Aquata Cove

Chapter 20: Aftershock

"Dammit... God fuck it..." Adam said as he hissed from cutting his thumb with one of the colorful fly-fish hooks. He cursed under his breath as he reached for the Patch-Up kit, and bandaged up his thumb.


Came three loud bangs on the door.

"What is it??!" Adam yelled out.

"Yer behind, fishboy!" Came the voice of the Captain.

"I know, alright?!" He retorted, "Just leave me alone and let me butcher my fingers in peace!" He shouted.

"A'right, that does it," Grumbled the Captain as he opened the door, and yanked the chair back, "You'n me need ta have a talk." Adam groaned in aggravation as he got up, and followed the older man.

Captain led Adam to one of the Fish House docks, and set up a couple of poles. He offered one to Adam, to which he just glared at, "Can't you just cuss and yell at me and send me back to the hut like any other time, Captain?"

"Take the goddamn rod, fishboy. I hear gays are good at that." He growled. Adam snorted as he took the fishing pole, and launched the lure off and into the water. There was a pause of which the two men sat there, waiting for the lines to twitch "... So what the hell's your problem, fishboy?" He growled out.

"Whatever could you possibly mean, Captain?"

"You're not usually a bloody shark bite when ya show up ta work. Past couple'a weeks, you been as pleasant to be around as a bed of urchins. Yur a nice guy, what gives."

"No idea," Adam said shortly as he reeled in his line, and cast it out again, "Maybe you rubbed off on me."

"Now see, that's what I be talkin about," Captain said, "Yur usually good guy to have around."

"Nothing's wrong, Captain. Just stay out of it."

"Ya know I would, fishboy," Captain threw out his line again, "But yur bein a heel. What gives?"

"It's none of your business, Captain."

"Yur behind in yur work, fishboy. Ya never fall behind, I wanna know why you been an insufferable dogfish."

"I'm having an off-week, alright? Isn't THAT enough?" Adam said as he gritted his teeth.

"... Your line's twitchin." Captain said.


"So reel it in. Don't want it getting away."

"Why, CAPTAIN?" Adam growled, "What would be the fucking point?"

"Because then you won't piss off the people around ya-"

"FINE!!" Adam stood up, and looked down at the fat old pirate-like man, "I lost my Best Catch, alright?! He snuffed out the light in my life and left me behind! I put in 5 years of my life into someone I love, and he rips my heart out, and threw it into the ocean! HAPPY?! Is that metaphorical enough for you?!" Adam shouted before storming off. He rubbed his uniform sleeve onto his eyes as he felt them water up. He gritted his teeth as he marched back to the hut.

Captain watched as Adam's pole wobbled, and was pulled right off of the railing, dropping down into the water.

"Damn..." He sighed as he leaned forward, "That must've been a real good catch..."


Later that night, Yuri is slipping off her white leather jacket, and frowned as he heard some muffled sad pop music coming from Adam's room. Jamal is just adjusting his belt as she came in, looking over at his door, "Is he doing ok?" She asked softly.

"I don't think so gurl," Jamal said, "Been two weeks, already. Homie look more dead than alive 'round here... Wuz thinkin of havin him over at the club fo a drink. What'chu think?"

"Are you sure a REBOUND is the best thing for him right now?" Yuri asked with a rose brow.

"It ain't a sex house, Yuri," Jamal said, "He just be mopin in his room alla time, he needs to get out lil bit."

"Well, actually he's has been out. Everyday, he goes over to Aquata Cove."

"Fo real?" Jamal asked.

"Yeah. You know that was their meeting place. He was hoping to see if he can talk things out. Sadly, Merrick never shows up."

"Ah..." The black guy sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck, "Well, I'mma get him to come to the club. Maybe a drink and some razzle dazzle well make'im cheer up."

"Well, good luck, J-man. Let me know how it turns out."

"Aight, gurl."


"~~I feel so LONELY and so SAAAAAD~~

~~You're the reason I'm feelin' bad~~

~~I am so LONELY and so SAAAAAD~~

~~Living in a dream I never haaad~~

*Wake me with your kiss*"

Adam lay there on his bed, his hands interlaced with each other and on his chest, his eyes closed, he lay there in his dark room, listening to 'So Alone' by Anna Blue from his mac laptop, feeling his dried up tears on either side of his head as he rolled over, sighing long as he held back another sob.

His life feels so empty and hurtful. He can barely go to the pier without feeling miserable. All the fish reminds him of that merman. Every time he sees a seashell, they remind him of that merman. Even blonde guys set off fresh images. Everywhere at the pier only reminds him of his very first date. He can't deny Merrick had a good reason for breaking it off with him, but... Why did he have to make it hurt so much?

-Knock knock knock-

Came a soft knock. Adam didn't respond, but the door opened anyway. Jamal opened it, and leaned on the frame, "How you doin, man?"

"Just spiraling in my own misery. What do you want?"

"Git a shirt on. Yur goin down to the club wit me."

"Not interested," Adam said as he turned over, "I'm not over him yet."

"Wha- WHY does er'rybody think it's a whorehouse, yo?!"

"One word: Escort."

"It's a dance bar that-" He sighed, and shook his head, "Aight, c'mon, A. I'll buy you a drink, man."

"I don't drink, Jamal." Adam grumbled.

"Well den a Pepsi, c'mon dawg."

Adam sighed as he looked up at Jamal. Well, he supposed he's not going to stop bothering him until he goes with him.

He put his hand on his laptop, and shut it closed.


The drive was quiet the whole way there. Adam put his head on the window with his eyes shut while Jamal drove.

"... Ya know," Jamal said before he sighed, "I wudn't always a playa. I had a girlfriend once..." Adam remained silent, "Her name was Cheryl. I 'member, she had bright red hair, big, gleamin green eyes. And sparkling pink flower pin right on her head. She was mah Cherry Girl."

Adam sighed as he listened.

"We was always together. She was my home away from home... My mama, she wudn't ever there, with all that..." Jamal paused, and continued, "Stuff that wuz goin on... My daddy ain't pay much attention to me... Always too tired ta say two words to me... Cheryl though... She was the light in mah life..."

"Till I found out she was pregnant." He said. Jamal snickered when Adam snorted, "Naw naw, don't be like dat. Now, I thought I was the daddy. Don't tell Yuri this but..." He smiled, "You shoulda seen me when I found out. When she had dat belly, I was lookin into all kinds of baby stuff. I got like, pampers, baby clothes, lil toys, er'rythin I could afford... I even found a small apartment to move into, but..." His smile faded and he sighed.

"I found out the daddy was the Dean to the school she was doin." He sighed as he rubbed his black coarse buzz-cut, "I wuz crushed. Even then, I still wanted to be involved, but... She chose a college Dean or'r a pet-shop clerk like me. She tol' me it was best if I just go away..."

Soon, he arrived at the booming club, parking the car at the front. He turned his car off, and looked to his friend, "Hey, you be ok, man."

After a short pause, Adam finally spoke, "You're a mistake I never should've made." Jamal blinked at him.

"Say WHAT now??"

"That's what he told me before he left," Adam said as he turned his head, "I was a mistake that he never should've made. I've been with him for 5 years of my life. I waited for him 6 months at a time for one month to be with him, and he just leaves me. How do you walk away from that?" Adam then unbuckled his seatbelt, and got out of his car.


The Dream Waltz - a rather colorful place in the neighborhood. There's a line of people along the front, with a big, bulky bouncer in at the front. Since Adam is with Jamal, he is allowed in once Jamal flashed his punch-in card. Inside, there is a stage with a specific theme - a different one every day and night - with dancers in very wild, creative, exotic dancers. One would jest that Lady Gaga herself was the owner of this place. Jamal likes working as a bartender here because the dancers are very exotic and free with their bodies - male OR female.

While Jamal went to punch in, Adam would sigh as he sat down at the bar. Adam just ordered a lite cosmopolitan, and sighed as he rest his head down.

He simply nursed his drink over the next hour, and put his head on his arms, idly stirring his drink with the cherry stuck in with the blue, transparent stirrer, which is a mermaid image on the upper part of it. He sighed and moaned as he took another sip.

"Hey, hot shot~" Came a familiar voice. Adam turned his head to see Nick pulling up a seat next to him.

"Hi Nick..." Adam said gloomily, "Did Jamal send for you?"

"No..." Nick said slowly before he smirked, "Why, is he on his break? Been thinking about that big Black Beauty since my Prince Albert healed." Adam couldn't help but giggle at the play on words - first time he's smiled in days.

"No, just... Fancy seeing you here..."

"I like the scene. Plus they make awesome daiquiris here..." Nick looked at Adam's face curiously, "Something wrong? Why the long face, man?"

"Well... My boyfriend and I split up a couple of weeks ago and..." Adam sighed, "It's been long and hard - no pun intended..." He took a sip of his sweet drink, "Every day feels like a whole week... And I did 14 of them."

"Ah, ok..." Nick said as he nodded. He chuckled as patted his shoulder, "Don't suppose you wanna head to MY place? Gotta test-drive my Prince down there~" He smiled playfully, kidding of course. Adam looked, and huffed. That smile... That cute, playful smile...

"... Does that offer still stand?" Adam asked. Nick looked at him, at little shocked at first, but then grinned wide as he put his hand onto Adam's thigh. Adam blushed a little as he spread his legs, allowing that tan, smooth hand to slowly make its way onto his crotch. Just from the touch, Adam could feel himself harden, especially when Nick started rubbing his groin, before pulling down his zipper, and slipping his hand inside Adam's jeans. Adam groaned as his balls felt the tender cradling of Nick's hand.

Adam finished off his drink, and got up, with his Hispanic friend escorting him out of the bar.

"Yo, J," Said a waitress with pink highlights in her hair, "Looks like your roomie's dry spell is over~"

"Huh?" Jamal said as he looked, and saw Adam leaving with Nicholas. He shrugged and got back to mixing a drink, "Lil Nicky?" After a few seconds, he chuckled, "Good. Maybe this'll get him to try again with his ex."

"Pfff, what? How does THAT work? I thought you said that Latino guy was awesome in bed."

"Oh he is," Jamal said as he topped the margarita with a lemon wedge, "But if there's one thing I know," He put the large drink onto the chick's tray, "Is dat you can NEVA, forget someone by havin sex wit someone else... Not after how in love my homie was with his BF, yo."


The door of a one-bedroom apartment opened. In entered Nicholas, and then Adam. As soon as the door closed shut, the two snapped together like a couple of magnets. Nick glued his lips onto Adam's mouth, while Adam exhaled through his nose as he grabbed the back if Nick's spiky hair.

Nick broke the kiss to quickly yank off his shirt, throwing it to the floor. Adam crossed his arms down, and pulled his shirt over his face, and let it drop to the floor before closing his mouth over Nick again.

He aggressively pushed Nick against the wall, and pushed his mouth harshly against him. Nicholas moaned from the force and dominance of the other man. He kicked off his shoes as he drilled his tongue into Adam's mouth, his pants already tighter from the heat and of the moment.

Adam put his hands into the waist of Nick's pants, and yanked them apart, popping the buttons and pushing those tight-fitting pants to the floor. Nick stepped out of his pants, not only wearing some scant, violet boxerbreifs, with a yellow star pattern from the crotch, and led a shrinking pattern to around the right hip, and around the right buttcheek in a semi-spiral, while the left side of his pelvis had a rod-like bulge in it.

In minutes, Adam is plopping onto his bed, with Nick straddling him playfully, and pushing in to kiss him passionately. Adam moaned as he groped and felt his manly hands around Nick's body, cupping that Latino bubble butt under those smooth undies. He gave in a sudden spank, causing Nick to curl his back, and growled alluringly.

"Ooh~ Like dat, Cochino?" He said with a grin, "I like it hard and rough~" He said as he ground his rear against the tent in Adam's pants. Adam groaned as his hand gave in a few more hard slaps to Nick's bum.

Nick moved back nuzzling Adam's fuzzy trail while rubbing his tent, until he came to Adam's lap. Nick then unzipped his pants, and ruffled through his jeans, and fished out Adam's rock hard cock. With great relish, the Latino grinned up at him and softly took in the glans of Adam's rod.

"Hhhooohhhhhhhh..." Adam huffed as he felt that wet, warm mouth go down on his shaft, "Awww yyeeeeaaaahhhh..." He snuggled on the bed as he flexed his hips to stand his member out as Nick cradled his tender shaft with his tongue. He sighed pleasantly as his dick oozed out precum into Nick's slippery mouth.

He slipped Adam's dick out with a wet pop, stroking his soaked member up and down, before pulled it back, and reopened his mouth to press his tongue and lips around the sensitive part of Adam's penis.

"OOOooooh~~" Adam rolled his hips while his Hispanic friend sucked his cock. Nick's brown eyes looked up as he deliberately bobbed his head up and down. Adam moaned as his member throbbed hard in his mouth.

Nick slurped up Adam's dick, before moving back up, climbing on top of him again, and gluing his lips onto Adam's mouth again. Adam moaned into Nick's mouth as his tongue felt along the taste of his own cock on Nick's cheeks and tongue. Adam rubbed his hands along Nick's amble rump, groping and squeezing those sumptuous buttcheeks and clapping them harshly before cupping them again.

Adam then rolled himself over so he is on top of Nicholas. He stormed his mouth as he planted his strong arms firmly on either side of him. Nick moaned as he spread his legs, and felt himself spurt pre as Adam pressed his tent against that clothed anus. He moaned in an oh-so needy purr as he felt that hard bulge rub harshly against him. Adam growled in lust as he dry humped on Nick, getting him hotter and more excited as he ran his erection against the hot, purple boxerbriefs.

Nick wiggled his hips as Adam then started kissing his neck. Nick closed his eyes and laid his head back, exhaling as Adam suckled along his flesh. His hands rubbed up and down Adam's back, while Adam's hand reached down, and grabbed that hard lump in those underpants. While he lapped and licked along Nick's neck, he rubbed and squeezed around Nick's erection. The Hispanic male moaned as he swerved his hips, into that hand, putting his leg around Adam's as those fingers pressed and fondled his boner.

Suddenly, the Latino started giggling, "Hehehe, sorry, man, your face tickles~"

"Aw yeah?" Adam said with a smirk, and rubbed his coarse stubble against him. Nick laughed and squirmed underneath him. Adam then proceeded to rub his hand along Nick's slender sides playfully, making him jerk and laugh. Adam smiled and played with Nick a little more, and looked into Nick's brown eyes. That smile, that adorable face contorting with joy and laughter. Adam felt so good for this one moment, but his smile faded after a few seconds. He put his hand onto Nick's smooth chest, and felt along his body. As he felt along his tummy, Adam felt more prohibited. He felt a tinge inside his eyes before he backed off.

"Adam?" Nick sat up as Adam moved his legs over the bed, "You ok, man?"

"..." After a short pause, Adam shook his head, "No... I'm not..." Nick scooted to the edge of the bed.

"What's the matter?" He asked as Adam put his face into his hands.

"It's... Hahhhoooh God, I'm sorry... I can't do this..." Nick put his hands onto Adam's bare shoulders, "It's... It's um... It's HIM, you know?"

"HIM? ... Oh, you mean your ex?" He asked. Adam nodded as he moved his hands to the back of his head, and leaned down, "I... I never been in a romance..." Nick said, "Does it hurt THAT much? How long as it been?" Adam sighed as he put his elbow to his knee, and held his head as he sighed.

"5 years..." Nick rose his eyebrows.

"Wait, you guys split up FIVE years ago?!"

"No," Adam said as he closed his eyes tightly, "We've been together for 5 years, and we broke up 2 weeks ago-" He started to whimper as he talk before he pressed his hand to his eyes. He cursed under his breath as he stood up and walked a couple of steps. Try as he might, he couldn't stop of shedding a tear.

Nick got up, and hugged him from behind, "It's ok, Adam..." Nick nuzzled the back of Adam's neck and as he put his arms around him, "It's aight man, I get it... He meant a lot to you..." Adam sniffled and fought hard to keep from crying, but he can't.

"I'm sorry, Nick... You remind me too much of him..." Nick walked around, and hugged Adam. He hugged him back, and huffed as he sobbed as little as he can, hardly able to control his breathing from holding it in. Nick kissed his chest, and hugged him. After a few minutes he shrugged.

"You just... Wanna hang out then? I got some cookie dough in the fridge." Adam chuckled in his tears before he sniffled.

"Yes, yes please."

"Aight, but I ain't putting on no pants," Nick said as he smirked and walked out of the bedroom, flexing his rump as he sported that snazzy underwear.


3 O'Clock in the morning, a 2011 silver Scion is driving up into Adam's driveway. Nick pulled in, and parked it for a sec, and Adam sighed as he unbuckled his seatbelt.

"Look, Nick, thanks for putting up with me, I'm sorry we didn't... You know... Fuck your cute Mexican tush till the sun came up." Nick snickered as he swatted Adam's chest.

"It's aight man. I had fun tonight, really," He rubbed his hand gently on Adam's cheek, "And don't worry about me. I'll just Dial-A-Dick when I get home, no big deal," Adam chuckled as he leaned in to kiss Nick on the lips.

"Thanks again, Nick. I needed this..."

"No prob, Cochino," He said with a grin, "You and your Bo ever get back together, look me up for a 3-Way, ya? Jamal said you guys were awesome." Adam chuckled a little.

"That's a maybe... But if we DO get back together, I'll definitely do that." Nick grinned at that, and patted Adam's shoulder.

"Aight. You take care now." With that, Adam got out of his car, and Nick drove off.


The next morning, Jamal took a bite of a powdered donut, and turned his head as he heard Adam walk in, "Oh hey man!" He said as he came in, "Got home before YOU did. You and lil Nicky had fun?" Adam smiled as he leaned onto the ridge of the couch.

"Yeah, but not what YOU think. We hung out, ate some cookie dough, watched some Family Guy, nothing special." Jamal rose his eyebrows.

"Oh, you guys didn't..."

"No. We WERE, but I..." Adam sighed in embarrassment, "Well, I couldn't go through with it. Maybe in a month or so, but... I'm still thinking about Merrick."

"Ah, aight. Figured it wudn't yo style." He said as he sipped his coffee. Then, the news reporter put his hand to his ear piece.

"---This just in: An excavation of an oil platform, approximately 100 miles off the coast of Hawaii, just took a turn for the worst ---" Both males turned to the TV at the sudden news.

"Ah shit, wut??" Jamal said as he turned up the volume. There was then a picture of footage of the ocean, turning black from a massive spill of oil in the water.

"---Just last night, the drill for the excavation accelerated almost FOUR times the speed it is initially is supposed to go, and thus caused a collapse on the ocean floor, and leaked a major vein of oil. Here to bring you the inside scoop on the oil, Julia Laden on the scene with oil foreman to tell us all about it. Julia?---"

"--- Thank you, Gary. I'm standing here at the oil drill station where the foreman here is about to report on the repercussion of the incident,---" She held the microphone to the man with a hard yellow hat.

"---Yeah, it was just awful. One of the workers misdialed the controls on the drill, and it just tore up the ocean floor---" There was a graphical map about the location and an animation on the drill. Adam gasped quietly as he watched.

"... That's where his pod is supposed to head..." Adam whispered quietly as he felt a tinge of terror in his stomach.

"---The frenzy just went on all night. We were testing this autopilot for the drill, but the numbering has screwed up the computer. We've already begun sending word to the EPA to take counter measures, but unfortunately, it's going to take some time---"

"---Unfortunate indeed---" Julia said as she faced the camera again. Adam panted as he stared, feeling a sense of dread and anxiety inside him, "---Luckily though, the ocean has suffered an oil spill before, and the EPA has already reported on measures that can take action..." As the reported talked on, Adam started into the blackened ocean, feeling his chest heave as he shook. His eyes widened as he saw an outline of a dark, human-fish shape - barely visible, but still saw it.

"JAMAL get dressed!" Adam said as he ran into his room.

"Wait- Wut- Huh?? Adam, what'chu talkin bout?!"


"Adam, are you fuckin TRIPPIN?!" Jamal said as Adam got him to climb into Yuri's father's boat, "If she eva finds out bout this, she'll kill us!"

"I'll take the wrap, Jamal," Adam said hastily as he climbed up on it, wearing only his swimming trunks, and tossing his flippers onto the boat.

"Look, Adam," Jamal said, "Will you at LEAST tell me why you wanna go out to the middle of the ocean, INTO the oil spill?!"

"I can't tell you right now!!" Adam said, "Just please drive the boat! Yuri never taught me, I need you to do this for me!" He pleaded. Jamal crossed his arms as he looked at Adam.

"I ain't leavin till you tell me." He said. Adam groaned as he ruffled his hair, and put his hands on his shoulders.

"Jamal, just..." His heart pounded, and looked Jamal straight in the eye, "I can't explain..." He said, trying to stay calm, "But this is a matter of life and death..." Jamal blinked as his face softened a little, "Please, Jamal... I need to do this... And I need your help, please..."Adam's eyes began to water, "I WILL tell you when this is done, but I need you to do this for me... Please..."

After a short pause, Jamal scowled as he turned around, and rumbled the boat into life, "You BETTA make this quick, man." With that, the boat rode away into the sea.


Over half an hour passes by, and Adam is at the front, looking over the untainted sea. The motorboat sped along the water's surface. "HOW YOU EVEN KNOW WHERE TO GO??!!" Jamal shouted over the loud motor.

"I DON'T!! JUST TRUST ME ON THIS!" Adam called back.


"I KNOW!!" Adam said.

Ten more minutes, Adam felt the boat slow down. He looked both sides, and turned around, "He-Hey-Hey, what're you doing, Jamal?!"

"Coast guard," Jamal said as he pointed to a far-away police boat, "He go any farther, and we in trouble."

"Agghhh, alright," Adam said as he sat on the bench, and stretched on the rubber diver flippers, "I'll go in from here." Jamal turned at him and widened his eyes.

"Wait, wait wait wait, yall... You ain't gonna swim in dat oil?!"

"Why do you think I brought these?" Adam said as he pulled out his goggles out of his trunks. Jamal groaned in exasperation as he felt the back of his neck, bending over, and leaning back.

"Adam! This is crazy! Crazy, crazy, bat-shit crazy stuff you goin on about!" He said, "Why is you doin this?! If you get cause swimming in the oil, you gonna get arrested!"

"No I won't!" Adam said as he stepped over the railing of the boat, "I'll stay under the water the whole time."

"You gotta come up for air, man! You not snorklin here!" He said as Adam put on his goggles.

"No, I don't," Adam said, panting as his heartrate is elevated, "I'll explain later but... I don't have to go up for air..." Jamal shook his head slowly.

"Adam... Tell me what you doin..." Adam sighed as he looked at his roommate.

"Just... Trust me on this... I'll explain EVERYTHING when this is done..." He looked into the water, then back at the black male, "If I'm not back in 20 minutes, go ahead and leave without me, tell Yuri I'm at Aquata Cove again."


With that, Adam moved off the boat, and into the water.


Adam paddled his legs as hard as he could. Chances are, Merrick's pod would've determined a route around the oil spill, and are probably on their way to whatever destination the Triton has decided for the Pod.

Adam winced as he saw the massive black cloud, and felt himself swimming straight into it. He can feel the water around him feel change in an unpleasant way as he moved through the dark purge. He swam further as his flippers allowed him to go faster. His eyes scanned around in the contaminated ocean, the oil feeling like he's swimming in a disgusting pool of death, like maybe the River Styx.

He knows this is insane, that he shouldn't be dragging Jamal into this mess over a sudden whim. Who's to say that wasn't a dolphin or a shark he spotted on the news? It could've been anything. He could be wasting his time over an obsessive feeling. He shouldn't be here, he and Merrick are done, and there can't be a chance they will get back together...

So why is he even here?

Something is driving him to search this area. He has no idea why, but he feels way too worried to sit idly by after hearing that news report.


Jamal paced around the boat, huffing and walking around, having half a mind to just ditch Adam, just to teach him a lesson about all this. A few years ago, maybe he would've done just that, but not now. Not after all he and Adam went through. This is obviously important to him but...

What could be so damn important to hijack Yuri's father's motorboat, and ride it to the middle of the ocean??? Especially during an oil spill?

Jamal gasped and turned his head as he heard the police siren bleep twice. Then, an officer called out to him over an intercom.

"Excuse me sir, you're going to have to move your boat! We're quarantining this area!" Jamal groaned as he fumbled for the speaker, turned it on and spoke into it.

"A-Aight! J-J-Just tryin to decide where ta fish! Got it..." He put the speaker away, and turned on the boat He turned it, and drove it to about 20 feet away, and stopped. The officer nodded in approval, and drove off in the police boat.

Jamal sighed and looked at his cellphone for the time, "C'mon, maaan... Where ARE you?"


Adam swam more and more into the oily nightmare. He suddenly gasped as he sensed something massive beside him! He looked and jumbled as a large shark floated by. It didn't attack him, or even turned at him. It just moved along, motionless as it floated passed him, dead.

Adam's heart throbbed horribly as he continued to swim.

He has no idea where he's going - he's just swimming in a particular direction, like an invisible compass in his forehead, directing him on where to swim.

He moved until he saw a figure, straight ahead. He waved his flippers up and down to glide him quickly ahead. His heart pounded as he moved, swimming as fast as he can to the odd figure.

Adam's eyes widened as he eventually made out the image of a merman! It's blue and silver, wearing some white scallop shells on his shoulders, on one on a kelp band around his forehead, below the field of spiky fins on his head. The ruffle-like membranes on either side of his long tail are jet black instead of translucent white.

The human kicked as hard as he could when he saw a glint of silver coming from the small bracelet on the merman's left wrist, which like his right arm, are hanging motionless from him. The merman is floating in mid-water, his frontside facing up like a dead fish, but not floating on the surface. His mouth ajar with a small red cloud floating from his lips, and a red wisps hovering around the gills on the side of his head.

Adam came up to him, and looked him over. He felt his eyes tear up immediately as he saw wisps of crimson linger from the merman's mouth. He wrapped his arms around the still merman, and paddled his legs as hard as he can.


Jamal looked worriedly at his cellphone again, "Come on, Adam..." He groaned, "Where you at, man??"

He paced around the boat again. It's been 40 minutes since Adam dove in. Just what is he up to in there? Why is he taking so long? He's not REALLY swimming around in the oil, is he??

He moaned as he sat down on the bench of the rocking boat. One thing's for sure. He's not just going to leave him behind-

His head lifted up as he heard some coughing. He shot up from the seat, and looked over the boat!

"Adam!" He said angrily, "Where the HELL you at, man?!" He then spotted Adam's arm wrapped around a very large blue and silvery fish, "Ah hell naw!" He glared at Adam, "You mean you drag us out here to go FISHING?!"

Adam coughed as he came up to the boat, "In a matter of speaking," He grunted as he tried to heave himself and the fish onto the boat, "Help me!"

"Oh, uh-uh, uh-uh!" Jamal said as he turned around and crossed his arms, "You got me to jack Yuri's boat, you get yo own damn fish on it! You any idea how berserk she gonna get when she finds out-"

"JUST FUCKING HELP ME!!" Adam shouted. Jamal groaned as he rolled his eyes, and turned around. He bent over, and pulled Adam up onto the boat.

"I swear to God, man you owe me-" His eyes bugged out as he then saw an unconscious fish-like humanoid slip onto the boat. "HOLY FUCKIN SHIT!" He toppled over as Adam and the fish creature fell onto the boat. Adam hissed and groaned in pain as he got up, yanking off his flippers and throwing his goggles off, "WUT IS DAT?! What the hell IS that?!" Adam ignored him, and put his head to the creatures chest "Adam, you wanna tell me what the HELL you just got on the boat?!"

"It's Merrick, alright??" Adam retorted, "Start the boat!"

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa! That ain't Merrick!" Jamal said as he looked at the merman, looking up at the long tail that is held up at the edge of the boat, "THAT. AIN'T. NO. Merrick!! That's some, freaky fish thing!"

"JAMAL!!" Adam said as he glared up at Jamal, "Please just drive the freaking boat!!" Adam roared. The black guy hastily got up, and started up the motor, soon turning around and rode away from the massive oil spill.

"Merrick! Merrick!" Adam called, putting his arm under the lifeless merman, and lightly slapping the Adra's cheek, "Wake up, Merrick! Baby, please wake up!" New tears rolled from Adam's eyes ad a dribble of blood dripped from the corner of Merrick's lips. "Please, don't do this, baby," Adam sobbed as he carefully shook Merrick, "Please wake up! I'm right here, your mistake! I found you, please don't die on me now!"

As the boat sped on, Jamal looked over his shoulder, seeing Adam down next to the fishy creature. He looked onto its left arm, and spotted the silver bracelet on its left - the very same simple chain Adam got for Merrick after they came home from the pier.

"Merrick... Please wake up..." Adam said as his tears continue to drip onto Merrick's face.

"Unnngghhh..." Adam gasped as he saw those eyelids move slowly up. Adam sobbed as those weak, weary sapphires peaked open.

"Merrick?! MERRICK!"

"... Ah... Adam..." He croaked very weakly. He lift up a trembling, webbed hand to the human's cheek, "My Adam..." Adam sniffled and wept as he took Merrick's cold, oily hand, and held it in place against his cheek.

"Merrick..." Adam sobbed as tears rolled down his face.

"Adam... You came for me..." Merrick uttered weakly, "I broke our hearts..." Glimmering white tears formed around the Adra's eyes as he looked up at soaked human, "And you came for me..."

"I love you, Merrick..." Adam said as he pulled the headband off of his head, pressing his forehead against the other, "I'm never letting you go again..." He held Merrick close to him, holding him tight, "Never, never never..." Adam said as he cried even more.



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