Aquata Cove

Chapter 2: The Last Day

Adam and Merrick rested in the glowing, subterranean cove. Orangey-pink light danced along the rocky walls.

The water rippled as the half-man half-fish tail slowly moved back and forth. The tail was long, had thin, frilly membrane strands on either side of the tail. There were many scales that were just bigger than the size of large thumbnails. The wide tailfin was a dreamy pearly white, along with a the middle of both the tail's front and backside, with the left and right sides a vivid royal blue shade. Adam's legs brushed against the Merrick's gleaming tail.

Adam nuzzled affectionately on Merrick's silky skin. "Hehehe, Adam! Your face tickles!" He giggled and squirmed from his boyfriend.

"Oh really?" Adam smirked as he moved himself above the merman, "C'mere." He moved himself down, and started to rub his prickly face on Merrick's neck. Merrick started to laugh out loud as Adam then pressed his soaked, hairy torso on his. His aquatic fin splashed and flopped on the water's surface.

"ADAM! Hehahahahahehe! St-Stop it!" Merrick squirmed underneath his lover, giggling uncontrollably as Adam's body tingled his half human part.

Finally, Merrick squirmed strongly until he got loose and slipped from under Adam. "Huh?" Adam staggered before standing up. He turned and grinned as he saw that fin flap down into the water. "Ah no you don't." He then dipped into the hot water after Merrick.

He quickly grasped the shimmering tail before it slipped right away from him. He saw a glimpse of aqua here and there, but Merrick's very quick in the water.

"Mhmhmhmhm--" Adam can hear figments of Merrick's submerged giggling. He swam forward a little before he felt his butt squeezed. He turned around behind him, but all he saw was a floating scale, along with another cute chuckle. Adam felt himself smile as he saw a fin behind a large crystal. He paddled over the large gem, only to feel his leg tugged from behind. He whirled himself around, then feeling his balls groped. Adam snickered before kicking off from the crystal. Seconds later, he felt his penis fondled. He looked down, but only felt a flow of water rush along his belly.

Adam turned around in the water, looking everywhere for the source of the eerie but cute chuckle in the water. The merman suddenly pushed his lips against the other, forcing the man into a surprise kiss. Adam was taken aback at the sudden lip-lock. A few bubbles fluttered from his mouth as Merrick pushed Adam against a smooth spot on the rock.

He couldn't help it – the passionate kiss was quickly giving Adam a boner. He moaned into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Merrick and his legs around the tail, his cock grinding against the base of his stomach.

Merrick grinned and giggled as he put his hand on Adam's throbbing tool. He rubbed the sensitive flesh o its soft spots, taking advantage of it and getting him where it feels great. Adam's eyes rolled up and moaned, releasing a rush of bubbles from his mouth as Merrick loomed lower, and started playing with his balls too.

Adam's hands gripped a crystal, and a rocky edge as he looked at his aquatic boyfriend worked at his junk. He pushed his head against the rock as Merrick worked some sort of watery magic onto Adam's genitals. He felt some sort of small but rushing current consume his rod, coiling on it strangely. A fuzzy, static film from Merrick's palm brushed on his sac, making his nuts tingle and his dick spurt pre in the water.

Merrick then opened his mouth, and took in Adam's thick cock. Adam moaned in the water, a slew of bubbles flying from his mouth as he felt that tongue dance on his meat. Merrick's hands then ventured around the thick waist, and gripped onto that manly ass. He squeezed the rugged rump as he sucked on Adam's rod

Adam gripped the edges of the rocks. His muscles tensed as Merrick really worked his mouth on that pole.

Just when he was about to shoot, he just stopped. Adam looked, and saw Merrick swimming from him. He groaned as he saw him climb out of the water, that elegant tail ascending into the surface.

He kicked off from the bottom, and broke the surface himself – Merrick was smiling innocently at Adam as he swam to the edge and climbed out himself, his cock bobbing and erect. He then stood over Merrick, the water dripping onto the silvery-blue tail.

"Why do you gotta do that?"

"Hehe, do what?"

Adam smirked as he then came low. "Now you know what I have to do, right?" Merrick blinked curiously as his lover held himself above him.

"Huh?" Adam then pushed his face against Merrick's, and kissed him fiercely. He grabbed the back of his head, breathing heavily through his nose as he dominated the merman's mouth. Merrick's eyes rolled up and closed as he moaned submissively, his long tail patting onto the rocky surface. Adam had put both his hands on Merrick's head in order to keep him on the spot, unable to move from this spot.

Interestingly enough, Adam did not break the kiss easily; he literally had just as well locked his mouth with his lover's.

As the hot kiss continued, Merrick's body was starting to dry. His shimmering tail began to shorten. The wide, white fin reduced in size. The frilly trails on either side dripped into pure droplets of water. The blue and silver scales began to merge into a lighter, thin membrane. A crease appeared down the middle of the tail. The pseudo fin soon split and shaped into feet-like appendages. The crease on the tail became deeper and deeper until the tail became a scaly pair of legs. Finally, the faded blue-sliver scales had melted into a sheet of light-peach skin. His body still had droplets of water all over, and his hair was still wet, but otherwise, he's in human form.

Adam smirked into the mouth-to-mouth as he could feel Merrick's member poking his thigh.

"Heh. Now you're going to be my little slut again." Merrick looked down and saw that he was erect too. He looked back up with that cute face.

"Adam, when are you going to tell me what 'Slut' means?" Adam smirked as he lifted Merrick's legs a little to his sides, bringing his rear closer to his groin.

"If I tell you, you'd probably get mad at me." The head of his dick was pushed towards Merrick's soft anus.

Merrick's mouth opened, gapping a little before he moved his head back, letting out a very horny moan. Merrick huffed and groaned as he felt that cock inch deeper into him. "By the depths... Ahhhh!"

A merperson's body is different from the human body in several ways. For one, other than the head hair, eyebrows, and the occasional facial hair, body hair does not grow anywhere else – hair creates drag while swimming underwater, so there's little need for it. Merpeople are also considerably resilient – while anal sex is usually painful, Merrick feels just the fullness and the pleasure that comes from taking in a hard dick, at least as far as his experiences with Adam goes. Also, as far as orgasms go, while humans are usually exhausted and spent after ejaculating, merpeople are able to recover almost instantly several times before feeling tired.

Adam leaned in as he hilted his lover. Merrick gasped, and grabbed Adam's ass. He moaned at the top of his lungs as he felt Adam hit that G-Spot. "AHHHH! Oh YES!" He squeezed Adam's rump, holding him harshly as that cock head pushed on his prostate. Merrick let him go, but Adam soon pinned his arms down, and moved his hips back, and started to hump his lover.

Merrick moaned louder and louder, his cries of pleasure echoing in the cove. Being held down by Adam's strong arms, not being able to move away, and being drilled into by Adam's cock was turning him on so much.

As Adam drove his cock back and forth into Merrick's asshole, Merrick's arms squirmed underneath him. He lowered his head, and pressed his lips onto Merrick's left nipple. His lover moaned submissively as he felt his nip suckled harshly.

"Oh Adam! Adam! Adam, oh yes!" Merrick squirmed under him as he felt the constant rummaging deep into his ass as he felt Adam switch from sucking on either nipple.

Then, Adam just stopped. He took his mouth off of Merrick's right nipple, lifted his hands from Merrick's arms, and slid his hard cock out of Merrick's asshole. Adam then climbed off of Merrick, and then laid back on the side.

"Huh?" Merrick looked to see Adam leaning on the cavern wall, his wang still throbbing hard. "A-Adam.." He sat himself up, "You're.. Done?" Adam smirked at him.

"Nope." Merrick stared at his standing log, curious as to why Adam would just stop. Both males were still horny.

"Why.. Why did you.."

"Oh, you still want it?" Adam said, faking a quizzical reaction.

"Yeah, Adam. It feels good, why'd you stop?"

"If you still want it, you'll have to get it."

Merrick looked at that cock. He then crawled over, hardly using his legs, up to his boyfriend. He grunted as he moved himself to sit on Adam's lap. "Um, like this?" He asked. He started to grind his bubble butt onto Adam's rock hard dick. Adam smiled – Merrick is just adorable. He seems so naïve about sex, it's amusing.

Adam then reached around pushed his cock down the crevice of that smooth valley until the glans felt that tender entrance. He edged the head of his cock just into that rear, and then put his hands onto Merrick's hips. He then lifted him up, and dropped him down on his cock.

Merrick moaned out as he sat on his cock. "Ohhh Adam!" Adam undulated his hips, bucking his lover up and down on his lap. Merrick's dick bobbed up and down, his balls bouncing underneath as he rode on Adam. The merman was groaning more and more, feeling the head of Adam's cock rubbing and jabbing at his sweet spot over and over.

His back arched as he felt Adam slap his ass. "AWWhh! Adam!" SLAP! Merrick leaned in, holding onto Adam's shoulders as he felt that hand spank him again and again. He rode on Adam harder as lust started to override him.

Then, Adam gripped those hips, and forced Merrick down onto his pelvis. Merrick put his hands onto Adam's fuzzy chest, panting and groaning wantonly. Adam rubbed his front roughly on his butt, stirring his thick rod around inside of him.

Merrick exclaimed in excitement as his dick suddenly spurted his hot, white goo all over Adam's hairy abs. His tunnel tightened around the throbbing cock, making Adam roar in heat as his cock exploded inside of Merrick's ass. Merrick melted in pleasure as he felt the surge of warm cum wash into his innards. He panted as he laid himself down on Adam, ignoring the wet, sticky globes on his boyfriend's torso. Merrick huffed as he laid down. Adam chuckled as he panted too, gently hugging his lover close to him.

".. Wow.. This.. This takes a lot of energy.." Merrick remarked, panting as he felt Adam's dick slowly soften and schlorp from his anus. Adam smiled as he stroked along Merrick's smooth back.

"Yeah. But it's worth it, isn't it?" Merrick nodded against his chest. Adam kissed Merrick's cheek. Merrick giggled before Adam's lips kissed onto his mouth. The merman snuggled up to his lover, his soft legs rubbing onto the other.

".." After a few minutes, Adam's smile faded a little, ".. Today's the last day, isn't it?" Merrick's sighed and nodded.

"Yeah.. The Birthing Season is over. My Pod will be leaving the day after tomorrow.." Adam sighed and nuzzled Merrick's hair.

"I wish you don't have to go." Merrick looked up and put his hand on Adam's chest.

"I know, Adam, but I have to.." Adam looked at that cute face, and felt himself smile. Merrick moved up and kissed him again.

"Well, you're worth waiting for." Merrick smiled, blushing a little. He turned and laid onto Adam's arm.

"So.. How do merpeople go from sea water to fresh water?" Merrick smiled, knowing that it was time for one of his favorite parts with being with Adam.

"It depends on our diet. The common method is chewing on sea sponges, but the easy food to eat for when we need to go into freshwater, we eat bull shark meat."

"Why bull shark?"

"Bull sharks are one of the few sea creatures that can survive in freshwater. Though, after a while of living in fresh water, we need to eat foods to absorb the requirements to live in seawater."

"And what would that be?"

"Well, pretty much anything. My pod usually stock up on urchins before settling in Hawaii for the month. The warm waters make the barbs for some tasty snacks," He then nudged Adam.

"Ok, your turn."

"Ok, ummm.. Oh, are there really big, flying reptiles? Like, I heard they look like lizards, but they're humongous! Like, they're as big as giant squids and actually shoot fire out of their mouths?" Adam chuckled before he answered.

"You mean dragons?"

"Yeah! That! Are they real?"

"No, not really. Supposedly they're fictional, but there is some theory that they MAY have existed before."

"Aw. Would've been nice to see one."

"Well, when we get the chance, we can see a movie with a dragon or two in it. Now it's my turn."


"Heheh. Now this is a two-part question. Have you ever been to Loch Ness, Ireland?"


"Nice, now is there such thing as a Loch Ness monster?" Merrick looked up with a weird expression.

"A what?"

"You know, a member of the plesiosaur species?"

"A plesio-what?"

"You know, dinosaurs?"

"Adam, I don't even know what that is."

"Jeez, uhh.. Hang on." Adam then got up, and turned to the rocky wall, and grabbed one of the glowing crystals. He grunted as he pulled hard on the gem before it broke off the cluster of crystals. He then sat back next to Merrick, and leaned onto the wall. He then started to scrap the gem against the all, making glowing marks as he scrapped.

".. It has a long neck.." He said, describing it as he drew, "Short body.. Four, broad flippers.." Merrick looked and then suddenly responded.

"Oh yeah! I know those! But we call those things 'Niseags'." Adam turned to Merrick.

"'Those things'? You mean there's not just one? There's more?"

"No, we see them in small pods occasionally when we're in the mid-Atlantic, but we visit Loch Ness because the Niseags from there are a lot more docile then the ones we find in the ocean."

"How often to you find them in the wild?"

"Not a lot. The last time we saw a pod OUTSIDE of Loch Ness was almost 8 years ago. And they tried to eat us!"

"Wow. That's really interesting.. Now it's your turn."

"Alright, umm.. Is it true that humans make weapons out of lava?" Adam couldn't help but laugh.

"Hahaheheh, if we did, we'd lose a lot of hands."


"Merrick, humans can't so much as TOUCH lava. We'll burn and probably lose whatever touch lava with." Merrick winched a little.

"Ouch. When we sense a volcanic eruption, we usually gather around because the heated water feels pleasant."

"Heh, trust me, Merrick, a volcanic eruption is anything BUT pleasant."

"How so?"

"Well, when it starts, ash falls everywhere in the area. Balls of fire and molten rock get launched out and fall miles away from the volcano, and the lava that flows burns everything it touches."

".. Adam, isn't Hawaii full of volcanoes?"

"Not really. There ARE a few, but volcanoes are almost always dormant."

"Nice. Ok, you're turn."

Adam thought for a moment, "How deep can merpeople go?"

"Not far, actually."


".. Well.. Actually, it depends on the type of merperson. Some types can go deeper than others."

"Ah.. Ok, you go."

"Ok.." Merrick blushed as he looked up with those adorable blue eyes, "Do you love me?" Adam chuckled.

"Merrick, you've asked me that before. Like, every time you come."

"I know. It's my favorite question." Adam snirked as he shook his head, amused with his boyfriend. "Well? Do you love me?" Adam smiled as he brought Merrick up to him. He kissed him. Adam's lips firmly lapped against Merrick's. The merman put his hand onto Adam's prickly cheek. He parted the kiss and rubbed his forehead against the other.

"With all my heart, Merrick." Merrick smiled and moved in to kiss Adam's neck. He snuggled up to his lover, getting comfortable next to him. His eyelids felt heavy, his mood very calm, his lips pressing against Adam's rugged skin. Adam moved his hand up and down Merrick's arm, feeling drowsy as the warmth of the cove circulated around them. It wasn't long before both of them fell asleep.

-A Few Hours Later-

"Mmmm.." Suddenly, Adam took a deep inhale. His eyes peered opened as his arms lifted up and stretched. Adam grunted as his muscles twitched and flexed before easing down, his right arm landing back onto his sleeping lover. He lowered his head to place a kiss right onto Merrick's blonde head. He nuzzled Merrick's hair, prompting the younger male to wake up.

Merrick smiled in as he slowly came to, feeling the brushy hair on Adam's chest of which he was sleeping on. "... Adam... It was happening again.." Adam smiled as he held Merrick in his right arm.

"What was?" He asked softly.

"Mmm.. I was seeing all kinds of weird stuff in my head.. So much was going on.. I.. Hardly even remember it, but it was just a few seconds ago.."

"You mean you were dreaming?"

"Yeah, that.. Do you always have this in your head while you sleep?"

"Heh, not always. Dreams are very vague, they're clear half the time, but the other half, they hardly make sense. Sometimes, dreams are scary though. Don't merpeople sleep?"

"Not really.. When we tire, we find a spot without a lot of other fish, and just stop moving for a while. We calm down and get back moving when enough time has gone by."

"MMmmm.. Oh yeah.." Adam said, "There's a meteor shower tonight." Merrick groaned as his light-skinned body flexed, stretching.

"A what now?"

"A meteor shower. You know the stars during the night?"

"Yeah. What about?"

"Well, occasionally, they shoot across the sky after sundown." Adam then got up, straightening his back, cracking his neck before bending over, and scooping Merrick up in his arms. He then dipped his foot into the hot water. Adam carefully treaded into the heated pool, stepping down as his waist sunk below the surface. In one last move, Adam glided forward, submerging completely into the water.

Merrick's legs then welded together. The crease between his legs thickened. His feet began to flatten and turn white, spreading out until forming flat, fish tailfin. The fair skin broke into a criss-cross pattern until the spaces turned into individual scales. The peach color transgressed into a silvery blue. On either side of the long fish tail wavered thin, frilly strips that went to halfway down the tail.

The merman swam from Adam's arms, turning himself to face the man. He then brought his mouth up against the other. Adam closed his eyes as he put his own hands onto Merrick's sides, feeling those tender hands hold his brisky cheeks.

Adam's hairy legs shifted back and forth on the spot while Merrick's graceful tail swerved idly about. Adam wrapped both arms around Merrick as he pressed his mouth firmly onto the other, making the kiss more passionate. Merrick responded with putting his arms onto Adam's back in turn. Slight moans could be heard from Adam's throught as the lip-lock became more and more involved.

Merrick broke the kiss and floated back from Adam a little. He looked down and couldn't but giggle at Adam's erection. Adam huffed – let out a bunch of bubbles from his mouth – as he suspended in the water with a boner. Merrick just kissed his cheek before undulating his tail and waved his tail up as he swam away. Adam began swung his arms through the water to try and grab onto the fin, only to have it slip from his hand. He made a pseudo growl-chuckle as he began to swim after Merrick.

The merman swerved around in the water, sort of teasing Adam in the process. Adam was a decent enough swimmer, and his athletic build did him no injustice, Merrick is still faster than him.

More than anything, Merrick just liked to observe how this human moved. Adam is the only human Merrick has ever met. He's seen a few other humans during his pod's migration, but with Adam, he gets to see just how a typical human swims/walks/runs/climbs. Merrick just likes looking at Adam's body, the way his legs pushed through the water, the way his arms pulled outward, moving Adam forward. Not to mention that his manly physique makes Merrick blush and crave the feel of that man. He will never understand why humans feel the constant urge to cover themselves up with what Adam calls, 'clothes'.

All of this made him almost let Adam catch him. Just as Adam grabbed the base of Merrick's fin, he slipped his tail up, and wafted himself away.

In minutes, the warm water started to feel cold as they moved away from the orange-pink glow. Soon, Adam and Merrick were swimming through the darker tunnel, in the cooled water. While Merrick was perfectly fine, Adam's teeth began to chatter at least a little. He swam as Merrick disappeared into the cloud of oxygen bubbles. Adam chuckled as he drifted into the haze of infinite bubbles, tickling all over his body.

As he emerged from the mass of white, he heard Merrick's watery giggle. Adam just made his way up to the usual spot. Adam then climbed out of the water, feeling it all rush down his body.

It was dusk now. There was still daylight, but it was coming from the sunset.

Just as he stood up, Adam felt his ass spanked. He scoffed and turned around to see Merrick, grinning and moving his arm back down.

"Would you quit that?! Don't make me face fuck you." Merrick smirked as he hoisted himself up. Adam bent over again to pick him up, putting one arm around the shoulders, and the other arm under the semi-slimy tail, and carried him to the large rock, where they started this day. "Don't mermaids ever get horny?"

"Not really. We don't feel the kind of pheromones humans do unless we have legs. I can just look at your nice body while YOU have to swim with a full mast!"

"Merrick!" The merman laughed as he was placed own onto the rock, "C'mon, babe. It's not fair. You know kissing turns me on."

"Hehe, but it's so fun! I like feeling you up."

"Yeah, feel this, fishboy!" Adam said as he turned around, smacking his own ass before walking away. Merrick smiled wide as he watched that naked human walk, especially ogling his butt. The way that either muscled bubble flexed and shifted in every step Adam took – if Merrick had his penis right now, it would be going hard. Judging by the time of day it is now, however, Merrick presumed that Adam's not going to be staying nude.

Adam shivered as a breeze blew on his dripping body. He walked towards his backpack and discard pants. He crouched down and dug into his pack for the towel he brought, and then draped the towel on himself, stuffed the cargo shorts into the pack, and stood back up, and approached the waiting merman.

"Aw, please don't tell me you're going to be covering yourself" Merrick complained.

"Humans aren't accustomed to temperatures as merpeople are."

"But Hawaii is ALWAYS warm!"

"Relax, babe, I'm only putting on boxers." Adam then brought the towel up to his head, and ruffled it though his hair.

"Do ALL humans dry like that?" Merrick asked as Adam brushed along his arms and torso with the towel.

"Oh yeah. We don't just walk out of a bath or shower soaking wet."

"A bath or shower?"

"Nevermind." Adam finished drying himself and held up the towel for Merrick.

"No thanks, I'm good." Adam shrugged and laid out the towel. He turned around to his pack, and fished out a pair of dark blue cotton boxers. He bent over, stepped into the leg holes, and pulled up his underwear. He turned back, and chuckled as he saw Merrick with his arms crossed and pouting.

"Aw, c'mon, honey." Adam knelt down, and kissed Merrick.

"I don't like it when you put those things on."

"Heheh, Merrick, I can't be naked ALL the time."

"Why not?"

"Call it force of habit." Adam kissed Merrick's cheek. "Aw, baby, don't be like that." Adam then put his face on Merrick's neck. The blondie felt himself smile, and then giggle as he felt Adam's lips smooch his neck.

"Hehehehe! Adam, stop it!" Adam kissed persistently on his lover's sensitive flesh. Merrick laughed as his man nuzzled his neck with that short beard of his. His tail squirmed and flopped on the rock as Adam drove him to lay on his back, digging into and nibbling on Merrick's throat.

"There, all better." Adam said as he held himself up above his boyfriend. Merrick was smiling cutely as he rubbed his hand on his neck. "Besides, the cotton will feel good on your butt." Adam then got up, and wrapped the towel around his waist, and scooped the merman up, along with the pack, and picked a spot on a rock. He sat down, and set Merrick on his lap.

Pretty soon, Merrick's tail had, once again, morphed into a pair of legs. Together, they watched the waning sunset, cuddling as the large yellow-orange orb sank into the horizon. Adam unfolded the towel and sat Merrick on his lap. Adam then yanked and pulled out a folded, small blanket from the backpack, and threw it over himself and Merrick.

".. Merrick?"

"Yeah, Adam?"

"Don't be gone for long this time. I miss you so much when you leave." Merrick turned himself around, snuggling closer to Adam.

"I miss you too, Adam. All the time we're in the ocean." He moved up and kissed Adam affectionately. Adam kissed back, wrapping his arms around Merrick's silky smooth body.

An hour later, the sky had turned dark. Merrick was sitting on Adam's lap, both of them laid back, gazing at the starry sky.

"Look! It's starting!" Adam said as he pointed up. A white line streaked across the endless sea of stars. Followed by another, and then another.

"Wow.." Merrick muttered in awe, "I didn't know stars do that.." Adam hugged his lover tight, watching the stars race across 5 by 7.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Merrick nodded as the falling stars continued. Adam could not wish for a better moment for the last day he and Merrick can be together than this.

".. Adam?"


"Sing for me?" Adam chuckled as he kissed the top of the blonde head.

"Sure, babe.. This one's called Fireflies.." Adam cleared his throat, and began to sing,

"-You would not believe your eyes

If ten million fireflies

Lit up the world as I fell asleep--

"-'Cause they'd fill the open air

And leave teardrops everywhere

You'd think me rude

But I would just stand and stare--

"-I'd like to make myself believe

That planet Earth turns slowly

It's hard to say that I'd rather stay

Awake when I'm asleep

'Cause everything is never as it seems--

"-'Cause I'd get a thousand hugs

From ten thousand lightning bugs

As they tried to teach me how to dance--

"-A foxtrot above my head

A sock hop beneath my bed

A disco ball is just hanging by a thread--

"-I'd like to make myself believe

That planet Earth turns slowly

It's hard to say that I'd rather stay

Awake when I'm asleep

'Cause everything is never as it seems

When I fall asleep----

As he continued to sing for Merrick, the young merman smiled and snuggled up on Adam.

Upon one of the many racing stars, Adam made a wish.

'I wish I can be with Merrick for the rest of my life..'



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