Aquata Cove

Chapter 48: Indirect

Syrinx hums as she ran the brush in her hair in front of the mirror. She smiles at the purple highlights in her dark red hair, just freshly dried from dying it. She sings a wordless hymn as she puts down the brush, and her delicate hands plucked up a couple of violet crystalline earrings.

Her melody continues, even as she hears the footsteps of a young man coming into the small bathroom, and put his arms around her. He is at least two feet taller than her, and a little thin to boot.

"Mmmm, I thought I heard I siren in here." Kevin said as he nuzzled her.

"You dare compare me to those demons?" Syrinx said as she reached up, and lightly swatted his cheek, "The nerve." Kevin chuckled as he hugged her from behind.

"Heehhh" Kevin grinned with mischief, "Syrinx the Siren. Does have a ring to it."

"You are INCHES away from never getting laid again~" She said through gritted teeth as she elbowed him.

"Why you always gotta threaten sex, eh?"

"The only way men really listen, right?" She retorted.

"That's no fair, babe. Why you gotta be so cheeky?"

"Cause I know you like it~" She said with a smile and a turn.

"Mmmm," Kevin lowered his head and kissed his girlfriend, "I'm sure you sing WAY better than any siren out there."

"Damn right."

"Hmmm..." Kevin felt at a lock of the purple streak in Syrinx's hair, "Not sure if I like this color."

"Then it's a good thing you're not the one highlighting your hair then." Syrinx walked out of the bathroom, and went to put on a blouse.

"Why do you keep coloring your hair though?" Kevin said as he slumped onto the bed. "That stuff doesn't last for more than a few days anyway."

"I like trying new shades, and doing different color schemes to go with my look." She said as she went to another mirror, "This time around, I'm going with... Sultry Violet Velvet~" She pouted as she posed.

"You look more like Jennifer Lopez on 'Why So Serious?'" Kevin responded. Syrinx slumped as they both laughed.

"Oh my gosh, you suck!" She said as she went over by the bed, took up a pillow, and started slapping him with it.

Kevin laughed out loud as she attacked him, "Stop, Jenny, stop!"

"Oh shut up!" She said as she pushed the pillow over his face. Kevin's laughter was muffled as he flailed around to get her off of him. Syrinx laughed as she got up and went back to the bathroom, "Besides, I'm trying to avoid someone, and I'm hoping a little violet will make me unrecognizable.."

"Oh, what?" Kevin laid on one side as he propped his arm up to hold his head, "Embarrassed to be seen with me again~?"

"No, not lately."

"APH! Well, gee, thanks!" Kevin scoffed as rolled onto his back.

"No... I think I MIGHT have a stalker." Syrinx said as she started to pull her hair back.

"What?" He sat up on the bed, "What does that mean?"

"Just some blonde guy keeps following me around here and there."

"Someone's following us?" Kevin stood up, "Who is it? What do they want?"

"Relax, Kevin, I'm sure it's fine." Syrinx tied her hair back to hold a large ponytail, "But it's just starting to creep me out, that's all."

"You want me to tell him to fuck off?"

"No, it's actually kind of fun," She said with a smile, "Like a game of Hide-And-Seek."

"You just said he creeps you out."

"I know," She said as she groomed herself, "Though I do wonder why what a merman would be doing on a cruise like this."

"Wait, what?" Kevin said as he approached her.

"He's a merman. Piscien, I think, it's really hard to tell without any water."

"How do you know?"

"I just do. It's a mermaid thing."

"Ok..." Kevin leaned on the doorframe, "Why do you think he's following you?"

"Search me, I haven't got a clue."

"Then why not just talk to him?"

"Because he might want to hurt me..." She said with a slight frown.

"Aaaand why's that?" He asked, "You two are enemies or something?"

"No, I've never met him before. It's just..." She sighed as she looked in the mirror, "I got a glimpse of his eyes and... There's something twisted about him... Like, he's ready to snap at any moment..."

"You mean he's crazy or something?"

"No, not crazy, more like... Agh, I don't know how to describe it." She said, "I think he's been through a lot of rage and pain... He may even have gone insane at some point... Normally, merfolk that go through a great deal of hardship like that aren't the most stable of sorts... Someone from my pod was like that... She lost her mate, and her children to the Ghost Whale and... One day... She just broke, and went on a rampage... She started attacking members of the pod... I still remember her ranting on how we don't deserve our families... And she almost killed three of our own..." She shook a little as she remembered that time from long ago, "Our Triton had to strike her down before it was too late... Poor Gelentea..."

"And you think he might explode or something?"


"Well then, maybe you shouldn't be toying with him like this."

"It's not so much as toying as it is being cautious..."

"Well..." Kevin put his arms around her, "Whatever you do, please just be careful, alright? I'm not comfortable with you playing Cat-&-Mouse with someone damaged like that."

"I never said he was damaged. Just... Emotionally unstable." She said, "And I say that loosely, cause I'd hate to misjudge anyone."

"Ok, babe." He kissed her cheek before turning to put on his shoes.

"Hnnnh..." Syrinx's line of vision suddenly blurred. She grabbed onto the sink as her sense of balance turned upside down as her body felt a light flash of heat. "Ahhh..." She turned the faucet to have a drink of water, and another, and a third. She huffed and panted a little as she regained her center of focus.

"You ready, babe?"

"Just waiting on you." She said with a smirk as she walked out of the bathroom.


Merrick sighed as his eyes gazed longingly at the elegant filigree key. It gleams under the light of the display case, the aqua-colored gemstone sparkles in the middle. It's so beautiful and amazing... The way its designed reminds him a lot about his mother, more so than the pearl-mounted pieces on anywhere else in this little jewelry shop.

Just looking at it almost drives him crazy with desire, but it's so expensive, even though he has very little understanding when it comes to money. Still, he's not about to ask Adam to try and buy it. This pendant-key is beautiful, but it's not worth uprooting all of Adam's finances.

The clerk walks in from the office behind the counter, and sees Merrick eyeing the glass display, "Hello, dear." She greeted warmly.

"Hi..." Merrick replied, snapping himself out of the trance.

"Back for more observation, I see." She said with a smile.

"Yeah..." Merrick nodded as his eyes went back to the necklace. She smiles as she sat at her stool.

"You know, you're one of the few guys I see who actually fancy some of these items; even with some of the effeminate gay man once in a while."

"It's not like I want everything in here," Merrick said defensively, "Just... This key is so enticing..." The clerk paused for a moment, before getting up, and approaching the glass desk.

"If you really like it that much, we have payment plans so you don't have to go broke all at once."

"Payment..." Merrick looked at her with estranged confusion, "Plans?"

"Here's how it works. You purchase the key now, and pay for SOME of it now, and with each month, you pay a fixed amount, until it's fully paid off."

"I... Don't understand."

"Well, here," She said as she brought up some papers for Merrick to look at, "It says here-"

"I..." Merrick glanced at the words, fine print, and see it was mixed gibberish, "I can't really read..." The clerk raised her eyebrows.

"You never learned?" Merrick shook his head, "Alright then, bring your boyfriend here, and maybe we can work something out."

"No," Merrick shook his head again, "I don't have any money, and I can't ask him to buy this for me... He already does so much for me, more than anyone will ever know... And I can't imagine what I do for him to make up for it..."

"Oh, I'm sure you do more than you know, sweetie."

"And anyway, I'm sure I don't need that key. It's just extraordinarily beautiful, that's all..."

"I understand, dear." The clerk said as she put the payment forms away.

"There you are!" Adam said as he came in to hug Merrick. The merman smiled as felt his cheek kissed, "Was he causing you trouble?"

"Hahaha, not at all, sir." The clerk merrily said, "He makes for very good company."

"I was just browsing, babe." Merrick said as he and Adam whipped around and out of the shop.

"We're almost at the island where we'll be camping." Adam said as they went, "I gotta go register for a tent before they run out."

"I don't think we've ever went camping," Merrick said as they held hands.

"I've went camping with a few of my family members a few times when I was a kid. It's kinda fun."

"... Come to think of it, weren't we already camping all those times in Aquata Cove?"

Adam opened his mouth to reply, but couldn't easily find an answer, "... I guess we were... But camping usually needs a tent, a small fire, and half a dozen cans of mosquito repellant." Merrick chuckled as they went to the Outdoor Depot.

"I'll wait out here, babe." Merrick said.

"Hm? You don't wanna come and check out the merchandise?"

"Naw~ I wanna be surprised when we go camping."

"You're such a weirdo," Adam said as he kissed his cheek, "I'll be back, sweetie."

Merrick smiled as he stood outside the shop. He looks here and there, partly looking for the mermaid he's been trying to talk to. That mermaid... He almost mistook her for a human, but it wouldn't get past him. Plus, there was that symbol...

Merrick drew his hand up, and felt the back of his neck, over his own brand. That was the mark of Forbidden Love, just like him. There's no mistaking it.

'I suppose she's making it the same way I am...' He took a deep breath before his eyes spotted Daniel and Jacob.

His face felt a solid wave as he saw their faces. His entire body began to tremble as some haunting images started to emerge from the black cloud in his mind. The pupils of his eyes shrank and dilated as terrible compulsions gripped his nerves.

Merrick bowed his head, and clasped his forearm tightly, "No...!" He muttered as anger and hate bubbled inside his blood, "Stop it..." His hanging hand twitched as he fought some dark impulses inside.

"... They're not here to take us... They're not here to take us... They helped us escape... They helped me get away..."


Syrinx and Kevin walk along the mall, about to go into the swimsuit outlet when Syrinx looked to the side, "Oh wait, there he is!" Kevin whipped around, and looked.


"The blonde guy in the white and blue vest." She said as she directed Kevin's line of vision to the Outdoor Depot, "Look closely..." Syrinx muttered.

The blonde man seems to be quivering, with one arm holding the other, as if it might strike out at anything at any given moment, his blue eyes cast down, like he's avoiding eye contact with anyone.

"See how his eyes look?"

"I can't see that far."

"He looks like he's trying to force out his mind..." Syrinx looks right at the merman, "Just like Gelentea... She always looked like that after that incident..."

"... He does seem a little... Shakey?"


"Shut it out..." Merrick muttered harshly, "Stop it, dammit, shut it out..." He clenched his eyes shut, and pushed memories of the cove into his head. He shook and grunted as his body tensed from the struggle just to try and distract himself, as he pictured him and Adam in the crystal cavern, overlapping Nigel's silhouette with Adam's body hovering over Merrick's thrusting into him in the orange/pink glow.


"Damn... He does look like he's tweaking..." Kevin said.

"See?" The blonde's hand let go of his arm after a moment of internal struggle, "It's only a matter of time before-"

Another man walked out of the camping store, with a one-liter bottle of water, and nudged the blonde. The merman smiled and took the bottle.

"What?" Syrinx blinked as the blonde and the other guy kissed, "That... That can't be right..." She said genuinely.

"What, babe? Haven't you ever seen two guys kiss before? We're on an LGBT Cruise, in case you haven't noticed."

"I know, but... I don't understand."

"What do you mean?"

"I've never heard of a merperson falling in love with the same gender before..." She said as the human pressed his lips on the blonde's neck, making him laugh. "I'm pretty sure he's a merman, but... What's he doing with a human man like that?"

Kevin shrugged, "Maybe he's a gay merman. You can't tell me there's no such thing."

"I don't know, I told you, I've never seen that before..." She looked at them with an estranged look, "Not saying there's anything wrong, just..."

The human smirked as he turned over the bottle, and splashed the merman a little.

They paused as they see the blonde playfully shake his short golden field, sprinkling specs of water in the air.

"... Uh... Babe?" Kevin said, "He's not changing."

"What the heck??" Syrinx blinked in astonishment. The blonde laughs as the water hits his face and hair, "Why isn't he changing???"

"You must've been mistaken." Kevin said, "If he's not sprouting fins or gills, he's probably not-"

"I'm telling you, he's a merman!" She leered at the blonde as he and the other man kissed again, "I don't know how he's doing that, or why he's interacting with a man in such a way, but I know he's not human."

"Don't look like it to me."


"Hahahaha!" Merrick laughs as he feels the cold water seep in his blonde hair as Adam ruffled it, "Now this is good water!"

"Dammit, you're adorable," Adam said hooked his arm, which Merrick wrapped his own arm around as they walked off.

"When do we get to the island?"

"I think they said in about an hour or so, then we can either stay on the island to go camping on the beach for the next three days, or stay on the boat and party."

"Can we do both~?" Merrick asked with a bright grin.

"That's the plan." Adam said with a smile, "By the way, any luck in finding that mermaid?"

"I keep glimpsing her here and there, but it's like she's avoiding me. I can't even get a chance to call out to her."

"I'll see if Jamal can track her down. He's got a way with charming people."

"Adam, I don't want her fucked. I just need to talk with her."

"Pffff hahahaha!" Adam laughed, "I'm just saying, he can probably get her to see you since he's a people person."

"I don't know... She's pretty enough, I'm not sure he'd be able to help himself."

"... Alright, you have a point. Still worth a shot though."


Syrinx and Kevin watched as the two guys disappeared in the crowd.

"... Alright, look, whatever he is," Syrinx began, "I think we should stay away from him."

"Got it." Kevin nodded.

"Especially you."

"What??" Kevin raised a brow, "What's that supposed to mean??"

"Oh, please, I know how you are," She said, "You're planning on tracking him down, show him whose Mr Big Boss, probably shove him against the wall like a bully, and tell him that he better leave your gorgeous girlfriend alone, 'Or we're going to have some serious problems'." She finished with a brutish tone.

"Are you kidding me??" Kevin responded, looking offended, "That is NOT what I'm thinking at all!" Syrinx crossed her arms and gave him a skeptical look, "Syrinx, he's probably gay, what have I got to worry about?" She started tapping her foot on the floor," "... ALRIGHT, so I want to tell him to lay off, you got me."

"Kevin, I know how forceful you can get, and I don't want you strutting your attitude on a merman who has emotional problems. If he's a hunter, he can really mess you up big time!"

"Oh yeah right," Kevin rolled his eyes, "Have you seen him? He looks like a lite-weight."

"Kevin," Syrinx jabbed a finger on him, "I MEAN it," She said sternly, "Stay away from him." Kevin exhaled irritably.

"Alright, alright, I'll stay away from him."

"Good. Lets go." They walked away from the spot. Kevin turned his head, seeing the head of bright yellow disappear further, before continuing on.


"Hah! There it is!" Merrick said as he bounced up and down onto the railing. Adam looked, and grinned excitedly as they can see the large island ahead.

"Woohoo! LAND HO!!" Adam yelled as he squeezed Merrick tightly, and spinning around playfully, "God, it's been years since I last been there."

"Wait, you've been there before?"

"Back when I was a kid, visiting my grandparents, we went to that island because it had a butterfly exhibit - I was REALLY into butterflies when I was younger."

"Butterflies... What are those again?"

"They're a type of insect. They're small, but have bright, big wings. You saw some when you came to my house for the first time. Remember? The day you taught yourself to walk."

"..." Merrick thought, before his eyes brightened, "Oh, those! Oh yeah, those were beautiful!"

"And the place we're going to are going to be full of them." Adam added.





The foghorn of the ship blew twice as it gradually pulled into the port of the island. Many of the passengers swarm on deck, with their tent duffels and signs in hand as they get ready to storm the docks.



In the captain's bridge, a flamboyant drag queen speaks into the intercom, "I know all you Fabu~Serfs want to rush to the sand and surf ASAP, but all that crowding is good for the dance floor, mm~but not the docks where you all can fall in. And I know, I know how you naughty boys and girls like to get wet. Ahahahaha~ but if we don't minimize the area right now, we're going to have a few problems. And trust me, honeys, nothing screws a vacay more than a broken leg, or a broken condom."



Adam and Merrick look as they stood in line, "This whole time, it felt so weird to be on this boat thing - riding the sea like this," Merrick said, "I wonder if it'll feel just as strange to be on land again."

"Maybe. You don't feel seasick, do you?" Adam asked.

"What's seasick?"

"Some humans get nauseous from being on a boat at sea."

"No! I feel fine!" Merrick puffed out his chest.

"ALRIGHT, SWEETIES, PLEASE NOTE THOSE LARGE, GORGEOUS GUARDS GETTING READY TO UNLOCK THE GATES." On each of the entrance of the ship, where each line was formed, ready to go, a security guard stood, with a key to open the way, "HERE'S HOW IT'S GOING TO GO DOWN - HMPH, I BET YOU WISH YOU HAD A NICKEL FOR EVERYTIME THAT WENT THROUGH YOUR PRETTY LITTLE HEADS, HMHMHMHMHM~!" Queen Jizzelle jested.


"And we're clear," Queen Jizzelle said before walking out of the bridge for a smoke.


The guard on the upper deck unlocked the door, just as the ramp reached the dock. Merrick and Adam followed the line, and filed along, onto the beach, and were escorted to a natural jungle-like clearing, which is fenced in by wooden walls, with the entrance entitled 'CAMP GROUND A', with opened gates to welcome the guests.

Adam rushed right up to a cozy corner, and plopped the duffel onto his spot. Merrick put the sleeping bags down as he and Adam clinked the poles together to set up their tent. They took the loops and band of the outside corners, and pushed the end of the poles into their respective pockets, and they had their tent.

Merrick rolls one sleeping bag out in the tent, and then the other one next to it. Just as he pat them down, he felt himself pushed to the side. "Ah!" He rolls to his side to see his Adam climb playfully on top of him, and straddle on top of the merman. Merrick giggles as Adam held himself above, "Heeey~"

"Hi~" Adam replied before he nudged Merrick and kissed his cheek, his chin, and then his lips. Merrick opened his mouth, and took in his lips and longingly lapped on Adam's mouth. "Mmmmllll..." Adam moaned lowly as his member stirred in his underpants as he pushed his mouth further down.

Merrick's hands placed themselves on Adam's hips as they made out, before one of them moved, and started rubbing the bulge in Adam's crotch. Adam's member throbbed as Merrick squeezed his tent firmly. "Mmmmfff..." Adam breathed deeply through his nose as his tongue rubbed against Merrick's.

They broke the kiss when Adam felt Merrick's hardon under his own shorts. Adam turned his head to look at the outside, seeing some of the other people setting up their tents. He climbed off of Merrick, and pulled at the zipper of the tent's entrance. Merrick pulled his legs in, and pulled off his shorts, allowing his boner to bounce up and wobble a little.

Adam grunted as he quickly yanked his shorts and boxers off, revealing his throbbing manhood to his lover.

"Allmmmm~" Adam glued his mouth to Merrick's lips again as he laid down across the two sleeping bags. Merrick moaned as both half naked males attempted to devour each other, hearts pumping as their mutually erect dicks pressed or flopped on each other.

Adam grunts as he rolls onto his back, and feels Merrick feel along his side, and on his belly. Merrick reaches down, and grabs Adam's cock. Adam hissed with heat as Merrick strokes his dick up and down.

"Mmmm, aw yeah..." Adam moaned while Merrick stroked him nice and firmly. Adam's cock flexed in that warm hand as it drooled a dollop of precum. Merrick smiled as he moved back, rubbing Adam's hairy tummy while his moved down to between Adam's legs. Adam rested back on a pillow as he watched Merrick nuzzle and rub his thighs.

"Hhhnnn... Ooh~" Adam squirms a little as Merrick rubbed his face against Adam's thigh, gliding his tongue along the broadside of meat, "Ohhh..." Adam's hand gripped the sleeping bag as his cock twitched at full hardness, curving a little as Merrick slowly licked and lapped in Adam's intimate area. "Awww fuck..." Adam whispered as Merrick rubbed his hand up and down Adam's other thigh.

"Wow..." Merrick grinned as he grabbed a hold of Adam's manhood, "You're harder than a rock." He squeezed that throbbing member and stroked it up and down. Merrick went right to the point. He opened his mouth, and let that dark monster into his hot mouth.

"Ohhhh God~" Adam moaned as Merrick's lips glued around the glans of his penis, "Aww baby..." Merrick's mouth moved down to the patch of black hair in Adam's groin, before going back up, and swallowing it whole again.

"O-Olllh god... Wait, stop, mmnn" Adam said. Merrick pulled his head back up to look at his lover.

"What?" Merrick's hand idly strokes Adam's hard, wet cock.

"Switch places with me." Adam moved sit up.

"What? Why?"

"Just trust me, babe." He said as he crawled aside. Merrick groaned and rolled his eyes as he shifted and placed himself in Adam's spot.

Adam hovered himself over his lover, but facing Merrick's groin. The merman blushed as he looked as his man's dangling balls and bobbing cock hang over his face.

Adam lowered his head, and licked that hard dong, slurping the topside, sideways, rubbing and kissed his mushroom head with relish. He huffed before he consumed Merrick's cock with his lips, and savored his taste as he slid his mouth back and forth, licking the topside of his dick.

Merrick's crotch lifted up as he moaned under Adam as he suckled on his member. "Mmmmmffff" Adam moaned as he felt Merrick's hands feel his sensitive balls.

Adam tensed and groaned with his mouthful of dick when his own sensitive flesh became enveloped in wet warmth. Adam lowered his hips down as Merrick started to swallow his thick, hot manhood as well, moaning lowly as Adam lowered his head back down into Merrick's smooth pelvis. He wrapped his arms around Merrick's thighs as he felt and squeezed Adam's manly ass. He moved his hand back, and gave his rump a hard slap! Adam jumped and growled weakly around his cock from the spank. 'Fucking A', Adam thought, 'It'd be so hot if he'd top me right now... Nnnhh! Fuck, I'm gonna-"

"Mmmmm~!" Adam moaned as he could feel Merrick's hand rub and feel in his crack. Adam shook and moaned as those soft fingers traced on Adam's pink asshole. Adam wiggled his bum to give Merrick some kind of signal, while spurting a glob of precum onto Merrick's tongue.

His face turned hot as he felt Merrick push two fingertips into Adam's hot, tight button. Adam moaned again, a little louder while he sucked Merrick's dick firmly as his pucker stretched around his fingers. "Nnnnff!!" Adam's lips clenched around Merrick's dick as a third finger pushed its way into Adam's rear.

Adam began to devour his cock as Merrick moved his fingers back and forth in that tight rearend while his tongue lashed harshly around his meat. His mouth pressed around Merrick's rod, licking his sensitive flesh, hardly aware that Merrick's muffled moaning is getting louder.

Merrick's other hand clasped onto Adam's firm butt as he sucked him less and less, as his quick-approaching climax approaches. Merrick stopped sucking Adam in order to start moaning. Merrick closed his eyes as Adam's harsh blowing became too much for him, even more when started grabbing and rolling his nuts.

Adam played and squeezed his sack as my for several more seconds. He jerked his head up from his crotch, panting and gasping for breath from the heat and excitement of the moment. At the exact moment, Adam grabbed Merrick's dick, and he suddenly felt a hot blotch attack his face!

"Awwhhh~!" Merrick moaned as his cock convulsed, and painted Adam's face is with streaks of his hot, thick milk! Adam stroked and rubbed Merrick's twitching member as it pulsed and jerked from squirting his face.

Adam crawled off of his lover, his soaked dick still wobbling between his thighs, stiff as a rock as he sat down with his legs spread. Merrick groans as he moves himself to his original place between those firm thighs, and grabbed Adam's rod. Adam gasped and moaned as Merrick licked his sweaty nuts. His tongue licked between those heavy orbs, around the left ball, and pulled the right one into his mouth.

"Aw Merrick..." Adam hushed as he kept himself down - noting that everyone else is setting up their tents outside. He blushed harshly as Merrick nibbled and slurped his testicles. Adam dug under his damp shirt, and began to rub one of his nipples. He moaned as Merrick switched from sucking one nut for the other, gripping Adam's thighs and clicking the bottom of his sack, over his two testicles, and up his shaft.

Adam's toes curled as that hungry mouth took his head in, before Merrick sank his head down between his thighs. "Ahhhh~" Adam moaned as Merrick began bobbing his head up and down. Adam tilted his head back as Merrick went to work.

His mouth gapped a little as he felt that tongue and lips glide up and down his pole. His lower jaw quivered as Adam sat there with Merrick on his lap.

As he sucked Adam's cock, Merrick's eyes kept wanting to close for a while. He groaned around Adam's meat as he went for several deep throats.

"O-Oh..." Adam moaned as he gripped the sleeping bag as his penis began to twitch, "Oh... Ooh! Hah! NNnnhhh~!" Adam panted as he clenched his eyes shut, "... Gohhh!" His dick burst inside of Merrick's mouth, "Ahhhh! HOhhhh! Nnnnnh!" Adam hissed as Merrick's lips rubbed and played upon his spent dick, "Aw fuck..."

Merrick swallowed every drop of Adam's climax before pulling back from his member, and shifting a bit, and lying down. Adam turned on the mini fans in the tent before moving to cuddle up next to Merrick.

Adam moaned pleasantly as he huddled up to his love. He giggled as he kissed his nose, and his cheek. "I love you Merrick."

"Nnnnn..." Merrick responded as he barely moved.

"Hehehe, you're not tired already, are you? It's like 2pm."

"Kay..." Merrick drearily said. Adam smiles as he kissed Merrick's lips. And again, and again, with Merrick's mouth smelling like fresh spunk, before he started to notice Merrick's not kissing back.

"Hm?" Adam looked, and saw Merrick's eyes closed, "Baby?" Merrick didn't answer, but curled up a little more, breathing deeply.

"Awww." Adam cooed as he nuzzled his sleeping boyfriend, "I love you so much..." Adam muttered as he put his arm over Merrick to hold him close.



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