look at him still pissed off and rose form the bar stol and took the plate with me and went back up to my room. Jake turned of the stove and placed the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and as the last thing was placed there he swirled away in a green smoke and entered his lamp/veil/bottle.

I laid on the bed eating my food and tried to calm my nerves, why was I so angry. I knew no that not only was I mad at myself I was actually quite mad at Scott, maybe he was just trying to be nice. He just tried to keep me from harm I sighed trying to calm down and felt relief as I had finished eating my anger had also vanished. I took my place under the covers and gabbed a pillow to hug, something I had done since I was very little and feel asleep fast and deep.


He's so freaking annoying, what is wrong in wanting to protect someone. Yeah true is he did not know why i wanted to protect him, but to shove me away. That was just rude and so freaking annoying. I hated this, him as a mate the once in charge of destiny must be laughing as crazy right now.

"Really Scott, you need to tell us why you are in such a mood" Dave said.

I sat down on the sofa and took a deep breath. Still trying to get my head around things it took some time before I spoke still to numb of anger and couldn't find the words, both Chris and Dave waited. But as their gaze intensified I got more irritated and got the image of Tony in my mind.

"He's just so annoying" I Said.

"You mean Tony?, but he seams so nice"Chris replied.

I looked at him as if he had gotten a huge stone tossed at his head. Who in their right mind would find Tony nice, he is just so bloody annoying, I was more frustrated by them now then by Tony and I told them the hole story about what happened, they both looked at me as they thought I was stupid.

"Now your just being an idiot" Chris and Dave said at the same time.

The talked a lot at the same time, as if the were twins. Yes sure they were close and had done things together that I had not. I looked at them and calmed myself down i knew that some of what they told me was right. I had no right to do that, but yet I could not control myself this bonding thing was tricky and when it came to that they both understood. Chris rose form the sofa giving me a light touch on my shoulder and headed of, to his room for some nights sleep, and Dave was about to the same but decided to go to the kitchen, knowing him he made a sandwich to snack on.

"O by the why, talked to my mom and the pill only lasts for two weeks" Dave said and went into his room.

I was stuck as if I was in a coma, the shock of hearing that the pills repressing attributes only lasted two weeks.It was all to much and now no were near to get close to Tony or even be friends with him.


I awoke turning in my bed towards the window and saw it was still night I looked at the alarm clock on my nightstand it was late or early if you wanted to see it that way, 03:28. I got out of bed and went down to the kitchen, I was about to turn back up when I saw Scott just sitting their in the sofa not moving an inch.I took a deep breath and still went to the kitchen. I knew he was awake but he was still as he had been paralyzed. I pored myself a glass of apple-juice, and was on my way back up to my room, as I was about to go up the staircase Scott in a haste stood up and turned him self to me.

"Tony I'm sorry" He blurted out.

I turned around and looked at him, with a slight anger still left in my eye's. He went a few steps closer and had a look of worry in his eye's, what was he so worried about and I had never

"Sorry Tony, it wasn't meant to be an insult to you" He said.

"No worries, I myself overreacted" I answered and smiled.

He smiled back and I went back to my room trying to sleep, but couldn't. I looked over at my watch and the time was 4:50, soon the sun would start to shine. I walked back out towards the kitchen, there he still was on the sofa but now he slept. I walked over to him and put the blanket back over him for it had fallen to the floor, he looked as a nice guy once he was asleep.

I didn't know what I was thinking but i actually find him to be really good looking. Not gonna lie to myself he was hot, but there was no chance in hell I would ever consider him as boyfriend material, But maybe just maybe he could be a good friend.

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