Aquata Cove

Chapter 72: Speaking Of Dreams

Adam sighs as he looks over the heavens from the ledge bright chamber. His eyes explore the endless land, the vast seas, the many villages of boys becoming men, and lads becoming giants, and rocks becoming mountains, and so on.

“Tell me,” He said idly, “Do you ever wonder what it must be like to be mortal?”

“ENnhh! HoohHH!” Comes a strained voice from behind him.

“I’m sorry, what?” Adam asked as he looked over his shoulder.

“I… NHH!” The man of shining swirling tattoos around his body with hair of blinding light can barely talk, “Cannot… AHHH! … Say! Awww~!” Said Sol, the God of the Sun, as he mounts Adam’s manly scape.

Adam’s ass jiggles slightly with each thrust from the sun god, his body being shoved back and forth, while still keeping calm as he gazes over the land of mortals, resting his chin on his arms while the fellow God bangs him.

Sol huffs as his hands squeeze’s Adam’s hips while his shoves his divine cock into Adam’s righteous buttocks.

“As many men as I collect for my harem, sometimes I feel unfilled, no matter how many times I breed them over and again.”

“By the name of Xerxes… Ohhh~!” Sol grabs onto one of Adam’s shoulder as he hilts him over and over again, making Adam’s long, fat cock slap his underbelly constantly.

“By the way, how IS your mistress, Sol?” Adam asked casually.

“Thi… This is not… Ghh~!” Sol moans as he is unable to stop grinding every inch of the inside of Adam’s asshole, desperately pounding into that glorious hole as if Sol is breaking his viginity, “This is not what I meant when I said I desired a change of pace~!”

“Well, I would have sent you one of my boys, but all of them were busy, and I was not. A Don’t act like this isn’t the better option~” Adam said as he pushes his rear back, giving the sun a huge burst of enticement.


“Hoist the sails! Put more power, men!” The muscular captain called out as he turns the wheel of the ship as the sea bobs the ship up and about on this clear, sunny day.

“Captain! The sun is blazing like a thousand torches!” The first mate said, “The men are sweltering!”

“Then strip down and bath in buckets of sea water then!” Captain Kai roared as his own bronze body glistens with sweat, buff and scarred from his many exploits of his own life, “We are a day behind, and I will not let our cargo be late!”

“As you say,” First mate said, “Double time, men! All together, and two-fold!”

“Damn…” Merrick blushed as he sees a couple of the crew actually remove their own shirts, and tie them onto the ropes of the ship. He whines as he keeps his eyes focused onto scrubbing the deck, pushing harder than necessary, trying to keep his eyes away from the many handsome shipmates running about.

“To the Crow’s Nest, Merrick!” The masculine captain called, “Look to the skies and sea, we need to make port 3 hours ago!”

“Yes, Father!” Merrick said as he gets up from his cleaning, and runs to the mast of the ship, already wearing nothing else but his tightly tied loincloth and a pair of sandals tied to his feet. Merrick climbs as fast as he can to the top of the Crow’s Nest, and picks up the gleaming spyglass in the small cubby.

Clicking it open, he looks into the opening, and turns about, looking vigilantly for as much as he can.

They’ve been at sea for the past 3 days now, and all of them have been working tirelessly. A very violent storm delayed their delivery, and ignited the captain’s fury from the sabotaged schedule. So after cursing the storm gods and paying to the sea god for things to go smoothly, the ship has been rushed to an almost merciless pace.

Captain Kai looks into his compass – partially to look to see if they are still going West, but also to look upon the small picture within the cap of the compass of his beloved wife – a fair lady with silver eyes and long, slowing blonde hair. He longs to cradle her in her white satin dress, had the sky gods not decide to delay his delivery.

He snaps the compass closed, and looks up to his nearly nude son upon the top of the vessel. “Where do we fair, my boy?!” Kai yelled up.

“Sea to the North!” Merrick called back, following his own compass, and looking to another direction, “Fairy Circle Island to the East, Father!”

“Aha!” Captain puffs his sweaty, tan chest with a triumphant smirk, “We are making excellent progress! FULL SPEED AHEAD!!” Kai swings the wheel to a fast turn.

Merrick slides down, and lands perfectly on his feet, and runs down. He whines as he whipes the copious sweat off of his brow. It’s getting VERY hot today. The sun god must be very aggravated on this day.


“By the skies!” Sol buries his beaming rod into Adam’s ass and stirs his insides.

“Oh yes, ohh, right there~!” Adam bites his lip as he raises his ass to push firmly into Sol’s patch of light, “Ohhh, that’s so very good~” Adam’s very stomach begins to glow as Sol moaned louder and louder.

“Oh mighty Sirius~!” Sol clung onto Adam as his hips pistoned into Adam’s mount.

“Besides, I needed this.” Adam groans in delight as he holds himself on all fours, “None of my boys can ever satisfy my mount. I can only harvest them.” None of Adam’s men are worthy of penetrating his ass, and as the God of Male Fertility, Adam has needs for both toping and bottoming, so half the time, he finds himself one of the other Gods to seduce, always with success. The holy lust that Adam gives off is irresistible, even to the King of the Gods, Xerxes.

“You feel so much~” Sol whines as he fucks Adam’s beautiful ass over and over, his tattoos of gold gleaming more brightly.

“Nnnhh~” Adam smiles as he rides himself on the already ravenous humping, before looking back down from Heaven, onto the land. “I feel that I need more than turning boys into men – or men into boys~” Adam giggles.

“You have… Mated men… Before…” Sol said in between strainful thrusts, his cock feeling a world of extreme pleasure.

“Oh, many times.” Adam nodded, “But… I do not know… It’s like I’m looking for something more than just leaving a random warrior or farmer dazed with his legs in the air.”

Then, a flicker catches Adam’s eyes.

“What?” He rose himself up a little to look over the mass of blue of the sea, “Hey, hold on…”

“I-I cannot hold much longer~!” Sol whines as he fucks Adam more.

“Wow…” His eyes follow the shimmer of a soul gliding along the wavering blue scape. The clouds clear around his vision as he blinks, and his gaze zooms upon a ship of busy mortals, scurrying about a large cargo ship, and then onto a young male, just on the brink of manhood himself. Hair of sunshine, skin of soothing silk, and when the boy gasps and turns to the sky with eyes of glittering sapphires.


Merrick looks up to the sky, and immediately regrets his action from the sudden bright blindness as he covers his eyes. “By the Gods, agghh,” He rubs his eyes as they clench tight. He could’ve sworn he was being watched just now, like someone was about to jump him from behind.

“Hold steady, Merrick!” Said a fellow crewmember, “We’re almost there.”

“Agghh,” He blinks his eyes as his vision is still blaring. His friend looks at him, and chuckles as he puts his hands on his hips.

“What ails you, Merrick?” Brien asked, his emerald green eyes looking about the son of the ship.

“I just had a very short staring game at the sun.” Merrick rushes along with his best buddy as the crew quickly went about their duties. Brishen has also abandoned his pants, and now is working in his undergarment, prompting Merrick to try and avoid sight contact.

“Hah! You would gaze at the sun? Only a blindman’s game, Merrick.” Brien slapped his bare back.

“Off the starboard bow!” Said another one of the mates, “Mermaids!”

“You’re kidding!” Another man said.

“By the Gods!” Brien and Merrick run over to the side of the ship along with the rest of the crew to look. They all look with awe and amazement as they do indeed see a school of brightly colored half-women/half-fish, swimming swiftly by, jumping playfully in and out of the sea, as free as they possibly can be.

Captain Kai looks, and rolls his eyes, seeing his crew - all of them almost completely in the buff because of the intense heat today, and now all of them are ogling a bunch of sea-maidens. That’s all he needs, a group of aroused men on a rushed schedule; they’ll be lost to the pubs and whores before they finish the shipment when they make port.

“OVER HERE~!” Said a buff man as a silver mermaid hops onto a rock. He flexes his muscles, gaining a sweet giggle from her before she slips into the surface. “OOHHHHH! Come back!!”

“I’m right here!!” Says another man, “Meet me at the port!” A couple of mermaids laugh at the men’s desperate attempts of flirtation, before swimming off.

“They are so amazing!” Brien said as he looks down into the water, seeing their ship surrounded by a flurry of colorful tails and fins.

“Bring forth the nets!” Said another man, “We shall be fishing for love!”

“Nnnhh…” Merrick blushes as his heart pounds in his chest. He keeps trying to focus his attention at the mermaids below – seeing actual living mermaids in such a large number is such a rare moment, but his mind keeps circling away from the ocean nymphs.

Instead, he keeps glancing and looking at all the men around him. All of them are only wearing their tightly wrapped loincloths… All of them are gleaming with sweat, the clothes are even outlining their… Penises and balls in almost clear detail.

Merrick feels a tinge of horror as he feels his own member harden and push against his pouch. “Mnnnhhh…” Merrick whines as he cannot control himself, unable to keep the arousal from growing inside his underpants. He lets out a soft squeal as a couple of the larger men push up against him – their hot, musky, squishy bodies pressing in on his backside as they endeavor to convince at least one mermaid to lay with him when they make port.

Merrick gasps as he feels one of the men’s package squish onto his butt. He moans as sweltering desires boil inside of him, begging him to just grind his mount upon the man behind him, to just give in to what feels a lifetime of-


The crew all turn to see Captain Kai ringing the bell furiously, being the only one still wearing pants, “ALRIGHT, THAT IS ENOUGH!!” He roared, “Back to your stations! ALL of you!! NOW!”

The crew protest in weary groans as they reluctantly leave the rail of the ship. Even some of the mermaids, who have perched themselves onto a few rocks to flirt back to the men, pout as they are forced to leave them.

“That includes you too, angelfishes!” Kai called out to the mermaids, “Don’t you have singing to do?! Lure my men on their OWN time!!” The mermaids dismiss his comment, and slip back into the ocean.


“By the Gods, a whole school of mermaids.” Brien said as he strides with Merrick, “It’s like seeing three rainbows in a single day!”

“Yes… Amazing…” Merrick absentmindedly said, trying to keep distacted. Frankly, he’s acting rather distant.

“Merrick? What’s wrong?” Brien asked as he looked at Merrick, who seems to be determined to show him his back.


“Are you…” Brien started to grin, “Are you haaard?”

“B-Back to work, B-Brien!” Merrick persisted.

“It’s fine, my friend!” Brien gave his own bulge a few squeezes, “I’m still half-baked too. Half the crew is hot and bothered. It’s nothing to be-”

“Pleeaaasseee Brien!” Merrick pleaded as he held his bucket in front of his lap. Brien merely chuckled as he took up the scrub-broom.

“Hang in there, Merrick.” Brien said, “If I know mermaids, some of them are going to meet us at the docks~”

“Mh…” Merrick said, as he glances at Brien, seeing a glimpse of his best friend’s wet, muscular buttocks. Merrick’s erection throbs in his pouch, ‘To be honest… I’d rather you take me, my friend… Or else…’ He glances around with crew, all of them still sporting suspicious bulges in their loincloths, ‘Any man here… Nnnhhhh…’ He moans quietly.


“AHHHHHHH~!” Sol suddenly screams in sheer pleasure as Adam was snapped out of his focus, as the sun god unleashed a flood of divine seed into Adam’s insides.

“Ohhhhh~!” Adam moans out like a cow receive sweet relief, as he too climaxes, and glitters the marble floor beneath them with his godly essence, along with Sol’s own sparkling milk dribbling down Adam’s manly ballsac.

Soft, poofy nimbuses form and mist around the two gods, before Sol pulls out, his many tattoos dimming to a dull sheen as he slumps down, panting and spent as he lays his naked body onto the convenient clouds. Adam smiles as he turns around and puts his head on his hand, feeling along Sol’s magnificent physique as they cuddled there.

“And yet… Hah… Hah…” Sol pants, “You will not share your blessing with the goddesses… I still wonder how a threesome with I and my mistress would fair.”

“Heh…” Adam twirls a finger around Sol’s left nipple, “You know what I think?”

“Pray tell.” Sol answered.

“I think I will have a mortal here with me.” Adam said.

“What, as in,” Sol adjusted to the ethereal bed, “Me and my lover?” Sol smirked, “You realize you will have to have a Key for that. And I cannot imagine Lord Xerxes giving one to you.”

Adam chuckles as he slides his nude self to cutely sit on Sol’s lap, “And why not~?”

“Because you already have a dozen erotic men worshiping you every night in your own chambers.” Sol chuckled, “What reason could Lord Xerxes possibly have to give you a Key?”

“You know me, Sol~” Adam said as he presses his naked butt against Sol’s godhood. Sol inhaled sharply as his penis already feels a keen stirring as Adam rubs his ass on the sun’s golden member, “I can be very…” Adam grins as he feels Sol’s dick start to inflate, “Very…” Sol whimpers as Adam’s thumbs press and massaged on Sol’s shimmering, metallic nipples, “Persuasive~” Adam giggles as he feels a full erection standing and arching between his buttcheeks.

“Yes.” Sol’s hands hold firmly onto Adam’s hips, “But he’s HAD you.” His cock curls slightly as it grows sore of intense stimulation.

“As I said,” Adam then moved down, and gives an extremely tantalizing love bite onto Sol’s neck.

“Ahhhlll~!” Sol moans passionately as the man whore of the gods tempts him successfully with little more than an intimate grind and a combination of his tongue and teeth. The two gods suddenly find themselves on Sol’s bed of pure gold and yellow velvet and silk. Sol’s hands seize and forcefully squeeze both of Adam’s mounds as their mouths glue together like a pair of ravenous wrestlers. Adam’s ass drives back and against the other’s grip as he holds onto Sol’s shoulders with both hands.


The captain is at least not without mercy. It’s well past dusk, and the SS. Navyn has finally docked onto the Atlanton Port. Everyone has been given the rest of the night off, to rest, sleep, eat, indulge in some minor Tomfoolery at the pubs, or even a brothel, but all are required to report for duty at the break of dawn.

Merrick, on the other hand, find that he needs to be in his small cabin on the ship. He peels off his wet loincloth and hung it out to dry, and rolled nude onto his bed. He spots Brien out of his window. His best friend is sitting on the dock, his arms around a wet, dripping maiden with a gleaming, scaled tail, with the water running along her long limb as it begins to appear to divide as it shrinks, her fins also starting to look like feet.

He pulls the curtain past the round window to block the view, and lies down as he rubs his dick. His cock gets hard so easily as he touches and fondles it idly as he feels the cool breeze roll in from the window. Merrick sighs and moans as he also feels his balls in his hand as he strokes his shaft gently, thinking about all of the men pressing against him… All those crew members… their manhoods defined in their pouches… All he wants to do is grab onto some of those bulges and feel the soft organs perk to his hand.

Merrick whines as he masturbates to the thought of maybe actually putting his mouth onto one of the men’s rods. He wants that. He wants it so bad…

He reached down, and pulled up a lid of a secret compartment in the floor, and then took out a long, smooth quartz pole, along with a small, light, round urn of olive oil. Merrick’s heart races as he puts the smooth pole to his lips, and gave it a few thick laps and even kissed the summit. Merrick puts the tasteless crystal to his mouth and lets it side in. Merrick moans quickly as he lets the pole go glide into his mouth, and then back out, licking his tongue alone the bottom of it and while slurping his lips on it.

His cock throbs and twitches as he imagines he’s sucking off Brien. He moans lowly as he bobs his head on his toy as he thinks of him standing there, huffing as Merrick sucked off his best friend. Of course, Merrick doesn’t have any particular romantic feelings for Brien, no. But he would be the less likely to be estranged by the fact that Merrick desires men in his bed. And like any other young man, Brien is so alluring…

He holds the pole to pour the remaining oil onto the rod, before discarding the empty bottle. Merrick pushes his legs down and hovers his rear up, and push gently on his anus, holding one leg up onto the wall for a better angle, and started to push.

“A-Ahhohh!” Merrick moans as the pole slides into his pucker, “Ahhh…” He tries to hush himself as his ass swallows the crystal rod inch by inch, stroking his dick as he pushes it in, “By the Gods…” He mumbled as he pulls it back and forth, making his cock rigid from the stimulation. “Oh sweet Adam, this feels so good.” He said in a small praise to the lust god above.

“Hnnn…” Merrick pushes it down further, arching his back as he filled himself with the hard pole again and again, his hand jacking himself faster and faster, praying to the gods of love and passion for this one day to come to pass with another man.

It doesn’t take long for Merrick’s balls to tingle and tense as he arches his back. “Oh! Ohh, ooh, ooh~!” He whines and moans as he works his cock over, and feels his whole penis intensify with overwhelming heat and feeling. The next thing he feels is a few light, wet taps upon his chest, and then onto his chin, and then feeling a few warm sprays on his belly.

“AHhhhh… Ahhhh… By the gods… Ohhhhh…” His body settles back down as he moans with each exhale, letting his quartz rod slide out of his asshole, and setting it aside. He moans and purrs as he pants, having this wavering feeling drift in and out of everywhere in his body, his sore penis drooping down as he groans more.

Merrick wipes off the pole with a water-soaked cloth, and puts it away in his secret compartment, along with the small empty oil bottle, and then cleaned up his cum with the same rag.

Spent and exhausted, Merrick lies in bed, with one arm over his forehead, and the other on his slim tummy. Climaxing always brings him down, despite how good it felt. Every session like this reminds him that he will never find a man to love him, to hold him, to bed with him all night…

Not when his parents have arranged for his marriage to the Arl of Atlanton’s daughter since he was a boy…


Merrick smiles awake as feels the warmth of his naked lover spooning from behind. He moans quietly as he rubs his perfect booty Adam’s bristly crotch, while Adam shifts his arms to hold him tighter. Merrick’s eyes look to his left hand, and feel his insides flutter with light joy as he sees the sterling ring around his finger.

“Good morning…” Adam whispered into Merrick’s ear. He giggles as Adam’s lips and very thin stubble tickle his ear.

“Morning, Adam…” Merrick groaned as he stretched on the bed, but stopped when his knee touches a cold wet spot, “Whoa, wha-” He looks, and sees a damp spot, along with a white glob oozing into the sheets.

“You were moaning in your sleep…” Adam said lowly, “I thought you were having a nightmare, but then I felt you had a HUGE boner…” He grins as he rubs Merrick’s hips, “So I jerked you off until you came…”

“Mmm, God, it was really a wild dream…” Merrick moaned as he reached down to Adam’s furry lap, but found that Adam’s penis is completely soft on the grab.

“Aheheh, yeeeaahhh…” Adam grins sheepishly, “I uh… Kinda got off a second ago too…”

“Hehehe…” Adam spoons behind Merrick some more.

“So what were you dreaming about?” Adam asked as he puts his muscular arm onto his lover.

“About you.”

“Ooh, hehe~”

“And me.”

“Even better.”

“You were having sex with this sun-lit god or something… He reminds me of the Land Father Mithras, the way I saw him…”

“Hm? How so?” Adam adjusts  on the bed, as this conversation as become eerily familiar.

“His scalp was all like… Pure yellow light, and he had golden, round tattoos around his body…”

“Huh…” Adam said as he blinks, “I was also dreaming about you too, babe.”

“Oh? Hehehe, what as I doing~?” Merrick asked, betting himself that Adam’s answer won’t be as naughty as his own answer.

“I think you were on a ship… And you looked like you were like, 17, 18 years old, like right on the dot.” Adam told him, “And I remember your Dad was there too, he was the Captain.”

“Wait, my Father?” Merrick turned in bed, and looked at him, “How would you know from my Father? You’ve never met.”

“Well actually I have once,” Adam said as he scratched the side if his neck, “Few years ago when you first met my parents. He didn’t say a word; he just glared at me and went into the ocean. I took a guess.” Adam shrugged.


“Anyway… Yeah, in my dream, I was having sex with the god of the sun,” Adam said, “And then it kinda blurs to you running around a ship, and I think everyone was in their underwear because it was so hot.”

“Yeah… I dreamt that too…” Merrick looks up at Adam with an estranged expression, “Adam, did we just have the exact same dream?”

“I think so…” Adam nodded.

“I wonder if this has happened before…” Merrick pondered, “What did you dream about last night?”

“Agh, I don’t know…” Adam groaned as he rolled on his back on the bed, “Something about hot dogs and a bunch of airplanes I think… Sound familiar?”

“No.” Merrick shook his head. “I think I had a dream that I was in this dark green forest, and I was following some kind of plot. Ever had that?”

“Nope.” Adam shook his head, “I think about a couple of weeks ago, I had this dream that I was sold in a slave trade, and you were the one who purchased me.”

“Yes,” Merrick nods, “I remember that one…” Merrick smiles, “I had you wear a collar with a silver bell on it.” Adam blushes from that, “And… I barely remember this one where I was in this grand ball… I think you were a prince, and out of everyone else there, you chose me to dance with you.”

“Oh yeah, I remember… This is so weird, people don’t really remember dreams, but every time I dream about you, I remember them like they were movies.”

“This is strange…” Merrick sat up, and looked at his hands and feet, “It seems like we have the exact same dreams… Only when we’re dreaming about each other though.”

“You’re making it sound like a bad thing,” Adam casual said as he deftly felt along Merrick’s smooth tummy, “It sounds really romantic, actually.”

“I’m concerned, Adam.” Merrick said, “Unless this is normal for humans, this has me worried. Because this is not normal for merfolk.”

“What? So you think we’re going toooo… Lose our minds if we keep having these sort of dreams?”

“N-No, but…”

“Just don’t overthink it. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Besides, in every dream we’ve had like this, we always end up together.” Adam hits up, and kisses Merrick’s cheek, “Maybe it’s a good sign, hun.” Adam gets up, gaining Merrick’s gaze onto that manly fuzz-butt as he goes to get dressed, “I think we have just enough time to get lunch, and then rehearsal at the Waltz before the performance tonight.”

“Right…” Merrick says as he gets up to get ready.


“This place seems rather exciting.” Donna said as she looks about in her seat, at a table in the Dream Waltz.

“So this is where you work now?” Luther asked, “I don’t remember you wanting to be a singer when you were a kid.”

“I only work here part-time.” Adam answered, “The Captain is still having to halve our hours at the Fish House, so I still need to perform here.”

“Our boy – A local star!” Donna said with much zeal.

“I’m not a star, Mom,” Adam chuckled, “I just work here. I don’t even sing that often, only half the time. The other half I’m one of the back-up dancers and such.”

“All the same, its still work.” Luther said, “I’m glad that you’re still putting in so much effort. You make me proud of you.”

“It’s nothing, really…” Adam said, a little embarrassed.

 “So what’s the performance tonight again?” Donna asked.

“Oh yeah, the owner of the place is doing a Disney-themed show for the week. Thing is, we’re really short-handed, so we had to get a few volunteers here and there – even Jerry has to perform with us tonight with his girlfriend.”

“Jerry’s the owner, right? How many people are going into this performance?”

“About 14 people for it.” Adam said.

“14?!” Donna said, wide-eyed, “What kind of show IS this?!”

“They’re featuring 7 of the classic Disney movies.” Adam explained, “That’s 7 couples. And as of right now, a lot of the regular staff happens to be unavailable, and Jerry already paid for all of the expenses. Most of us have been rehearsing as much as we can, but a few of the other professionals are going to have to wing it.”

“I just can’t believe you can just go up there all the time in front of so  many people,” Donna scoffed, “I can never do it.”

“That’s not what I remember,” Luther said, “1962, when we were-”

“LUTHER!” Donna slapped his arm hard, making her husband smirk and laugh.

“Ohhh, really?” Adam grinned as he picked up his cherry coke, “What happened back then, Da-” Adam’s alarm on his phone started to ring, “Ah damn, I gotta get ready.” He said as he turned off the alarm.

“Oh, ah, good luck, sweetie!” Donna said hastily, “Break a leg!”

“Knock’em dead!” Luther called out, holding out his bottle of Schmernoff.


“Alright, all set,” Adam said as he looked at his gold brooch holding a short red cape with glitter cold trim. Also wearing a grey vest over a white button-up shirt and large red cuffs around his wrists that have a large, pointed edge on the top, same as his red boots with yellow jewels on the buckles. He smiles as he adjusted his Robin Hood-like sharp red hat on his head, adorned with a long smart feather on the top.

“It’s still not fair!” Merrick exclaimed in the midst of the preparations. Adam looked and smirked as he is still arguing with Syrinx.

“We both signed up, and I got the part,” Syrinx said, wearing a purple, glittering bejeweled shell bra, and a large dazzling green velvet half dress that covers her thighs and left leg, also sporting some elegant lime green high-heels, wearing her auburn hair in a wild pony tail, adorned with a hair comb with a shiny fork over a glittered shell with pearls, “Fair is fair~”

“I know it sucks, buddy. It is what it is.” Kevin has his hair groomed neatly as he wears a sleeveless shite shirt with a red sash tied around his sash around his waist what ties to his right side, and hangs from there like a scarf. He wears tight blue jeans with large blue rhinestones around the legs, along with tall black boots.

“Oh, you freakin erased my name,” Merrick rolled his eyes, “I’m the Piscien, and I’m the one whose got an instrument made out of SEA shells!” He is wearing an elegant and bold gold circlet aroung his head with mighty points around, while wearing a tight pink satin top with wide open cuffs around the end of the sleeves, while also wearing a nice pair flowing white shorts, with pink sashes draped around his waist and gold sandals on his feet.

“Yeah, well, I’m the one with the naturally red hair~” Syrinx said, almost gloating, “And I’m a girl who can actually sing. Besides, I thought your Ocalen was broken. That’s why I had Kevin’s cousin make a new one for you with his 3D printer.” She remarked, looking at the strange, gold instrument

“Yeah. I fixed it, thank you. I found other shells to repair it.” Merrick stubbornly said, before plucking up the replica Ocalen – it’s basic shape is the same, but it’s a lot less organic-looking, being made out of printed plastic and painted gold and adorned with small jewels. Kevin’s niece got ahold of Merrick’s original Ocalen, and broke it. Luckily, finding replacement shells isn’t hard to find, and is safe at home on his shelf, but it’s still a nuisance. “And it doesn’t really feel the same,” Merrick said as he looked over his instrument.

“Relax, babe.” Adam said as he puts his hands on his shoulders, “Syrinx and Kevin are only going to be in town for a few more days before they go back to their place. We can be Ariel and Eric when they leave.”

“Mmmlllh!” Merrick growled stubbornly.

“Is it weird that I think you’re cute when you’re mad?” Kevin snickered.

“Can it, Kevin.” Merrick shot.

“Ooh, I’m so excited!” Belinda said. Her pink hair has been tied up in a wide bun as she wears white sleeves from her shoulders to her wrists, and wearing a silver ring on each finger. She is also wearing a silver and blue tiara, blue and white earrings with a sky blue skirt that reached to her knees, and two long white veils on either side of her legs that reached her ankles, and walking in bluish clear pumps with crystal hearts on the front. “Many full moons I have sung alone to the Sea Mother! Now other people can hear me!”

“Wow, real nice, ‘Linda.” Syrinx said with a smile as she observed Belinda’s outfit. In comparison, Syrinx is a lot nicer, open, and understanding to Belinda as a Latolcus than Merrick ever was to her, which spurs Merrick a little, seeing as how terrified she was of him on the cruise.

“I just hope I don’t screw this up…” Harold said, wearing a cream-yellow leather jacket with red tassels on the shoulders and a red sash around his torso, and a bright, sparkling medal pinned to the left side of his chest, and wearing black slacks with 3 golden cross belts around his lap, “It’s been years since I played this thing…” He said while also carrying his clarinet.

“Speak for yourself,” Merrick said, “You guys got the parts you wanted.”

“You know,” Adam said, “I wanted the Cinderella parts, Merrick, but you don’t see me trying to pull Harold’s jacket off.”

“Oh really? That’s rich.” Comes an obnoxious tone, “I would think you’d go for the dress, Dr Philip.”

 Adam turns and smirks as Rajani and Chloe come in. Rajani wears a beautiful sari of sunshine yellow and blue along the framing of the fabric draped around her body, head, and right shoulder, with a red rose on a beautiful chain of silver, framed with emeralds. Along with Chloe, who is wearing a blue velvet coat with golden cuffs around her hands, which are complete with sharp red nails on her fingers. She also has her long hair tied in a thick braid behind her, with her head framed with a groomed fake mane with horns growing out. She also is wearing black commando boots with brown feathers glued to the tip of both. A matching red rose is pinned to her left side as she stands by her Belle.

“Oh boooy, HERE we go!” Adam said as he claps his hands once, laughing out as they came up to the group, “Awww, see what I mean, Chloe? You skip ONE night of shaving and trimming your horns, it just turns you into a walking bush doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, well, one of us needs to be a bear,” Chloe crossed her arms, “And since YOU’RE playing a prancing fairy-boy tonight, I need to fill in for you, rat bastard.”

“Aaand you’re sure you two HAVE to fight tonight??” Merrick asked, “I feel tense enough as it is.”

“What are you talking about, we’re getting along great.” Chloe said, “No blood on the floor and my hands means we’re having an EXCELLENT night.”

“Oh please, all you two do every night here is fight with each utter.” Rajani said.

“Bitch, please,” Adam effeminately said, “This ain’t a fight.”

“Yeah. I kick his ass like, all the time,” Chloe said, “And that’s just getting started.”

“You guys really can’t say anything nice and simple?” Merrick asked, honestly not getting it.

“Um… Honey,” Adam held his hands about, “There is nothing nice about the animal before you.”

“Chloe??” Rajani nagged. Chloe blinks again, and looks at him.

“Well on that note, that doesn’t leave much for conversation.”

“It’s not that hard, guys, just quit killing each other at every turn. Like this.” Merrick turned to the Indian in gold drapery, “Raja, that is a stunning necklace you have on, it really compliments from your gold sari. Are those new earrings?”

“Why yes they are~” Rajani says as she twinkles the red jeweled earrings with green rhinestones around them, “And I love how you wear the color pink dere, looking quite pristine with a boyish charm about you with a hint of elegance.”

Merrick and Rajani look to their respective partners.

“Oh, you’re right, honey,” Chloe said as he stroke’s Rajani’s cheek, “I’ll give it a shot.” She clears his throat, and steps up to Adam, “Adam, you are looking very slimming tonight, your anorexia is setting in quite nicely, even though you still have sizes to go before you can squeeze into that lil wedding dress.”

Rajani and Merrick groan as their shoulders dropped.

“Aw thank you, for that glittering sentiment, Chloe,” Adam replied, “And might I say that your fangs are looking as ravishing as ever.” He then pointed his finger to his own teeth, “You could almost ignore the little piece of flesh such between there from your last feeding.”

“Huh. And here I thought Raj’s panties made the perfect dental floss for me-”

“Chloe!!!” Rajani’s face turns bright red, “Please!”

“Fine, have your stupid war.” Merrick sighed, “Can you two at least behave for the show?”

“Ugh, fine. Truce, Mimi?” Adam said.

“Mercy is for the weak, faggot.” Chloe snarked. She grunts and staggers when she gets a firm slap from Rajani, “Alright, fine, I’ll shut it for now, Drew.”

“Ugh, I can’t believe you talked me into this.” Comes Yuri’s voice. Chloe looks, and smiles.

“Now here’s what we need! A nice serving of apple sushi!”

“Yeah, with a nice bit of poison Fugu, you hairy dyke.” Yuri said irritably. She comes in with her hair in a styled in fashionable rolls with a twin pair of shiny red chopsticks in her hair. She comes in wearing a bright kimono with breezy blue on the top that washes into yellow around the skirt, with a lighter blue with red designs on the sleeves, which are held together in front of her to hide her hands in a formal manner.

“Oh hey, you made it!” Kevin said, “You bring your violin?”

Yuri glared at him. “Oh, yeah. Sure. Because I’m a smart, prissy, little Asian girl, that means I’ve done all kinds of violin recidals! Be the sharp prodigy, right??”

“Sorry, just thought you were playing an instrument,” Kevin said, “What’re YOU playing?”

“…” Yuri’s eyes looked to the side as her sleeves parted, showing a classic violin and bow hidden within, “Violin…”

“Hah!” Syrinx smirks, “Way to bust balls, Yuri.”

“What’s the problem, Yuri?” Adam asked, “You didn’t seem to mind performing tonight Snow White tonight.”

“I don’t. It’s who I’m saddled with.”

“Oh please!” Sasha says as she comes in next to Yuri, wearing a blue and red short kimono with an elegant ribbons in an X over her chest, with lofty white sleeves, grey samurai pants, and her hair tied back in a ponytail with fluffy white feathers, “Would you stohp complainin? It’s only for a few nights.”

“This is NOT what I had in mind when Merrick said I’d be paired with a handsome partner.” Yuri growled.

“I said she played a handsome PRINCE.” Merrick said, trying not to giggle.

“There were no female pronouns in your pitch, Princess.” Yuri said, “I’m not even gay or bi!”

“Oi, neither am I, though you don’t see me screamin about it.” Sasha said.

“I just REALLY don’t like being tricked or led around. Period!”

“Gurl, you think YOU got problems?!” Jamal said as he and Nick came in. Nick is scantily dressed in beads, a headband with handsome feathers, along with a blue necklace on his chest with a white arrowhead pendant, while sporting a rather tasteful loincloth adorned with beads and leaves and a raccoon tail on his left hip, and a glittering teal humming bird pinned to his right hip, while also walking in some dainty moccasins, and had painted a line of red spikes around his right bicep.

“So what’s the matter with you??” Yuri said, her attitude not changing.

“Look at me!” Jamal said as he hold his arms up, “Look what they got me doin.” Jamal wears a shiny soldier helmet while wearing a broad metal plate over his chest and with an old fashioned musket strapped to his back, along with tight jeans and armored boots, with a golden compass dangling from his thick, wide belt.

Yuri gave Jamal a glance, and back to his eyes, “Let me guess. The Janitor?”

Chloe squealed as she clutched her own mouth, snorting and doubling over as she holds back the furious laughter as Jamal stood there to let his arms flop down, and gave them both a dark look.

“Y’all are lucky I don’t beat women.” He said lowly. “No! They making me do John Smith! John Frickin Smith!”

“What’s wrong with that?” Merrick asked, “You look good in that get-up.”

“John Smith was a white boy, fool!” Jamal exclaimed, “The same white guys that came to a America and screwed everything up!”

“Well, you get to screw THIS Indian now~” Nick said with a flirt.

“Escuse me,” Rajani said, “I’m the REAL Indian here,” She then throws her regal sari in a graceful, snob-like fashion, “You’re just a Native American knock off.”

“Hahaha, aight, fair nuff.” Nick chuckled.

“Gheheheh, it’s your fault, man,” Adam snickered, “You’re the one who signed up at the last minute.”

“And Jerr-heheheh-” Chloe can’t stop laughing as she covers her mouth, “Hmmmhmmmhmmm,” She clenches her eyes shut as she stomps her foot.

“Yo, I’mma mess you up, one’ a these days.” Jamal said to Chole.

“And Jerry already signed him and his wife up for Aladdin and Jasmine.” Adam said, “If you wanted that, you should’ve signed up sooner.”

“I DIDN’T want Aladdin!” Jamal said.

“Well… Nncchh,” Harold snickered, “Maybe you can meet’em half way and go as ‘Will’ Smith…”

“That ain’t funny, man” Jamal told him.

“Naw, that is funny,” Yuri said as she snapped her fan open, and wafted herself softly, “I would think you would want to play a character chosen by the ‘Thug Life’.”

“Oh my God…” Harold turns around from the boiling situation.

“Shut up, Mulan, dayum!” Jamal shot back.

 “I’m Snow White, genius.” Yuri retorted.

“Pssh, yeah right,” Jamal crossed his arms, “You more like Piss Yellow.”

“EEEHHKK!” Chloe shrieks as she grabs onto a nearby support beam of the building, as she tries not collapse from cackling.

“OH. MY. GOD.” Yuri said as she throws her fan at the floor, “You did not, you freaking jackass!!” Sasha winces as she quickly holds Yuri’s arms back as she tries to get at him, “Let me go! I’m going full Juu-On on his ass!!”

“Oh my GAHAHAH!” Chloe’s eyes water as her sides feel like they’re about to split in half, “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe!”

“Man, I wanted Beauty and the Beast!” Jamal complained a he motioned for Chloe, who is having her back patted by her girlfriend, “And we end up with Beauty and the Bitch.”

“Oh Christ, we’re gonna have to cancel the shoooww,” Chloe whined in her laughing fit.

“Deep breaths, honey, deep breaths,” Rajani said.

“Wow, it’s getting pretty offensive and ethnic in here,” Syrinx commented while chuckling.

“Honestly, I’m afraid to say something or I’ll get reported to Human Resources.” Kevin scoffed.

“I do not even understand half of what the laughter is about.” Belinda said.

“Ok, ok, ok,” Jerry said as he and his wife, Carla, walked into the room, “Lets get this show on the road!” He wears a fancy, dark magenta fez with a gold tassel on top, with a regal looking purple vest over a red sleeveless shirt, with lofty, baggy white bell-bottoms, with a scimitar buckled on his side. Carla wears a silver circlet with smooth-cut sapphires, upon a fake, wide and thick braid that reached to her hips, and wearing a flowery purple blouse laced with shining silver laces in a cross-fashion, wearing a layered lavender bottom just above her curled silver slippers.

“What, hey!” Carla said as she looks at the gang, “Half of you don’t even have your make-up on!” She said, “Hurry it up! Get to the artists! Quickly!”

Everyone filed out of the room, off to see their respective make-up artists to stylize their faces for their characters.

“She white, man!” Jamal muttered, “She ain’t eve-”

“Let it go, Jamal…” Adam pushed him though.

“Your ass is so grass later.” Yuri growled.

“For God’s sake, Yuri, you called him the Janitor…” Mumbled Sasha, “Can’t blame a bloke for shooting back.”

“I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight…” Chloe snickered as they went to get ready for their finishing touches.

Carla shakes her head as they head out, “Why isn’t she fired yet? This the longest she’s gone without the tranny jokes.” Not that she minds or cares, but she does notice that Chloe can get out of line from time to time.

“I can’t, babe,” Jerry said as he kissed her cheek, “You know she’s my cousin, her mother would kill me.”


Arnaav chomps on his cheeseburger with Adam’s parents, nomming with abandon as he dines from the fine food.

“So how bout it?” Donna said, “Is Adam and Merrick going to adopt you, little guy?”

“Hum, hum, hum… Hm?” Arnaav looked up with an inquisitive look.

“It’s when a pair of humans take in a child into their family,” Donna explained, “Like when a Mother and a Father are unable to have a baby of their own, they adopt a child like you to be with them.”

“But I already have a Mother and a Father.” Arnaav said a little defensively, “Why would Adam and Merrick want to adopt me? It’s not like they are my parents.”

“It’s a little difficult to explain…” Donna said, “Maybe it’s because-”

“Donna, Donna,” Luther said, “I think we better drop it.”

“Why? It’s nothing bad, I just,”

“Remember the first time we met Merrick? How you tried to talk things over with HIM?” He asked, “Things aren’t exactly the same with humans and merfolk, even I can see that.”

“Alright, fine…” Donna said, “Just saying, probably couldn’t hurt if-”

“I’ll explain why later, honey,” Luther said, “There’s just some things psychology can’t sort out.” The lights of the club dimmed down as the stage starts to illuminate, “Oh, shh, it’s starting…”

The large velvet curtain elevated up to reveal 7 differently colored silhouettes over 7 couples in 7 different places and platforms. Over the years, the Dream Waltz has made a lot of money, and have been able to afford few upgrades and additions to the behind-the-scenes, including a slew of new and better costumes.

“Oh, it’s starting!” Donna hushed.

“C’mere, slugger,” Luther picked Arnaav up, and sat him on his leg, “Get a better view here, huh?”

“Wooow…” Arnaav coos in amazement as he looks ok.

The sound of twinkling metals rings out as sprinkles of fine glitter sparkle upon the 7 different colored lights. “~Just put your hand in mine…~” A lovely voice sings out, before front and background lights illuminate everyone on stage, givine a short round of applause from the audience, “~Go where dreams begin…~”, They parted and moved in a circular dance.

“~Everyone has their own star in the sky~” Syrinx sings into the green bluish microphone, “~There's one for you and me~” Kevin blows softly into his harmonica in perfect pitch. “~Yes, it's a magical light ~That shines high up above ~Far as the eye can see~”

The rotation of performers moved and stepped down from the platforms as a different couple takes over, “~It shows us the way ~Leading us safe through the night~” Jamal sang in a low-toned, soul-smoothing style as Nick twirled around him, “~Into a lovely fantasyyyy~”

“~It's heavenly glow ~Will help our love always grow~” Chloe sang out deeply, in an attempt to match the brawny theme of her own costume.

“~So take my hand~” Rajani sang in quick procession as her sari flourishes gracefully, “~Don't let go ~And you'll seeeee~”

White light flashed onto the middle, with red and yellow and blue complementing them as well, while the other six couples took to different positions of the stage to waltz in place, while Yuri brings her violin to her neck, and her bow with it, strumming gently to the tune of ‘Some day, my prince will come’

“~Make a wish into the well~” Sasha sings gently “~That's all you have to do~” Yuri riverates the sound of her instrument, “~And if you hear it echoing ~Your wish will soon come true~” Sasha steps in a circular movement around as Yuri does the same.

 “~I'm wishing~” Sasha sings, while Yuri copies the note with her violin (I'm wishing) “~For the one I love~” Sasha smiles, amused by the solemn attitude Yuri is portraying, “~To find me~” Yuri plays (to find me), “~Today~”

“~I'm hoping~” (I'm hoping) ~”And I'm dreaming of ~The nice things” (The nice things) ~They'll say~” (They'll say)

 “~Ha ha ha ha ha~” Sasha bounces her voice in graceful pursuit of Yuri, who still plays her instrument in lieu of singing back. (ha ha ha ha ha)
 “~Ha ha ha ha ha~” (ha ha ha ha ha)
 “~Ha ha ha ha ha~” (ha ha ha ha ha)

 “~I'm wishing~” (I'm wishing) Yuri continues to play as she coyly walks in a whim to Sasha, “The one I love ~To find me~” (To find me) “~Today~”

Yuri plays off the last tune with a high ring of her violin, before the different music sets back in, and the other join back in onto the large stage.

“~Just put your hand in mine~” Adam sings as he takes Merrick’s hand in with his own, “~And then we will gooo where dreams begin~”

“~I'll teach you how to flyyy~” Carla sings as she and Jerry circled around, hand-in-hand, “~And then we will gooo where dreams begin~”

“~It's a wonderful ride~” Sasha sings once more, “~As we scale the heights ~There's no better view~

“~Or place you've ever beeeen~”  Syrinx joins Sasha and Carla in harmonizing together.

Signs are clear with you

Where dreams begin

Again, the seven couples drape and climb upon individual posts and platforms about the stage as Belinda circled into place as Harold comes in around her, daintily holding her gloved hand as the music shifts again, while sky blue and white lights illuminated the two of them.

“~So this is loooove,~” Belinda sings, “~Mmhhmmhhmm ~So this, is looove~” Harold hums heartily with her.

“~So thIIIIISSs is what makes liiiiiife diviiinnne~” Harold sings along with her – his saxophone was out of tune at the last minute, so he had to leave it behind.


“~I'm all agloooow, Mmmmmm ~And now I know~”

“~Nooow I knoooww~” Belinda sings out

“~The key to all heaven is miiiine~” Both of them sing together as they danced, in a slow twirl.

“~My heart has wiiinnngs~” Belinda sings again, “~Mmhmmhhmm ~And I can flyyy~”

 “~I'll touch ev'ry star in the skyyy~” Harold chimes in, actually not doing all that bad for himself.

“~So this~” They sing in unison again, “~Is the miracle that I've been dreaming oooffff~!”



They whirled slowly back to each other, holding both hands in each one, “~So this ~Iiiiiis loooove~”

The music shifts once more, and the Disney couples join back together in the dance.

“~Everyone wants someone they call their own ~Love really holds the key~” Adam, Jamal, Nick, and Jerry sing in a male harmony for one moment.

“~So if you open your heart ~It will open your eyes ~It's not a mystery~” Syrinx sings with a complementary melody with Yuri’s violin.

“~You don't need a map ~To show the road that you're on~” Chloe sings, “~'Cause you already know the waaaay~”

“~(Already know the way)~” Belinda and Rajani chorused.

“~Directions appear ~You're getting ever so near~” Jerry sings, being joined by Jamal and Nick as they dance on, “~There's nothing else left to fear ~Don't delaaaayy~”

Once more, the music slows down to a different tune as Adam and Merrick waltz to the middle as Merrick begins to blow into his golden Ocalen, facing away from Adam as a red, blue, and green spot light circled around them.

“~I know yooouu~” Adam heartily sings to his fiancé, “~I walked with you once upon a dreeeaaam~” Merrick twirls as he delivers a dainty melody from his unique instrument. “~Iiii knooow yoooou ~That look in your eeeyyyees is so familiar a gleam~”

 “~And I know it's true ~That visions are seldomm aaall they seeeeem~” Adam twirls Merrick around playfully as they dance onward, “~But if I know you ~I know what you'll do~” Merrick spins into Adam’s arms, “~You'll love me at once ~The waaay you did once ~Upon a dreeeaaam~”

They parted as Merrick and Adam spun and waltzed to the climbing music.

“~Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-aah ohh ~Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-aah mmh, mmh-mmh, ohh-ohh~”

Still playing and turning the side knob with one hand, Merrick takes Adam’s hand before mounting his bejeweled instrument onto his hip.

“~But if I know you ~I know what you'll do~” Merrick stepped around, and brushed his back to Adam’s front, “~You'll love me at once ~The way you did once ~Upon a dream~”

Adam kisses Merrick’s cheek, before the music flows back to the original rhythm as the lights revert.

“~Just put your hand in miiinne~” Rajani sings out to the crowd.

“~And then we'll goooo ~Where dreams beginnn~”

“~I'll teach you how to fly~” Belinda takes a turn, “~And then we'll goooo ~Where dreams begin~”

“~It's a wonderful ride ~As we scale the heights ~There's no better view~”

“~Or place you've ever been~”

“~Signs are clear with you ~Where dreams begin~”

The lights turn wavy as white and aqua blue washes around the stage as Syrinx take their place onto the center stage. Kevin tries to avert his eyes on the crowd as he blows a fine tune from his gleaming brass harmonica.

“~What would I give~” Syrinx delicately sings as her profile faces Kevin’s backside, “~To live where you aaarre?”

She puts her hands to her chest, “~What would I pay~” She holds her hand up as Kevin swerves around, playing his small wind bar in his mouth, “~To stay here beside you? ~What would I do to see yooouuu ~Smiling at meeee?~”

Kevin smiles as he takes one hand into hers, and strolled in a graceful way beside her.

“~Where would we walk?~” They waltzed in a circle, “~Where would we run? ~If we could stay all day in the suuun~”

Kevin picks up Syrinx and spins her around, “~Just you and me ~And I could be
 ~Part of your wooorrrld~” She feels his cheek for just a moment as the last word lingered until her voice rises up boldly.

“~I don't know wheeeennn ~I don't know hooooww~!” Her beautiful voices reaches out to the building, “~But I know something's starting right nooooww~”

 As Syrinx sings out, Kevin puts his hands on her shoulders and looks up, “~Watch and you'll seeee ~Someday I'll beeeee ~Part of yoooouuuurrr woooorrrrld~!”

The couples get back into the rotation as the music kicks into a quick rocking rhythm as the male singers chorused the next lyrics.

“~Weee're in the place where dreams begin~”

“~This is the place all dreams begin~”

“~Weee're in the place~”

The females singers take the place from the males, “~Here dreams begin~”

“~The place for love to come on shining in~”

The music calms down from the quick procession to a deep and slow melody as bright yellow and white light shine down onto the center stage as Chloe and Rajani waft to the center.

“~Tale as old as tiiiime~” Rajani hymned as they bowed formally to each other, “~True as it can beeee~” They then join their hands up, with Chloe’s sharp red nails placing upon Rajani’s hip.

“~Barely even friends~” Chloe sings as they take long, wide steps around, “~Then somebody bends~” Chloe gently dips Rajani a few feet, before bringing her back up, “~Unexpectedlyyyyy~”

Chloe smiles as Rajani twirls to flash her elegant sari beautifully, “~Just a little change ~Small to say the least~”

“~Both a little scared~” Rajani sings, “~Neither one prepared~”

They danced slowly as they waltzed in an old fashioned style, “~Tale as old as time ~Tune as old as song~” Chloe sings gently as the others danced in their position.

 “~Bitterrrsweet and straaannge~” Rajani chimes in as they danced, “~Finding you can change~” She then feels gently along Chloe’s decorated face, “~Learning you were wrong~”

“~Tale as old as tiiime~” Both Chloe and Rajani sing at the same time, “Song as old as rhyyyme~” The face each other romantically, “~Beauty and the beeeaaasst~”

The music rocks back into the mix as the couples dance in, with various singers and players performing the song.

“~With hope in your heart ~You keep that star as your guide~”

“~You know that love can save the daayy~”

“~(Love can save the day)~”

“~The dreams that you hold ~See how they turn into gold~”

“~So let the story be told ~Right awaaayy~!”

Just when the song as about to hit its original climax, the music shifts again! This time, the lights show navy blue and yellow/orange as Jerry and Carla glide in, with Jerry sporting a cape that looks a lot like Carpet from Aladdin.

Jerry wraps them both for a moment as they began, “~I can show you the woorrld~” He sings heartily, “~Shining ~Shimmering ~Spleennndid~” He releases her as they danced to each other “~Tell me, princess ~Now when did you last let your heart decide~?”


“~I can open your eeeyyees~” Jerry puts his hands to her wrists as he moves behind her,
 “~Take you wonder by wonder~” They swerve and dance quickly as they moved, “~Over sideways and under on a magic carpet riiide~”

“~A whole neeew wooorrrld~” They sing that line together.

 “~A new fantastic point of viiieew~” Jerry continues, “~No one to tell us ‘No’ ~Or where to go ~Or say we're only dreaming~”

“~A whole neeeww wooorrld~” Carla sings up and loud with her strong voice, “~A dazzling place I never kneeww~” Carla holds her arms out as they danced in sync, as if she was feeling strong breezes all around her, “~Unbelievable siigghts ~Indescribable feeeeeling~” They swing dramatically as they sing in turns, “~Soaring ~Tumbling ~Freewheeling ~Through an endless diamond skyyy~”

“~A whole neeew wooorrld~” Jerry sings, “A dazzling place you’ve never knoowwn~”

“~I'm like a shooting star~” Carla sings, “~I've come so far ~I can’t go back to where I used to be~eeeee~!”

The group cycle one last time as Syrinx, Belinda, and Nick coo in song, “Oooooooh yeah yeah yeah~!”

“~Just put your hand in mine ~And then we'll gooo where dreams begin~”

“~I'll teach you how to flyyy ~And then we'll go where dreams begin~”

“~It's a wonderful ride ~As we scale the heights~”

“~There's no better view ~Or place you've ever been~”

“~Signs are clear with you~”

 “~Where dreams begin~!”

For the final time, the couples switch posts and platforms as the last couple appeared at the stage. Calming, melancholy music started to play as Jamal and Nick are highlighted by green and blue lights. Nick carries a spear as Jamal walks purposely to and around him.

“~If I neveerr knew you~” Jamal sings, his voice splaying out in a R/B sound, “~If I never felt this love ~I would have no inkling of how precious life can beee~eee~”

“~And if I never knew you~” Nick sings back as he moves his long spear like a deliberate baton, “~I would never have a cluuee ~How at last I'd find in you ~The missing part of meee~”

“~III~IIn this wooorld…  ~So full of fear~” Jamal passionately serenaded, “~Full of rage and liii~ieees~”

“~I can see the truth so clear~” Nick sings as they lay one hand over each other flat on the other, “~In your eyes. ~So dry your eyes~”

“~And I'm so grateful toooo yooo~uuu~” Jamal deeply sings, “~I'd have lived my whole life throoouuugh~”

“~Lost forever~” Nick sings as he draws the spear along the floor, “~If I never knew you~”

They circles around each other, before stepping up to each other once more, “~Lost forever~” Jamal finishes, “~If I never knew yoouu~”

The music rears up again as they start the end of the song, all of them taking their turns for the lyrics.

“~Just put your hand in mine~”

“~And then we'll go where dreams begin~”

“~I'll teach you how to fly~”

“~And then we'll go where dreams begin~”

The princes and princesses converge one more time, before coming to the final words

“~Just put your hand in mine~”

“~And then we'll go where dreams begin~”

“~I'll teach you how to fly~”

“~And then we'll go where dreams begin~”

“~Where dreams begiiiiinnn~!”

“~Some daayyy, my Prince will cooomme~!”

“~So this is LOOoovve~!”

“~Once upon a dreeaam~!”

“~Part of your woOORRLd~!”

“~Beauty and the beeaaasst~!”

“~A whole new woorrrllld~!”

“~If I never knew yoouuu~!”

The music ends as they all take their respective poses in just one second, and the audience applauds. The crowd claps as they line up and take each others hands in a long line. Raising their joined hands up, they take a single bow, just before the heavy curtain descends down in front of them.


“Oh God, I am so hot right now!” Chloe whines as she nearly yanks her horns off, “I need a hot bath after that.”

“Shit, my heart’s still pounding…” Kevin panted as he held his chest, “How do you people cope?”

“You get used to it,” Belinda said, “I never really notice them at all.”

“I’m still wired,” Merrick said as he took off his gold circlet, “I’m gonna go to your parents and see what’s up.”

“Ok, babe.” Adam kissed him before they go.

“Later, Choo Choo Tranny.” Chloe waved off. Carla dropped her shoulders in aggravation.

“Aaaaand there it is. ‘Swear, I’mma scratch that bitch’s eyes out…” Carla said, “Oh hey, Adam, can I talk to you fo a minute?”

“Oh, sure.” Adam took off his red cape, and followed the co-manager from the others to a more private position, “So what’s up.”

“Ok, you need to do something about cho fangirl, aight?” Carla said with her sassy posture to him. Adam sighs as his own shoulders drooped.

“Why, what did she do now?”

“She was banging on my door for 20 minutes, telling me she gotta be your dance partner in the show.”

“She didn’t.” Adam said with exasperation.

“Yeah, I kept tellin her no, but she wouldn’t take it.” Carla winces, “The way she was ranting it was like I was kidnapping her dog or something. I had to call security to remove her for the night.”

“Ah wait, isn’t that a little excessive?” Adam asked.

“So is almost breakin the freakin door knob.” Carla replied, “As one of your bosses, I’m gonna have to ask you to have a talk wit her.”

“I did. Several times, she doesn’t listen.”

“Well, deal with it however you need, cause she was getting on my last nerve in 5 minutes.”

Adam sighed, and scratched his hair, “Ok, I’ll see what I can do.”

“Alright, baby, see you later.”


“Wow, you too were amazing!” Donna said, “And you only had a couple of nights to rehearse?”

“Yeah, it really wasn’t hard to get with the program,” Merrick said.

“What kind of instrument is that anyway?” Luther said as Merrick held up his small gold instrument, “I’ve never seen anything like it. I didn’t know you play. It kinda looks like that flute thing from one of those Pokemon movies Adam used to watch.

“It’s called an Ocalen. Simply put, it’s just our version of instruments. This right here is a replica, while other ones are usually made out of seashells, driftwood, stones, or any other materials we can find, as long as it can make music.”

“Where’d you learn to play like that?”

“My Father. He had one just like this, and I made it few years ago to serenade Adam since I can’t sing.”

“Wait, hang on,” Donna said, “You can make beautiful music with that thing, and you CAN’T sing?”

“Yes.” Merrick answered. He gets the feeling that Donna is going to try and overly rationalize things and try to suggest something is supposed to be or supposed to happen. Always so annoying. He does not know how Luther and Adam put up with her constant analyses.

“Where is Adam anyway?” Arnaav asked as he looked around the club, “He should have some of this food, he might be tired.”


Adam paces around his dressing room, shirtless as he lets his body air out. It’s surprising how one could sweat so much in a musical performance. Then again, the air conditioner has been busted for about a week.

He looks to the door, expecting Jessica to start knocking any minute. Her behavior is really getting out of hand. He’s told her in the past that he’s gay, but she never believe him. She keeps saying he’s just going through a phase, almost as if she’s mocking him.

Ultimately, Adam is too polite for his own good. He can’t bring himself to tell Jessica to just fuck off, no matter how much she belittles his sexuality and invades his personal space.

He takes a long, deep sigh, “I’ve had enough then…” He picks up his iPhone, and dials a number, and put it to his ear.

“… Hey, Erin, it’s Adam…” He smiles, “I’m doing great. It’s humid as hell over here, just did a dance number at the local night club a few minutes ago, and I already need a shower.”

Adam sits down and kicks back, “Yeah, I still perform there… Yeah, he’s doing great too – actually just proposed to him a few days ago – he said ‘Yes’, by the way – hands down, the best night of my life… Thank you very much, keep an eye out for your invitation…” Adam leans forward, “No, no, he’d be fine with you coming, it was years ago, he’s over it – he’s recently had some VERY thorough spiritual healing from his mother… Yeah, it’s a mermaid thing, it’s complicated.”

“Hey, so, the reason why I called is that I need a favor…”



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