Aquata Cove

Chapter 42: Wrath Of The Sea




The group sprinted in the woods. All of a sudden, emergency lights started flashing throughout the trees, wailing sirens rang out through the night air.


“What’s goin on?!” Jamal demanded.


“Someone must’ve set off an alarm!!” Yuri replied.


“I’m too feckin old for dis!” Grandma grumbled as they ran.


“No!” Adam cried, “No! Not when we’re so close!” He grasped Merrick’s hand.


“Hurry!” Belinda called, “Dey arr coming!” 


The group located the van, and dashed quickly to it. Jamal threw the door open, and had Grandma climb in first. Yuri jumped onto the front seat, and fastened her seatbelt. Belinda stepped right in, and Adam followed suit.


“Alright!” Adam said, “Let’s get-” Merrick pulled his hand away. “Merrick?” The merman looked out into the red-flashing woods, “Merrick! What are you doing?!”


“Hurry up, man!” Jamal shouted, “We gotta go!”


“…” Merrick frowned as he can hear the distant rumbling.


“What are you waiting for?!” Yuri shouted, “We gotta go! NOW!”


“NO!” Merrick shouted. He turned around, and looked upon the humans and mermaid, “I’m not leaving…”







“I’m not leaving like this…” He shook his head, before looking at Belinda, “Latol- *Ahem* Belinda…” Merrick said, “They had images of you. You’re one of their targets. If they had any a shred of proof, you would have been dragged here like me.”


“Dat no mattrr!” She said, “We ahr out! We must-”

 “No! Don’t you see?!” Merrick said.


“We here fo YOU!” Jamal said, “We got chu outta there, and we ain’t letting you near that place!”

 “He’s right, Merrick!” Yuri said, “Lets leave well enough alone, and get out of here while we can!” 


“You don’t get it!” Merrick said as he pointed out, “THESE humans… This Nigel… The man who has done THIS to me!” He gestured to himself, “He is a ruthless monster… I can’t allow him to do this to anyone else!”


“Merrick!” Adam said, “That lady says she’s reporting him! If we leave now, Nigel will never have anything to do with us again!”


“I can’t trust her to do away with him!” Merrick said, “That human… That Nigel… I see it in his eyes… No human law will ever hold him down… Throw him in a prison and chain him up, it won’t matter. He’ll just arrange for his release, and begin his atrocities all over again! He will NEVER stop… Whatever the cost, that human will always harbor cruelty where ever he exists!”


“Yur pushin yur luck, boyo!” Grandma said, “We didn’t come here to let ya run off!”


“Belinda…” Merrick said, “Can you hold them here…”


“Merrick…” She said, “What ahr you-”


“Can you HOLD them here?!” He demanded, “ANSWER me, Latolcus!”


Belinda shook as she can see a fierce determination in his eyes, “Yees…” Her arms started to pale, “I cahn…”


“Merrick,” Adam said, “Merrick, what are you saying??” The merman walked up to his human, “Merrick… What are you planning???”


“All I need is the ocean.” The merman said, “All I have to do is go into the water. If Nigel follows me… He’s finished.”


“Merrick, NO!” Adam exclaimed, “What about the Capricorn?! If you go into the ocean, you’re as good as dead!!”


“…No.” Merrick’s answered calmly, “The Capricorn wouldn’t dare show its face. Not for what I plan to do.”


“What are you talking about?!”


“I love you Adam,” Merrick kissed Adam’s lips for a short moment, “I’ll be back on the shore by morning…”


“Merrick…” Adam’s eyes watered up, “Merrick, NO!” The merman turned, and began to trot away, “NO!!” Adam took one step, and immediately felt a strong hold grab his waist. He looked down, and saw a peach and white tail squeeze on him, “Belinda, no!”


“I ees sorry, Adahm…” Belinda said, who is now in her true, sea snake form. She placed her clawed hand onto the van, and it glowed a subtle sheen, enclosed in a barrier.




“Stop! Let us out!”


“Break it down! NOW!”


“I’m sorry!” Belinda shouted, “I must protect all of you!! He want dees!”


“MERRIIIIIICCK!!” Adam shouted.






Merrick sprinted through the trees, his legs leaping from one patch of ground to a nearby root – he has become quite agile from his time on the land. He doubts any other merfolk can move as he is through the dark terrain he’s in.


“I’m sorry Adam…” He muttered, “I’ll make this as fast as I can… I promise!” He said.


“Shining Sea Mother…” Merrick prayed, “Please grant me strength…”






A large, boat-like tank rolled down the way. Nigel looks around the red-flashing woods through his binoculars. He anticipated that an underling or two might have the gall to pull an idiotic stunt as to actually interfere with his project, so he secretly arranged to have alarms placed all around the agency – only ones set to go off when a particular area has been crossed by a guest of his, so he can pin-point the trouble.


“I think I see him…” He said. Meanwhile, a guard clicks a highly advanced rifle together. “Lets teach him not to ruin any party of mine…”






“Let me go!” Adam begged, pulling strongly against Belinda’s tail, “Let me go, Belinda!! THEY’RE GOING TO KILL HIM!!”


“I cahnt!” Belinda sobbed, “He want me to protect you!” She said, “He ees Piscien Triton! He ees not helplass!”


“I can’t just leave him like this!!” Adam cried, “Please, I’m begging you!!” His muscles are beginning to feel sore from all the effort of fighting the constricting hold.


“I won’t let you die!” She said. “Eef he has a plan, you weell only git in teh way!”


“He’s been through enough, dammit!” Adam yelled, “I can’t let them take him away again!!” His knees gave in as he fell to the ground, “Please…” He sobbed, “I can’t lose him again…”






“Come on…” Merrick muttered as he sped through. He can smell the ocean – it’s so close. His eyes brightened when he saw a cliff, and spotted the white glisten of the moonlight on the sea’s surface, “There it is!”


He turned his head where he was hearing a lot of rumbling and shouting, “Come and get me, Monsters… !” He challenged silently as he ran.


Just as he stepped out of the woods, a bight light flashed on where he stood. He covered his eyes with his hand, and peered through his squinting eyes. He can see Nigel! 


The merman walked this time, towards the edge of the cliff.





 “There he is…” Nigel said. “Lets not take any chances.”


“Yessir.” The sniper said as he put a bullet into his weapon. Meanwhile, Nigel brought up a megaphone, and held it to his mouth.






“Just TRY it!” Merrick yelled back.





 The alarms have shut off – all the sirens have ceased, the red lights have died out, and all that could be heard is random shouting. Adam pants harshly as he sprints through the trees. He can make out a bight light in the distance. 


“Ahh!!” He yelped as he tripped over a tree right, and fell to the ground. He ignored the fall, and scrambled back up, running as fast as he can!


“Hh!!” He gasped as he spotted Merrick, looking as if he’s taking his final stand.


“Merrick!” He yelled as he ran.






“I’m ready for you…” Merrick growled as he took a few steps backward. “Come… Come to me…” He muttered, “I dare you… Come and get me…” Merrick held his arms open as he glared at the bright flares, almost blinding him.


He can hear a couple of more large human vehicles – pseudo tanks emerging from the noise and darkness. More humans to hunt him down and capture him. So many blind pawns who bend to every command, to try and close an innocent in for more torment. These are the heartless, mindless savages that merfolk are so afraid of.


They can share in the punishment as well.






“Take aim…” Nigel muttered, “Remember, shoot to injure, not to kill.” 


“I have him…” The sniper said as he looked though his scope. The target pointed to the middle of the spectrum, and he aimed at Merrick’s torso – a very narrow shot, right near the vital organs. A very risky shot, but he knows he’s got it – a bit extreme for what Nigel asked for, but it’ll definitely stop the merman from moving for a few days.






“Hhh! Hhh! Hhh! HHHhhH!” Adam wheezed as he ran out of the forest. He turned his head, and spotted Nigel! His bandage is gone! His face doesn’t have a single scratch on it! He is standing, looking at Merrick! There are a handful of heavy-artillery tanks – they look like that can be a land-based submarine!


His eyes widened as he spotted a guard in black, holding a rifle, and looking through it. Every once of pain vanished from his body as he rocketed at the merman.





“You have a lock on him?” Nigel calmly asked, “Remember, I want him alive.”


“Yes…” The sniper said, his finger on the trigger.


“Good. Fire.” Nigel instructed.








The merman turned, and gasped as he saw his human lover about to tackle him in the air.


Everything enters into slow motion.


Merrick’s blue eyes starred into Adam’s brown eyes as the man moved closer. 


Adam’s hands planted onto Merrick’s chest.


The merman slowly finds himself airborne, drifting away from his lover’s face of terror, and his hands. 


He can’t even find the moment to reach out, or the reason to even speak as his mouth hangs open.


A shriek of thunder screeched in the air of silence.


Merrick’s eyes widened as a surge of deep red flew from Adam’s side facing the ocean, as he hovered suspended in the air. 


Adam’s eyes screamed as he can feel the hot liquid escape his body. 


Both men slowly descended onto the ground, the crimson soaring through the void, and splashing onto the grass. 


Noises echoed and refracted through time and space as Merrick fell on his back, and saw his man curl in agony in his own blood.


“…Adam?” Merrick whimpered. The white uniform Adam wears began to turn red on his sides. “ADAAMMM!” He scrambled to get to him.






“Damn,” The sniper said as he opened his gun clip, “Should I refire, sir?”






“ADAM!!” Merrick crawled quickly to Adam. “ADAM! Speak to me! ADAM!!”


Adam lies there, motionless. His eyes are closed, his mouth is ajar, while his sides are oozing blood.


“I told you to leave!” Merrick sobbed, “Why did you do this?!” His talk can barely be legible, clouded with intense emotion, “Why are you… Adam what did…” Adam remains unresponsive. 


“A-Adam?” Merrick shoved his lover a little, “Adam… Adam, say something…” He put his hands onto Adam’s face, “Adam!” He put one hand onto Adam’s shoulder and shook, “A-DAAM!” Merrick’s stomach began to sink, as Adam shows no sign of life.


“ADAM! Wake up! Adam, NOOO!” He cried as he shook Adam harshly, while Adam’s head swayed limply as his arm flopped to the grass. “Adam! WAKE UP!! Hhh?!” Merrick gasped as he looked at his own hand, now suddenly drenched in crimson fluid. The merman shrieked a small cry as he jumbled back, suddenly realizing the small puddle of red on the grass, his knees now freshly coated in the deep red. 


“Adam…?” Merrick huffed and sobbed as he deftly traced his fingertips on Adam’s cheek, flinching as he saw three thin lines of red where he touched him, “Ahhiiii… A-Ahh…” His mouth quivered and shook as the terrible truth began to spiral inside him.


“A-Adam…” Merrick whimpered as he put his clean hand under the brown hair, looking at those calm eyelids, “Adam… No, please, no…” Merrick croaked as tears flooded his eyes while he pressed his blood-covered hand against Adam’s limb palm. “Adam…” Merrick sobbed as he leaned in, pressing his forehead onto Adam’s. He huffed and panted as his insides tore him apart beneath his skin. His hand squeezes Adam’s as he wept profusely.



As he sat there, holding his lifeless mate in his arms, Merrick’s lungs began to grow. His cries eventually evolved into drawing breaths. His chest is beginning to hurt severely, his heart is straining in his ribs, his throat feels as though it’s turning into wood. 

 “Ghhh… Hahhhhh… Hagghhh…” His hands clenched tighter onto Adam’s body, feeling more hot liquid seep and roll along his forearm. Merrick hacked a few violent coughs as he tried to breathe. 


His voice rose higher and higher as he could not seem to control himself. His stomach feels like it’s inflating, expanding with fiery needles, like a line of cold, black gunpowder as a spark of heat races around in an elaborate maze in every inch of Merrick’s body. His chest tightened and retracted, feeling as if he’s about to explode.


Merrick finally lost all control and let the overpowering combustion inside of him take over his mind, as his mouth opened and his head reared up.


An outbreak of a glass-breaking roar echoes throughout the land that lasted at least ten seconds. The air itself seems to quiver in terror as the trees ruffled without the slightest breeze present. Every animal within hearing distance immediately fell silent.






“No. Don’t refire.” Nigel said just as the sniper prepared his rifle, “I think we have his full attention now.”


The nearby guards looked at Nigel, half of them seriously questioning Nigel’s sanity.








Merrick’s soul burns with searing outrage. Every trace of his heart is replaced with overwhelming hated, unable to remember any sort of good in the world. His memories began to crumble into shards inside his head as his skin tightened on every inch of his body. Every kind human who ever dared-




“HHH!!!” Merrick gasped as he looked down. His entire sense of balance and power has completely shifted.


Adam’s eyes clenched hard as a pained grunt could be heard from him. His teeth clenched as he hand gradually tightened like a vice upon Merrick’s. The merman’s insides has transmuted from molasses of agonizing rage and loathing to quick-running mercury of hope and disbelief.


“It hurts…” Adam whined out, “It hurts so much…” He grunts a his legs shifted, digging harshly into the ground, “I can’t see…” He said, despite his eyes being tightly closed, “Where… I can’t, please, help-”


“Hang on, Adam! Please hang on!” Merrick immediately took the upper part of Adam’s uniform off, and tore it apart into ragged strips. At some point in time, Merrick requested Yuri to teach him how to handle extreme emergencies such as this. Though he’s nowhere near a first aid kit, he can at least come up with a rough tourniquet with this cloth Adam has been forced to wear.


Merrick sniffled and sobbed as he placed thick folds of the uniform over both of Adam’s bullet wounds, and tied it harshly tight on Adam’s torso “UHHnhhhh” Adam grunted hoarsely as Merrick tied the bandage tight. If not to stop the bleeding, this will at least make it slow down.
 “Where’s that, ghhh… Fucking Latolcus when we need her.” Merrick sobbed angrily. If Belinda was here, she could at least get a head start on healing Adam.


“What’s going on???” Adam whimpered as he writhed on the grass, “Merrick, where are you…” 


“It’s ok, Adam” Merrick wept, “It’s going to be ok, please… Please be ok…”






The land-subs drove a little further, before Nigel dismounted his vehicle, and taking a few, deliberate steps, but keeping his distance, “There I was. Celebrating.” He began, “Food, music, dancing, and having a ball. I suppose you wouldn’t know about that, would ya?” He asked. Merrick turned his head, glaring at the figure through the bright lights, “And for the first time in I don’t know how long… I was feeling so alive. When I receive a Code Red Alert from my Agency… An unauthorized release of detainees. Well, you can imagine how perturbed I was. I had to shut down the party long before I could finish enjoying it.”


The merman seethed as he shook with fury, “Celebrating WHAT?!”


Nigel held his arms open, “I’m cured.” Merrick looked at him with disbelief.


“Cured of what?!” 


“For the longest time, I have suffered a stigma that has been eating away in my insides. My life had been cut in half, but you.” Nigel chuckled and shook his head, “Oh, you miracle, you.”


“What are you talking about?!” Merrick demanded.

 “Your tears Merrick.”  Nigel answered, “I have been dangerously ill for many years, and my top scientist was able to replicate the make-up of your tears, and engineer a miraculous vaccine for me. A day and a half later, my body has never been healthier!” Nigel brought his hands to the air, “I AM CURED!!!” Merrick growled in anger, sorely tempted to kill every human here with his screech, were it not for his Adam cringing in his arms.


“My scientists were even able to make an ointment from your tears,” Nigel pointed the to side of his face where Merrick had slapped jellyfish tentacles onto him, “Healed up within a day.”


“You heartless demon!” Merrick yowled out, “Shameless bastard! How DARE you use my essence to heal yourself?! After everything you have put us through?! AFTER WHAT YOU HAVE JUST DONE TO MY ADAM!!!”


Nigel looked back down at the merman, holding his critically injured lover, “Regardless. I have more time to achieve my destiny.” Nigel held out his hand, standing a good 20 ft away from the two young men, showing Merrick will have to come to him, “I request we start anew. Come and help me, Merrick. We can treat Adam right here and now if you agree to teach me everything about merfolk.” Merrick huffed deeply as hatred clawed at his heart. “If not… He will die in your arms within minutes.” He added coldly, 


“The choice is yours.”


This man… He says they can heal Adam right away… It’s so tempting… But Nigel said he was cured, that he has more time to achieve whatever chaotic fantasy he has for himself… Nigel has a lot less to lose now, and yet he just made to forcefully to stop Merrick – the wound that is now hindering Adam so severely, nearly killing him.


This man is nothing but a walking lie.


Adam groaned weakly in agony, slowly shaking his head as he winced badly. Merrick cried as he hunched over, rubbing his forehead against Adam. 


“Merrick… Merrick, I’m scared…” Adam whimpered as he sobbed quietly.


“… I love you, Adam…” 


“So,” Nigel called out, “I take it we have a deal?”



Merrick took several deep breaths, gathering his strength “… I am ending this…” He whispered as he kissed Adam’s forehead. 


The merman stood up, and faced the harsh lights in front of them, glaring with hatred at the man who is so consumed in cruelty, his own hands soaked in red with the blood of his one true love. 


“No.” Merrick said lowly.


“Excuse me?”


“No, Nigel. This has gone far enough!” Merrick proclaimed.


“Merrick.” Nigel said, “I may be in perfect health now,” His eyes narrowed through his glasses, “But I am not a patient man.”


“Listen very carefully before you try and capture me again, Human.” Merrick said, “You, are a cruel, ruthless, cold-blooded, deceitful man. You are a disgrace to your kind, reflected in every word you speak, in every move you make!” 



Adam groaned as he turned himself over, and pushed his arms down onto the grass.



“You are a black-hearted beast who will only INFECT the sanctity of all merfolk! No matter what the cost, I will NOT allow you to bring your vile presence into my world!”


“You really are making this more dramatic than this needs to be.” Nigel said.


Merrick closed his eyes for a moment, sensing Adam struggling to stand up behind him. He reopened his eyes once more. “Turn back now. Forget everything you have ever heard of merfolk. Never think of it ever again, and move on with your life.” 


Nigel raised a brow, “You are a rogue, Merrick. What authority could you have to make such demands?”


“I am giving you this one, final chance, Human.” 


“And what if I am to decline?” Nigel said, “You know I can’t turn back now.”


“Then as a Triton of the Piscien Merfolk,” Merrick declared, “I will summon the Guardian Leviathan from the depths of the ocean, and destroy you all! Even as an outcast of my kind, I still have my birthright to call forth the might of the deep! I warn you – if you follow me now, you will meet your end in the sea!”


“Merrick,” Nigel said, chuckling, “Do you even realize what you are saying?”

 “Do YOU realize what you have DONE??” Merrick demanded, “You mocked me, you tortured me, to tore me apart, and laughed at my face while you did so! You starved me, burned me, and deprived me of my home!” He angrily yelled, “And yet… All that I could have forgiven…” Adam grunted as his legs shook, the patches of his make-shift bandages turning deeper red, “But you have harmed my Adam… You can kill me a thousand times over, but when you first marred him, you sealed your own fate!” Merrick pointed a quick finger at Nigel, seething through his rage as his voice turned savage, “You have brought him agony when your business was with me… And you will suffer for it…


“TO EVERY HUMAN HERE!” Merrick called out, “Hear me now!” He peered over the blinding lights of the land-subs, “If you have families, go home! If you have a mate, hold them close! If you have children, never let them out of your life! If you ever, in this entire moon, have ever had any sense to how I have suffered… If you know the kind of pain you have all allowed…” Merrick said, “… Then let. Us. Go.”


“I keep telling you, Merrick.” Nigel raised a hand, signaling his gunmen to get ready to fire, “I can’t just let you walk away.”


Merrick seethed in deep hatred at the human, “Then watch me swim, or perish. I pray you not waste my mercy.”


Nigel thrust his arm out.


Merrick whirled around, and sprinted. Shots were taken and littered erratically at the ground, thankfully all narrow misses. 


Adam coughed as Merrick grabbed him, and together, they fell over the cliff. Merrick turned in midair, with his back to the surface, and clutching Adam as they fell through the air.






The blue satin boxers Yuri had brought quickly slid from Merrick’s legs before they morphed together into a tail, and left the shorts to drift into the water. The merman tucked one of Adam’s arms over his shoulder, and put his arm around his lover as well. Adam tried kicking his legs as best he could, but the gunshot wound is incredibly distracting.


As they moved, slowly, Merrick called several signals – he can’t sense any sharks right now, but if any should come, he commands them to stay away from them, what with Adam’s blood seeping through the tourniquet and leaving a vague red trail.


“AhhHH!” Merrick yelped as he heard several loud booms in the water. He looked over his shoulder, and saw several large objects come down into the ocean – it’s those land-subs! 


The tanks stayed suspended in the water for several seconds before floating back up, and then became boats.






Nigel stepped out of the deck below, and went to a metal slate on the deck of the boat. He slid it up, and revealed a sonar system. He switched it on, and smirked as he saw Merrick’s shape on the graph. 


The other men that came along did the same, speeding their boats out into the ocean, and covering a wide spectrum of area.


“Alright.” Nigel said, “Lets bring them in.”






“Ghhhh!” Merrick whined in pain as he kicked his tail as hard as he can, but with his tail fin ragged and torn, he is not only unable to go very fast, but it’s making his fin worse.


“I won’t… Let them… They can’t…” Merrick panted as he pulled Adam further, sensing the large boats circling around them in broad cycles.


He REALLY doesn’t want to have to end these lives here…






“The sound matrix is ready, sir.” Said one of the guards, “Shall we initiate the noise now?”


“Yes,” Nigel said, “I want them put back in their places before the night club closes to finish my party.”


The guard sent the message to the other guards to turn on the noise to immobilize the merman. With eight boats out of the ten that followed into the sea, that’s eight sources of the noise, emitting into the water. Merrick should be captured in no time.

















“AHHHHHH!” Merrick roared in pain as the noise rang out from everywhere in the ocean! The loud ringing, sound that feels like glass urchins scrapping against his brain! “GHHHHH! RRRGGGHHHHH!!” It was horrible enough on dry land, but now there is so much of it now!


Merrick let go of Adam to cover his head, thrashing around in the water as the noise attacked his senses. 






“We have confirmed that the merman has ceased to move.” The guard said, “All guards, stop the noise in exactly two minutes.”


Nigel watched the waters in satisfaction, just waiting for the unconscious bodies of Adam and Merrick to float to the surface, just barely alive.






“Rrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh!” Merrick growled as darkness began to overflow his being. Hatred, rage, pain, bloodlust.


These humans… These are the demons of the land and sky… These are the monsters merfolk have come to fear…


Merrick’s gills began to flare.


These are the monsters… That want everything…


Merrick’s eyes dilated.


These monsters… Will bring ruin to merfolk everywhere…


Merrick’s scales began to shimmer deep blue.




Merrick’s arms lowered from his head.


Monsters deserve to die.


Ignoring the mind-numbing noises, Merrick opened his mouth, and let out a shrill, loud roar.








“Ahh!” The noise matrix crashed in the tech of each and every boat in the area. The sonar monitors fritzed and cracked as an even louder noise filled the speakers.


“What the devil was that?!” Nigel shouted as he looked around, seeing the other boats having the same problem.


“Come on! What’s going on?!” The guard said as he slapped the sonar, trying to get it to focus, “The noise matrix is out!”

 “Get the sonar going! We can’t lose them!” Nigel said.






The ocean pulsed for a moment, and the surface of the waters suddenly became still. “What?” Nigel squinted. Everything seems quiet… Too quiet…
 “Sir?” The guard said, “Something is coming up on the sonar.” He tuned it in, “I think it’s just a whale.”






“Ennnhhhh…” Adam moaned in pain as Merrick pushed his human onto a rock out of the water, “Merrick…”


“Stay here, Adam…” Merrick hushed as he gently nudged his lover.


“Merrick… Don’t go…” Adam groaned in a raspy voice, “Please…”


“I have to end this, Adam…” Merrick said, “It will be over soon…” The merman nuzzled Adam’s cheek, before kissing his lips, “I love you.”


“… I love you too…” Adam groaned out. Merrick swerved into the water, and Adam drearily watched as the blue tail channeled into the water, and the ripped up white fin slapped the surface.






“Sir, I think we might have a problem.”


“What is it?!” Nigel said.


“This thing coming up on the sonar…” The guard said, “It looks a lot bigger than a whale…”


“What??” Nigel shoved the guard aside, and viewed the strange, large shape on the sonar.






Merrick swam around, keeping his eyes in the dark depths. 


“RRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEAAANNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG!” Came a mighty rumble from the deep. Merrick  can see two large, glowing white orbs.


“KYEEEEEEEEEEGGGAAAANNNN!” Merrick screeched as he swam down.






The water began to rise all around the boats. White fizz can be seen from the ocean. The sonars are all detecting a huge creature down below.


“RRRNNNNNNNNGGGGGHHH!” A low call came from the speakers.


“No…” Nigel shook his head, “He can’t have… He wouldn’t dare!” He glared at the rising tide, “It doesn’t even exist!”


He gasped as he turned around, and saw a large body of shining blue and black ride along the surface, like a whale taking a breath, spotting a large, white, soaking sail rotating out of the water, and into the sea.


“MAN YOUR STATIONS!!” Nigel commanded. 


The speakers gave more eerie roars from a mysterious source. The boats began to drift around in a slow circle in the ocean. The motors of the boats did little except for make noise in an effort to pull away from the area. Nigel looked around, and saw the large sail-like fins rise from the water, and circle down. In the far distance, he can see a huge, white tailfin rise up from the water. It levitated above one of the ships. 


Another roar came from the speakers, and the tail SMASHED into the boat! The men screamed as the sub-boat broke in half from the mighty crash of the fin!




Nigel gasped as he turned to the side, and saw a jet of fangs rise from the water, and tackled onto one of the boats!


“By all that is holy!” He exclaimed as a large, blue and dark fish chomped another one of the subs in half, destroying it completely! Nigel’s eyes widened as he spotted Merrick, on the monster! 


The colossal fish dove down into the water. Its thick, scaled body like slate armor folding into the deep, counting up to ten dorsal fins, and twenty pectoral fins, which sliced deeply into another nearby ship, causing it to quickly take on water.





“KYEEEEOOOOONN!!” Merrick commanded as he clutched onto the many horns along the Leviathan’s head. As a Triton to command the Guardian, he must guide it to carry on the task at hand.






“NNNnnnhhhh…” Adam shook and cringed as he can barely feel the cold water wash up to him. He feels so cold…


“Uhhhhhh…” Adam’s eyes closed as his world turned into darkness. A wave fell upon his unmoving body. He lay there helplessly as he is carried off into the sea by the ravenous water.






Leviathan turned, and aimed up at a smaller boat. Merrick screeched as they elevated quickly up. The Leviathan opened its mighty jaws, and broke the surface. The men screamed as their life boat suddenly rose up out of the water, with some of the guards falling out of the boat before the Leviathan CRUSHED it between its enormous fangs!


“FIRE! TAKE IT DOWN!!!” Nigel commanded. What remained of the sub/tanks started firing heavy artillery at the beast. Leviathan roared as the bullets and small explosions did little to dent its armor-like body.






“Oh my god…” Erin said as she looked in horror as the blue and black and white dragon-like fish attacked the subs. To think that creatures like that exist in the ocean… Did Merrick call that thing??



Daniel and Jacob looked on where they are, just as started as they can hear the battle cry of the aquatic beast.






Nigel quickly ran down below his sub, in attempts to dive and escape. Hopefully, Merrick hasn’t seen the sub he’s located in time for him to get away!


Merrick steered the Leviathan to crash the side of its mighty form into a boat, not only destroying it too, but also sinking it down into the depths. Once again, Guardian Leviathan slunk into the depths, its elongated body flashing its many broad fins as it went, until its tailfin was what remained, and SLAMMED the surface, causing a brutal wave to crash onto another boat-sub, damaging it greatly.


Leviathan turned, and swam forth to devour another human. Merrick roared with it, until he realized the human before them. Floating in the water, mouth ajar, with white pants on, and with a white and red wrapping around his torso, Adam is unable to move away.


Guardian Leviathan opened its mouth, and began to inhale water like a riptide current, drawing the unconscious lover to its many teeth. The water coursed through its body, and pumped through the four sets of gills it has along its enormous body.


“NNNNIIIIIIIAAAHHH!” Merrick screech as he flew from the Guardian, and clutched onto his human, beating his tail hard as he roared the command at Leviathan. The beast immediately obeyed, looking to the Triton who summoned him. 


Merrick gave one final roaring command to Guardian Leviathan, before swimming away quickly. Ever the loyal Piscien Guardian, Leviathan complied, and dove down deep.






As the van drove down the road, Belinda sat sobbing as she curled up. “I could no keep heem…” She cried sparkling tears as she remembers how Adam was able to break free of her coils, “He broke free, and I promeese Merrick I protect heem…”


“Don’t get yourself down, love.” Grandma patted, “Ya can’t stop a boy in love.”


“Yeah. Any of us prolly woulda done the same thing…” Jamal said as he drove.


“Where could he be now?” Yuri said, “I still think we should have followed him. They shouldn’t have to fight alone, you know?”


“I hear ya. But something tells me we needed else where.” Jamal said, as he looked further out the window. His eyes locked onto the large seagull from before, flapping its wings as it flew overhead, strange out its able to fly as fast as it can in contrast with the car. The same seagull with the yellow flower tied to its leg.






Merrick called and called, with his tailfin all but gone from all the effort of swimming as fast as he could while carrying Adam, nothing left but a rim of shreds. 


Finally, a strange, neigh-sound rang up from the deep. Merrick looked in gratitude as a Hippocampus rose from the darkness. The horse-like fish stroked its strong flippers swiftly, and made it to the merman’s side. Merrick put his arms around it, and held his long tail to keep Adam positioned right next to him, nestled on the Hippocamp’s many soft, bed-like fins.


The Hippocampus gently rode a nearby current as Merrick directed it on where to go, very careful as to hang on to Adam while he clung on himself, barely able to keep himself conscious, let alone direct the animal he summoned.






Nigel panted as he switched on the works of the sub. Everything turned on, and hummed into life.


“Yes!” He switched on the lights of the sub, but immediately wished he didn’t. He screamed in terror as the enormous Leviathan swam forward – RIGHT in front of him!


Guardian Leviathan screeched as it tackled the sub, and spun it out of balance. Its fins made several deep cuts into the sub, and disrupted the electricity within the vehicle. 


Nigel turned the wheel and jammed the propellers to work! Just as he moved a few feet, the sub took another heavy hit! The propellers have been destroyed, if not knocked clean off.


“Come on NO!” He yelled as he banged onto the works, “Not like this!!” He demanded, “I just got cured of my cancer! NOT LIKE THIS!!!”


He can hear the Leviathan rumble and growl from outside. Nigel whimpered as he cranked a few levers in an attempt to turn the sub into an escape pod.




“GAHH!” He jumped as the entire sub shifted! He gasped as he looked as several long, sharp, curved cone-like objects had penetrated the sub’s haul! He went to one, and touched it. Solid, cold, and wet, if not slimy. “No…” He backed away from the tooth, and went to the controls. His eyes bugged out as he read the depth meter.


“What?!” According to the monitor, he was reaching VERY harsh depths, fast!




Nigel gasped as a burst of water shot into the sub! 




His head turned, and gapped as he saw cracks spreading quickly across the glass of the sub’s window. 




Nigel sputtered as his face felt the icy cold sprits of the deep waters.


“Nooo, stop, please, no!” He begged as more water shot into his sub, quickly flooding in. “NOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!”




Leviathan’s jaws crushed what was left of the sub. The Guardian hummed lowly as it let the remains of the sub flush from its mouth, and swam deeper to rest.






A pink and golden dawn slowly peers over the trees. Morning is early this day. Light illuminates the world slightly as it woke slowly to the sky. The waterfall of Aquata Cove pours on as ever.


The waves of the shore near the rocky grotto, a blue and silver merman sleeps on the water-saturated sand. Too exhausted to spend one second awake, the young Triton holds close to a dormant human. Both men keep close together as the tide brought up, and washed over their bodies. The human, pale and cold, lies motionless in the arms of the merman, his white-red bandages loose and soaked, unable to even stir in the protective hold of his lover.


As the two males stay huddled on the push and pull of the shore, Atarah walks to them, and looks down in pity of them. Oyana, her bunyip, pulls herself sloppily beside her. Oyana rumbled as it looked up at the dark-toned woman with a seaturtle-shell sunhat. Atarah sighed as she tenderly rubbed along Adam’s soaked hair and Merrick’s chipped head-fins.


“Time… To heal…” Atarah said quietly to the unconscious males.




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