Aquata Cove

Chapter 46: On The Cruise

"Enngghhh..." Merrick feels the urge to gag as he sat there, leering at the pool on the deck. Everyone's excited, everyone's splashing and having a good time, but the smell is so overwhelming. The merman's eyes watered as he wiped them off, as they are stinging a little from all of the fumes.

He squirms in the seat, as he looks at Adam. Seeing his fuzzy muscles soaked in water just peaks the fact that he is drenched in that stench.

"By the depths..." He coughed a little as the strong scent worked into his system. The blue scale charm around his neck gleam in the sunlight, so no one here will be shocked to see his true form, should any water find its way to his flesh.

"What are you doing, Merrick?!" Adam called out, after Nick just fell off his shoulders from playing Chicken, "Come on in! The water's fine!"

"Yeah, I doubt that!" He called back. Adam looked with concern, as Merrick seemed to be very uncomfortable. The sun is bright today, so he has to be roasting right now. Looking around, there ARE a lot of humans around, getting in and out of the pool. Is that why? He knows that humans aren't that dangerous... Well, most of them anyway.

"I'm gonna go see what's up." He said to Jamal.

"Aight, man..." He nodded as Adam swam from them, over to the submerged steps of the pool "...Ah!" Suddenly, Jamal felt his ass and genitals exposed and his feet were tripped in the water. He whirled around, and saw Nick swimming swiftly away from him, with his speedo clenched tightly in his hand - a little nifty prank Merrick taught him, "Nick! Get back here!"

Adam climbed out of the pool, and trotted over to Merrick.

"Ah-" Suddenly, a few guys shot him with super soakers - this water is cold, so they probably got it from the hose, "Hey, cut it out!" He said while laughing, "OoH!" He shuddered as they hit a cold stream on his ass.

Adam finally got to Merrick, sitting along on the sunbathing chair. He looks pitifully at his blonde boyfriend, sitting there, his skin looking a little pinkish, it can't be good to bake under the sun like this. He sat on the beach chair next to Merrick, just as he turned and smiling weakly.

"H-Hey, Adam..." Merrick said, just seconds away from gagging.

"Hi, baby," Adam said, kissing Merrick's cheek, but having his merman shy away from him, "Merrick, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, Adam..." He said, shaking his head, "I'm fine..."

"Merrick, you're just sitting here, sulking in the sun, what gives?"

"Nothing personal, but... You kinda reek, Adam."


"Those two men just hit you with fresh water, so it's not so bad, but you're just covered in stink."

"What? I don't stink."

"Not you, just... Everywhere," Merrick said, "Every human here is just covered in this overpowering stench."

"Baby, what are you talking about?"

"It's that water," Merrick pointed to the pool, "That water has been poisoned with this... Horrible scent."

"What..." Adam looked at the pool for a second, "Oh that? That's just the chlorine."

"Is that what it's called?" Merrick said with distaste, "I can't stand the smell."

"Aw, come on, babe, it's not that bad." Adam said.

"Maybe not to you, but it's making me sick." Merrick rubbed his eyes again.

"Well..." Adam said, "We COULD make out instead~" He said with a playful grin.

"Ugh," Merrick pushed two fingers on Adam's chin and turned his face, "Not when you smell this bad."

"Awwwrrr..." Adam pouted as Merrick rolled his eyes, "I really wanna play some water games with you though..."

"Mmmggghhh" Merrick groaned as he looked at the turbulent splashes of the partiers. They really do look they're having fun... And those waterslides... Merrick has never been on a waterslide before, and it looks so enjoyable... And he does smell freshwater coming from the slides... Maybe the pool isn't a soup of poison like he smells... And plus, the last thing he wants to do is to ruin Adam's fun...

"I still wanna play in there, so I guess you could-"

"N-No" Merrick said, "I-I'm ok to go in..."

"What?" Adam turned to him as he stood up, "Look, Merrick, you don't have to, ok? Girl's Night is not for a couple more hours, so you can still-"

"No, Adam, I'm ok." Merrick said as he got up, sporting a cozy blue speedo.

"You sure, Merrick? I really don't mind you going dancing in the lobby if you don't mind me swimming here."

"I know, but I keep looking at the water slides, and they look so..." Merrick rubbed his own arm, "I can tolerate the smell, ok?"

"Well... If you're sure, babe..." Adam can't help but feel that Merrick's just trying to please him, "Seriously, Merrick, if you'd rather do something else-"

"It's ok, Adam." Merrick said, "Just... Let me do this, ok? I'm just not used to it, that's all."

"Ok..." Adam looked with concern as he followed Merrick to one of the waterslides. With a little coaching from his lover, Merrick climbed up on the ladder of one of the waterslides. Being near a fresh water pump is making the smell more tolerable. Maybe this won't be so bad.

Merrick made it to the top of the latter, and looked upon river slide, the rushing cold water running down the clear plastic slide, and pouring into the pool. He climbed up on it, and relished the feel of the cold water on his rear and legs, shuddering as the scale on his necklace glimmered, preventing a transformation. He giggled as he felt Adam behind him. He turned his head, and kissed his human lovingly.

"Ok, lets move it along!" Said a grouchy looking lady in a small line forming at the waterslide. Adam sighed aggravatingly, and parted from his boyfriend. Merrick nodded, and took a huff.

"Here goes nothing..." He said, before pushing himself forward, and feeling himself slide down.

He shrieked with excitement as the cold water rushed onto him as he quickly moved down. Adam laughed as he watched that blonde head whirl around a few loops, around the frame of the pool, and into the water itself! Splashing right into it, with a look of excitement on his face before he disappeared into the cyan below.

Taking his turn, Adam climbed up, sat down on the chilled water, and pushed himself forward.

"WOOOOOO!" Adam whooped as the water invaded his personal areas as he raced through waterslide. "Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod, WAHAAAA!" He laughed in the tunnel/slide, moving with the river and the turns and curves, feeling the water wash and splash everywhere around him!

His body turned, and he can see the cyan pool at the end of the slide. He grinned as the water shot him into the pool, where he instantly felt a lot warmer, in contrast of the hose water.

He swam, and looked about, going to find his blonde lover, with these waterproof eyes of his. He can see so clear underwater, it's like wearing a mask.

Adam swam forth, turning his head around, and trying to find Merrick. Odd enough, he can't see him. He whirled around to try and catch him - that merman is always mischievous; he might just try and snatch his swimsuit, just like Nick did to Jamal.

Still no sign of him, only a bunch of other guys and ladies, either submerged like him, or everyone's on the surface. Finding no trace of Merrick, Adam noticed that some of the people are getting out.

He swam up, and broke the surface. Some of the people are crowding in one spot, outside the pool. Adam gapped as he saw the lifeguard holding Merrick in her arms, "Oh my god, MERRICK!" Adam swam harshly as best as he could.

"Someone get the medic!" The lifeguard called. Merrick gagged and writhed as his skin started to break out in rashes, "Everyone get back!" She bellowed as Merrick twitched and coughed.

"MERRICK!" Adam yanked himself out of the water, and sprinted towards them, just as the medic knelt down to tend to him. The lifeguard saw him, and blocked Adam from dashing at him.

"Sir, I need you to step back!" She said sternly.

"Let me go, he's my boyfriend! Please!" Adam begged. The lifeguard immediately let Adam pass, and he skidded over to his lover.

"Wha's goin on??" Jamal said as he tried to get over there.

"Please stay back," The lifeguard said, "Give them some space! All of you!"

"Merrick!" Adam said as he was on one side, and the medic on the other. Merrick's eyes are clenched shut as he lay there, gurgling and huffing, "Oh my god, baby, I'm so sorry, this was all my fault!"

"What happened??" The medic said as he performed his duties.

"I-I don't know, he said wanted to go on the waterslide, and w-w-when I did," Adam's eyes teared up as Merrick's hacking was becoming distracting from speaking, "I-I didn't know he would- Oh my god," He cried, "H-He's never been in a pool before!"

"It's ok, he's going to be alright," The medic as he held Merrick sideways so he can cough out the water. A couple of other officials came with a stretcher, and took Merrick away from the pool.


"Ok..." Adam said as he rubbed some cream on Merrick's skin, "So... It looks like you're allergic to chlorine." Both of them are in their room, and having Merrick rest and settle down. The room is a little cramped - one bed, small bathroom, flat screen TV, nightstand, and just enough space to move about. That's the thing about these cruises: Small, luxurious rooms, large areas on the ship to do all kinds of stuff.

"The water..." Merrick said, his voice somewhat hoarse, "It was fine in the slide... But when I got into the pool... The water just started burning every inch of me..." He moaned as he lay on the bed, naked, with Adam rubbing the cream into his flesh.

"The medics, um..." Adam had to keep himself from crying, "They say you're recovering astoundingly fast..."

"Mnnhhh..." Merrick moaned as his skin tingled from the sensation of his skin absorbing the strange ointment.

"... I'm so sorry, Merrick..."


"I should have just dried up, and taken you somewhere else. Instead, I let this happen. You said the pool smelled awful, and I just-"

"Adam, stop," Merrick drearily said, "I love you, ok? I wanted to go swimming, but... It all just stank..." Adam sniffled as Merrick rubbed his cheek, "And it was fun to see you all wet..."

"Merrick..." Adam huffed and held back a sob, "Tell me the truth..." He paused, "Do I stink right now?" Merrick chuckled at him.

"Honestly, yes..." Adam scoffed as he put the tube down.

"You know... There was this other time..." Adam said.


"Well, one time, my friend, Harold, told me that he and Belinda went to this pool party. Now, she was wearing one of these," Adam picked up the scale necklace, "You know, but with HER scale," He continued, "And, he said that she thought the whole party smelled rancid and it made her dizzy. Eventually though, she tried to go swimming, but when she wadded through the water, he said that she started breaking out in hives. Everyone was in such a panic about her because she was..." Adam huffed as Merrick took a drink of ice water, "She was choking too, and... Soon after, she was all better."

"Sounds like merfolk die in this chlorine stuff then," Merrick said as he cleared his throat, "What's it for anyway?"

"It's used to keep pools clean and disinfected with any harmful chemicals."

"Ghhh," Merrick scoffed, "Harmful?"

"Yeah yeah, I know, but it's... Mostly harmless to humans, and I..." He took Merrick's hand - which is half covered in medicinal cream, "I'm sorry that... I let this happen, babe..."

"Nmmhhh..." Merrick groaned. He REALLY doesn't want blame Adam for this, but he didn't exactly stop him, nor did he listen when Adam proposed the lobby. He was just trying to do more things with him. Not much to say here.

"Ok, babe..." He said as he stood up, and kissed Merrick's cheek, "I'll go take a shower and get the smell off me."

"Ok..." Merrick nodded as his mate turned around, and went to the small bathroom in their compartment.


"Mmmff- Ggggmmm~ Hhh!" Nick was shoved forcefully against the door of his and Jamal's room. His tight little speedo tents tightly as this Italian Stallion pushed his mouth on him. Six foot three, this tall glass of water is wearing a leather vest, a black speedo, and sandals, while Nick his only a gold jockstrap on his body. Nick has been signing up as a Gogo Boy for almost every party on this cruise so far. And he has gotten a LOT of fans.

This man fondled that Latino as he gnawed on his lower lip, feeling Nick's hands grab him tightly and harshly. He moaned and growled as he felt this large man's rod-shaped bulge push against his.

Through all the hot passion and hormones racing through their veins, Nick fumbled for his Card-Key, and managed to slide it through the electric lock.

"You bad boy~" Said the guy as he grabbed and kneaded Nick's ample ass, "What about your boyfriend~?" He asked as he opened the door.

"Ah, is all good~" He grinned as they entered the small room, "We in an open relationship~"

"Wait, we are???" Came Jamal's voice. Nick whipped around, and saw his boyfriend with two naked women on the bed, and a raging black boner between his legs.

"Awww, maaan!" Nick groaned, "What the hell?"

"This looks a lot like a scene in this one movie I saw once..." Said the Italian stud.

"Come on, babe!" Nick said, "It's my turn to use the room!"

"No it ain't. You had it three times in a row before now."

"That's cause, I'm in the lead~" Nick said as he put his hands on his hips.

"Wait, you guys are keeping a score?" Said one of the ladies with Jamal.

"Yeah, we made a bet on who can get the most booty while we on the cruise,"

"Well," Said the other lady, "We better make the count then~" With that she started making out with Jamal.

"Egh. My boyfriend, the pussy-monger." Nick complained as the other chick started stroking Jamal's large dick.

"Come on," Said Nick's date, "Lets go hit the showers~" He took Nick's hand, and they left, and closed the door, "By the way, how does the score go~?"

"By how many rubbers we use, and how many people we sleep with." Nick said with a grin.

"Ahh, alright then~" The guy then dug into his pocket, and drew a line of condoms, "Good thing I brought a six-pack" He said with a grin.


"There we go," Adam said as he walked out of the steamy bathroom, completely nude. Merrick looked up, and smiled at his lover, "Wow, you're looking a lot better." Merrick took a moment to examine himself. The large rashes have receded significantly since Adam went into the shower.

"Yeah... Guess it's this stuff you put on me."

"Ok, so," Adam came to the bed, and crawled over, "How do I smell now?"

"Like..." Merrick paused, "That time we went to the flower fields?"

"Ahaheheh," Adam chuckled, "Yeah, I kinda went a little overboard with the Rose-Berry body gel."

"It's much better than that chlorine stuff~" Merrick said.


"Op, room service," Adam said as he hopped off, and went to the door. Merrick giggled as he noticed Adam didn't even bothered to pick up any shorts as he opened the door.

"Hello, Adam Bryant??" Said the bellboy with a trolley of two meals, a bucket of ice cubes, fresh water, and three hot rags, and three normal rags - wearing a red cap, red sleeveless vest, and very short black shorts.

"Yes I am," Adam grinned, noticing the bellhop getting a quick glance at his body.

"Here's your order," The bellboy said with a grin as he picked up a pad, paper, and pen, "Just sign this for me."

Adam took the paper, and wrote his signature real quick, "And here's your tip," Adam gave him a few dollars before accepting the trolley, "And thank you very much."

"No sir~" The bellhop grinned, "Thank YOU~" Adam snickered as he closed the door.

"Hehehe, I thought all humans needed to wear clothes." Merrick teased.

"This is a gay cruise, babe, almost half of the whole ship is naked." Adam took one of the hot towels, and deftly put it on Merrick's forehead.

"Ah! Too hot! Ow!"

"Sorry, sorry!" Adam took it right off, and put an ice cube on his head.

"Nnnnhh..." Merrick murred as the ice melted a little.

"Heh... I keep forgetting your Mom came from the Arctic." Adam said as he wrapped a few ice cubes in a moist, cool cloth. He smiled as he put it on Merrick's head, and wiped it tenderly.

"Mmmmhhhh..." Merrick smiled as Adam cleaned the cream off of his healed skin.

"Hey Merrick... There's something that I've been kinda afraid to ask..."


"... How did we escape from the Agency?" He asked. Merrick's smiled faded a little, "I understand if you don't want to talk about it. I just... It's just a big blur to me. I remember getting shot, and falling into the water, and then I woke up in the hospital..."

"It's ok, Adam..." Merrick said, "... After Nigel injured you, I took you into the ocean" Merrick recalls when he and Adam fell together to the ocean, turning in midair so that Merrick's body would break the surface.

"I warned him that if they followed us, I would end their lives..."

"..." Adam wiped along Merrick's neck.

"And he did. He nearly had us... So, I summoned Guardian Leviathan, and ended them."


"You know there are three Guardians to protect us in times of violence, right?"

"Oh yeah," Adam remembered, "Leviathan for Pisciens, Charybdis for Amniens, and Kraken for Holsiens."

"Right." Merrick nodded, "Only we Tritons can call them from the deep though. If I was a regular merman..." He said.

"But wait, aren't you a Coshiton? They listen to rogues?"

"It doesn't matter." Merrick shook his head, "The Guardians are loyal to the Tritons, banished or not."

"But... Are you sure you didn't make it mad? You once told me the Guardians was for warfare only, right?"

"As I said, they're very loyal to the Tritons, even the Adras," Merrick smiled, "We once came upon this Holsien pod, and Guardian Kraken had came to the call of this very young Adra - just barely older than a meryin."

"Aw no," Adam grinned.

"But it wasn't angry. Evidently, the Adra had wandered too far from his pod, and got startled, and screamed the call. Guardian Kraken arose to him, and it thought Brishen was trying to hurt him - he was looking for large game, and he happened to be nearby at the time."

"Oh shit." Adam raised his eyebrows.

"The Holsien Triton of the pod called it off before it could touch him, and we caught up with Brishen. It wasn't his fault anyhow."

"Was the Kraken angry?" Adam asked as he carefully wiped along Merrick's chest.

"Far from it. Guardian Kraken started to play with the Adra a little with one of it's huge tentacles."

"You ever see the other one? Charybdis?"

"Once. Our pod was just passing through, and Guardian Charybdis was waking from sleep." He remembers the enormous dolphin-like colossus with long flippers.

"No one was calling it?"

"Not that I can tell," Merrick said, "It was just yawning - which ALWAYS creates a whirlpool."

"Oh fuck, did you get caught in it??"

"We almost did. But Mother was able to alternate the water around us, keep us on the spot to wait for Guardian Charybdis to stop."

"Couldn't your Dad tell it to stop?"

"No, only an Amnien Triton can do that, and there wasn't one around at the time."

"Hmm... But wait," Adam said, "Summoning a Guardian, doesn't that, you know, get noticed?"

"How do you mean?"

"Like... Wouldn't your Dad or any other Triton feel the call or the Guardian springing into action?"

"Not if they weren't around, no." Merrick said, "The only way anyone would know if one of the Guardians was called is if they were there. It's not like they'd innately know it. It IS possible they might've heard Guardian Leviathan roar and thrash, but again, only if they were in the area."

"Ok," Adam rubbed Merrick's legs.

"Anyway... Once most of the humans and their vessels were destroyed, I told Guardian Leviathan to take the last one to the depths..."


"Yeah..." Merrick nodded, "His vessel was the only one undamaged, and I commanded the Guardian to crush it to the depths. I sensed some of the humans that followed us had survived, but I didn't bother with them."

"That's good to hear..." Adam said as he dug his hand under Merrick's head, looking into his eyes, "I hate to think of my babe as a ruthless killer..." He said.

"Mm..." Adam snuggled up with Merrick on the bed, "... Kinda wonder though..."


"There was this gay guard in the Agency, and he had a lover that was one of the scientists."

"Oh yeah. You said they were the ones who helped freed us, right?"

"Yes. I just..." Merrick took a deep breath, and sighed, "Despite everything that happened, I just really hope they weren't in those vessels on that night... I wonder what happened with them..."


Jacob rolled his jaw against Daniel's mouth as they made out. Jacob's hands squeezed and held firmly on Daniel's bare shoulders as, with him sitting on his guard's lap. "Mmmm~" He parted and nibbled at Daniel's chin, "God, I love you." He mumbled as his brawny, half naked man unbuttoned Jacob's shirt. Jacob only has his shirt and his underpants on, while Daniel is still wearing his pants and socks.

Daniel opened his lover's garment, and huffed as he felt along Jacob's smooth tummy. Jacob moved his head in, and nudged Daniel deeply as he licked deliberately on his neck. Daniel moaned as he felt that mouth sloppily kiss and lap around and on him. He moved back, and laid down as Jacob continued to lick and nibble at him.

The larger man breathed slowly as Jacob gradually worked his way down. The sound of lips parting and pressing on flesh was all that could be heard, aside from the Daniel's heated breathing, "Oh babe..." He moaned weakly as he felt Jacob lick and kiss his belly button.

Jacob's fingers went to work on Daniel's button-fly. Daniel swallowed as he felt the button unlatch, the zipper get slowly pulled down, previewing a glimpse for the dark patch within. Daniel's heart pounded as Jacob pulled his pants slowly down, and showing his completely flaccid cock. He pulled his pants just down to his knees, before tenderly licking the topside of Daniel's dick.

"HHH!" Daniel's hands gripped the sheet as that one, little lick sent a shock up his spine. Ever since he was a teen, Daniel has had a case of Erectile Dysfunction. Even through puberty, Daniel was never able to get a boner unless he took some viagara. He still feels aroused, and has as many hormones as much as the next guy, as well as being able bring himself to climax, but getting an erection was something he can never do without taking pills

Jacob slowly dipped his tongue down, and very gradually scooped the head of Daniel's dick onto his tongue "O-Oh fuck!"

It made dating and getting laid daunting, not to mention the embarrassment of the whole ordeal at such a young age in his 20's, and keeping it secret as best he can, until he met Jacob.

Jacob moved his head in, and took in the whole of Daniel's dick, "OOHH! Ghh-Fuck!" An odd fetish, Jacob has a thing for soft dicks. Hearing his big, muscular security guard whine and squirm from his tender licks and suckles makes his own dick rock hard. Being a scientist, he's even done a few experiments on Daniel's intimate areas - with Daniel's consent, of course. Now, for instance, Daniel's penis and ballsack are a lot more sensitive - he has to wear a cup

"A-Aw! Ahhh!" Daniel closed his eyes and let his head drop back as his lover dug into his crotch, "O-OHffffuhhhk" He can barely talk as his spine tensed, and went back down again, "Ahh shiiit, ghhh!" He can barely speaks when Daniel does this to him.

Daniel's soft penis spurted pre inside Jacob's mouth as he rolled that long, thick marshmallow in his mouth, never getting hard, not even a throb, but the wailing from his writhing lover suggesting otherwise.

"Oh-oh-oh-oh!" Daniel moaned persistently as his sensitive dick was sucked on, "Oh gah, oh gah, ahhhh~"

Jacob pulled back, and licked down under Daniel's balls.

"GHHHHHFFFfffuuck!" Daniel hissed and moaned as his wet, limb dick spat out several large white globs on Jacob's glasses, some on his hair, and a dab on his nose, "Oh fuck..." Daniel panted as his cock buzzed with afterglow. He gasped and tensed as Jacob started licking his thighs, having pulled his pants lower. "Oh my God, Jakey... Hhhahh~!" Daniel moaned as Jacob makes him jerk and squirm with only a few licks and strokes.

"I think I wanna see some buns...~" Jacob growled seductively.

"Hhhnnnn" Daniel moved obediently around on the bed, and laid himself down.

"God, you're so gorgeous..." Jacob said as he looked at his tanned lover's backside, right down to that manly ass. He pulled Daniel's pants all the way off his legs, put both hands onto Daniel's mounds.

"Nnnngghh..." Daniel moaned as those fingers dug and pushed on his butt. He feels so damn horny right now, it really doesn't take much to make him melt in his lover's hands.


"Oh Christ!" Daniel squealed as he jumped.


"Oh my God, Jacob!" He moaned out as his soft dick underneath him feels a surge of energy.


"GAHH~!" Daniel groaned as his rump jiggled lightly from each spank.

"Say you love it." Jacob growled as his hand firmly gripped Daniel's shoulder, very close to his neck.

"I-I love it, Jakey-"

"WHAT do you love?"


"AH!" Daniel yelped again, "I-I love you, and-"


"AH-H-H I-I-I love getting spanked!"

"Damn right, you do," Jacob hissed.


"OH my god-"


"FFffuck!" Daniel howled.

"I think I'll spank you until you cum again..." Jacob said, as he groped Daniel's stinging buttcheek.

"B-But I already came..."

"Oh, I think you're up for it, boy..." He said to the taller male. Daniel groaned as his shorter lover elevated his arousal.




"HOH god!"

"Thank me, boy."

"Nnnnhh... T-Thank y-"

SLAP! Another harsh slap to his butt.


"Thank you, SIR"


"Th-Thank you sir!" Daniel squealed.


"Thank you, sir! THHH-Thank you, SIIIR!" Daniel can barely talk from all the hard spanks, one on each pink cheek.

Jacob kept spanking his strong guard for several minutes. He was just thinking that Daniel is lasting longer than usual, when he looks, and sees a small pool of cum from underneath Daniel's nether regions.

"Gheh," He smirked as Daniel panted and moaned. His ass is turning a dark pink color from all the spanking. He scooped up some of the cum, and then climbed up onto his naked boyfriend, "What's this?" He said as he forced his spunk-soaked fingers into Daniel's mouth.

"Mmmf" Like a good sub, Daniel licked Jacob's fingers clean of his own sperm.

"You didn't tell me you came, Danny..." Jacob said, "Guess you don't need lube then."

"O-Oh fuck..." Daniel whimpered as Jacob backed up, taking some of the cum from under Daniel. He rubbed his dick with his warm splooge quickly, before giving that pink rear a slap on the crack.

"Nnnhh..." Daniel pants deeply as Jacob lined his dick along his asshole.

"You're a real bad boy... Not telling me you came..."

"I'm... GHHHH!" Daniel moaned out as he felt Jacob force into him, "OH Jake! Ahhhh!!"

"God, you're so fucking hot when you're like this." Jacob mounted his larger man, and drove his dick deep into him.

"Ahhhhh~!" Daniel moaned out.

"Beg for my cock." He said as he started to pull back.

"P-Please don't pull out~!" Daniel whined, "Don't go... Don't- GAAAAHH" He moaned loudly as he felt that dick dive into him again. His anal tunnel has also been made more sensitive.

"Now you're talking." Jacob said as he pulled back, and shoved his cock back in, making him moan out. Daniel moaned louder as Jacob started to push and pull back and forth into his ass.

"Ahh-Ahhh-Ghh-HOH-Oh Jake- Ahhhh!" Daniel moaned each time Jacob pushed up into his hot, sweaty body. The bed started to rock back and forth as the wailing guard begged Jacob to keep fucking him, "Please don't stop. Please don't stop. Please don't stop." Daniel whined and huffed as Jacob ruthlessly shoved his hard log right into his thick ass. He delivered two spanks, one on each cheek, making Daniel moan out in heat.

"Fuck my ass, Jakey~!" Daniel pleaded, "Oohh yeah! OHH God! Ahhhh!"

"You cum yet, boy, huh?" Jacob growled.

"Mm-mmnnn" Daniel bit his lip as he shook his head.

"Better ram harder then..." Jacob pulled back, and SLAMMED his cock inside of Daniel's hole.

"OH JESUS!" Daniel yelped at the hard thrust. He screamed again as Jacob's fat cock shot up his ass again and again.

The bed frame started banging against the wall as Daniel moaned louder and louder from Jacob's relentless thrusts. Daniel clutched desperately onto the bed as his ass felt the raw, savage force from his lover.

"Fuck, you're so tight!" Jacob moaned as he continued to hump Daniel's sore, but starved ass. Sometimes, Jacob wonders how a short, average scientist could bring a tall, handsome stud to his knees, but it's so spectacular.

"If I find out you came a THIRD time without telling me," Jacob yanked Daniel's hair up, "You're wearing a cock-lock for a week."

"Oh God~!" Daniel whined as he felt a wave of arousal from Jacob's threat.

At some point, Jacob locked his own hips in place into Daniel's rear, and reached both hands around.

"J-Jake- OHHH!" Daniel squealed as his nipples were suddenly pinched, hard, "AHHH! Not the nipples! Please not the- GGHHHH!" Daniel howled and moaned as those fingers twisted and pinched his perked nipples while he rubbed his cock inside his ass.

"I want you to cum, you fuckin slut." Jacob growled as he yanked and played with those nipples harshly.

"I cahh..." Daniel shook his head, "I can't-"

"Then I'll just keep fucking you until you do, pussy boy."

"Ahhhh~!" He moaned as his nipples were clenched and pulled, as if to milk him. Daniel moaned more and more, until he scrounged his face.

"Come on now..." Jacob hilted him again to make Daniel's body jerk.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm cuuuuhhhHHHH!" Daniel clenched his eyes shut as he felt his penis surge and flood with cum again, giving way to more hot spunk.

"God, you're so hot..." Jacob repeated as he thrust a few more times, "Ghhhhh... Gah, fuck...!" He hissed and forcefully moaned as he emptied his own load inside of Daniel, "Christ... Oh god, yes..." He groaned.

"Awww Jake..." Daniel moaned as they calmed down a bit. He panted and whimpered as Jacob pulled his dick out of him.

Jacob flopped down, and cuddled right up behind Daniel, "I love you, babe~" Daniel scoffed as Jacob's arms hugged him from behind as he nuzzled him and pushed his wet, sticky junk against those buns.

"I love you too, Jakey~" It's funny - anywhere else, Jacob is cute and cuddly, but in bed, he can be a real dom, which is something he kinda had to pick up in their relationship, as it is a huge turn on for him.

"You feeling ok? Not feeling seasick yet?" Jacob asked.

"Nope. I think those pills are working." Daniel groaned, "God, my ass is sore."

"Yeah, you love it, pussy boy~" Jacob teased as he rubbed Daniel's rippling abs.

"Damn right~" Daniel said as he pushed his rump backward.



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