Aquata Cove

Chapter 70: Easter Morning

“Shhh…” Comes a low tone in the night, “I think he’s asleep…”

There came a pause, before Arnaav turns in the couch, groaning cutely in the big, fluffy blanket.

“Ok, he’s fine…” Whispered someone else, “He’s usually a deep sleeper.”

“Alright, careful…” Rustling sounds of plastic can be heard as they creep around in the dark.


“AH-” Someone moans and whines loudly in pain in a very strained effort to keep quiet.

“What happened??”

“Fuckin stubbed my toe, dammit!” Someone moaned with furious agony.

“Walk it off before you wake him.”

“I can’t walk it off, mah foot’s fuckin crushed!”


“Gah, dammit.”

“And me the box of Faberge eggs.” She whispered a small, bright light clicked on.


“Mmm…” Arnaav stirs in his sleep, slowing coming too as he can make out the morning light in the dwelling. He lets go of his big mochi plush doll, and rustles in his blanket. It’s been almost a week now since he’s first come here. He feels fine right now, but he can tell he’s getting more sluggish in the mornings.

The boy sniffs the air as he detects several appetizing scents. His tummy growls as he rubs his eyes and peers out.

Arnaav gasps as he sees the house decorated all around! Strings of bright color are hung and drapped around the corners of the room, colors of pink, yellow, blue, and green. Shiny spirals with big thin flowers attached are nailed up on the ceiling. Adorable, happy knick-knacks of long-eared animals and small, fuzzy yellow birds are perched where other possessions were put, as well as many elaborate, beautiful, elegant jeweled eggs strategically placed around the house.

He pushes out of the bedding, and sees several large objects placed on the table – five baskets wrapped in whimsical shapes and plastic, arranged in alignment on the coffee table.

Arnaav picks up the large shirt on the floor, and slips it on before climbing off of the couch, to walks to the kitchen to see the female human, and the dark-skinned human creating food in there, as well as tanner human placing utensils and large discs onto the big round table, and Merrick is opening a couple of cans of food for a patient dog and cat.

“What’s going on?” The boy asked up. Yuri looks and smiles at him.

“Oh, good morning, Arnaav!” She greets warmly.

“Happy Easter, lil man!” Jamal says with a plateful of bacon, and ruffling the kid’s hair.

“Happy… Wha??” Arnaav asks, once again confused out of his little mind. How did the house change so much in so little time?

“Humans have a lot of festivals and celebrations, see” Adam answered, “Called ‘Holidays’. This one is called Easter. This is where we’re celebrating the beginning of the warmer times of the world – where plants get bright and bloom all over and as they get ready for another year for new hopes!” Adam says, but feels awkward when all is met is an estranged look from the kid.

“Yeah, you don’t have to get it,” Merrick says as he gets up while Sally glomps on her bowl and Roxas starts deftly licking his fancy feast, “Humans just like to throw a lot of gatherings and givings.”

“Ooooook?” Arnaav is still confused, but if Merrick says it’s fine…

“Come on up, Kiddo,” Adam takes him, and helps him up on one of the chairs, “Breakfast is just about ready.” Yuri comes in with the waffles and a gravy boat full of strawberry marmalade.

As Arnaav looks about the table loaded with food, and everyone coming up to the table, he really takes notice and how alien the human world is. It doesn’t necessarily scare him, but compared to life as merfolk, humans in comparison seem so… Busy. So much developed, lifestyles so intricate, even how they feed has been made into such a complicated system instead of just hunting prey and eating it on the spot.

They even put items and things all over the dwelling in a sort of imaginative array to feel different, that they’d be capable of having so much to own and set-up at all. Just like in that strange visual story these humans showed him about a partially humanized mermaid with long red hair in her hiding spot filled with human items.

Everything just entices him and leaves him starving for more views. Arnaav growls with hunger as a large, circular, grid-like yellow mat is put onto his plate, with a glob of strawberry chunk-sauce lathered on it before a loud hushing sound tops a frill of white cream, and a few strips of what he suspects is meat on the side, and a couple of white pads with bright yellow globes in the middle.

Looking at everything here, and everything he has seen in the society on the docks, merfolk can gain so much more. If they only knew what they can have, to indulge, if just once, to take one moment to have more joy than the ocean would ever allow.

As soon as he was served, Arnaav sinks his teeth into the waffle. “HANGH! Anngghh, hanngghh!” He slurps with abandon as he devours his meal ravenously.

“We have GOT to teach him how to use forks…” Yuri commented as the boy tucks in, honestly feeling a little disgusted.


“Gnng, gnng, gnng…” Arnaav tips the glass to his mouth as the milk washes down his throat before he drains the glass, “Ahhhh!”

“Ah gawd, I’m full.” Jamal groans as he kicks back, and sitting up when Sally props her paws on his lap, “Here you go girl,” He moves a half eaten sausage to the golden retriever, which is snatched right up in a second.

“Oh lord,” Yuri rolls her eyes, “You two eat the same, I swear, and now Arnaav too.”

“Hm?” Arnaav looks up curiously.

“Aight, shuddup, Yuri!”

“Adam, does Yuri hate Jamal?” Arnaav asked as Merrick picked up his dish, “They seem to fight a lot.”

“Haha, trust me,” Adam said as he scoots his chair back, “THAT is not fighting. And no, she doesn’t hate him, she just doesn’t care for the dog.”

“The dog?” Arnaav turns as he watches the gold-colored canine chomps on the scraps on the floor, “Why not?”

“Well, Yuri’s had some bad experience with dogs, for starters,” Adam indicated, “And like me and Merrick, she’s more of a cat person. Up until a year or so ago, she would not let Jamal have a dog.”

“What changed?”

“On Jamal’s birthday one time, his boyfriend… Uh, mate, I mean, got him a puppy – that’s what we call a baby dog.”

“Yeah.” Yuri said as she picks up a discarded dish on the table, “Yuri was NOT pleased with that.” She leered before returning to the kitchen.

“Yeah, and Jamal’s mate didn’t know about Yuri’s policy. But the puppy was a gift, he couldn’t just take a living animal back to the store. And besides that, Cats and Dogs are usually two kinds of animals that get very violent when they’re near each other.”

“Violent?” Arnaav looks to Sally, who is now licking the plate clean, and then to Roxas, who is grooming himself under the sunlight of the window, “They don’t look so angry to me.”

“When puppies are around cats, they tend to mellow out around them. Thing is…” Adam leaned in to whisper in Arnaav’s ear, “Yuri has always disagreed with that, and she’s bitter about it because she was wrong.”

“Damare, imaimashī baka!” Yuri calls as a leftover slice of toast comes spinning across the dinning area, and hits Adam’s head.

“Gah, dang it,” Adam takes the toast, and puts it on the table, shaking his head, “So yeah, bitter grapes on that department.”

They clean up the rest of the dishes, and gather to the living room, “So, what are these?” Arnaav asked as they came to the couch.

“Easter Baskets.” Yuri answered, “Depending on what holiday we’re celebrating, we get each other gifts. Nothing too much, just something amusing and fun.”

“Wait…” Arnaav looks up with a remorseful look, “I didn’t know anything about this… I didn’t get you anything… W-What happens now??”

“Yes you did,” Merrick said, “Remember when we went to… It’s ok, they’ll find out.” Merrick helps Arnaav sit onto the couch, and sets one of the baskets onto his lap. The boy looks in awe at the bright wrapping, and looks to see Merrick’s fingers untie the top of the basket, until it was loose and good to open.

“Then we just dig in,” Adam said, before pausing as the basket on his lap shifted, “Um… Mine is moving.”

Merrick grinned, “Open it then.” Adam unties his basket, and pulls out at the wrap, and then hearing a high-pitched squeal.

“Oh no you didn’t!” Adam smiles as he yanks at the plastic, and then gasps as he sees a beaming white, fuzzy critter crawling in the midst of trinkets and candy, “Ohhh my God!!”

“Eeeerr” The tiny kitten mews as its sky-blue eyes look at Adam as he tenderly picked it up.

“Oh my gosh, he’s so adorable~!” Adam coos as he holds the little feline as it practically rattles as he rubs his fingers into its soft fur.

“His name’s Skyler,” Merrick said as he came beside him, “I snuck him into your basket when you went to the bathroom. He’s a Flame-Point cat. See the orangish-gold coloration on his ears, face, and tail?”

“Hi, Sky-Sky~” Adam says to the cute kitten, giddy with happiness as Skyler puts both his tiny paws around Adam’s finger and nips a little on him. Sally comes up, and sniffs at the fuzzball in Adam’s hand.

“Saaalls,” Jamal calls firmly, “You be nice, girl.”

“It’s ok, I can tell her to back off if she gets any ideas.” Merrick said.

“Thank you babe!” Adam hugs his boyfriend with one arm while placing Skyler back onto the basket. The little kitty climbs out, and starts to traverse the house, “Oh, damn, there he goes-”

“It’s ok, I got this,” Merrick said. He sent a few strange noises, that catches the attention of Roxas from the dining area, before the feline stands up, and stares at Merrick. After a pause, Roxas trots over to the kitten, and watches over him. Merrick then shifted his focus to Sally, and performed a few strategic clicks and sonic-like growls, before the dog lost interest in the kitten.

“Oooooh…” Arnaav’s eyes beam and twinkle as he sees an array of sparkling, colorful crystals in his basket, all of them emanating a sweet aroma.

“Have I ever told you how awesome it is that you can talk to animals?” Yuri said as the boy’s head and shoulders disappear into his basket.

“Oh, I don’t talk to animals,” Merrick responded as he shook his head, “I just signal them. I send sounds that suggest something I want them to do, and if it’s not too much trouble, they help me. Mermaids do the same thing with water and wind using their singing.”

“Ohhh,” Jamal nodded, “Like Aquaman, right?” Merrick gives him a strange look.

“What in the world is an ‘Aquaman’?”

“He’s a superhero that talks to fish,” Adam said before he glances to his basket, “Oh my gosh, these cat toys are so cute~!” He says as he shifts through the various, feathered items, “Ooh, sweet!” He said as he pulls up at a few neat knick-knacks.

“Hahah, dayum!” Jamal said as he picks up a chocolate bunny filled with peanut butter. “Aw, cool!” He says as he sees a pair of very potent sporting equipment. “OOOOOOh, here we go!” Jamal says as he plucks out a couple of gift cards, “Now THAT’S what I’m talkin bout!” The cards are for Lovers, Big 5, and several other establishments, since he’s so hard to shop for other than elaborate sex toys.

“Seriously, though,” Yuri remarked to Jamal, “Would it kill you to make a wishlist? I keep wanting to get you something ”

“C’mon, girl. You know I don’t like guessing games, I rather get mah own shit, ya know?” He takes the gift cards together in a single stack.

“It just feels so lazy and cheap!” Yuri responds.

“How do you think I like it~?” Jamal smirks.

“Ugh, you’re sick!” Yuri throws a pillow right at him, before digging into her basket, “Oh my God!” Yuri said as she pulls out a rectangular box with chibi Fairy Tail spirits on it, “Fairy Tail?! Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, what is it??” She opens the flap, and gasps as she sees a set of 12 golden keys designed symmetrically, with the symbol for the Western Zodiac on each one, “The Celestial Gate Keys?!”

“Yeah,” Adam said with a grin, “And those are the authentic replicas – not the inaccurate copies you’d usually find anywhere.”

“Oh my God, this is awesome!” Yuri picks up one of the keys, and stands up, holding the key outward; “I call upon thee, in the world of the Celestial Spirits!” She turns herself towards Merrick “I beckon you to my side at once!” She raises the key straight up, “Pass through the gate!”

“Huh?” Merrick quirks his head

“Open, Gate of the Water Bearer!” She brandishes the gold key in a swipe, and points it directly at the merman, “Aquarius!”

“Uhhh…” He turns to Adam and Jamal, “Is she placing a human curse on me or something?”

“Ahahaha, no, man!” Jamal laughs, “Yuri, you such a nerd!”

“Shut up, Taurus!” Yuri shouted as she points another golden key at him, one with an axe blade on one end, and a bull skull on the other end.

“It’s from that anime we watched last time,” Adam said, “Fairy Tail, remember? One of the characters uses magic keys to call these whacky spirits. Aquarius happens to be a mermaid in that show. You know, the bitchy blue one with a fancy urn that makes powerful waves of water.”

“Correct, Libra.” Yuri said pleasantly as she now holds up the key with a heavenly cloud design at the top, and a horseshoe at the end of it.

“Oh, pfff!” Merrick smirks as he looks at Yuri, “Well thanks a lot! I wear a dress ONE time, and all of a sudden I’m a female!”

“Oh, please,” Yuri snickers as she puts the key back into the case, “You’re more feminine than ME sometimes!”

“Pssssh!” Merrick flourishes his spine a little, and waves his hand to a limp-wrist, “Bitch, please~! I am like, manly as shit, betch~!” Yuri snickers at him as his voice gets all effeminate, “I am like, soooo man-like, that I wear all pink on Saturday nights while I jump and like the pole like a sugar dust fairy~”

Arnaav’s head rises up as his teeth chews on a rubber ball on a rubber string, “Hahaha, Arnaav, here,” Merrick says as he comes over, and takes the ball out of his mouth, “Not everything in the basket is edible. Some of these are toys, see?” Merrick takes the paddle, and starts bouncing the ball about.

“Ohhhh, ok!” Arnaav takes the paddle, and giggles as he pounds it skillfully.

“Ok, so lets see…” Merrick shifts through his basket, and pulls out a few long, light-colored satin sashes from his bundle of goodies, “Ooh, soft~!” He commented as he feels at them, and then realizes that he can slip his hand through a loop within the fabric, “Oh, cool.”

“Oh brother,” Yuri rolled her eyes.


“I’ll…” Adam chuckles as he paws at Merrick’s shoulder, “Explain tonight, babe~” Adam leans in to kiss Merrick’s cheek.

Jamal looks further into his basket, and raises his brow as he picks up a three-pronged knuckle object made of at least five spiral horn shells, painted in metallic red and adorned with red and gold glitter, “Aw tight! This is fancy,” He remarks as he turns it around and puts his fingers through the holes.

“I made that!” Arnaav squeaked up, “Me and Merrick made a bunch of them a few suns ago.”

“Ah hey, I got one too,” Adam says as he picks up a sparkly green array of small scallop shells to form what looks like a leaf breeze. “Wow, these are neat.” He notes the string attached and worked along the shells, and so then works to equip the artistic amulet.

“Oh my gosh, this is darling!” Yuri says as she picks up a twinkling purple tiara of small shells and white fake diamonds.

“This is what I meant, see,” Merrick said to the boy, “I knew you don’t know how to buy things with human stuff, that’s why I took you to look for shells that time.”

“You said they were to be gifts for them,” Arnaav said, “I still don’t understand why we had to wait until now to give them.”

“Hahaha, I know, it’s complicated.”

“Huuh huuh! Huuh, huuh!” Jamal pretends to box as he punches the air with his dazzling red shell knuckles.

“And you call ME a freakin nerd,” Yuri snorts at Jamal, “You’re one of the biggest dorks I ever met. Literally.”

“Shut it, Yuri,” Jamal said without looking at her, “I’s in the zone. HUUH!”


“Hm…” Arnaav looks at himself after Merrick had dressed him, “These sails look different than the ones I wore before.”

“Yeah, humans tend to keep an array of different clothing on hand.” Merrick says as he pulls on a nice white and yellow polo shirt.

“Does this mean we’re going somewhere?” Arnaav asked.

“Yeah, we’re going to this place where other humans like to gather and hunt Easter Eggs.”

“Hunt eggs?” Arnaav quirked his head curiously, “Why would you want to hunt eggs? They don’t move or live, so where’s the use? We don’t even EAT eggs.”

Merrick snickered, “We did this morning.”


“Anyway,” Merrick continued, “These eggs in particular, are small ones. About this size,” Merrick held his thumb and index finger up to estimate a size, “And-”

“Merrick,” Adam looks in, knocking on the doorframe, “You two ready?”

“Yep, we’re good. Come on, I’ll explain more in the car.” Merrick takes Arnaav’s hand, and they strolled outside of the house, where they entered into Jamal’s car. Yuri clicks her seatbelt on the passenger’s seat, while Merrick sat the boy in the middle of the backseat, and Adam came in on the other side. Within a minute, the vehicle pulls out, and drives away.

“So anyway,” Merrick continued, “We’re not ‘Hunting’ eggs, per say. We just go out to find them, and collect as many as we can. And they’re all colorful and decorative, and they’re easy to find if you know how and where to look.”

“Sounds like fun!” Arnaav smiles as he bounces in his seat.

“Also, there’s two types of Easter Eggs,” Adam said, “Ones are solid, and a little heavy. And others are light and hallow. Those are the ones with money or small prizes inside.”

“Ook?” Arnaav blinks in awkward again.

“He’s not gonna need the money, Adam.” Merrick said.

“Well, you never know, he can teach him about what he can use it for.”

“I suppose…”


They drive for almost an hour to Winston Hill, where the Easter Extravaganza is to take place.  They park on a grand, wide grassy field, and emerge. Arnaav looks in awe at the many humans running about, some with their faces colored and decorated, most of them carrying baskets similar to the ones they opened back at the house. He sees a rather large, white, long-eared, humanoid creature waving and strolling about, waving to the many random people while holding a basket full of jumbo-sized plastic eggs.

“Ah shyit.” Jamal said.


“They’s yo ex bo, Yuri.” He pointed out, seeing Ryo and his little sister walk about.

“Ugh. Really? Here, of all places?” Yuri grumbled.

“You two still haven’t made up?” Merrick asked.

“No, I told you, we’re done. He was just a childhood crush, but he turned out to be a needy, paranoid, worst-assuming jerk.” Yuri took the boy’s hand, and walked him away, “Lets just have fun, and pretend he’s not here.”

“Usually do.” Adam said as he held Merrick’s hand and walked with him and kissed him on the cheek.

“Wh-Wha?!” Arnaav takes a double look. He could’ve sworn… It’s not important. “Huh?” Now something catches his eye on the grass. He squats down, to see a small item – an amulet of small, colorful jewels. Three small jewels in the middle in an oval formation with two thin curved lines sprouting from the round part of the center jewels, and with four elegant, petal-like attachments on either side. Upon further inspection, Arnaav sees that there are long, teeth-like prongs underneath the pretty piece.

He looks up, and meeps as he sees the others ahead of him. Arnaav tucks the butterfly trinket into his pocket, and runs up to Yuri, taking her hand as they walk.

“Hey, where’s Nick, anyway?” Yuri asked Jamal, “I’m surprised he isn’t here running around with an Easter Egg thong, cottontail, and bunny ears.” She remarked with an attitude.

“He doin his own thing with his family; they’s volunteering at the Tulip Farm this time.”

“Ooohhhhh, the Tulip Farm!” Yuri cooed, “We’re going there after this place! I wanna line the car with tulips!”

“Hahaha, sounds like a plan.”


“Wow, what’s all this??” Arnaav beamed at a tented area where people are dunking and painting small, oval-round objects.

“Those are the eggs you’ll be finding. See? These eggs in particular come from a bird called a ‘Chicken’.” Yuri answered as she showed him one of the big bowl with a mound of the white eggs, “People like to decorate eggs on Easter, and hide them to find.”

Arnaav sniffs the area, “It smells so weird here.”

“That would be the vinegar. That’s the stuff that makes eggs stay colored,” She takes him around, and shows him a fenced area, with a big banner on top of the gateway labeled in decorative letters reading – “EGG HUNT”. The place is like a small forest with various trees and obstacles, and many colored eggs placed in random places, with a few humans running around, and plucking them up, “And when there’s enough eggs colored, those people over there,” She points out the fancifully dressed volunteer – one dressed in neat white and blue clothing and rabbit ears, and the other dressed in bright yellow and pink and a plastic beak on the nose, “They hide all the eggs everyone makes in between hunts.”

“I still don’t understand it…” Arnaav said. Yuri smiles and picks up a couple of baskets.

“It’s ok, you’ll get the jist of it. I just need to sign us up for the next hunt.”



“Oh my God, hi Merrick!”

Merrick turns from his blue and purple egg with a Celtic design, and smiles as he sees Syrinx in a lovely green dress, and Kevin standing beside her in a formal polo shirt and cargo pants, along with a little girl in pink Sunday dress.

“Oh gosh, hi!” Merrick puts down his egg and thin brush, and gets up to greet them. Arnaav looks up from his red and silver egg to see the fellow Amnien. He gasps with glee as he puts his utensils down, and rushes away from his seat next to Yuri.

“Syrinx!” Arnaav sprints over to her, nearly tripping by the time he reaches her.

“Oh my God, Arnaav!” Syrinx picks him right up and hugs the boy, “God, I can’t believe you guys are here!” She takes a look at the humanized otter, smiling brightly, “My God, you look so different! You’re so cute and handsome!”

“Fancy seeing you here,” Merrick says, smiling, before looking at the little lady between them, “Oh, who’s this?”

“Ah, this my niece,” Kevin said, “My Aunt and Uncle are still parking the car with my parents. She’s really shy.”

“Hey there,” Merrick squats down to smile at the very young girl, “My name’s Merrick. What’s your name?” The girl shrinks away, and stands by Syrinx closer.

 “Awww, I think she just needs to see you welcomed, buddy!” Kevin says with his long, skinny arms holding open, “C’mere, bro!”

“Wait, Kevin, no!” Merrick stands up and backs away by a step, but the taller man hugs him tight, and lifts him up, “OW! AH! Put me down, Kevin!” Merrick ranted as he flails about.

“Quit spazzing, man!” Kevin said as he walks around with a squirming blonde in his thin but strong arms.

“Cut it out! You’re snapping my spine!” Merrick demanded. Syrinx laughs out while holding Arnaav, who is also giggling at Merrick’s predicament, “Syrinx! Tell him to stop!”

“Stop what?” She taunted.

“Gaaahh, I’m gonna kill yooouu!!” Merrick growled out loud. Adam turns from his own egg, and smirks as he sees Kevin hoisting his boyfriend.

“Hup!” Kevin ducks a little, and maneuvers Merrick over his shoulders.

“Hey! Stop it!!” Merrick demanded as he continues to kick about and pounds at Kevin’s back.

“Free spanks!” Kevin called out, “Free spanks! Get him while it’s hot!”

“SYRINX! Would you tell him to put me down?!” Merrick shouted, fighting not to crack a smile himself, lest he admit defeat. Syrinx is too busy laughing as Kevin struts about in a circle, patting Merrick’s bottom as he calls out.

“Free spanks! Get’em while he’s free!”


Adam laughs as he gives the jean-glad rump a hard smack.

“Gaahh! Stop it!!” Merrick flails more.

“Aw, c’mon, man, be a sport!” Jamal teased as he gives Merrick a couple of hard slaps.

“Hahaha,” Even Yuri gives a quick slap, “Ok, Kevin, lets put him down now.”

“Awww, fine!” Kevin snickers as he slings Merrick down, “You’re turn, Yuri!”

“What no, EEEHHH!” Yuri screams as she turns, but Kevin already gives her a hug that lifts her off the grass by several feet. He puts her down after a couple of seconds of her screaming mixed with laughing, “Adam next! Get him here!” Yuri said after grabbing Adam’s arm, and yanking him over to the tall, thin Kevin.

“Oh shit, no!!” Adam tries to run away.

“No escape, bro!” Kevin catches Adam, and squeezes him harshly as he slings him over his left shoulder, “Yeah, you like that??” Kevin laughs out.

“Ok! You had your fun! Let me down now!” Adam grunts as he then feels about 5 sudden spanks bite his ass.

“NNNH! There!” Merrick says as he swats Adam’s rump. Jamal laughs out loud as he also wales on Adam’s behind before Kevin puts him down.

“Me next! Me next!” Arnaav yelped as he reaches out with grabby hands.

“Awww, sure little buddy,” Kevin takes the boy from Syrinx’s arms, and squeezes him too, patting the kid’s back playfully. Arnaav hugs him as tight as he can, before Kevin gives him back to Syrinx.

“Aight, c’mere, dawg!” Jamal opens his arms, “Lemme show ya how a REAL man hugs!”

“Sure thing, Cocoa.” Kevin smirks. Jamal and Kevin embrace harshly, before Kevin’s sandaled feet leave the ground, “Ah! H-Hoh shit!” He laughs hesitantly as Jamal manhandles him, and swings him about onto his back.

“WOOOOO!” Jamal hollered out as he swung the walking growth-spurt around.

“Wow, where’s he get that energy?” Syrinx asked.

“The amount of energy he puts in his sexlife can power Los Vegas for a whole year,” Yuri snidely answers while Syrinx covers her mouth to suppress a storm of laughs, “This is nothing.”

Syrinx calms herself quickly as she hitches up the boy in her arms, while Kevin picks up his little niece. “So Arnaav, how’re you liking the human world?”

“There’s everything everywhere!” Arnaav answers with awe, “It’s almost too much for me to handle! But it’s so fun for so much!”

“Sounds great! Looks like you’re gonna need to come to the land as often as you can.”

“Speaking of which,” Merrick says, “When are you and Kevin gonna come by OUR place? It’s a really great dig.”

“Merrick, it’s a like, a 3-hour drive from our place to yours.” Syrinx answered, “We haven’t found the time yet.”

“Oh yeah right, what if I told you we just had a Jacuzzi installed a few days ago?”

“Oh really?” Kevin raises his brows.

“Yeah, my grandparents own the house,” Adam answered, “And they came to visit a couple of months ago, and my grampa was complaining how the glass shower we have doesn’t make for a big enough bathtub, so he arranged for a part of the house to be reconstructed to have a hot tub to soak his bad back in.”

“I thought you were an ice queen, Merrick.” Syrinx teased as she stuck her tongue out, “Won’t you melt~?”

“Only if Adam gets too close to me~” Merrick says as he backs up and drapes Adam’s arms over his shoulders, “By the way, how’s that bracelet holding up?” Merrick asked as he looked at the deep red and pink braid around Syrinx’s wrist, laced with decorative beads, “Atarah mentioned that it was a little more complicated than my scales or Deilan’s fins.

“Yeah, it works great!” Syrinx says as she showed a spot on the bracelet where the strands of its form are transparent, “Still kinda feels weird to wear my own hair as an accessory. Speaking of which~” She ruffles her hand into Arnaav’s own patch of brown hair, “When are YOU gonna get your Water Guard~?”

“Huh?” Arnaav tilts his head, “What’s a Water Guard?”

“Atarah, the Forbidden Ancient, is a spirit of a river a long ways from here,” Merrick says, “She’s always experimenting with all types of substances and working her magic. She was the very first Noita in our history.”

“Oh yeah! I remember what you said about her!” Arnaav asked with wonder. “She’s the one discovered a way to allow merfolk to be remain human in the water, right?”

“That’s right. I use a scale,” Merrick plucked up a small, shiny blue disc, “And Syrinx uses a lock of her hair. We just call them ‘Water Guards’.”

“Ssss, ow,” Yuri hissed as if she was in pain, “You yank off your own scales?? Doesn’t that hurt?”

“Not really,” Merrick answered, “It just feels like plucking out a strand of hair.”

“Well, maybe we can set up a tent if and when we come over to your place,” Syrinx said, “Kevin’s been waiting for an excuse to go camping.”

“Pfff. Oh yeah.” Kevin scoffed, “Nothin says, ‘The Great Outdoors’ like camping at a friend’s backyard.” He looked, and raised and waved his long arm, “Oh hey, here comes my folks.”

“Ah, ok,” Syrinx gives Arnaav one last hug, before putting him down, “Was great seeing you all, and Happy Easter!”

“You too!” Adam called as Syrinx, Kevin, and his niece went away.

Arnaav turned around, and gasped for a moment. He saw something, but it’s gone. His heart is… Pounding… What just happened? He was just looking at the mass of humans, but suddenly, he feels very anxious…

“… Hm?” Yuri turned around, and spotted the boy frozen, looking about at the many Spring-related activites, as if he was looking for something, “Arnaav?” She walks back over to him, and squats down, “You ok, sweetie?”

“I-I, wha- huh?” He snaps out of it, and turns his attention to her.

“What’s wrong? You look startled.”

“I-I don’t know… I just- I’m fine… I’m ok…”

“You sure?” Yuri put a hand to his forehead, and then pressed a couple of fingers to his neck, “Your heart is racing, are you sure you’re alright??”

“I-I’m fine!” Arnaav gently pushes her hands away, “C-Can we go back to the eggs now?”

“Alright… Just let me know if you feel ill. I’m a doctor in training, ok?”



“Alright, so here are the rules,” Announced an Easter-dressed person at the gate of the Egg Hunt area, “No shoving or hitting, no stealing eggs, if you get in a scuffle you will be asked to leave the hunt.”

“So, what is it that I’m supposed to do?” Arnaav whispered to Yuri.

“You just get as many eggs as you can,” Yuri said, “You’re not allowed to take someone else’s, and if it looks like someone is about to pick up an egg, you leave them alone. You’ll get the hang of it.”


“Now there are two kinds of eggs!” The yellow chick-dressed person continued, holding up a cutely decorated hardboilded eggs, “REAL eggs, that all of you so beautifully colored for everyone in the hunt. AND the PLASTIC eggs!” He holds up a shiny, hollow egg, “These ones have money or small toys and prizes!”

“So please have fun and do your best!” Said the bunny person as she opens up the flowered gates to the tree area, where lots of eggs are hidden all over the place.

“Ready?” The bunny says as they both raised their arms.

“GO!” The chick said as they throw their arms down. The people and children run into the area with their baskets in a mad dash to find their bounty.

For some of the more adult-ish people coming in, they standby and watch over some of the younger players scrambling for the eggs, including Yuri and Jamal, while Adam, Merrick, and Arnaav go running here and there.

“Hah!” Merrick snatched up an egg tucked onto a branch, “Huh… I think Jamal designed this one…” He puts the egg in his basket, and runs forth.

“Ooh, silver!” Adam says as he picks up a plastic egg, and puts it into his basket. He keeps remembering that he needs to hold back and slow down to let some of the kids have fun.

Arnaav pants and laughs as he picks an egg up from a fence post, and sprints away, his basket already half full and getting slightly heavy.

Moments later, Merrick trots up to Yuri and Jamal, hanging out on the side-lines, “Had enough?” Yuri asked with a smile.

“Not at all,” Merrick shook his head, before turning, “But Adam told me not to get too into the game. Something about having to be sensitive with the kids and letting THEM have all the fun. Dammit.”

“Ya realize that this is mostly fo kids, right?” Jamal asked.

“Yeah, same thing Yuri and Chloe said about Trick-Or-Treating, but I still wanna dress up all weird and get free candy.” Merrick argued.

“Hm!” Arnaav puts a dotted, zigzagged egg into his basket, and looks to one of many beds of flowers. He gasps as his sharp Triton eyes lock onto a golden shine within small field of tulips, “MINE!”

The boy dashes forth, almost tripping as the gold practically yanks him forward like a magnet. He skids down, reaching for the golden egg like Harry Potter after a Golden Snitch, when he sees someone else park on the opposite of the flowers. He looks up and gasps as he stops shot of snatching the egg.

A girl is on the other side of the flower bed, wearing an elegant pink with white butterflies printed kimono with her black hair reaching to barely touch her shoulders, holding her own little basket of eggs. Her narrow, slanted eyes look at Arnaav curiously – eyes just like Yuri has.

Arnaav’s chest feels wild as he looks at her, trembling as he looks at her. A solid lump seems to pound in his throat as he picks up the golden egg. The girl gives a small pout as she stands up.

“W-Wait, wait!” Arnaav squeaks.

“Huh?” Yuri looks, and sees Arnaav holding his arm out, towards Fumiko, “That’s weird. Arnaav is giving an egg to Fumiko over there.” She smirks as she sees the Japanese dress that Fumiko is donning, “Good luck egg-hunting in THAT kimono.”

“He is?” Merrick looks, and sees him doing this, “That’s odd. I thought we were only supposed to keep the eggs to ourselves. Are we also supposed to give the eggs to other players?”

“No, not really.” She answers. After Fumiko gives Arnaav a bow and runs off, Arnaav almost stumbles on himself as he turns in her direction. He seems to have forgotten that he’s in the middle of a game.

“What’s wrong wit him?” Jamal said, “He buggin or something?” Arnaav then idly trots to follow Fumiko.

“I don’t know, but it looks like he wants to hunt her instead of the eggs.” Merrick says.

“Hah, aight, lil maaan.” Jamal grins as he nods with approval, “I think he likes her~”

“Wait, what?? No, he can’t!” Yuri said, “Her brother is a asinine jackhole! How can she like HER of all people?! She’s RELATED to him, Arnaav is just going to get hurt!” She crosses her arms, “And besides, I thought you said merfolk CAN’T get crushes, Merrick!” She said with an added note of disdain.

“I did. After a Red Moon.” Merrick said as he watched Arnaav try to hide around the girl as the hunt continues, “Infatuation is impossible once a bond is made. Now, BEFORE an Eclipse? Now that’s a different story.”

“But I thought SHE liked YOU. She still does, you know.”

“I know. But as you said before, love is fleeting.” Merrick shrugged.

“But I still don’t get it,” Yuri persisted, “You said that crushes and infatuation is not possible. Period!”

“Like I just said, that’s only true after a couple is bonded by a Red Moon. But if a merfolk were to become endearingly attached to someone,” Arnaav swoons as Fumiko talks to him again, “They’re probably fated to be mates.”

“Didn’t you say that merfolk have to be at a certain age to fall in love? Arnaav looks way too young!”

“As we know it, only merfolk that are of the age of 13 years can be affected by the Red Moon. But it’s not unheard of for younger ones to have infatuations. I don’t know how old Arnaav is; I need to take him to Atarah. I found out from her how long I’ve been alive – even down to the month I was born. Though, if I were to guess, I’d say he’s like, 9-12, somewhere in that range.”

“So you’re saying that Arnaav is supposed to be with Fumiko?” Yuri frowned, “Are you sure that’s possible??”

“Could be. Or maybe she’s just that pretty. A mermaid from my own pod had the hots for another merman for the longest time – he barely even knew she existed, and she was too shy too approach him. It was almost completely one-sided until the Red Moon appeared, and then they were the hottest couple since my Father and Mother.”

“Dammit…” Yuri puts a hand to her head, “This isn’t good. This REALLY isn’t good.”

“Aw, gurl,” Jamal rolled his eyes and head on his shoulder as he looks at her, “Would you quit bitchin??”

“Yeah. Finding love is hard enough as a LEGAL merfolk,” Merrick added, “With a Coshiton, it’s nearly impossible because we’re technically banned from even talking to other pods.”

“So he likes yo ex’s sis! Big fuckin deal!”

“That’s NOT what I mean, guys.” Yuri snapped up, “I don’t care that Ryo and I used to date. That isn’t the key issue here. Or have you already forgotten?”

Both boys look dumbfounded as she looks at them.

“Ugghh,” She rolls her eyes, “Try to keep up.” She groans, “Fumiko does NOT live in Hawaii.”



“She moved back to Japan a year ago. She missed her friends and family too much, so Ryo stayed here, while Fumi moved back to Kyoto with her parents.”

“Ohhhhh…” Jamal nods.

“That IS a problem…” Merrick looks at the kids. Fumiko doesn’t seem nearly as interested in talking as Arnaav is.

“She visits Ryo a couple of times a year, and that’s it.” Yuri said, “She’s going back a couple of days. And Fumi never really bothered to pick up English that well either. America just didn’t really sync with her.”


“Damn…” Merrick looks at the kids, before sighing, “I’m getting more eggs. I’m playing to win!” With that, he distracts himself as he runs off.

“C-Can we maybe uh…” Arnaav stammers as he follows the Japanese girl, “Can we play? Please, I-I wanna…” He blushes as he tries to find the best way to go about this, even with his mind all scrambled, “We can find eggs together! Please, we-”

Fumiko turns around coyly, “Gomen'nasai. Watashi wa anata o shiranai. Sayōnara.” She bows, and scampers off. Arnaav reaches after her, and pouts as he gives up chasing her…


As the group drives on in the car, Merrick smiles as he hugs a large, adorable, and very elegant and tasteful Easter Egg plush pillow.

“Merrick, I told you to take it easy,” Adam said with a smile, sitting next to Arnaav, who has had his face painted, and still thinking about that human girl while gnawing on a chocolate bunny, “Prizes like that are-”

“For little kids, I know, I know!” Merrick said, “But screw that, I’m in it for the fun! And I’m not human, I don’t care what other people think!” He smirked with his tongue stuck out, before turning to Yuri, “So where are we going now?”

“Tulip Farm.” She answers, “It’s this place where they grow tulips in huge rows, and in a big, amazing garden. It’s only open during this time of year.”

They pay for a parking spot this time, and pull in with a slew of other vehicles and coming out. Arnaav seems to have gotten over his funk from the park, as he beams all around the surroundings. It’s completely different from the Easter park, but similar in some way.

Many colorful plants cover and adorn the sides and bushes like lines of cure pigment and bold emotion. So much more flora was instilled into the structure as vines of blue Morning Glories decorate the gateway to the farm.

Arnaav runs up to a rustic windmill, before they walk him through the opening, and entering the petting zoo, “Aw, hey babe!” Jamal spoke up.

Nick looks up, wearing a Tulip Farm apron, as he holds a tray of cups full of animal feed. He smiles wide as his big, black boyfriend comes to him, “Hey, you made it!” He half-hugs Jamal with one arm, and kisses those thick lips, “You know we closing in an hour and half, right?”

“Yeah, just got from the Easter park. Missed you, babe.” He grins as his arm shifts, “C’mere~” Nick looks down and snickers as he sees a pack of marshmallow peeps tucked into the crotch of his pants, the box peaking from under, “Got some feed fo ya right here~”

“Ay dios mio, Puto~” Nick giggles as he stuffs the small box down, “Yo, check it out though,” He nudged Jamal pointed to another employee selling balloons – mid-aged from the look of it, salt and pepper hair on his head. Though clearly aged, he seems rather handsome, and has otherwise taken care of himself, “Boss-man. He be lookin at me all day. And he fuckin groped me in the restroom.”

“No kiddin?” Jamal raised his brow.

“Tol him if he don’t stop it,” Nick grins, “My boyfriend gonna show him how to work power tools~”

“You sayin that…” Jamal said as he tilted his face to the side with a knowing smile.

“After closing time, we meet him in the barn. He won’t bottom, but he said he wants ta hold YOUR eggs~” Nick gives a wink, “Ride you home after?”

“Shyit, man, that why I love you~” Jamal gives Nick a hot kiss before picking up a cup of goat pellets, “He got a wife that can play too?”

“Ooooh!” Arnaav beams as he holds a chirping yellow chick in his little hands.

“They’re adorable, aren’t they??” Yuri said as she strokes her finger along the baby bird’s sunshine fuzz.

“Can I keep him??” Arnaav looks up with blinding hope.

“Hahaha, no, you can’t,” Yuri said, “They’re not for sale, and we have enough pets at home.”

“Awwrrr” Arnaav whines as the tiny chick pecks at the seeds on his palm. He giggles as he feels the chick with his fingertips, before putting it down to the small flock of baby chickens.

“And these are what REAL rabbits look like,” Yuri said as he takes Arnaav to a pen with a few adult rabbits, and many fluffy baby bunnies.

“Oh! OHH!” Arnaav reaches for those too. Yuri laughs as she keeps him from going overboard, and picks up one of they smaller rabbits, and puts it in the boy’s hands.

“I keep wanting to get a bunny, but I’m afraid of my cat getting to him,” Yuri said, “Besides, I don’t want a mess in my room.” She smiles as her fingers feels through the very soft fur. She holds a carrot for the animal, before it starts to nibble on the vegetable, “After this, you want to ride one of the ponies?”

“Ooh, yes!!”

Merrick and Adam walk along a row of a broad field of purple tulips, holding hands. A breeze blows through the massive garden as a few butterflies glide along the wind, flapping daintily as the two gay lovers walk slowly along the dirt trail.

As he takes a deep breath, Merrick shudders a little, his face feeling a hot flush as he takes in the scent of the flowers. He leans to the side and puts his head on Adam’s shoulder as they look at the sunset.

Adam tilts his head so his cheek felt Merrick’s silky gold hair before reaching in and holding Merrick’s arm for a sec.

“Everyone’s going home…” Merrick mumbled as they strolled along.

“We just got here though.” Adam said, “At least we got here… I got to be here with you this time…”

“Mhh…” Merrick holds his hand tighter as his heart makes his body tremble.

“I love you, Merrick…” Adam said as he casually brings their hands up and back down.

“I love you too, Adam…” Merrick replies. His insides feel tense and shaky. He huffs as urges start to rise inside him…

They approach a decorative bench, and just when they were going to sit down, Merrick tugs on Adam’s arm, “Wait. This way.”

“Hm? Ok…” Adam follows as they make a turn in the field.

“Thank you, and here you go~” Jessica says as she gives a beautiful bouquet to another customer. She turns to tend to some other merchandise, but turns her head again as her vision spots Adam.

She stares as she sees his hand holding that of another belonging to a blonde male. Her face flushes with hot and cold pricks as her chest and stomach feels a heavy and solid density settle in…


“Oof!” Adam grunts as his back hits a tree, away from the tourists “Babe, wh-” Adam is interrupted as Merrick’s mouth glues to Adam’s lips in a very passionate kiss. “Mmmmff~” Adam feels himself arouse as Merrick makes out with him out of the blue, twirling his tongue deeply and thoroughly in Adam’s mouth. Merrick moans as he pushes Adam firmly against the tree, grinding his body against him, especially his pelvis.

Merrick breaks the kiss and huffs harsh breathes, “I don’t know what it is…” He growls as he pants harshly, “The more I walk among the flowers, the hornier I get,” He moans partially before pushing his mouth on the other, just barely managing to finish his sentence.

Adam’s libido takes over his better judgment as he embraces his boyfriend’s spontaneous arousal. “Gah, fuck this,” He grabs Merrick’s hand after his belt is clinked open, and walks him away, deeper and more secluded from most of other people.

Once they are more alone, Merrick shoves Adam back again, and almost rips his shirt open, popping the buttons apart. Adam lets Merrick grab his hairy chest and gnaw on his neck. It doesn’t take long for Merrick to get down on his knees, and yank on the button-fly of Adam’s pants. Merrick pulls his jeans down to Adam’s knees, before grabbing at the soft bulge of his underpants. He pulls at Adam’s underwear down to release Adam’s swelling penis and warm balls.

Merrick takes Adam’s member into mouth, and sinks his face into that thick, furry patch. Merrick’s fist clenched on Adam’s thigh as his heavy male musk fills his nose as he grinds his face into Adam’s pubes.

Adam groans as lets his head back as Merrick’s mouth pushes down on his cock. He swerves his head up and dips down and lowers down again. “Aww yeah…” Adam moans as he staggers with his butt brushing on the bark of the tree.

“Hoh God yeah…” He closes his eyes as Merrick’s wet mouth goes down and pulls on Adam’s dick with each back-pull of his rod. While tasting that throbbing manhood, Merrick’s hand is in his pants, squeezing and rubbing his own member, feeling more sensitive than usual.

“Gah fuck, you’re going wild on me…” Adam moaned as Merrick’s tongue makes love to his dick. “Oh! Ohh, ohh, ohh!” Adam’s legs weaken as he whimpers. He pulls his dick out of Merrick’s mouth to slide down, and sit on the ground. Merrick immediately goes for his penis again, devouring it hungrily as hard slurping sounds can be heard, “Ohh fuck, Meh… Merrick, aahh~”

Adam’s shoes dig into the grass as Merrick gulps down his cock with abandon, relentlessly sucking and massaging his rock-hard member with this lips. Adam whines and moans as his hands viciously grasp at the grass. Merrick isn’t even taking a breath as he deep-throats Adam’s meat.

“Ahhh… Ohh my God…” Adam breathes harshly as Merrick quickly builds up his momentum, “A-Ahhh! Merrick, I’m gonna… Oh God, I… Ennnh, ahh, AhhhHHH…”


“Hhhhwww yeah~” Jamal says as he shoves Hank down onto a large pile of hay. For a man of 47 years, Hank seems very sturdy and well made.

“Oof!” The older man grunts as the tall, black man starts to undo his belt, and soon abandons his pants, “Easy there, boy,” He shuffles, “My back ain’t what it used to be,” He said in a charming country accent.

“‘Boy’?” Jamal raises a brow as he throws his shirt to the side, walking to him in only his bulging underpants. Nick stands by with his hand on his own bulge as he watches Jamal start to forcefully undress Hank, “You di-n’t.”

“Ah shyit, Ah didn’t mean-” Hank huffs as Jamals thick, juicy pecs hovered over him, “Dayum, yo large…”

“Yeah, no kiddin.” Jamal throws off Hank’s boots, and pulls apart his shirt, “You fuckin with MAH boy?”

“Ffff, no,” Hank kissed as Jamal’s masculinity sits on his lap, and pins his shoulders down, “Ah didn’t fuck around with him-”

“Ya, not how HE says it.” Jamal growled, “He said you fucked his tight ass on his break.”

“Ah say, boy, I wudn’t-”

“And quit callin me ‘Boy’, ya dirty old man,” Jamal took Hank’s glasses off his face, and tossed them away, “Fuck THIS on yo break, fool,” Jamal forcibly grabbed Hank’s lower jaw, and shoved his thick mouth on the other. Hank grunts as Jamal forces his tongue down his throat, grabbing handfuls of hay as his own cock gets hard. While insulting that the volunteer over there seems to have lied to him, he can’t fight against the rough treatment.

“Fuck man…” Nick lets his pants down as he stroked himself as Jamal eats Hank’s face in, “That’s hot…”

Jamal breaks the deep kiss, inwardly smirking, “Yeah, you like fuckin boys? Dirty ol man like makin’em beg?”

“Lord have mercy~…” Hank huffed as Jamal pulls out his big, black monster, slapping it on Hank’s grizzled abs.

“See how YOU like gettin fucked.” Jamal said as he yanks off Hank’s pants.

“Dayum, Ah don’t-”

“Gawd, you lookin smoking for an old fuck, man.” Jamal taunted as turns Hank around, and pulls down his shorts. He takes a condom to his mouth, and tore the pack off with his teeth. “Usually, I love makin a night out of a fuck. But Nick’s gotta get back home.” He said as he pulled the condom over his rock hard dick.

“Ah don’t usually take it, Son.” Hank says over his shoulder, his muscular rump now prime for harvest, having giving in.

“Bullshit.” Jamal says as he takes his small bottle of lube, and soaks his covered member, “You into bein ridden like a hoss.” Nick bites his lip as Jamal makes Hank moan from the domination, his own Latino penis curving as his hormones go crazy from the first-hand porn.

“Well old boy,” Jamal said as he mounts Hank on the haystack, “Hoss gonna ride you.” Manhood dripping with lube, Jamal lines his black log against Hank’s asshole.

“E-Eas-” Hank staggered as he can feel a huge rampart push on his backdoor, “HOOO!” Jamal covered his mouth as he shoved his fat cock into Hank’s manly ass. “MMMMH!”

“Yeah… Yeah huh… Yeah…” Without much prompting, Jamal began to hump his raging boner into the old stallion’s pasture, “Yeah, you like that, huh?”

“Ohhh!” Hank grasps at straws as the much younger and heavily built man fucked him.

“How he do, huh?” Jamal muttered while Nick masturbated, “My boy squeal out? Huh, like THIS?” Jamal curved his pelvis up in Hank’s hot ass.

“AHHHhhhh!” Hank howled out in pain and pleasure as Jamal’s heavy weapon pushed inside him.

“Or he like this?” Jamal forced another moan out of Hank, before grabbing those thick hips and pistoned himself into Hank, bouncing the old man rapidly into the hay “Or you just do’im hard and quick?”

Hank huffed and moaned as he receives the brutal punishment to his rump. He feel’s Jamal’s hand shove his head against the haystack as he feels that cock wreck his gentleman butt.

“Curve yo back up. Here, like this,” Jamal puts his hand onto Hank’s lower back, and pulls back his shoulder. Hank moans as the new alignment allows free entry of Jamal’s thick member into his tight hole. “Yeah, you fuck’im like THIS?” Jamal nails Hank’s bottom with force and rhythm.

Jamal’s sexual expertise tells him Hank’s probably has a raging hard-on against the straws right now. The lack of resistance, the low supply of verbal protest, the constant howling and moaning. This guy likes it this way, he’s practically asking for it.

“Hey, babe,” Jamal said as he turns his head, still pounding at Hank’s ass.

“Hi~” Nick grins as he comes in for a kiss. Jamal pushes his very thick lips against Nick’s in a sugary sweet kiss, soft and innocent, despite the grunting farmer being plowed. They kissed several times, all three men getting sweaty from the hot barn.

Nick walks around, and climbs some other say, the top of his dick glinting with his golden Prince Albert. Jamal takes Nick’s penis, and then seals his mouth onto his oozing member. “Aw man~” Nick smiles as Jamal’s mouth goes down on his shaved loins. Jamal gives his signature sloppy-lick under Nick’s balls, slurps up his thin dick, and toys with his piercing with his teeth, all the while still wrecking Hank’s meaty behind.

“Fuck man~” Nick moans as Jamal sucked on him, “I love the way you do suck it~”

Jamal pops Nick’s cock out of his juicy lips and eases on Hank’s ass for a moment while stroking Nick’s member, “Same way I eat pussy,” He said before swallowing Nick’s member whole.

“Ohh gah…” Nick moans as he holds onto the railing of the barn wall. Jamal really digs his face into that Twink’s crotch as he continues to bang Hank’s ass. Nick moans as Jamal slurps and licks around until he slips his Latino’s nuts into his mouth along with his dick! He rolls his hips against Jamal’s face before his balls roll out of those lips with a wet slide.

A moment later, Nick rests on the haystack, moaning as he grooves his hips up as he slides his member inside Hank’s mouth. The grizzled man moans around Nick’s member as Jamal seems to slam his pelvis faster and faster into Hank’s ass, before Jamal sits his black ass down on the stack, while Hank rides that cock before Nick positions himself onto the mid-aged hunk. Nick whines and moans as he sits his naked, hot butt onto Hank’s protected manhood, and straddles on his lap.

Jamal handles Hank’s thick hips while his huge dark cock pushes into that tight farm hole, while Nick finds himself close to climaxing as his own bubblebutt squeezes Hank’s shaft tenderly as he makes out with Hank’s finely layered fuzzy face. Nick rolls his tongue and bites Hank’s lip, just as a strained moan is forced out of the farmer from a press on his G-Spot.

Hank’s hand roams over Nick’s red and black tribal rose tattoo just above his rump, before groping his slick ass. Nick moans out with his hands on Hank’s firm shoulders as Hank’s lap drives him up and down, each time Jamal pushes his own pelvis into that firm ass. Nick clenches his ass as he can’t seem to get enough of Hank’s manhood shoving up inside him. He moans more and more as Hank toys and tugs on his penis ring, until Nick unloads himself all over that work-hardened hand.

Hank grunts as he finds himself on all fours, after being told that he’s going to be ‘milked’. With Jamal still behind him, now thrusting into him harder and harder and growling and huffing is replacing the taunting. Nick is now under the older man, his head positioned perfectly to receive the pistoning cock of the farmer as Jamal delivered blow after blow.

Hank moans freely now, with his asshole loosened and now having that large rod slide in easily in and out, and his own rock hard pole sliding in and out of a hot, wet mouth with each forced bang he gets from behind. With how Jamal is making his whole body shoot back and forth, he’s surprised how Nick isn’t gagging or choking.

Jamal shoots his hips into Hank like a jackhammer until his back straightens out, “AH FFFFFFuuuck!” His chin pushes on his chest as his cock floods his condom, and dribbles out of his rubber sleeve.

Nick sucks Hank harder and harder, until he brings that short but thick cock to spurt out his hot, white gravy into Nick’s mouth. Hank huffs loudly and howls out as his dick spews a thick blob onto Nick’s cheek and chin, reaching a rope of ivory onto his shoulder, even.

Jamal pulls his spent cock out of Hank’s used ass, and discards his condom. He slaps Hank’s manly rump a few times as he pants. “Mmmhh, yeah…”

“Gheh…” Hank chuckles as he settles his sore ass, “Big hoss…”


With Jamal staying behind to help close and clean up the Tulip Farm, Adam sits in the passenger seat of Yuri’s car. Arnaav sleeps in the back seat with Merrick, both konked out around the bed of many, vibrant tulips, irises, and daffodils.

Yuri glances at the rear-view mirror, hearing Merrick snore lightly with his mouth open, while Arnaav slides idly to the side, with the song ‘Puranetariumu’ – or ‘Planetarium’ – by Otsuka Ai on her CD player. She turns the volume down slightly as she keeps her eyes on the road.

“So what happened?” She asked in a mutter.

“Hm?” Adam turned to look at her.

“You know… I thought you said you were gonna do it today,” She said, “On a holiday to make it special, right?”

“O-Oh yeah, I-” Adam stopped, and turned, making sure Merrick is still asleep, “I… I was gonna, but then Arnaav was here, so I didn’t really want to make it about us on his first holiday.”

“Oh ok… Jamal kept thinking you were gonna put it in the basket, and I figured you were going to do it at the park or farm.”

“Besides, I kinda wanted to wait until Harold and Belinda get here in a couple of days… And also I forgot to bring it…”

“Ok…” Yuri smiles, “So when ARE you going to do it?”

Adam takes a deep breath as his stomach feels tight and anxious, “Friday… I’ll have everything set up this time…” He sighs as his hands rub his face and to his hair, “Hohhh gosh, I’m so freakin nervous…”



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