Aquata Cove

Chapter 7: Photos

Jamal grinned and chuckled, ogling the handful of pictures he had in his hand. Adam came in through the front door, hanging his motorbike keys onto the hook, before coming in to turn on the PS3.

"Checking out the pictures again? What's that, like, the 30th time?" Jamal laughed as he looked over the pictures; knowing Jamal, Adam felt better about showing him the photos of where Merrick is naked, and not just the ones of the playful face shots of him.

"Can't help it, dawg, ya gotta nice boy goin' on here," Adam smirked as he came up to him, and plucked the pictures from him, scoffing as he saw the next picture was of Merrick's backside.

"Not that I'm insecure, but I think that's enough looking at them," He said as he put the pictures on the stand.

"He's lookin pretty bitchin'. I would'n mind bending HIM ova mah bed!" Adam laughed as he searched for the controller's power cord.

"Yeah, not without me, you're not," He then fished out the plastic cord, and plugged it into the PS3, "And what happened to that flamingo dancer from the club? You had her over for like 10 nights last month. For a while there, I thought you two were dating."

"She flew to Chicago, man. Check it, though, there's a dancer with a flower costume, and she's got a bo with a honeybee set. What's the chances of a 3-way happenin all up in here?" He said with a grin.

"God, I swear," Adam said as he put the controller onto the table, "You're such a sex-maniac!" Jamal snickered as he swiped the PS3 controller just as Adam had picked out a game, "Hey! I'm playing Kingdom Hearts!"

"Tough, yo! I'm on Grand Theft Auto!" Jamal said as he loaded up his file.

"Fucker," Adam grumbled as he went into the kitchen.

"You know it, man!" As Adam began unloading the dishes from the dishwasher, Jamal paused his game, and went over to the kitchen.

"So, Adam..." He said as he leaned onto the counter, "How come you never bring yo boyfriend ova here?" Adam smirked as he sorted the silverware.

"Maybe I didn't want you to steal him?" He said with a kidding chuckle.

"Naw, man. You know I's never do that," He said, "But I AM wonderin though." Adam put the plates down, and sighed.

"It's... It's complicated. I told you guys before, he's afraid of meeting new people."

"Well, how's yall met, anyhow?"

"Well..." Adam said as he walked around the counter, "Kinda like... THIS!!!" Adam then dashed onto the couch, where the controller was placed.

"Aw HELL NAW!" Jamal said as he went after him. Adam dove onto the couch, and seized onto the controller.

"Oh shit!" He tucked the controller in under him as the black guy pounced him. He laughed out loud as Jamal wrestled him to the floor.

"Yo man, give it up!" Jamal said as he tried to dig in and around Adam.

"HAHA, NEVER!" Adam said as he squirmed to protect the controller.

"You guys at it again?" Yuri said as she came out of the bathroom, holding Roxas in a towel. The cat's orange fur is all darkened and spiky, fresh from a bath, "There you go, Roxy~ Good boooy~" She said as she put the cat down, where he then ran across the room, into a sunlit corner, and started to groom himself.

"Yuriii!" Adam said as he pressed the controller against his chest, "Tell Jamal to let me play Kingdom Hearts! Hahaha!"

"Jamal," Yuri said, "Let him play Kingdom Hearts."

"Heeeeellll naw!" Jamal replied. Yuri shrugged and giggled.

"Looks like he REALLY wants to play HIS game, Adam."

Adam growled before he flailed off, and held the controller up, "Ok, fine, here!" Jamal blinked, hesitated, and got off.

"Man, screw that, I'm gonna go shoot hoops."

"AAAAggghhhhhH!" Adam laughed and groaned in aggravation as he pulled himself back onto the couch.

"Yo Yuri, you see his boyfriend pictures??"

"Yeah, about a month and a half ago."

"Naked ones too?" Yuri blinked in astonishment.

"There were naked ones?"

"AH! Uhhh!" Adam sprang up and ran up to grab his pictures, but Yuri is too quick.

"Oh, c'mon, just a peek, Adaaaamm!!" Yuri laughed out loud as Adam hoisted her up. Her legs kicked in the air as she clutched the pictures. "Wow, feels a LOT thicker than the ones you showed me, Adam!"

"C'mon, Umiyama, you know how this is going to play out!"

"Adam! ADAM! AD-DAM!!! You're starting to crush me!" Adam groaned, and put her down. Yuri chuckled as she went to the kitchen table, rubbing her mid-section, "Jeez," She grinned as she shook her head, "You're lucky I grew up with three brothers, or the police would be all up on you."

"Good grief, Yuri." Yuri started flipping through the pictures.

"Heh, wow, he IS cute," She said as she came to one where Merrick is kissing Adam on the cheek, "Does he do a lot of modeling?"

"Well... You COULD say that,"

'Now that I think about it,' Adam thought, 'That IS a good over! Merrick is such a natural at modeling, he could definitely get behind that! He doesn't like clothes anyway!'

"YES! He's a model! He earns his money taking pictures such as these."

"Hmm..." Yuri said as she looked through them, "You only showed me 5 pictures last time, Adam. There's gotta be at least 30 of them here, I'm mean THIS one's new," She said as she plucked up the one with Merrick kissing Adam's cheek.

"We take pictures every time he visits."

"Ah ok."

"Though, we use digital cameras; he HATES the flash from a regular camera. There was this one time when we were taking pictures..."


Adam flipped through the photos as he walked onto the thinning dirt, wondering what images he shall be adding to his collection.

"Adam!" Came a familiar voice. He looked up and smiled to see the naked blonde male on a wet rock, already dry from the sun's rays.

"Hey, babe! Glad to see YOU early this time," He said as he approached him. Merrick tilted his head to the side curiously as he looked at Adam.

"Um, Adam... What's THAT?" He asked as he pointed at him. Adam stopped and looked at himself. He turned curiously around and looked back.

"What do you mean, Merrick?"

"THAT! That... That thing, it's on your chest, stomach, and on your arms?" Adam looked down, and scoffed.

"Oh! Heheh, this is called a SHIRT, Merrick. All humans wear them." Merrick blinked, looking clueless.

"... Why?"

"Well um... Because... Well, it's just that... Th-Think of it this way..." Adam said, as he struggled to find a reason he can explain to Merrick, who is listening expectantly, "Oh, I don't know," Adam said as he dropped his backpack, and pulled off his shirt, "I didn't make it up," and stuffed it into the pack. He got up, and looked at Merrick, who is now eyeing his cargo shorts. Adam slumped his shoulders and chuckled, "Oh, alright, babe," He then undid the front of his pants, and pull down his shorts, and tossed them aside, showing that he's only wearing a tight speedo, "Anyway, the pictures came in, sweetie."


"Yeah," Adam whipped out his camera out, "Like THIS,"



"AHH!" Merrick scrambled as he rubbed his eyes, "Adam!!" He said as he blinked several times, and rubbed at his face, "Don't DO that!!" Adam chuckled as he wound up the camera. As soon as he walked over to Merrick, the merman snatched it up from the human, and threw it clear into the woods.

"Ohhhh," Adam crouched down, and sat down, "I'm sorry, babe." Merrick crossed his arms, frowning.

"I told you I don't like that... You KNOW it, why do you still do it??" Adam's smiled died down as he sighed and sat down.

"I'm sorry, Merrick..." Merrick's deep blue eyes glared at the human. Adam isn't sure what to do.

"Don't upset me and then laugh at me, Adam," Merrick said as he looked away, "You do it every time. Why?"


"Why, Adam???" Merrick said, growing angry. Adam sighed, and scratched the back of his neck.

"It's... It's something that humans do."

"What?" Merrick said with disbelief, "They upset the ones they love?"

"It's not like that, Merrick," Adam said, "See, humans tease each other, whether they like it or not. Most of the time, friends do it to each other in good fun, even in romance, girlfriends and boyfriends do it to each other just to kid around. I don't know WHY we do it, it's just something we do. Like whenever I jump in the water wearing something OTHER than my birthday suit, you just take it off."

"... I'm not a human, Adam," Merrick said, "And if you were to tell me to stop doing that, I would!"

"C'mon, Merrick, are you telling me merpeople don't tease each other?"

"..." Merrick looked away, "... Not when they're in love..." Adam sighed, and then leaned forward.

"... I'm sorry, Merrick..." He said as he softly stroked his hand along Merrick's neck. Neared his head in, and pressed his lips onto that tender flesh. Merrick closed his eyes and tilted his head back gently, his mouth opening just a little. Merrick whimpered sweetly as Adam nibbled on his neck gently. Merrick's position became less and less tense as Adam softly lapped along his throat. The merman couldn't help but smile and giggle as Adam's lips slowly danced along his flesh, along with the bristle of his stubble.

His hand then moved along the other's sides, before Adam gently guided Merrick onto himself, laying his tender light body onto him. Merrick giggled as he Adam lay back, and put Merrick on top of him while still affectionately smooching his neck. Merrick moved his head and started biting on Adam's earlobe, making him grin and chuckle. His strong arms wrapped around Merrick's soft body. His dick bulged in his speedo as his lover straddled him playfully.


Adam heard a soft noise as Merrick nuzzled him. He turned his head to see his speedo a couple of feet away from him. "Ooohh!" He gasped as he felt his testicles grabbed and pulled, "Oohh yeah, baby~" He said as Merrick's hand massaged his nuts. His hands ran along Merrick's back, and cupped his irresistible ass.

Merrick then pushed his lips against Adam's mouth he gripped his shoulders. He inhaled sharply through his nose as that merman aggressively kissed him. His fingers dug and kneaded those soft buttcheeks as their tongues went to war with each other in their mouths. Their dicks ground harder against each other when Merrick started undulated his hips against him.

This is a little odd; Merrick has never been this... INTO it before. He just seems more horny than frisky like usual. He started moaning in their kissing, while Adam traced two of his fingers along Merrick's soft anus. The young merman whimpered with anticipation as he felt his pink, sensitive taint touched. He broke the kiss to let out a very aroused moan when Adam inserted a finger into him.

"Awwllll!" Merrick thrust his hips against Adam's pelvis, rubbing his erect member against the other. Merrick's dick drooled profusely as Adam slowly inserted another finger into his rear end. Merrick dug his forehead against Adam's chest as he pushed his fingers in, slid back, and sunk back in. The younger male's rump rose up, squirming and moaning more and more. His mouth gapped as he moaned weaker and weaker until Adam would feel a warm splash on his own groin.

Merrick moaned pleasantly as he lowered himself down. He smiled and nuzzled Adam's hairy chest, then cooing as Adam's fingers slipped out of his sensitive sphincter.

No sooner had he removed his fingers from Merrick's tender bum, did that merman started kissing along the man's happy trail, nuzzling the coarse fuzz down his abs. Adam watched as the aroused male took in his own scent on Adam's dark patch, along with his dick and testicles, all of which is glazed with Merrick's spunk. The blonde lowered down, and started to lick up his cum. Adam smirked and started to giggle as Merrick's tongue danced around his balls.

"HAHAHAHAHA!" Adam squirmed and laughed as Merrick's tongue tucked in between the sides of Adam's ballsack, licking up the cum and slurping around Adam's nuts. He took one testicle into his mouth, and suckled around it, using his tongue to press and taste every inch Adam's ball. Adam hissed and huffed as Merrick switched in between those testicles. He put his hands onto that short-cut blonde hair as he moaned from Merrick's nursing his orbs. The way he was suckling and licking the sensitive sac is driving him up the wall. Merrick moaned in hunger as the taste of cum and sweat played against his tongue as he bounced and rolled the man's balls around.

Just when Adam was about to grab his member and masturbate, Merrick moved up, and placed his lips around the head of his cock. Merrick's head then pushed down upon Adam's rod inserting his manhood into his warm, soft orifice.

"OhhhhHHHhhhhh~" Adam moaned as Merrick pushed his lips down upon his manhood. He bobbed his head up and down, swallowing Adam's dick nice and deep. Adam's head tilted back as his mouth stayed opened as that warmth elevated up his shaft, lowered down, and glided back up. Merrick placed his dainty hands onto Adam's thick hips as he eased his head back and forth. His strong, hairy legs rubbed against Merrick's flawless skin.

The human ran his fingers through Merrick's golden hair; despite being from the sea, his hair is always so soft, like it's saturated with conditioner every time he goes into the water. He always feels so clean and soft and pure every time he is in human form. He's like a beautiful white pearl, salvaged fresh from an oyster from the ocean.

His thoughts on Merrick's bodily perfection were short-lived, however, as the glans of his penis pressed against the roof of his mouth. Adam groaned as those lips pressed firmly around his shaft as his head sunk down to where his mouth brushed on the dark pubic hair. "Ahhhhhh~~" God, he's gotta wonder where Merrick learned to suck dick so well! He can't imagine he's given a lot of oral in the sea!

Merrick's tongue pushed and rubbed along Adam's rod. He's twisting his head as he goes down, teasing and slurping every inch of Adam's thick manhood. God, he's not gonna last much longer if he keeps going on like this!

Adam moaned more as Merrick kept sucking his cock at a climbing pace. "Ohhh Merrick!" He bit his lower lip as he undulated his pelvis, pushing his dick in and out of Merrick's skillful mouth, "Ahhhffff!" He kept pumping and pumping, cooing even as his mouth tampered with his sensitive spots more and more. A tower of pleasure spiraled up inside his rod as he was sucked on harshly.

"Ahhh... Hhhahhff... Ohhhwwwwhhh!" Adam tensed up, rose his upper body, "GUAHHHH!" He slumped back as his cock convulsed, and gushed out his own juices all over Merrick's mouth. The merman murred as he tasted the thick, strong cum that flowed from Adam's member, into and onto his mouth.

With his mouth dripping with his spunk, Merrick pulled himself next to Adam, who is dazed in his own afterglow, and started masturbating. Merrick panted and his arm jerked back and forth on his tool, purposely working himself over until he moaned out, squirting himself all over Adam crotch, where he just licked clean not 10 minutes ago.

After ejaculating on his lover, Merrick laid himself down, and nuzzled Adam again. Adam wrapped his arm around Merrick as he cuddled closer.

"So," Adam said, "I'll stick with the digital cameral from now on."

"Mmmm~" Merrick nuzzled and gently kissed Adam's neck. Adam smiled and giggled as those soft lips tickled his neck. With one hand, Adam picked up his discarded camera and held it up, before clicking it. He then looked at the small screen, and smiled before he nudged Merrick, prompting him to look. The merman smiled as he saw the image of him pressing his mouth on the other's neck, "Better. I HATE that sudden light," Merrick said. Adam smiled as he scooted away, holding up the camera, but lowered it as he looked down.

"Hahah, little excited today?" Merrick blushed and looked down at his throbbing erection between his legs, "What's with you today, babe? You've been very horny so far, what's up?"

"... A red moon is present." Merrick said, smiling sheepishly.

"Red moon? ... Oh, a Lunar Eclipse!" He said, snapping his fingers, "... What about it?"

"When a red moon is present, merfolk become more... Sexually active. It's what you refer as 'horny'" He said, still blushing.

"Ah! But um..." Adam looked up, and around, "It's broad daylight. Then sun's out right now." Merrick giggled at him.

"It's going happen tonight, silly~" He said, but then his smile faded, "... Which reminds me, I can't stay for the rest of the month."

"Wh-Whaaaaat? But Merrick, it's only been 2 weeks!"

"I know, love, but I..." The merman sighed, "I'm obligated. I'm sorry, Adam... I have to leave by sundown." Adam sighed, and leaned in to kiss Merrick.

"It's ok babe. Like always, I'll wait for you as long as it takes." Merrick looked up with those sapphires and kissed his lips. A small whimper came from the merman's mouth; the lips softly touching, feeling Adam's hand feel along his side, down along his hip. Merrick's six-inch member throbbed with each tender lap their lips made. Soon, he is feeling himself shake with desire.

Adam backed up, and adjusted his camera, "While we can, lets take a few pictures, hm?" Merrick's eyes focused onto Adam's limp penis. He felt VERY compelled to just lurch forth and stuff the flaccid organ into his mouth.

"A-Are you sure it's nnnot a soul stealing weap-weapon??"

Adam smirked, "Yes, sweetie, humans use these things all the time. It doesn't steal souls... A fuck it-"


"Battery just died. Hang on, I think got some extras in my pack," The human turned around, and walked towards the trees. Merrick moaned wantonly as he ogled Adam's lightly fuzzy butt. His dick oozed with pre as he watched each muscular bubble flex and loosen with each step he took. His hand wrapped around his member, and squeezed gently. Oh, how wonderful it would be to have Adam straddle him and sit his rear end upon his solid cock.

Adam rustled through his pack, "It's gotta be in here somewhere. I ALWAYS bring them in case- Ah! Here they are!" Adam said as he fished out a sealed pack of batteries. He took out the dead batteries, and replaced them with new ones. He clicked the camera back into place, and rebooted it, "There we go~" The human turned around, and grinned as he saw Merrick, moaning weakly as he gently rubbed his member up and down.

"Ooh, that's a good one," Adam said as he held the camera up, and clicked, capturing a good image of Merrick jerking himself. Merrick looked at the artificial noise from the device, and then at Adam's package again. His balls tingled as he watched the man's genitals swing and dangle as he walked towards him.

"Let's get a good front shot," Adam then stood above Merrick. The merman unhanded his dick to lay his arm back, moaning pitifully as he looked at the silver gadget.


"Heh! Nice one!" Adam said as he saw the picture of Merrick, showing him from the waist up, with a look of sheer lust on his face. "Flip over, I wanna get a buttshot~" He then pushed the horny merman onto his front, and backed up, getting a good catch on Merrick's smooth backside, with him turning his head to look at him. Merrick could feel his anus yearn desperately for the man's rough, invasive touch with every second he holds his rump up in a presenting manner.

"Adam..." He moaned.

"You're a fantastic model, sweetie!" Adam then gave a fast spank on Merrick's tender buttcheek. Merrick cooed loudly as his toes curled. Adam smirked as he gave another swat to his ass.

"OhhhhHH!" Merrick moaned out, as the slaps to the rump is turning him on greatly. Adam smacked his ass several times over, making the merman just about scream with excitement.

"Wow Merrick, you're really-"

"A-Adam!" Merrick then turned himself around, his raging boner bobbing between his legs. Adam stared at his wang; it's so hard, it's almost turning red from all of the stimulation. Merrick whimpered helplessly as he writhed slowly on the rock, a few marks short of flat out begging Adam for satisfaction.

"Ohhh," Adam nodded, "Ok, um..." He leaned back, and put the camera at a safe distance, "We'll take pictures later..." He then leaned closer, "Now c'mere..." He then went in, and glued his lips onto Merrick's.

"Mmmmmlll!" Merrick moaned into the kiss, squirming for attention, right before he felt Adam's hand wrap firmly around his cock. Merrick grabbed Adam's shoulder as he moaned and squirmed under the human, moaning as his rod felt immense pleasure just from Adam grabbing it. He thrust his hips up, moaning out at the handjob. Adam squeezed around his dick as he stroked it harshly while making mouth to mouth with the human.

He has about 7 hours left until dusk. Right now, he's going to make every fucking minute count.


"Other than that," Adam said as Yuri came to a photo of Merrick posing in a lavender sheet, "He loves to model." Yuri smiled as he gave the pictures back to Adam.

"These are actually pretty good. You should be a photographer," Adam chuckled.

"Me? Nah. I prefer to work on the docks. I feel more at home working with fish than random naked people."

"Well, at least part-time? At the very least, you could freelance." Yuri said before she checked her watch.

"Mmm... I'll keep that in mind."

"Super. Anyway, I gotta get to school." Yuri said before she picked up her satchel, and went to pluck up her keys. She went to her cat, kneeled down, and pet the damp feline, "Bye, Roxas. Be a good kitty~" To which, Roxas just ignored, and kept licking his spiky fur. She smirked and just turned around and walked out the door, "See you later, Adam!" And with that, she is off to her classes.

Adam smiled as he went into his room, and placed his pictures back into the lockbox. Sealed, and hidden.

Frankly, he only takes the pictures just for the sake of it. It eases the separation, at least a little; it helps to know that he can see Merrick at any given time.


As his tail undulated, Merrick's hand eased on his trident, rubbing his thumb along a small barnacle on the shaft. In the subtlest way possible, he pressed a tiny tab on the side, and the barnacle opened carefully. His eyes glanced down, and looked at the small piece of glass, shielding tiny cut-off headshot of Adam, smiling up at him for a second, before the merman clicked the barnacle back into place.

The merman smiled as he swam. It helps to know that he can see his Adam at any given time.



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