Aquata Cove

Chapter 73: Wedding Planner

“Almost got’em! Almost got’em!” Luther said out loud as he strains on his reel.

“Not so hard! You’ll break the damn thing!!” Captain growled.

“It’s breaking the surface!” Adam exclaimed as he sees the fish thrash about as it is pulled up from the sea, up on the super tall docks.

“Easy… Easy…” Captain pulls the line manually as Luther reels in the slag while Adam stands by with a large net. Adam laughs with glee as the flailing catch is lowered into the green net and captured.

“Whoo!” Luther huffed as he wiped his sweaty brow, “Dayum, that took a few hours off my life.”

“You’ll git over it.” Captain slaps his back, “Nice catch there, Bryant.”

“Anytime there, Grugger.” Luther replied.

“Fishboy,” Captain takes out his camera, and holds it out for Adam, “Make yourself useful and take a picture of us with this thing.”

“Heheh, aye-aye Captain.” Adam accepts the camera, as Luther and Captain stand side-by-side, holding the large fish. Luther and Captain go way back – they went to college together for several years – Adam was practically guaranteed a job at the Fish House when he moved to Hawaii, being the son of a very good old friend.

Luther even introduced Captain to his currently estranged wife… Needless to say Captain’s family life is a bit dicey. “Alright, hooold…” Adam aims the lens, and waited a moment for the two older men to pose, before snapping the picture. “Got it.” He winds the dial for a moment, “Ok, Dad, your phone.” Adam exchanged the old camera for Luther’s Smartphone, and took the same picture with it.

“There we go. I’m headed off, Captain.” Adam said as he takes off his uniform cap, and wipes off some sweat with his sleeve.

“Alright alright, fuck off now.” Captain crowled as he walks away.

“I’ll wait for you at the fish stands inside, boy.” Luther said, “There’s something I need to tell you in there.”

“Oh, sure.” Adam said before he and his father walked in different directions.

Moments later, Adam strides in, wearing his casual clothing, and spotting Luther waiting for him over by the ice bed full of halibut. “Hey Dad!” He came up to him quickly, slinging his pack over his shoulder, “So what did you want to talk about?”

“Alright, so…” Luther began, “This is about your wedding.”

“Oh?” Adam shifted, “What do you mean?”

“It’s nothing bad, you can relax.” Luther said, “Just passing of the torch.”

“Passing of the torch?” Adam asked, “What do you mean?”

“We have a… An old hand-me-down in our family, son…” There then took out a moderately small, black leather box, “Now, your grandfather, may he rest in peace,” He said, “Never got along with your mother. He never approved of her, even after you were born. And, if I am to be honest,” Luther looked Adam straight in the eye, “I’ve had to come to my own terms after you came out of the closet.”

“I know…” Adam nodded, even though he can’t altogether blame him – his first boyfriend was a 26-year-old black man, when Adam was only 15 and half years old. The relation ship only lasted 3 months before they broke up when Adam ultimately decided that he wasn’t as sexually ambitions as he thought.

“Regardless, even though he did not like Donna one bit, he did note refuse me my birthright as his son. And it’s true that I love you more as a son than ever, gay and all, so it’s time for me to leave our most precious relic in your hands.”

Adam looked at the box, and saw a familiar insignia on the tab of the lock. “Dad…” Adam looked up at Luther, “Are these…”

“With his blessing, however full of spite,” Luther chuckled, “Your grandfather gave these to me to wear on my wedding.” He then held the box for Adam, “And now it’s time I pass these on to you. My son.”

Adam’s heart pounds as his stomach feels heavy as he takes the box, but Luther puts his hand over Adam’s.

“Now be careful with them, alright?” Luther said sternly, “After having them refinished, I learned that they are 75 years old as of last week,” He taps his finger on them firmly, “Now I want you to keep them somewhere safe. Don’t ever lose them. And, one day, if and when you and Merrick ever have a son, it’s going to be YOUR job to pass these on for HIS wedding, and make sure he knows how important these are.”

“I…” Adam smiled as he shook his head, “Dad, I don’t know what to say…”

“Don’t say anything.” Luther said with a slight shrug, “These are yours now. And I expect you to take care of them, as I have before you, and as my father did before me. And so on.”

Luther let go of the box and Adam held it in his hands. His thumb rubbed onto the lock a little, before he steps up, and hugs his father. Luther hugs back and pats him.

“Thank you, Dad… So much…”

“You’re welcome, son…”


“Uhhhh…” Arnaav droned as he nods drearily in his seat on the couch.

“What’s wrong, honey?” Donna asked lightly as she gently stroked his head.

“I don’t feel so well…” Arnaav groaned, “I feel so tired…”

“You just woke up a couple of hours ago.” Yuri said softly. Merrick walks in with a few drinks for them, and sees Arnaav looking like he’s trying to survive an Algebra test.

“Oh, Merrick, there you are,” Donna says, “Arnaav doesn’t feel so good.”

“Probably not.” Merrick said as he set the try down, “It’s been about 3 weeks since he came here. It’s about time for him to go back to the sea.”

“Oh! That’s right.” Yuri said, “You homesick, little guy?” Yuri rubbed his cheek.

“I don’t even know that that means…” Arnaav whines as he takes the bottle of water from Merrick’s hand.

“In a way, I suppose you COULD say he’s literally home sick,” Merrick said after a drink of his raspberry Crystal Light, “He’s becoming more and more dehydrated the longer he stays here. Honestly, I would’ve preferred him to go back to the Kenovani a few days ago, but he doesn’t want to leave.”

“Awww,” Danna cooed as she strokes Arnaav’s hair.

“How is he still here then?” Yuri asked as she picks up her fresh glass of iced tea.

“Well, first off, he’s a Triton,” Merrick answered, “Like me. We’re built a little more sturdier than regular mermen, so it stands to reason that we’re able to stay on land longer than usual.”

“Didn’t you say the Kenovani leader could barely make it for 2 weeks to begin with, even as an adult?” Yuri asked.

“I’ve also been having Arnaav drink a bottle of water every 1 or 2 hours to keep him hydrated. A lot more sleep seems to help to,” Merrick said as he looks at Arnaav, dropping the emptied water bottle as he fights of the urge to drop himself, “But it’s only a matter of time before his health starts to take a serious hit, though. He can probably push it for a few more days before he absolutely needs to go back to the ocean.”

“I… I don’t wanna…” Arnaav moves forward, and begins to fall.

“Whoa!” Donna catches him before his face can crash to the table, “I gotcha, sweetie, I gotcha.”

“Ok, little guy, I think it’s time for you to take a nap.”

“Mnnnhhh,” Arnaav groaned as he clings to her while she gets up, and carries the boy into her room.

“So,” Donna says while taking her glass of pink lemonade, “Have you and Adam set a date for the wedding yet?”

“No, I’m-” Merrick began before Yuri walks in from her room, “He’s doing ok?”

“Yeah, just dozed off as soon as I tucked him in.” She sits down, and sipped her tea again, “So where were we?”

“I was just wondering about the wedding.” Donna said, “Have you two thought of anything yet?”

“Oh yeah,” Yuri turns, “So what’s it like to be a fiancé, Merrick?” She asked, “You know, as a merman.”

Merrick takes a deep breath and answered, “Honestly, really perplexing…” He lifts his hand up to look at the fancy white gold ring on his finger, “This thing… That proposal…”

“It was a wonderful moment.” Donna said, “I can’t tell you how much I started to cry when Adam took your hands.”

“I know, I…” Merrick smiled sheepishly, “I really had no idea he wanted me to um… You know, marry him.”

“But you DO know what marriage is though, right, honey?” Donna asked, “When someone kneels, with a ring, and all that?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen enough movies to get the jist of it,” Merrick answered, “And Adam has explained it to me on occasion.”

“But… Are YOU ok with it?” Yuri asked carefully, “I mean, I realize that merfolk don’t have this sort of thing in the sea, so I can’t help but wonder how well you’re actually taking this.”

“Yeah, that’s what I meant when I said it’s perplexing…” Merrick says as he looks at his ring and adjusts it slightly on his finger.

“In any case, all of us are more than happy that you said ‘Yes’.” Yuri drinks her tea, “Adam was so terrified that you were going to say ‘No’, or ask ‘Why’.”

“And after all the expense he put into arranging the party and for all of us to be there,” Donna added.

“Hahah, yeah…” Merrick chuckled, “I could have made it infinitely awkward, couldn’t I… Part of me still wonders why I agreed in the first place…”

“Wait, so you’re having cold feet?” Yuri asked. Merrick gives her a strange look, before looking at his own feet.


“She means ‘Doubt’, dear.” Donna corrected, “As in, ‘Are you having doubts?’”

“Oh no, nothing like that,” Merrick said, “Just… Let me put it this way,” Merrick leaned forward, “In MY world, where I come from, me and Adam are already married. In the eyes of the Sea Mother, he and I are already bonded together for eternity.”

“He did mention that,” Yuri nodded, “That’s why he was so nervous.”

“Mhm…” Merrick looks down at his ring again, “We don’t have an extravagant ceremony for only one pair of lovers to be bonded… It really is one night under a Red Moon, love at first sight, and that’s it. Married.

“What’s perplexing to me is,” Merrick looks up, “Is that me and Adam already do and have all the things a married couple have. I mean, we live together, we sleep in the same bed, we have sexual relations, and we enjoy each other’s company as much as we can…

“So, logic dictates that this ring… The proposal, me walking down the isle,” Merrick shook his head a little, “In hindsight, it’s unnecessary.”

“Oh honey.” Donna pouts as she tilts her head.

“I mean, we already have everything we could want. Everything we could have, or will have. I keep asking myself, ‘Why am I so excited? What’s the point? Sure, it’s important to Adam, and he wants this, so I should accept’…”

“Buuut?” Yuri said.

“So why do I feel like I need this too?” Merrick finished with an earnest voice, “When Adam got down on one knee, my insides feel like they were turning inside out. I was so excited and so emotional, and I could hardly breathe.”

“My guess is the power of suggestion.” Donna said, “Maybe you’ve lived on land long enough to become a little bit human yourself. Perhaps our world has imprinted on you?”

“Maybe, yes…” Merrick nods, “I can’t think of any other reason…” Just then, they turn to see Adam and Luther walk in from the front door, “Oh hi, babe!”

“Hey, sweetie,” Adam said as he comes in and kisses Merrick on the lips, smelling lightly of fish.

“We were just talking about our wedding.”

“For God’s sake, I hope she’s not getting you a peach dress.” Luther rolled his eyes.

“Wait what? Peach?” Merrick said, “I’ve heard of Lady Gaga making a dress made out of raw meat, but what’s this about a dress made of peaches?” They snicker and laugh at his statement, leaving him in bewildered confusion, “What? Whaat?? What’re you laughing at?? And aren’t dresses for women??”

Donna snickered as she speaks up, “He’s talking about one of my favorite movies.” She dismissed.

“Are you talking about Monster-In-Law?” Yuri asked, “Hah, I love that one!”

“Oh, it’s a movie?” Merrick asked.

“One of the very few chick flicks that I don’t mind.” Adam answered.

“It’s about this snobby mother-in-law who doesn’t approve of her son’s fiancé,” Yuri explained, “So she goes out of her way to ruin their relationship. Eventually, the bride-to-be catches on, and starts to screw with the mother-in-law right back.”

“Sounds amusing.” Merrick smiles.

“Ooh, we have to watch it before we go back home!” Donna said.

“Oh for the love of God.” Luther groaned.

“That sounds awesome!” Yuri said, “I can make some kettle corn and Pink Ladies!”

“Sweet, we have a plan!” Merrick grins as he adjusted in his seat.

“Never thought I’d say this, but can we PLEASE get back to the wedding plans?” Luther said.

“Oh, right!” Donna said, “For instance, have you two set a date yet?”

“Oh, um…” Adam ponders, “Well, I was kind of thinking of having it in December or January.”


“What?!” Donna and Merrick say simultaneously.

“Is that 5 months?” Luther asked, before shrugging, “That seems about right.”

“But that’s so looong!” Merrick whined.

“More like too soon!” Donna said, “Do you have any idea how long it takes to plan a proper wedding??”

“Mom, it’ll be fine, 5 months is plenty of time.” Adam says, “And I want Merrick to see what snow is like, so I want us to have a Winter wedding.”

“Oh, so it really snows here?” Luther asked.

“It was all over the news a couple of years ago.” Yuri said, “During November, Honolulu was experiencing its very first snow flurry.”

“I know what snow is like,” Merrick says with a wide smile, “But I’ve only seen it very few times, including last year.”

“So, how CAN it snow?” Donna asked.

“A friend of mine, Atarah, she’s sort of… A very old shaman who lives in a river here a long way from here,” Merrick explained, “When I first saw snow, everyone was raving about how it being so weird and unusual in Hawaii. So I went to Atarah, and asked if she knew anything about it. Turns out, she’s the one who’s making it snow here.”

“Wait. Wait, wait, wait, what?” Donna asked as she put down her drink, “Hold on one moment.” She put her hands together and looked at Merrick, “You’re saying that this woman, is some how making it cold enough in Hawaii – one of the world’s warmest tropical locations – to actually snow here???”

“Yeah.” Merrick nods, “She told me she was going for a change of pace, so she started to manipulate the weather around late November. The trade off is that when she’s doing this, she becomes very drowsy and inactive – with a wide-range of power like that, she has to spread her power really thin.”

“You mean like she’s hibernating?” Adam asked.

“Am I the only one who thinks that this sounds crazy? … And supernatural?” Luther asked.

“Well she is the first Noita in the history of merfolk.” Merrick said, “And she was forever changed when she died under the Black Sun. Plus she’s had and has practically an eternity to work out all kinds of secrets of nature and energy.”

“But wait,” Donna said, “How does this all even… You know what, never mind. None of this is making sense to me, I’m just going to take your word for it.”

“Now you’re talking some sense.” Luther agreed.

“Anyway, me and Merrick are going for a small wedding. In fact, I was thinking of having it here.”

“What about Aquata Cove?” Merrick asked, “That’s where we’ve spent most of our time when we were still new.”

 “I dunno… It seems kind of out-there, you know?” Adam said.

“Actually, that does sound romantic.” Yuri said, nodding, “That is where the two of you first met, right?”

“Is it?” Donna quirked her head a little as she turned to them.

“Sort of,” Adam scratches his neck, “Technically, we first saw each other for the first few times over by the rocky reef out back. We actually met personally inside the cove itself, behind the waterfall.”

“There’s even a sandy path that leads around the rocks above the grotto!” Merrick said as he grins, “We can make THAT the isle!”

“I think you should do it.” Yuri commented.

“I second that.” Donna raised her right hand.

“A good a place as any, I suppose.” Luther shrugged, “Not like a lot of churches are going to open their doors for you two.”

“Oh come now, Luther,” Donna said as she reached over and smacked his arm, “There are lots of churches who host gay weddings!”

“None around here, really.” Adam said, “I already checked.” Adam sighed, and smiled, “Alright, Aquata Cove it is then.”

“Mmmhhhee! Thank you, Adam!” Merrick hugs Adam tightly.

“Alright, now,” Donna said, “Location set. What about catering?”

“Me and Dad were kinda hoping to have KFC cater our wedding.”

“Ohhh God, no!” Donna scowled.

“Adam, are you freakin serious?!” Yuri asked.

“What?! We love KFC!” Adam chuckled defensively, “Besides, almost every place I’ve ever been to that’s had catering is always Mexican food, and I don’t even like Taco Bell.”

“Adam,” Donna said firmly, “This is a wedding we’re talking about. Not a backyard pot-luck.”

“Mom, we don’t have that much money to invest in expensive catering.”

“And I don’t have much discerning between differences of the class and quality of human food.” Merrick added, “As far as I know, KFC is as gourmet as it gets.”

 “It’s not, Merrick,” Yuri retorted as she shook her head, “It’s not.”

“Just trying to keep it simple!” Luther said, “How many weddings do you see that actually have KFC for catering??”

“None. That’s the point, honey.” Donna said lowly.

“That’s two for, two against, and one neutral.” Adam said, “I’ll just wait for Jamal to get home to break the tie.”

“Adam, that’s not fair, and you know it! Jamal’s black, you’re cheating!” Yuri threw at him. Luther spat his beer in a harsh fit of laughter.

“Exactly.” Adam grins.

“We’ll get back to it.” Donna said with a low glare, “What about outfits? Merrick, are you going to be wearing a tux?”

“I doubt it.” Merrick shook his head, “The only pants I like wearing are jeans. And I’ve tried on some formal clothes once, and I can’t stand how it feels on my skin. I’m going to have Yuri’s mother make my clothing again.”

“Oh, Yuri, I didn’t know you mom makes clothing.”

“Yeah,” Yuri nods, “She’s a small-town designer. She actually illustrated a couple of clothing designs for the Hunger Games. Only a few though.”

 “Really??” Donna raises her eyebrows, “That’s very impressive! She could make a fortune!”

“It’s more of a side-hobby for her though.” Yuri said, “She makes money off of it, but it’s not like she’s looking for a career.”

“So can you get me in contact with her?” Merrick asked, “Wait, she speaks English, right?”

“Merrick. She speaks better English than you.” Yuri said with a snide slurp of her tea, “It’s my Dad that has an accent, be he’s a marine biologist, so I doubt you and he have any business, unless you want to help with his research, as a fish yourself.”

Merrick shrugged, “Sure, I’d be willing to help him. I can even do that in exchange for my outfit.”

“Sounds great.”

“Now I’m getting excited!” Donna said as she grins and shifts in her seat.

“Ok, theme.” Adam said, “We gotta have a theme here.” Adam leans forward, “I almost want to go with a snowflake theme, but seems a little cliché… We don’t have to go with a specific topic either…”

“Like, maybe just something as simple as two colors?” Yuri asked.

“Yeah. Like… White and gold.” Adam said.

“We can do that.” Merrick nods.

“… Maybe even some glitter sea-objects for table pieces?” Luther asked.

“Oh yeah!” Adam said nodding with enthusiastic approval, “I love it!”

“You mean like those things me and Arnaav made for you guys for Easter?” Merrick asked, “Oh, I can really get behind that!”

“I got a buddy who works for a furniture company,” Luther said, “I’ll call him up and see if I can make some kind of deal for some rental tables and chairs.”

“Oh, really??” Adam beams, “That would be awesome!”

“I’ll call him right now…” Luther grunts as he gets up out of his chair and gets his cellphone out, “I’ve been bored for the past 10 minutes.”

“Spoil sport.” Donna remarks as she hits Luther’s rump as he walks to the back sliding door.


Jamal wipes down the bar with the moist towel, as his shift is about to end for the day. He flops the towel over his shoulder and strides to punch out of work, when walks around the bar to head for the door. He blinks as he sees Adam waiting for him at the end of the bar.

“Oh hey, man.” Jamal said.

“Hi, Jamal. Going to the luau?”

“Yeah, I’m headed there now.”

“Great, great…” Adam said as he clapped his hands together and rubbed a little.

“…” Jamal tilts his head as he looks at Adam’s down-cast eyes, “Somethin on your mind, buddy?”

“Ah, no, I just… Well, I gotta ask you something…”

“Oh, aight.” Jamal picks a stool, and sits on it, pulling one for Adam too. Adam takes a seat, and leans one arm on the bar, putting his fingertips together, “How’s yo day goin?”

“Going great. We’ve got a lot covered about planning the wedding.”

“Awesome.” Jamal nodded, “Need anything I can help with?”

“Well, first off,” Adam began, “I need you to settle something for me.” Adam interlaces his fingers, with his index fingers pressing together before he pointed them to Jamal. “KFC for catering. What do you think?”

“Sounds great!” Jamal said, “You really goin fo that?”

“We are now.” Adam grins, “But there’s one other thing I need to ask you.”

“Sure, man. Go ahead.”

“Well…” Adam took a breath, and exhaled, “Jamal, you know how we are, right? Real close, like brothers, right?” He said, looking deeply into those dark brown eyes, “You know how much you mean to me, right? After all the years we’ve lived together?”

“Yeeeahhh…” Jamal squinted at Adam for a moment, “What’chu gettin at?”

“It’s… I’m getting married, you know? So um…” Adam smiled sheepishly as he took a moment, “Would you consider being… Well…” Adam takes out a small box, and held it out.

“What’s this?” Jamal takes the box, turning it around a little.

“I’m going to be wearing the same set… And Harold, Nick, and maybe even Kevin if he’s up to it, they’re going to be wearing a lesser design to show them as the groomsmen…”

Jamal opened the box to see a pair of platinum cufflinks looking like swirled and curved angel wings with small white jewels mounted into them. Jamal’s eyebrows rose as he looked at the small dazzling accessories presented on the black velvet cushion in the box.

“Adam…” Jamal looks up, his eyes rimming with moisture.

“Both pairs are family heirlooms, and they come in a set with other smaller ones…” Adam said as he holds his own box, along with the bigger box they originally came in, “My Dad had them refurbished a while ago to make them look as good as new, so…”

“Don’t do this man,” Jamal’s mouth pressed tightly as he shook his head, “Ah man. Shit, dammit…”

“Jamal,” Adam took Jamal’s hard hand and gripped it lightly, “I want you to be my Best Man.” He said lowly. Jamal huffed and sniffed as he wipes his eyes. Adam smiled and scoffed slightly as Jamal keeps his tough guy look. “Please.”

“Fuck, man.” Jamal rubs the corners of his eyes, “I told you not to make me like this, man… Shit,” Jamal closes the box and moves forward with his arms open. Adam grins as he hugs his beefy black brother.

“I’m sorry…” Adam muffled, “I know you don’t like showing you have feelings.” Jamal scoffed as he contains his tears, “Is this a ‘Yes’?”

“Ghhh…” Jamal nods, “Shit, man…”

“Alright, big guy,” Adam parts the hug, and pats that broad chest, “I know how to fix this. Lets get you a hooker, two enemas, and a bottle of Jack.”

“Ghah hah hah,” Jamal laughs as he smiles with his long-time roommate, “Dayum, man…” Jamal wipes the corners of his eyes with his thumb and index fingers.


“So, a few things I’m wondering,” Yuri said as she and Merrick walk along the mall’s shops, both of them holding a couple of bags of merchandise, “About the wedding.”

“Oh yeah!” Merrick nods as they pick a dessert vendor and ordered some fancy churros and sat at a table, “I had something to ask you, but go ahead.”

“So, usually,” Yuri said as she sat down, “In a wedding, there’s a handful of people the bride and groom choose to be beside them at the altar.”

“Yes, the groomsmen and the bridesmaids, right?”

“Yeah. Now, since this is a gay wedding, who are you picking to be your Best Man?”

“Actually, I’m kind of going in a different direction.” Merrick countered.

“Oh? How so?”

“Well, you know how femmy I can get, right?” Merrick grinned.

“Yeah. I’ve seen your wardrobe. And your lingerie arsenal.” Yuri smirked.

“So, I’m going with the female said.” He closed his hands together, “Which leads me to my next question.”

“Oh?” Yuri shifts in her seat, “Go on.”

“I want to show you what you’ve been to me, Yuri,” Merrick said with meaning, “We’re close friends, you and I. On land, you’re my best friend and my confidant. Even so, I need you to be by my side at the wedding…” Yuri raised her eye brows at this.

“Whoa, Merrick… Are you asking me to…”

“Mhm,” Merrick nodded as he smiled, “Yuri, would you be my Maid of Honor?”

“Wow, Merrick…” Yuri puts a hand to her chest, deeply touched, “I jus-… Wow, this is really unexpected…” She chuckles lightly as she smiles with glee, “I always thought you’d have Nick or someone be your-, well, I” She stammers a little before laughing, “Y-Yes, I’d love to!”

“Wonderful!” Merrick said with joy as they smile.

“Wow, now I’M getting excited for this!” She said, “Ok, now, what about the bridesmaids? Who else is going to be there on your side?”

“The number is 3, right? Including you? Probably going to have Syrinx and Belinda. Adam is going with Jamal, Nick, and Harold.”

“Wow, you’re really going to have Belinda up there with you?” Yuri said with a snide tone, “I thought you hated her like poison.”

“I don’t HATE her,” Merrick said, “I am disdained with what she’s done, but I owe a lot to that reptilian bitch.”

 “Hey, harsh.” She remarked.

“Besides, she’s also a mermaid.” Merrick added, “She’s of my own kind, and so is Syrinx. It’s only fitting I have them up there with me.”

“Gotta say,” Yuri smiles, “I feel a little honored. I’m not even a mermaid.”

 “No, but your father’s a marine biologist, that’s the next best thing.”

“Ah heh heh, awesome.”

“Alright, so next, who is going to walk you down the isle?”

“Walk down…” Merrick pondered for a moment, but then it quickly dawned on him, “Oh yeah! Um…” Merrick thought, “Usually, the father of the bride is supposed to walk her down, huh?”

“Her father is traditional, yes,” Yuri agreed, “Or she could walk alone if the father is absent. Otherwise, it could also be a close male family member or even a very close friend.”

“And that cuts MY Father out, then,” Merrick dismissed, “Even if he was fine with me marrying a human – which I deeply assure you, he is NOT.”

“Mhm, yes.” Yuri nods.

“He still wouldn’t know how to walk on his own two legs. Besides, he hates going on land, especially during the daytime. In that case… I COULD ask Samudra if he’d be willing to walk me down the isle.”

“The Triton of your current pod?”

“Yeah. He’s the closest thing I’ve got to walk me down. I’m sure he’d be willing to, I don’t see why not.”

“Sounds promising.” Yuri’s cellphone started to chime up, and she checked it, “Oh, the luau’s open! Lets get going!”

“Oh, right!” They quickly got up, and left.


“Woooow!” Arnaav coos as his big eyes gleam from the exotic fire dancers up on stage, wearing only a grass skirt around his waist over some small boxers, with a yellow/white lei around his neck, besides a shark tooth necklace. He flinched and gasped as the two men swishes and swing their torches in rabid succession, “I wanna try! I wanna try!”

“NOO! No, no no no.” Yuri holds him back, “That sort of performance takes forever to perfect.” She wears a pink bikini with a grass skirt, and a blue/white lei wrapped around her head as she holds Arnaav in her lap.

“I’ll never get over how festive humans can get.” Syrinx commented on a table.

“And I’ll never know how to respond to that.” Kevin smirked back.

“Oh, shut up,” Syrinx playfully slaps him.

Adam smiles as he stands around the snack table, wearing a grass skirt with one of his father’s colorful Hawaiian shirts, drinking a tiki cup full of punch. He giggles as he sees Merrick across the party, shirtless and wearing a blue lei around his neck on white leis around his wrists and head, chatting with Nick and Sasha. Just when Adam was going to take a deep breath and reflect how profoundly lucky he is, Merrick takes up a corndog. “Hehehe…”

Merrick glances at him, and grins at Adam as he licks the top of the corndog. Adam grins as he adjusts and looks at his fiancé. Merrick signals to Nick and Sasha, before Merrick starts to lick up the corndog’s golden hide.

“Yeah, you want that corndong, don’t ya?” Adam muttered, “You want it so bad, it hurts, doesn’t it?”

Sasha snickers as Merrick put his lips onto the summit of the corndog, and suckled the top of it. “It’s ok, baby, you can take your time~” Adam said lowly, “Don’t want any chokin, just eeeaase it down…” Merrick slid the corndog into his mouth, and subtly bobbed up and down, “Ooh, yeah, he’s going for it…”

Adam blushes as he feels his own member stir in his shorts as Merrick licked up and all around the corndog, stopping for a moment and biting it when someone walked by, and then looked Adam right in eyes as he goes for a deep-throat.

“Yeah, you’re a dirty boy~” Adam said before sipping his drink, “You wanna suck that corndog until you cream all over yourself…” Merrick blows the corndog a little more, “Yeah, I know what you’re on about…” Adam grinned, “You don’t care if it is a party, you just wanna come over here, rip my pants off and suck my dick like a cheap little whore… Then you’d slobber and lick my balls all over till they’re soakin wet with your spit… Mnnnh~” Adam feels himself harden as he imagines what he wants to do to Merrick, “Then I bend you over that table over there, and yank your skirt down to spank your hot ass... Mnn, yeah, and you’d love it, wouldn’t you?” He mumbles, “Next you’d beg me to fuck your cute brains out…”  

Nick puts his fingers up in a V up to his mouth, and lolls his tongue out while Sasha does this hard-core pose as she points both fingers at Merrick, “Oh shut it, Nick.” Adam snickered, “… Oop,” Adam stopped and assumed an innocent demeanor as he sees someone coming by.

“Gohd, gay sex is so hot.” Sasha said, wearing her own revealing set for the party, “Are you sho I cahn’t get in on some of you?” Sasha asked, “You won’t even know I’m there.”

“Hey, I maybe be a bit of a exhibitionist, but even I have standards.” Merrick said as he eat his corndog. They leer over at Adam, chuckling as he idly wanders around the food.

“Man, I can tell all the way from here he’s rockin a boner right now.” Nick smirked.

“Looking about the snacks, trying to keep his willy out of view, waist JUST below the table level.”

“Hehehe,” Merrick giggled, “I have a good mind to just pull him away somewhere and grab his package.”

“Do it.” Sasha said with an wicked smile, “Do him over the stage.”

“Damn, gurl, I’m scared’a’you.” Nick chuckled.

“MERRIKU-KUUUUN!” Came a loud, young voice.

“Oh for the love of God…” Merrick whines as he holds his forehead, “Please tell me that is not who I think it is.”

“Hentai Fangirl, 6 O’Clock, man.” Nick answered, “She’s with Ryo too,” Nick hissed, “Shit, man…”

“Uggghh” Merrick dropped his shoulders, “I hate to be mean, but I’ve had enough.” He took a drink.

“Hey, Arnaav,” Yuri pats him, “I think I see someone here for you~”

Arnaav looked, and gasped in joyous surprise to the sight of that young Japanese girl from Easter.

“Go on, go say Hi.” Yuri encourages as she helps the boy off of her lap. Arnaav skids on his feet for a moment, before trotting away to them.

“Merriku-Kun!” Fumiko squeals out, before Merrick turned around.

“Hang on, hang on,” Merrick turns around, squats down, and brandishes a piece of paper. Clearing his throat, Merrick began to read, “Fumiko-San. Anata wa watashi o aishite teishi suru hitsuyō ga arimasu. Watashi wa anata to koi ni naidesu.” As Merrick talked, Fumiko’s look of happiness started to drain, while Ryojin’s face started to distort with growing anger, “Watashi wa otoko to koi ni shite imasu. Watashi wa sono otoko to kekkon suru tsumoridesu. Anata wa, watashi o sutōkingu shite kudasai teishi suru hitsuyō ga arimasu.”

Fumiko whimpered lightly as she took a step back, huffing with angry tears as she shoved Merrick a little, “Ah- hey!”

“Bakameh!” Fumiko turns around and runs as fast as she can.

Arnaav looked in horror as Fumiko runs away. “Wait!” He calls out as he reaches his hand out, but she is already gone.

“Oh no.” Yuri gets up, and walks to them.

Merrick stands back up, only to get a harsh shove from Ryojin, “Hey!”

“Dono yōna jigoku, jāku! Dono yō ni sono yō na watashi no imōto to hanashi o aete-”

“Hey, Back off, Ryo!” Yuri slapped his arm away, and stood between him and Merrick, “This is YOUR fault to begin with.”

“MY Fault?! MINE?!” Ryojin asked.

“You were the one who didn’t talk to her in the first place, don’t beat up on him just because he had the balls to set her straight!”

“He did no have to be rude to her jus now!” Ryojin said in his choppy English.

“He wouldn’t have had to if you just told your sister that he’s gay and engaged!”

“Look, I-”

“No, Ryojin, I don’t want to hear it,” Yuri dismissed, “If you had just taken the time to explain to Fumiko to STOP stalking him because one: He is too old for her,” She listed with her fingers, “Two: He is a homosexual. And three: He is in a relationship. Now, if you’re going to get mad because Merrick is a better, more informative brother than YOU are, then you still need time to improve yourself. I mean for God’s sake, Merrick learned ANOTHER LANGUAGE just to get your sister off his back! You couldn’t take 5 minutes to tell your sister that her obsession is out of her damn reach?!”

Ryojin gives Yuri a look of offense. He keeps trying to talk, but he can’t find a proper response to slap back at her.

“Yeah,” Yuri crossed her arms, “And you wonder why we broke up. You can’t even tell me a good reason why you’re so irrational. Now go on, your sister’s waiting for you.” Ryojin glared at her, before turning his back, and leaving. Yuri lets out a rough sigh, and turned to the merman, “Your pronunciation as shit, Merrick.” She said lowly before taking an apple flower orderve from the table.

“You REALLY learned to speak Japanese just to tell her to stop stalking you?” Sasha asked.

“No, not at all.” Merrick answered, “I just learned enough to tell her to go away.”

“Google?” Nick asked.

“Exactly.” Merrick nodded.

“Hey, babe,” Adam came to them, “Everything ok?”

“Yep!” Yuri said mouth full of apple slices, “Just end of an era.”


“I just had to explain to Fumiko that I’m not in love with her.” Merrick said, “And Ryojin got pissed at me because I made her cry.”

“Ah no… So she BARELY just found out that you’re with me?”

“Had to be done.”

“Fumiko…” Arnaav mumbled as he started, his stomach sinking from the display, “She… Was in love with Merrick?” His eyes feel moisture coming on as he takes deep breaths, “But… She ran away… Merrick made her hurt…” He looked to the grown-ups talking amongst themselves, “But why, Merrick… Why…”

The boy’s eyes blinked as he took a moment to think, ‘… Merrick made her upset… She can’t love him anymore… Maybe I can make her happy…’ His insides switched from heavy sadness to light hope, ‘If she doesn’t like Merrick anymore, maybe she can like ME.’ His chest swelled with growing optimism.

“Oh my gosh, I need to go home.” He sputtered quietly.

“Sorry about that, Arnaav.” Yuri sighed, “Had some business to take care of. I’m so sorry that-”

“I’ll be right back!” Arnaav turns around and runs as fast as he can to the docks, “Ocean stuff! Don’t wait for me!”

“Wha-?” Yuri turns and looks as Arnaav kicks his grass skirt off, about to dive into the ocean.

“Ooookaay?” Yuri said, clueless, widening as Arnaav ditches his shorts, and dives into the sea naked, “Be… Careful, I guess…”


Just as Merrick spoke, Adam’s phone rings out in his pocket. “Ah sorry, honey, hold on.” Adam pulls out his phone, and looks at the number. After pressing the green circle, he holds it up to his ear, “Hello… Oh, you have it ready? …” Merrick tries to zero in on the voice in the phone. It’s slightly familiar, but he can’t place it…

“Uummm… Naw, go ahead and mail it. I’ve never used a Fax Machine in my life… No no, it’s ok, I’m in no hurry… I don’t know, I’m just a nice guy.” He said, “… Alright, sounds great, thank you so much. Bye.” He hung up the phone, and slipped it back into his pants.

“Who was that?”


“Erin?” Merrick tensed, “What did she want??”

“Nothing, I just asked for a favor. It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.”


Adam and Merrick hold hands as they browsed around the luau, the various tables of food and trinkets, along with the sexy fire dancers twirling and swishing their torches around as fast as they are, passing by the various other party goers enjoying the dusk-lit festivities.

Merrick glanced down on Adam’s lap, and nudged him a little. Adam turned to get a kiss from his lover, snuggling each other as they walked. Merrick led the two of them to a small, secluded corner. Merrick giggles as he pulls Adam’s hand further down.

Adam has a general idea on why Merrick is bringing them away from the party, smirking as Merrick presses his back to the wall, “You are a dirty boy, aren’t you?”

“Oh, I’m as clean as they come…” Merrick bantered as Adam puts his hand on the brick wall.

“Can’t it wait till we get home~?” Adam asked. He feels pants get tighter as Merrick had already tucked his hand between Adam’s thighs, and groped a hearty handful of Adam’s crotch.

“Course it can.” Merrick said, massaging Adam’s package firmly, “But pecks on the lips aren’t doing it for me right now~”

“Alright,” Adam softly grabs Merrick’s lower jaw, “How about this?” He opened his mouth, and leaned forward, his tongue already standing out even before he pushed his maw against Merrick’s

“Mmff…” Merrick closes his eyes as Adam’s tongue tucked under his while his lips eat onto his own mouth. Merrick grunts as his one hand grabs Adam’s side, and the other abandoned his loins to hold onto his hip.

 Adam growled lowly as he lapped his mouth and forced further into Merrick’s hot, wet mouth. Merrick can feel his own penis hardening very fast as Adam asserted his manly power into him, almost jamming his tongue down his throat as he gnaw on his mouth.

They parted the long, deep kiss, panting quietly on the spot, “Nnnhh…” Merrick groaned as urges started to pull at his logic. “Qui… Quick rimjob?” He asked quietly.

“Gheheh…” Adam chuckled, “Four minutes. Time it, before anyone notices we’re gone.” Before Merrick even brought out his phone to set the timer, Adam forced Merrick to turn around. Merrick gasps and blushes as he feels Adam pull down his grass skirt and shorts, exposing his flawless lower body.

Adam kneels down, seeing those beautiful mounds jiggle slightly as Merrick adjusts, “Nnnhhh,” Adam grabs both soft cheeks with his hands, his cock pushing his own shorts as he feels the tender, smooth flesh of Merrick’s bottom, “Hohhh yeah,” Adam spreads those cheeks, and moves his face into Merrick’s fresh crack.

“A-Awwh!” Merrick gasps and moans as he feels Adam’s face dig into his pristine ass, before feeling that wet sliver slide up his pink bud, following Adam’s bristly chin pushing up his tender anus. Merrick bits his lip as his member twitches, while he quickly sets the timer on his phone, and entering 4 minutes.

“OOhh~!” Merrick drops his phone, which is saved by the shock-absorbent case equipped on it. He whines and moans as Adam’s facial hair both tickles and stimulates the most intimate areas of Merrick’s crevice, while the broadside of Adam’s tongue wipes up in Merrick’s taint.

Merrick starts to masturbate while Adam’s nose rubs the top of his crack while his fingers dig and squeeze Merrick’s ample, beautiful butt. Adam’s thighs rub against each other as he eats Merrick out, while digging one fist into his lap to rub his cock bundled in the fabric of his undies to sate his own throbbing manhood.

 Adam huffs as he laps and presses his tongue on and round Merrick’s hole with sloppy vigor, making his twink moan as he can see Merrick’s arm jump up and down on his lap.

Merrick moans quietly as he looks down to his phone on the ground.

2:49 minutes in counting.

He huffs and gasps as Adam continues to toss his salad, wanting nothing more than just to sit on Adam’s hard meat.

When they get home tonight, he needs to blow him in the Jacuzzi.



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