Aquata Cove

Chapter 75: Miscellaneous

Yuri’s car drives around the corner, into the parking lot of an apartment complex. She parks into a vacant space, and quickly steps out. She runs up the stairs until she reaches Ryo’s door. She knocks hard, and waited until Ryojin opens from the other side.

“Where is he?” Yuri asked, “Is he ok??”

“He still asleep…” Ryo said in a hushed tone as he lets her in, and walks her to the dimly lit living room. She looks with pity at the small tan boy, tucked under a blanket with an ice pack on his forehead, still unconscious.

“Ah no…” Yuri said softly. She kneels down by his side, and feels her hand onto his cheek. It’s a little too warm. She opens his mouth, and examined closely, before pressing two of her fingers onto his neck to feel his pulse.

“I came home from taking Fumiko to the airport, and he was lying face-down on the grass,” Ryo explained.

“… I think he’s just dehydrated.” Yuri said, “He has a delicate constitution that makes it easy for his health to take a dive like this. This happens to Merrick from time to time too. He’s going to be fine.”

“Ok…” Ryo took a seat next to the couch, “I brought him up here to help, and then I see someone broke in here!” He said, “They took my television and a few lamps, and they broke a few of my dishes.”

“What do you think happened to him?” She asked softly.

“I don’t know…” Ryojin shook his head, “Maybe they hurt and rob him too.”

‘What were you doing, Arnaav?’ Yuri thought, before sighing, “Last time I saw him, he said he had something really important to do.” They both silenced as the boy groans, and turns in his sleep, facing the back-cushions of the couch.

“Did he say what he was doing?” Ryo whispered.

“No. He just took off… With Adam’s friends, Harold and Belinda, that is,” She lied, “I should have asked him what he was up to.” Withholding the fact that Arnaav had to go into the ocean, “I’m sorry this happened.”

“It is alright.” Ryo said softly.

Moments pass by as the two of them sat in silence, letting the boy sleep as they monitored is situation. Yuri looks in sorrow at the bundled boy, feeling she is completely responsible for this; this has definitely got something to do with Fumiko, the way he went running off like that. Was he hoping to catch her at Ryo’s place just to try and talk to her?

How much trouble did Arnaav go to just to try and speak with her? A wild guess tells her that maybe Arnaav was the one who broke into the apartment – but how? He’s just a small kid. And besides, some of Ryo’s possessions are gone, and there’s no way Arnaav can carry a TV and a few items on his own. At the very least, it seems Ryojin doesn’t suspect that Arnaav’s done anything wrong…

Arnaav remains silent as his half-lidded eyes stare at the colored fabric of the cushion, with small tears running along and down his eyes, as he can pick up Yuri’s scent, and someone else’s… His eyes close as he keeps himself quiet…

Yuri’s train of thought snapped back as she feels something on her hand. She looks to see Ryojin actually holding her hand, tenderly.

“Ryo, what are you doing?” She asks as she takes her hand away.

“Wh- Yuri…” Ryojin looks at her with a hurt expression, “I just… I been thinking… Of you lately.”

“Ryo, don’t you remember what I said? We’re done, I told you.” Yuri stated firmly, “You hurt me, Ryo. You crossed several lines when we fought.” She shook her head, “And I once told you that I would not even think of giving you another chance until you apologized.”

“Apologize for what?” Ryo asked a little defensively.

“You’re joking, right, Ryo?” Yuri said lowly to keep her voice down, “For all of the things you said. What you tried to get away with, what you insinuated, and what you caused.”

“What are you even saying?? Are you still angry about that?”

“Yes,” Yuri said, shaking her head, “You honestly think you’ve done no wrong here?”

“I thought you knew this kid,” Ryo said, “I called you and he-”

“I’m not talking about that.” Yuri said as she got up and walked a few paces away from him, “You still think I’M the one at fault here…” She growled. As old-fashioned as her family is, Ryojin’s clan is twice as archaic as hers.

“Yuri, why will you not let this go??” Ryo asked as he gets up, “Why do you hold on to so much hate for me??”

“Oh my God, I really, REALLY want to refuse that you’re this stupid.” Yuri said as she drops her shoulders, “I did NOT want to move in with you! That didn’t mean that I didn’t love you! It meant that I wasn’t ready! And the more you pushed, the more YOU despised ME!”

“I never despise you,” Ryo said defensively as he gets up, “You would not give me a real enough answer!”

“And so you turned into a complete jerk.” Yuri replied, glaring at him, “Insinuating that I’ve slept with Jamal, among other men, even asking if me and Adam were an item at some point. And the more I protested, the worse you got!” Yuri shook her head, “I really had feelings for you, Ryojin. You have no idea how much you hurt me.”

“And you do not think I am hurt too??”

“And you don’t even get how bad it was.” Yuri leers at him, “Do you know when we broke up, my grandparents were actually MAD at me??” She told him, “They blamed ME. They didn’t care what I said, it was all my fault that you insulted me and pressured me into taking a huge step in my life that I wasn’t ready to take!”

“Why were you not ready??” Ryo asked, “I still do not understand why you didn’t want to be with me.”

“…” Yuri glares at him, “Because I just didn’t want to, and you wouldn’t accept that.”

“Yeah.” Ryo shook his head at her, “You can’t even give me your own reasons.”

“…” A pause goes by as they just stood there and glared at each other, “… You know what, I don’t have to justify myself to you. You were raised to have a trophy wife of your very own, and I will never be her.” She told him.

“What?” Ryo gave her a weird look, “What does that mean-”

“We both come from very traditional clans. But at least my parents taught me to be anything I want, not just something my grandparents can have to reminisce about times gone by.”

“Wha- Yuri-”

“Thank you.” She interrupted him, bowing to him in formality, “For calling me about Arnaav. I appreciate you taking care of him before he got hurt.” She walked back to the couch, and took the blanket off of the boy, to find him bundled in a white sheet. She sighs as she closes her eyes, “I will bring the sheet back tomorrow. As you can imagine, I don’t have any clothes for him right now.”

“… Fine.” Ryo walks away from her as Yuri carefully picks up Arnaav, and carries him away. Ryo holds open the door for her in eerie silence as she walks by, and closes the door behind her.


Arnaav whimpers as he looks up to the large polar bear, next to the Noita otter, along with an orca mermaid with several wraps of seaweed around her body. The black and white whale maid gently strokes the boy’s head as she takes a loop of kelp away from his neck. He reaches his little arms out as she drifts away from him.

“No, please no.” He pleaded weakly as his soul feels an abrupt feeling of rejection and loneliness as soon as the seaweed was removed. “I cannot understand, no…”

The mighty white bear man weeps as pieces of a broken weapon drift down from his large paws. He bows his head and looks to the side, clenching his eyes shut as he hears the cub’s little cries.

“But why…” Arnaav cries, shaking all over his body as he looks to the three elders of the pod, “Why is it so wrong???” He pleads, “I did not say anything!” A mid-sized, cream-colored bear with white swirls on her body holds her face as she sobs, behind the three leaders amidst the pod.

“Son… You needed to listen…” The Triton sobbed, “Why did you not listen…”

“I do not understand! I did not touch or-or-or… No, please, no…” Arnaav cries as he sees his mother’s palm glowing with light, “Mother no, please do not do this!” He cries with terror as she comes closer, “I am sorry! I will not do it again! No!”

“I love you, my child…” The otter said with deep remorse, her eyes clouded with glittering mist, “If I do not do this… They will come…”

“Who! Please, Mother, no!” Arnaav begs as his furry back pushes into the sand and reef rock, almost screaming with hysteria, “I am sorry! I am sorry!”

Arnaav glances, and sees the cream-colored bear mermaid beside him. He whines and cries as she takes his paw into hers, as she too cries with him. He squeaks as his tiny paw squeezes her tightly.

“We are out of time…” The Noita wept, “I can sense one of them coming… If I do not mark you, you will end…”

“MOTHER NO!” Arnaav screams. The Noita’s hand pushes onto the left side of the Adra’s chest. “EEHHHEEEEAAAA” The boy shrieks with agony as searing pain pours onto the spot, slowly ripping into his flesh as she pushes her energy onto him.

“STOP!! PLEASE STOP!!! IT IS BURNING MEEE!!” Arnaav cries out, thrashing into the sand as his sister reaches around his torso.

A pair of thick, strong, furry arms scoop around the three of them, gruffing with heavy sobs as one mermaid tearfully brands the flesh of her baby, the other mermaid holding as tight as she can, and the meryin shrieking with despair and agony. The Triton holds all of them close, desiring with all of his heart to rob his son of every ounce of pain and fear that he is spiraling right now… And as well as that of which is to come, after his poor one is forced to leave…

Everything suddenly illuminates in a flash of yellow and white.


Twinkling drops roll and drip from under Arnaav’s eyelids, as he slowly started to awaken again.

Yuri’s car zooms along the freeway, with Arnaav safely buckled on the passenger’s seat, wrapped up in the thin sheet. She glances to him as she hears some quiet sniffling beside her.

“Nh… Ffnh… I’m sorry, Yuri…” Comes a soft whimper, “I’m sorry…”

“For what, honey?” Yuri asked softly.

“I made you so mad… You had to be with someone you hated…” Arnaav whines.

“Oh…” She winces, “You heard all of that?”

“Mhm…” Arnaav sniffles, “You had to fight because of me…”

“That’s not true, Arnaav.” Yuri turns a curve, “Ryo and I had problems long before this. They have nothing to do with you, it’s not your fault.”

“I still ended up there… You had to come and find me…”

“Don’t think about it,” Yuri said softly, “Just get some sleep, ok?” The car turn along the wide curve of the road, right next to the coast, “I have to go back to the hospital, where I work. I can set up a little cot for you and give you some water in my office, ok?”


Arnaav rustles in his sheet, and fumbles a little. Yuri’s peripheral vision catches a colorful flicker, so she turns her head to the kid. Her eyes widen as she sees a jeweled butterfly trinket in Arnaav’s fingers, glittering from the orange flashes from the passing highway light posts.

“Where did you get that?” Yuri asked with a slight touch of suspicion, remembering exactly where she’s seen that small accessory before.

“It belongs to that girl… The one I want to… Talk to…” Arnaav answered weakly, “I found it on the day we played those games with the eggs and rabbits…” His eyes remain moist as he tilts the butterfly slightly to make it sparkle.

“Why were you keeping it?”

“It’s… Beautiful…” Arnaav said, “And it carries her scent… I really like her… Having it made me feel she liked me, after I was told she loved Merrick…” The boy whimpers, “And then Merrick made her cry… She doesn’t like him anymore…”

“Oh no…” Yuri can already see where this is going.

“I was trying to find her… I looked everywhere… Belinda showed me where she belonged…” Arnaav sniffled as the butterfly shimmered, “And she wasn’t there…” He closes his eyes as he curls up tighter in the sheet, “She wasn’t there, and I fell…”

“Oh no… Dammit…” Yuri sighed as the car came to a stop at a traffic light. “Dammit… Dammit…” She softly hits her head onto the steering wheel a few times. “Arnaav, I am so sorry…”

“For… For what?”

“There’s something I REALLY should have told you…” Yuri sighs as she turns her head to the child, “Arnaav, Fumiko lives on the other side of the world.”

Arnaav looks up at her with eyes of horror and despair, “Wh… Whaaat?”

“She only comes to these islands a couple of times a year to see her brother…” Yuri ignores the green traffic light above, “And I don’t even know exactly where she is…”

“I… I…” Arnaav’s chest swells and deflates as he starts to cry. All of this… Every ounce of hope he put into this night… All of his excitement and joy… It was all for nothing…

“A-Arnaav, it’s ok,” Yuri hastily said, “M-Maybe we can talk to-” She gasped as the passenger door opens as the small boy leaves the blanket, “Wait, what’re you doing?!”

Arnaav cries as he stumbles out of the car, and runs away as fast as he can.

“Arnaav! Wait!!” Yuri springs out of her car, and whips after him, “Stop! Where are you going?!” She jogs after him, “You’re going to collapse again! Come back!!” But he won’t listen. She can hear the poor boy sob loudly as he sprints away from her, towards the ocean.

“ARNAAV!!” It’s too late. Arnaav dives into the ocean before she can even reach him. “Dammit, what happened…” She groans as she shakes her head and gently rubs her forehead, “No, no, no, this isn’t good…” She tells herself as she retreats back to her car.

Her eyes catch a twinkle as she comes to the unfurled sheet, “Ohhh…” Yuri squats down, and delicately picks up the butterfly, “What the hell… Here I thought I was a little better than you, Ryo…”


“Mnnghh” Adam moans as he writhes on his bed, his eyes feeling almost as heavy as his own body, and gravity seems to have increased on him to begin with. He feels a soft, furry ball against his neck, which he can already deduce that it’s little Skyler curled up next to him.

“Morning, baby.” Merrick said from beside him, leaning on his elbow on his side.

“Ohhhrrrr…” Adam whines as he tries to roll over, “My head feels like a rock.” He wriggled around on the bed… His anus feels weird, and his package feels painfully pressed. He looked down and scoffed in exhaustion.

His penis and ballsac is barely being contained by a shiny gold and sapphire blue thong that clings tightly to his manhood, that is also giving a bitch of a skinny wedgie, “Fuck, I don’t even want to know where I got this…”

Merrick giggles as Adam pulls the thong off of him, and kicks it off the bed, somehow without snapping it. Skyler wakes up and stretches on the bed, before hopping onto the windowsill. “I think we may have gotten carried away last night at King Tut’s.”

“Ah fuck…” Adam huffed, “What went down…” He tries to remember.

“You had a bunch of shots,” Merrick smirked, “Off of a guy’s body. He was some hot Italian guy, he had some really thick muscles.”

“Think I have bits and pieces of that…” Adam rubs his eyebrows, “I can’t remember much… Bunch of blurs and music, I think I remember holding onto a hard metal pole.”

“Hehheeh,” Merrick grins, “You got so drunk, you actually got naked for about a minute!”

“Oh my freaking God.” Adam covers his eyes, his face feeling hot and prickly.

“You got spanked so many times, your butt was glowing pink and red~” Merrick snickered, “You were so sexy and funny! By the time we put something on you, you had a throbbing hard-on.”

“Oh fuck…” Adam rolls onto his front, and stuffs his face onto a pillow. “I can’t ever go back there again.” He said, muffled by the pillow.

“Oh why not??” Merrick gives Adam’s butt a spank before climbing onto him and sitting himself onto Adam’s bottom, “Everyone loved you last night!”

“RRRRrrrr!” Adam grabs the pillows from both ends and covers his head with it, not even paying attention to his naked lover’s genitals rubbing on his rump.

“Oh cheer up, Adam.” Merrick gnaws on Adam’s hair playfully, “At least I didn’t tell you about the part where you thought Nick was me, and you started making out with him while squeezing his package. That’s why you were wearing his thong just now.”

“OH MY GOD, STOP!” Adam yelled into the pillow as bits and pieces started to resurface.

“Whaaat? It was hot!” He kisses and nibbles on Adam’s neck, “Thinking about it… Kinda makes ME a little hot~” He said as he started to grind his soft member into Adam’s warm, fuzzy crack, “I REALLY wanted to fuck you right there in the bar~ Pound your ass while Nick sucks your cock…” Merrick bites his lip as his own dick is starting to get hard, “But apparently, we can’t fuck in public.”

Adam grunts pitifully as he turns his head to breathe, while Merrick wraps his arms around and under him as he continues to dry-hump against Adam, “Ffffuck, I wanna ram you so bad…”

“I am not in the mood.” Adam groaned, “I have enough pounding in my head right now…”

“Awww, come on~!” Merrick bites Adam’s ear and tugs on it, his dick fully hard now. Adam whimpers as he just WISHES his head wasn’t weighing the same as a ton of bricks. Adam shivers as Merrick’s tongue licks over Adam’s earlobe and groves his pelvis in rolling motions, “You were so freakin on last night~”

“At the moment,” Adam responds, “I am down right off.” He can only groan as his fiancé plays around with his limb body.

“Awwoo…” Merrick pouted. “How about you just lay there and I can have my way with you like this?”


“I can eat your ass or suck your balls?”


“How about I flip you over and suck you off? Come on, Adam,” Merrick slaps Adam’s butt a few times.

“If I get turned on, I’m just going to get a bigger headache than I already have.” Adam moaned, “How about we just take a shower?”

“… With the suction-cup fleshlight or dildo?” Merrick quipped.

“Oh for God’s sake.” Adam muffled again as he buries his face into the pillow.

“Ghhh, I’m kidding, Adam.” Merrick giggled as he climbs off of Adam, and spanks him again, “C’mon, let’s go wash up. Your musk is driving me nuts if you want me to stay off you.”

“Mmmgghhh…” Adam whines as he drags himself out of bed and slumps along the side, feeling dizzier than before. Without even thinking, he just walks ahead without thinking of grabbing some shorts to cover himself like usual, and just drones out of the door and to the bathroom.

Merrick holds onto Adam’s shoulders to keep him from flopping over as they go. “Oh, shh…” Merrick hushes lowly, looking at the living room, and seeing Arnaav wrapped up in the blankets on the couch, “Arnaav’s still asleep.” He whispered. Adam only sighs as they make it to inside the restroom.

Merrick turns on the shower for a hot temperature, and takes Adam in. Adam presses his forehead onto the glass wall of the shower as he keeps his eyes closed, letting his arms dangle from his shoulders as Merrick closes the glass door.

“Hahahah, are you REALLY that blown out?”

“Aren’t you?” Adam asked.

“Not at all. I don’t know what humans find so big and trying about alcohol.” Merrick said as he lets the hot water pour down on Adam’s back.

Adam groans as he waits for Merrick to do whatever, hardly caring one way or another what comes next – not while his head is still swimming with concrete. Merrick hugs him from behind as holds him tight. “Mmmnnnhhh…”

Merrick holds him from behind and rests his face on the back of Adam’s neck, pushing his lap onto Adam’s bottom as they both get soaked and wet. Merrick loads two large scrub pads with soap, and starts to knead Adam’s shoulders. He circles the broad shoulder bones along his back.

He pushes against the small dip just above the waist, before Merrick grins as he scrubs Adam’s ass. Adam chuckled as his lover gets thorough with cleaning his butt, using just one of the pads to circle around one cheek, dipping into his crack and sliding over to the other. Merrick kneels down and firmly scrubs onto the back of Adam’s thighs, and down to hid calves, down to his feet.

He stands up, and turns Adam around, pushing his back onto the wet glass. Adam groans as his head slumps back, and rolls on his right shoulder. Merrick chuckles as he leans in, and kisses Adam’s chin.

“Mnnnhhhh…” Adam closes his eyes as Merrick pushes the scrub pad around onto Adam’s neck, and rubs in circular motions, into the divide of his chest where the layer of fuzz is pressed with the direction of the soapy pad. Merrick scrubs softly along Adam’s front, and smiles as he feels along Adam’s sides, and and rubs around the subtle round area of Adam’s stomach.

“Gettin a little round there, babe~” Merrick said as he pats Adam’s belly.

“Shuddup.” Adam smirked in his daze.

“Hehehe, didn’t say it was a bad thing~” Merrick said, “We both know chubby guys give the best hugs and cuddles.”

“I’m not faaaat.” Adam whined. Merrick chuckles as he scrubs Adam’s muscular arms, as well as his soft belly, then down to his genitals. Merrick grins and blushes as he kneels down to Adam’s pelvis. He gently pushes the pad along Adam’s limb dick, and sneaks the pad to under his testicles.

“Have I ever mentioned that I love handling your penis and fondling your balls?” Merrick said as he carefully massages Adam’s soft member with suds, also caressing his nuts.

“It’s come up once or twice.” Adam answers with a smile, sighing with fatigue as he feels that keen tingle in the center of his manhood again, though really not feeling like getting started.

Merrick washes down Adam’s legs, circling the pad around his inner thighs, before smirking he sees Adam’s thickened cock floating half way above his sack, “Hah, and now you’re getting a chubby. Guess you’re not too hung over after all.”

“Not my fault.” Adam groaned, “You’re the one trying to pull cum out of my balls while cleaning me.”

“Ahahaha.” Merrick presses down the pad onto the top of Adam’s feet, before patting onto his leg, “Hey.” Adam rolled his head down to look at Merrick, “Come down here. Sit with me.”

Adam chuckled before huffing and grunting down to Merrick’s level. Merrick scooted up to Adam, before climbing up a little, and sitting on Adam’s lap. Adam smiles as he puts his arms around Merrick somewhat, while Merrick puts his arms around and onto his lover. He tilts his head as he presses his face into the other, and pushes his lips onto Adam’s.

Merrick kissed Adam softly, and then a second time. Adam nuzzles Merrick’s neck before planting a kiss onto his soft flesh, his eyes resting closed as he laps his lips along Merrick’s neck.

“Mnnn…” Merrick’s legs coil around Adam’s waist as he tucks himself into Adam’s hold. He licks Adam’s earlobe, and then along his cheek. Adam grins as Merrick’s tongue glides over to the side of his nose, before he kisses him again.

Adam closes his eyes again as Merrick uncaps the shampoo bottle, and squeezes a dollop of it onto his palm, and rubbed it into Adam’s dark hair until it started to lather with the white foam. Once rinsed off, Adam sighed as he lies back as Merrick cuddles him some more, almost prowling like a seductive feline as he kisses his lips again.


“I feel a lot better.” Adam said as he puts on his uniform shirt and his casual jeans.

“Better enough for a blowjob, maybe?” Merrick asked as he gets his own uniform together. Adam scoffs as he rolls his eyes.

“Love to, but no time. I have to get to work, and so do you.”

“I work in a sex shop, they’d understand.” Merrick said. Adam turned around, and chuckles as he looks at his fiancé.

“Merrick, are you sure you’re even allowed to wear shorts THAT short?” Merrick’s uniform Lovers shorts reach only to halfway up his thighs, just as he pulls on his shirt, and picked up his cap. The shorts really show off his bottom, as well as the girth of his package.

“It’s a legit choice of uniform. Nick used to where them like this before he became the manager.” Merrick defended, “Besides, it attracts customers.” He said with a grin and a wink.

“You’re supposed to be MY slut, bitch.” Adam said after coming close, and placing his hands onto Merrick’s hips. His fingers trace along the side, before they pass over something else along Merrick’s hips. Adam sighed and dropped his shoulders, “Alright, what’s this now?”

“Just my underroos,” Merrick said as he lifts his shirt a little, and shows a green strap showing above the waistline. Adam scoffs as he rolls his head, leans in, and gives Merrick a soft spank.

“What am I gonna do with you?”

“Love me. Feed me. Never leave me.”

“Gheheh. ‘Right, Garfield.” Adam pats Merrick’s hip, and turns to get his phone. The two of them leave the bedroom and enter the living room. Merrick snickers as he looks at the couch, and sees Roxas perched on top of the small mound of blanket upon there. “Speaking of which.”

“Heh heh heh,” Merrick goes over and pets the cat, he puts a hand towards Arnaav, but stops, “… Might as well let him sleep.” He mumbles, “He’s going to need his rest, he needs to go back soon.”

“Yeah.” Adam said as Merrick walked away, and left through the door. Underneath the covers, Arnaav sniffles as he grips the thick blanket. He doesn’t care that he feels so hot from being hidden and bundled on the couch for who knows how long, coated in dried salt and sand. He feels so stupid…

“Wasted so much time… She doesn’t even want me…” He despaired as he curls tighter.

---Several Hours Later---

“Thank you for your purchase,” Merrick said as he puts a vibrating fleshlight into a black plastic bag, “All sales are final, no returns or refunds, and you have a nice day.” He said with a smile.

“Thank you.” The customer said before leaving. Merrick ponders as he stands at the clerk top, before he turns to Sasha, who is placing purple laced lingerie up on the rack.

“You know what would be REALLY hardcore?” He asked.

“I can’t begin to start.” She replied.

“If someone were to buy a fleshlight, and then shove it into the other’s ass or vag.” Sasha coughs at the random and graphic suggestion, “And then fuck the toy while it’s still in the person.”

“Oh my God, are you mad??” She asked with a very estranged expression.

“Hey, you humans are already doing all kinds of weird shit in the sack – it’s not that far off from fisting. Not that I would want to try it – I’m not THAT kinky.”

“That reminds me, something I’ve been meaning to ask.” Sasha says as she adjusts the suspender harness holding a mannequin right in the middle of the store, “How DO mermaids have sex? Do you come on land and wait to you look human before getting this hot and bothered?”

“Some do,” Merrick said, “Not a lot of merfolk would go on land at all though, given the fear of surface. But if we don’t sense anyone nearby on some beach or island, some merfolk do mate in human form.”

“I like that bit,” Sasha said with a grin, “So what about when they do it all fishy and such?”

“Depends on the species.” Merrick said, “Some merfolk lay eggs and have them fertilized, others don’t. See,” Merrick gestured to his crotch, “In our true forms, our genitals are a lot more subtle than humans. Mermen like me can mate with a mermaid in a conjoined way, and if all goes well, the mermaid gets pregnant, and soon lays an egg after a couple of moons or so. That’s how I was born.”

“So, what? Methods are like 50/50?”

“In a way. Like I said, it depends on the species. All merfolk are able to conceive human-style, but it varies for others.” Merrick leaned back on the clerk, “That said, it’s also worth noting that we merfolk find it VERY difficult to breed at all.”

“Are you serious?” She raises her brows, “How difficult could it be?”

“On average, a healthy pod only turns over about 2 babies in a year if we’re lucky. If a pod gets too small, or if both leaders of a pod were to die, then that pod would have to join with another pod. Syrinx said that’s what happened with her pod before she was banished.”

“Sounds interesting… And kind of sad, really.” Sasha comes over to the clerk opposite to Merrick, and leans down on it, “So what about you?” She smiles, “You and Adam plan to have any kids?”

“Kids?” Merrick blinked, “I uh…” He scratched the back of his head, “I never really thought about it actually…”

“Oh what? You’re kidding.”

“No. I’m gay, Sasha. Two guys can’t make a baby.”

“So?” She scoffed at him, “Lots of gay couples have kids. They either adopt or get a surrogate. In fact, we all thought you and Adam were going to adopt that small brown boy following you around.”

“Who… Arnaav?” Merrick asked, “No, he already has parents. And besides, he’s more of a brother to me than a son. It would feel kinda weird even if he or I would be for it.”

“For it?”

“To tell you the truth, adoption is… Sort of a foreign concept to merfolk. It’s weird for me to wrap my mind around meeting some kid, and then deciding I’m going to be his parent from now on. Arnaav told me that Adam’s mother asked if we were going to adopt him, and he actually told me that he felt a little offended when she suggested that.”

“No kidding?”

“It’s just a principle that merfolk aren’t that familiar with, and it’s a safe bet that we’re not altogether open to it.” Merrick takes a drink from his water bottle before shifting the subject, “What about you? Don’t YOU want to have kids?”

“Me? Naw. I’m not a fan of kids myself.”

“Hah, why not?” He smirked.

“Well, first off, I don’t exactly have a parental lifestyle. With all the men I sleep with.”

“How so?”

“You know me.” Sasha gets a latter to climb on – one of the bolts holding the suspended mannequin doesn’t look right, “I’m almost like Isabella from Dragon Age 2. But it’s like,” She gestures with her hands, “I almost need at least 2 men at a time when I’m in the mood.”

“Two men? Why not just the one?”

“Because Man-on-Man action is hot!” Sasha says while adjusting the straps, “Have you ever put on a strap-on and have your way with three or even four blokes?? All over each other while having lots of goes at me?”

“Um…” Merrick quirked his mouth, “I happen to be a man. A strap-on would be a bit obsolete in my case. And I haven’t had that many horny guys going at it around me since the cruise a few years back.”

“Whell,” Sasha huffed as she climbed onto the back of the posed mannequin to test the weight limit, “I’m a border line man-whore when it comes down to it. Gay sex is just damn amazing, don’t you know?”

“Even for a woman like yourself? Are you REALLY that into homo stuff?” He asked, genuinely curious, “I kinda figured straight woman WOULD think two men sexing would be alluring, but it’s not the case for Yuri, Syrinx, Donna, and pretty much all the other women I know.”

“See, I’m what most people would call a ‘Fag Hag’.”

Merrick spat as he hunched over, snickering as water dribbled all over him, “E-Ermbl! Gheheheh! What in the world does THAT mean??” He wipes himself up “A Fag Hag??”

“It’s a pretty common expression in the LGBT crowd.” Sasha answered, “Typically, it’s a straight women like myself who is EXTREMELY fascinated and involved with gay men, or otherwise the LGBT in general. It adds to know when most of the men F-Hags go out with on dates turn out to be gay. You know Debbie from Queer As Folk?” She asked, “She would be considered a Fag Hag. Or that freakin blonde chick from the Eating Out movies?”

“Hahaha, Timothy Van Slut?” Merrick smirked.

“No, Tiffani Von Der Sloot.” Sasha corrected, “Close though. She is also considered as an example of a Fag Hag.”

“Ok, I see. Aaand what does this have to do with having kids?” Merrick asked with a raise brow.

Sasha shrugged, “I got bored. I wanted to talk about man-fucks.” Both of them chuckled as she climbs down the latter, “Besides, I have like, 3 brothers and 4 sisters. All of them married, so I almost have a dozen nieces and nephews to see and coo all over. So I am in no hurry to pop out a blighter of my own.”

“But you’re not opposed to it?”

“Hmm.” She smiles as she thought for a moment, “I suppose not. I like kids enough, when they’re not insane and screaming all over the bloody grocery market.”

“Hm… I’m not sure how Adam feels about it… I believe he likes kids too. But, I’m not sure I’m really ready for baby-planning yet.”

“Hey, neither are half of American parents, and yet they continue to breed, eh?” Sasha smirks.

Merrick looks down at his ring, and smiles as he adjusts it. It never needs to be adjusted or moved… He just likes to see the small diamonds twinkle as the light shines along the curved metal. “… Hey Sasha?”


“In a human marriage, isn’t there supposed to be two rings?”

“Yes. Why?”

“Because since Adam proposed to me, I’m the only one with the ring. Am I supposed to propose to him too?”

“No,” She answered, “I don’t know too much about weddings, but typically, the man is supposed to propose to the partner with a ring, and then later, him or both of them get a second ring for the man.”


“And by the way, didn’t your shift end like 10 minutes ago?”

“It has??” Merrick checked the clock, “Oh yeah! I better go then.”

“Right, see ya.” Sasha said.

After Merrick has changed and left the shop he looks at his ring as he strolls down the sidewalk. It really is beautiful; the partial swirl leading to each diamond is so thin, but it hasn’t chipped or dented at all. It looks so delicate, but so strong. He takes a moment to look up to the sparkling ocean in the noon sun. Today has been a short shift – only 9-3.

He picks up his phone and dials up Syrinx’s number before holding it to his ear, “… Hey, Syrinx? Hey, are you off right now? … Ok, cool. I’m gonna get a hold of Belinda in a sec. There’s something I want you guys to help me with.”


Yuri sighs as she unlocks the door to the house. Just as she got back to the hospital last night, there were several victims in critical condition. It went from a long night to a longer morning.

Exhausted, she enters into the house, and sees Arnaav on the couch, with the blanket having been dropped down from his little body. She frowns as she sees the trail of sand and dirt leading from outside to the couch. She is going to have to take the cushions to the cleaners…

“I know you’re there…” Arnaav said after Yuri took one step. She sighs again as she comes to him, brushing off the dry sand and sitting down beside him.

“I wondered where you went. I thought you might’ve gone back to the Kenovani.”

“I don’t want to.” He said stubbornly.

“I know… But you’re going to have to go back eventually.” She said softly, “What about your health?”

“What’s the point… What do I have to live for if I can’t even be allowed to see her…” He whimpered.

‘Oh lord.’ Yuri thought as she rubs her eyebrows, ‘I do not have the energy for a romantic preteen tragedy.’ She feels her neck as she rolls her head a little, ‘Keep it together, Yuri.’

“It’s not like I can even speak to her.” Arnaav said with a small whine, “She speaks a different language that I cannot understand. I don’t understand, why does she not speak the language that I do??”

“It’s complicated,” Yuri huffed, “A lot of humans speak different languages that we need to learn. Isn’t it the same with merfolk?”

Arnaav doesn’t answer. Yuri glances down, and sees him hugging his Mochi pillow, cringing tightly in his position. She gives yet another tired sigh as she leaned back.

“It’s Japanese.”

“Huh?” Arnaav looks up.

“The language Fumiko speaks is called Japanese. Otherwise known as Nihongo.”

“Japa… Nihongo?” Arnaav asked.

“Nihongo is just how it’s said in Japanese.”

“I don’t understand. What are you talking about?”

“Fumiko mostly speaks in Japanese, and she isn’t very good speaking English – English is the language you and I are speaking right now.”

“I don’t care anymore…” Arnaav turns back down, “It’s not like she really likes me either… She kept running away from my on the day of Easter.”

“Well if might help you if you knew Japanese. At least you’d be able to communicate.” She said.


“That’s the language that I speak, anyway.” She added. Arnaav gasped lightly as he hears that. Yuri can’t help but smile as he tries to make himself get up, “I am way too tired right now, but if you want, I can teach you how to read, write, and speak Japanese whenever you come over.”

“You can teach me another language??” Arnaav asked, his eyes gleaming with renewed optimism as he still clings to his Mochi.

Yuri looked over to him, “Sore wa tadashīdesu.” Arnaav’s eyes widened, “That means ‘That is correct.’”

“You can really teach me this?”

“I better warn you though,” Yuri said as she adjusted in her seat, “Japanese is a very complicated language, both written and spoken – it’s just as, if not more complex than English is. I can teach you the basics in my spare time, but I also think you should practice it with assignments I give you. Depending on your rate of learning, I think you might be able to know Japanese in a couple of years or so.”

“I’ll do it.” Arnaav said without much time for thought, “I wanna learn this Japanese!”

“Good. But, I need to sleep right now.” Yuri says as she gets up, “I’ve been working practically all night, and I need a rest.”

“O-Ok, Yuri…” Arnaav nods, slightly hesitating. Yuri chuckles as she notices this.

“I guess if I’m going to be teaching you, it’s respectful to refer to me as ‘Yuri-Sensei’.”

“Yes, Yuri-Sensei!” Arnaav quipped up. Yuri smiles as she goes into her room for a nap. After closing her door, she went to her closet, and brought out a box with bunch of hold notebooks and texts, as well as several various supplies.

“Good thing I kept these for laughs.” She muttered as she blew off the dust and peered into the box to see a glimpse of kanji on a hardcover. When she was in high school, Yuri picked Japanese to be her required Foreign Language class, partly because she wasn’t interested in learning French or Spanish, and partly to get a kick on how accurate or inaccurate her teacher was in high school, who was Caucasian.

Needless to say, she’s had a few giggles as well as a huge advantage; along with a few spare school supplies she finally has a use for now.


Belinda spirals through the water along the reef, over several miles away from the shore. She signals here and there, along the sand and into the cultured rocks. She leers around at the many small creatures darting and swarming about in and out of the reefs, until she finds a target. With a knife, she stabs into the rock and thick lab of solid matter behind a flayed clam.

Merrick was specific about what he needs, not to mention very explicit about using another ability that doesn’t belong to her. He needs Belinda to use the signals, but he will not be around to hear her sound it.

Belinda hisses and grunts as she worked the short, sturdy blade into the reef until she managed to pry the duo shell off of the rock. She then sheathed the knife, and tucked the oyster into her pouch, adding to a handful of other bivalves she’s collected thus far. She seals her pouch once more, and looms forward.


Merrick runs the towel roughly through his hair as he sits on the sand, rubbing under his neck and around his body. He turns his head, and sees the tan, pink-haired colleague of his wade through and out of the water as it washes on the sand.

“How many did you get?” He asked.

“I could barely fill half the bag,” Belinda answered as she opens it to show Merrick, “I covered at least 5 miles.”

“Agh.” Merrick winced, “That’s kinda more than I was able to find. Why can’t humans just breed oysters in the wild? Why do they need to keep them all in buildings??”

“I do not know,” Belinda said as she shook her head, “I’m still trying to figure out how and why they let everything else happen.”

“Ok…” Merrick said as he paws through his bag, “I’m pretty sure rounded clams don’t have pearls, do they? I don’t know for sure.”

“They do not.”

“Right.” Merrick stands up, and slings the wet pouch over his shoulder, “Lets head out and meet Syrinx at her coffee shop. Hopefully she’s had better luck than us.”


Both merfolk walk along the warm sand, bodies moist and exposed to the entire beach. Merrick glances and purrs silently as he sees a couple of tan, attractive men playing volleyball nearby, while also trying to ignore a few ladies here and there. “Really like how Syrinx lives in an apartment near a Clothing-Optional beach.”

“Why can’t all beaches be this way?” Belinda asks as she browses a couple of naked humans as well, “This is nature, after all.”


Still wearing her Mana Mocha uniform, Syrinx carves out the shell of an oyster, and pries it open. She presses her finger into the meat, until she feels a tiny lump. She digs into the raw filling until she pushed out a bead of gleaming white with a touch of teal in color. She plucks the pearl up, and examined it shortly.

“Round.” She said before dropping it into a bowl with a small pile of white and tinted pearls.

“Round.” Belinda said as she puts yellowish pearl into the pile. She squirted a lemon wedge into the oyster shell she has, and slurped the meat down.

“Natural.” Merrick said as he places a misshapen black pearl into a different bowl with only two other oddly formed pearls.

“I swear, humans need to compensate EVERYTHING.” Syrinx grumbled.

“Here, Syrinx,” Said a coworker in the coffee shop, “I got your Caramel Macchiato.”

“Ooh, gimme gimme gimme!” She said as she takes her beverage. She sips through the straw, and rolls her eyes up as she leans back, “Mmmmnnnh! God, these are better than sex.”

“I heard that.” Said Kevin as he comes walking in, wearing his Checkers pizza uniform, “Hey, Merrick, Belinda. I didn’t know you guys were coming over today. Where’s Adam and Harold?”

“Not here.” Merrick answered, “We’re doing something, and I needed Belinda and Syrinx’s help.”

“Merrick wants to make a ring for Adam before the wedding.” Syrinx said, “So we went out to get a bunch of oysters, and we’re tying to find the right pearls to make it.”

“Uuuuh, ok, and…” Kevin looked over to the two bowls, “I take it that these aren’t enough?”

“There’s a difference between natural pearls and man-made pearls.” Belinda said, “I have been to several places where humans sell and extract pearls. These round ones,” She tapped onto the small mound of many round beauties, “They do not feel right. Humans deliberately implanted something into an oyster to make a pearl. Only strange ones like these,” She picks up one of the pebble-looking pearls up, “Are the ones we’re looking for.”


“Think of it like this,” Merrick said, “What’s the difference between a hotdog that’s been boiled, a hotdog that’s been grilled.”

“OH ok! I get it now.” Kevin smiled and nods.

“Ghh.” Syrinx rolls her eyes, “You were the dumb jock in high school, weren’t you?”

“Heeey!” Kevin smirked as he reached for Syrinx’s macchiato, before she grabbed onto his wrist, “Ow!”

“Bitch,” She said with a leer, “I will eat your hand off.”

“But baaabe, sharing is caring~” Kevin taunted – he likes her a little mad.

“Anyway,” Merrick said after he sips his water, “There’s only a couple of natural pearls here. I’m not sure if that’s going to be enough to make a ring.”

“Aren’t you going to just have one of them mounted?”

“No, I need them in their entirety.” Merrick answered.

“Ok, so,” He shrugged, “Why not just use the Mother of Pearl in the shells then?”

“Are you crazy??” Syrinx said while slapping his arm hard.

“Ow! Heey!”

“What the hell is wrong with you, Kevin??” Merrick scowled.

“Even I wouldn’t do that!” Belinda hissed.

“What? What’d I say??”

“Mother of Pearl is sacred to us.” Syrinx answered, “Years ago, Mother of Pearl were thought to be the droplets of the Sea Mother’s soul. While that might not be the case, as our ancestors used to think, it’s still considered hallowed. Messing with it in anyway is considered sacrilege.”

“The Kenovani recently took in an Adra Noita who was banished for trying to turn a Mother of Pearl into a sort of tattoo,” Merrick said, “Even Noita Vanora is having a hard time forgiving that one.”

“And yet you people have no trouble taking the pearls of an oyster.” Kevin said with a quirked brow.

“Pearls are considered as gifts from the Sea Mother’s grace,” Belinda said, “It is not the same as tampering with Mother of Pearl.”

“Whatever, I gave up on church stuff years ago.” Kevin said, “You ready to go, babe?” He asked as Syrinx had already drained her macchiato, and is now scooping up the gold-drizzled whipped cream, “Assuming you’ve already had your daily O.D. of coffee?”

“Hmm…” She looks over the table, “We’re still not finished with the oysters.” Syrinx said, “I’m gonna need two more of these.” She said tapping her cup, “Martha! Can I get another vente Caramel Macchiato, please??”

“Sure thing, honeh!” Said Syrinx’s boss.

“Wow, you sure do like coffee, Syrinx.” Merrick commented.

“Oh you have no idea!” Syrinx said, “I wish I can make coffee my bloodtype, it’s so damn good.”

“Yuri sometimes drinks coffee when she needs to work late, but you seem to drink it like water.”

“We have like, 5 different coffee makers at home, including an espresso machine,” Syrinx says, “One for a different kind of coffee.” With that, she eats a sliver of oyster meat.

“Ullgh, oh my God!” Kevin gagged, “Honey, how can you EAT oysters?? And when it’s raw?!”

“What? It’s hardly different from what merfolk usually eat.” Belinda said.

“I like them with a spritz of lemon juice.” Merrick said with a smirk while he picks up a shell, and squeezes the lemon wedge on it.

“Oh my God, please fuckin don’t,” Kevin whines as he watches Merrick bring the flayed shell up to his lips, and slurped it down, “ULLGH, I’m gonna be sick!”

“Scchhlrp!” Syrinx audibly sips down more of the oyster, “Mllmmhh, aw yeah that’s good.” She said as she picked up her second macchiato, “I think I’ll wash it down with this.”

“Ulgh, are you serious?!” Kevin cringes. His stomach turns upside down as he sees his girlfriend drink the coffee just after swallowing the oyster meat, “Fuck, you people are SICK!”

“Oh!” Belinda points a finger up, before sticking out her tongue, and picking off a black, jagged pearl from it, “I missed one. Silly me.” With that, Belinda takes her current lemon wedge, and sucks it tenderly.

“Oh fuck, I’m so out of here!” Kevin groaned as he staggers around and leaves.

“But waaaiit! You didn’t get to see what we’re gonna do with all the round pearls!”

“I don’t wanna know! YOU’RE SIIICK!!” Kevin yelled back from afar.

“Hah. Joke’s on him, we’re just gonna sell’em.” Merrick smirked. Belinda and Syrinx cackled as they grabbed one of the few remaining oysters.




The gate to the throne opens before Adam walks into the marble room of the Gods, wearing his blue-jeweled mantle, and billowing sash around his waist, with a lewd, white-sheen pouch holding his manhood bundled as well as covering his bottom with tasteful subtlety.

The erotic deity walks to the middle of the bright, circular throne room, before he knees down on one knee, bows his head down, and plants his fist to the dead center of the floor.

“Ah. God of Manhood.” Comes a deep, mighty voice from the bright light in front of him, at least 50 feet up in stairs from where Adam is kneeling.

Xerxes sits on the large, gold and white throne in loose, glamorous robes with one leg over the other, with his head resting on his fist propped up by an arm of the throne. His body shows that of a very muscular build draped in his robing, partially exposed. His white hair cut short under his gilded crown, with a fine layer of facial hair along his jaw as his platinum eyes look down upon one of his brethren, “I bid you welcome in anticipation of a request.”

“Lord Xerxes,” Adam said, “I indeed have a request.” Adam stands up, and looks to his king, “I wish for my Key to my Gate.”

Xerxes raises a brow, “Have you lost your Key? Or…” Xerxes narrowed his eyes, “You wish to just give away such an artifact.”

“The latter, my lord.” Adam answered, “I wish to find a mortal worthy of having a Key to my gate.”

“Hmph,” Xerxes shifted in his seat to lean forward, “You already keep mortals in your stead. A harem of suitors to fill not just your desires, but that of your brethren as well.” Xerxes leaned back, “You do not need another Key.”

“Those men I keep are merely slaves,” Adam said, “They are simply toys to me, which I return to the mortal realm, unharmed when I see fit.”

“For when you grow tired of them, you mean.” Xerxes said.

“Nonetheless, they have no place as my property, and I return them in the timeframe of which they were first taken to my chambers.”

“And yet now you say you want a mortal for your own. What difference do you hope to accomplish by taking a mortal from the land and taking a mortal for your gate?”

“That, I do not know,” Adam said, “I hope to find out by doing so.”

“Hmph.” Xerxes leers down, “And what makes you so certain I may just give you this second Key? When I feel inclined to deny you such.”

“I am entitled to such a right.” Adam replied sternly, “Sol was given one to let his lover have. Zephyr was granted such too to grant access to his mortal ally, and Damia as well to give access to the Titania of the Forest. I have as much as right to a Key as any of our brethren. And it is not like these Keys can fall into the wrong hands – no one but the one designated for the Key may ever use it.”

“I am not claiming that you do not deserve the right to your Key, Adam.” Xerxes said, “I am merely stating my reasoning. I do not see why you feel you need another Key at this time.”

“Nor am I asking for you to just give me the Key. I understand the others must give you something in return for a second Key.”

“Yes. If one wishes to obtain something, I require a fair exchange. So…” Xerxes gave a skeptical smile off the corner of his mouth, “What are YOU prepared to give, where I to give you another Key?”

Adam smiled as he held his arms open, “The same as the others have given you – that of which I am.”

“Oh? And what item or favor would you trade? The finest specimen of a man you can create as a servant? Your own seed for some purpose?”

“I am to give a favor.” Adam grinned.

“Hah,” Xerxes smirked, “I have bedded few times with you before, Adam. You have already impressed me thus far. What would you have to offer me what I have already seen?”

“Would you like to find out~?” Adam’s mantle disappears in a slow fading cloud of gold and blue dust. Xerxes chuckled as he crossed his arms and leaned back on his throne.

“I am willing. I will be fair in my decision.” Xerxes said.

“I am grateful, my Lord…” Adam’s sash too crumbles into heavenly glitter, leaving him in only his revealing undergarment. Adam waked to the flight of stairs and placed a single foot onto the flight.

“Not discarding everything?” Xerxes asked glancing at the round bulge between Adam’s thighs. Adam smiled up at him.

“I am not offering my seed, Lord Xerxes.” With what seems like a blur, Adam stands before the king of the gods – this time, Xerxes is completely naked, without so much as moving a muscle to strip to nothing in a blink of an eye. Xerxes chuckled as Adam sat on his lap, and kissed along his strong neck.

“You know you never must bargain bed with me,” Xerxes mumbled as Adam cuddled him, closer as Xerxes’ strong hands felt along Adam’s perfect body, cradling and hugging him gently, “I still see no point in this request, or the trade itself.”

“Out of respect for you, my lord.” Adam said, “I have always held back what I can do.”

“Hah, oh?” Xerxes asked.

“You have only had my mount.” Adam said before giving a tender kiss onto Xerxes’ lips, “You know how I like to say I turn men into boys? Hahaha, as if I actually revert their age.”

“Do tell, God of Manhood.” Xerxes said, playing along as he held from rolling his eyes.

“To be more precise…” Adam’s hand dipped down, and held Xerxes’ fat, heavy balls. The larger king inhaled, and hugged out a small cloud as Adam’s hand tingles richly within his divine testicles, “I make them feel like virgins… Forget everything they ever knew about making love or bedding with another…”

Adam’s hand rolls and massages Xerxes’ huge smooth, large nuts, cupping them firmly and pulling them carefully. Xerxes moans as he rolls his head back as his mighty penis started to rise. Adam smiles as he glides his hand up the underside of that huge cock, leaving a trail of light from the touch that followed Adam’s hand.

“Oh! Hoh!” Xerxes gasped as sheer intensity ran along the underside with Adam’s palm.

“As if someone is touching it for the first time… And I take it to a higher plane.” Adam said as he gives Xerxes’ soft member a firm squeeze, before rubbing his hand onto the swelling glands and fondling the mushroom head like he was polishing his member with light itself.

“AHh… Nnhhh~” Xerxes moans with his legs spread out as his own godhood stands fully erect, while Adam rubs that divine rod with both hands, giving a thorough massage to that massive cock.

Adam grips that huge rod with both hands, his energy pouring into it like the finest oil human money can buy. Xerxes sighs and relaxes, before giving a gasp and a moan as his erect, golden shaft started to curve in stance, rays of light beaming around the throne, dancing on the platform of the stairs as Adam caressed that heavy god-log with one turn, and then racing his hands up and down with the other.

“Cradle my balls…” Xerxes requested. Adam nibbles on that thick, hard neck as he moves his hands downward, and cupped onto each of the king’s testicles – both orbs filling Adam’s palms. “Oooohhhh!” Xerves moans as he tilts his head back, scooting his godly ass down on the gold cushion as he spreads his legs as his dick bobbed from the movement, “Please do not stop…”

Adam nuzzled the god’s cheek before planting a kiss there, his hands rolling those mighty, tender orbs around in their sack, veins of light radiating from Xerxes’ cock as a halo of sheen illuminates from the mushroom head.

“Ahh… Ngghh…” Xerxes grips the handrails of his throne tightly as he undulates his lower body to curve his member up and down, his head turning side to side as those hands’ power spark and surge into his testicles. Adam can feel those heavy balls grow tighter as they try to elevate up, so he puts his magic hands onto those almighty thighs as he lets those nuts settle down.

Adam then kneels down, and nears his face to the throbbing, meaty scepter of his king, and gives a single, deft lick on the underside of the head.

“AHHH!” The entire throne room explodes in a massive flash of light. Xerxes roars with weak and strong satisfaction as shining milk surges from his cock! His moans shake the nearby heavens, his member shooting splash after splash of his majestic essence.

In the short moment of divine intensity, Xerxes can hardly pant as Adam licks around the still erect cock, drinking every drop of the heavenly seed, “Delicious… Finished with me already, my lord? I felt like doing a little more.” Xerxes pants gently as his large member softens quickly, looking down as Adam fondles and massages the massive muscle.

“I was perhaps wanting to worship your rear, Lord Xerxes.” Adam says as he handles that large, kingly meat, “Or use some Oil of the Muses to give your back the kneading it deserves. Or else I could kiss you for 7 days without-”

“That is enough.” Xerxes said sternly. Adam looks to him, “I have made my decision. I did say I would be fair…”

Adam blinks as he stands up. He furrowed his brow as he moves his hips around a little, before looking down at his crotch. He digs into his heavenly pouch, and smirks as he peers in. Tied around his penis and the base of his balls alike is a glittering chain, along with a shiny, angelic key nestled under Adam’s heavy scrotum.

He giggles as he takes the key with one hand, and begins to uncoil the divine platinum around from his genitals. “You have my gushing gratitude, Lord Xerxes.”

“You had better not make me regret giving you this Key.” Xerxes says, “I still do not understand your want or need for it, but I’ve kept my word.”

“Thank you.” Adam gestures respectfully, and turns to walk away from the throne, to find himself at the bottom of the stairs in a blur. As he walks, his royal attire manifest in a flurry of blue, white, and gold dust around his body. He quirks and tosses his arm to make the chain whip around his wrist, before the key flies around accordingly, and settles on the overside of his hand as a bracelet.

He exits the throne, and leaves with his determination to find whatever it is he is planning to find… What will that golden boy with sapphire eyes have to offer?


Merrick sits on his bed as the ship rocks gently. His eyes stay fixed on the hidden plank of the floor, where he stores his quartz rod and a small bottle of oil, as well as a new cloth. His gut swims with dread-traced nothingness.

His body is encased in tightly tied clothing, crushed velvet vest with a silken shirt and pants, also coated in a regal robe of silver and blue.

He touches the jeweled shell brooch at the top of his shirt, the old talisman of protection his mother gave him when he was a child. Once again, he returns home, and all he can think about is going back to the volatile promise of the ocean’s attitude. Why can’t he stay a young boy forever? How has it come to this? Coming of age, and forced to take orders…

Why does he…


“Hhhhhh… Nnn…” Adam inhales deeply as his eyes pull open slowly. His body stretches forward a little as he peers into the bedroom faintly illuminated. The lamp behind him has been switched on. He turns around and rests his face on the pillow. His first greeting is that of Merrick’s beautiful, perfect bubble butt. He hears some clicking as Merrick adjusts an armlet girded with several scallop shells.

“Lessee… Ok…”

“Babe?” Adam said weakly, prompting Merrick to look behind him.

“Oh Adam. Did I wake you?”

“I guess…” Adam turns around and lies on his stomach as his eyes grow heavy again, “Why are you getting dressed up in that?”

“I gotta take Arnaav back to the Kenovani pod.” Merrick answered, turning back to equipping his sharktooth crossbelts.

“What time is it even?” Adam whines as he crawls to the nightstand, and look at his phone. “It’s 4AM. Merrick, come back to bed.” He said as he reaches up to tug on his lover while resting his eyelids.

“No, Adam, I have to take him now.” He said.

“For God’s sake, why?”

“I got up out of bed because I heard some noise, and I found Arnaav trying to do some kind of homework. I found that he was sweating, though. He’s out of time.”

“Take him in the morning…” Adam said half-muffled, “He’ll be fine.”

“I can’t take that risk. Besides, I’ve got business to attend to, and it can’t wait.”

“Mmnnnnn.” Adam moaned stubbornly.

“Here, I was gonna leave this for you to read.” Merrick said as he picked up a rose and a piece of paper, and gave it to Adam. Adam groans as he sits up, and takes the note.

“… ‘Adam, I’m taking Arnaav back to the sea - he’s starting to sweat, and that’s not good. I’ll be back in a few days or so, please tell Nick I won’t be in for work for a while. Love, Merrick’.” Adam turns onto his back, “‘P.S., I’m only kidding, you’ll find me buck naked and splayed out over the table, tied up so I can’t move while you fuck my ass over and over again’.”

“What?” Merrick turns his head, “I didn’t write THAT.”

“I know, I’m putting what it SHOULD say.”

“Ghh,” Merrick chuckles as he gets up and walks around the bed, “This is merfolk stuff, Adam.” He kneels down, and looks Adam in the eyes, “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“Mnnn ok.” Adam complied as his eyes remain 90% closed, too tired to argue.

“Can I have a kiss?” Merrick asked lightly. Adam smiles as his eyes close again as he puckered his lips. Merrick kissed him once, twice, and a third time, “I love you.”

“Love you too…” Adam trailed off. Merrick glances, and then spots a band-aid on Adam’s shoulder, “What’s this?” He asked while softly feeling it.

“Hm?” Adam looks, and then slumps his head back, “Oh, just something from work.

“What happened?”

“Nothing. Just stupid business.” He mumbled.

“Ok… Goodnight, babe…”

“Good nigh…” Adam digs his arm under the pillow, and tucks back in.

Merrick gets up and turns off the lamp. He takes his harpoon, and leaves the bedroom. He walks in, and sees the small lamp on the kitchen table, with Arnaav slumped over the mahogany with a pencil and a paper journal, still trying to practice writing the letter ‘A’ and the letter ‘I’ in Hiragana. “Are you ready, Arnaav?”

“Almost. I have a few squares left on ‘I’.” He said, trying to focus. His equipment has been hastily put on, crooked and misaligned. Merrick comes over, and looks at the page.

“Arnaav, your writing is going outside the print. You’re too exhausted to write.”

“I-I can’t stop, please…” Arnaav groaned, his hands slumping the pencil.

“It will be here for you to study when you come back.” Merrick said firmly, “You need to go back into the ocean, or you won’t last much longer.”

“Orrrhhhgggg,” Arnaav whined stubbornly as Merrick guides his arm away from the table.

“There we go, come on.” He said, “Off the chair, on your feet.” With a half-sleeping otter boy being steered to the glass sliding door, Merrick makes his way back to the sea…



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