Aquata Cove

Chapter 16: Just Another Day

“Hehehe~! Hahahaha!” Merrick giggled as he squirmed underneath Adam on the bed. The human is nuzzling and tickling Merrick’s neck as he rubbed his body against Merrick’s smooth flesh. It’s been almost a week since Merrick arrived, and he hasn’t gone anywhere else since the day at the pier.

Adam chuckled as he licked and nibbled on Merrick’s ear, to which the merman laughed and writhed as he felt his hands along Adam’s sides. Adam’s hand reached in, and started tickling those tender, smooth balls. “Oooh~” Merrick smiled as he wiggled his hips, “You gonna play with me, Adam~?” The man chuckled as he fondled Merrick’s floppy penis under the sheets.

“As much as I-” His alarm then sounded. Adam sighed and grumbled as he picked up his cell phone, and checked the time, “I’m sorry, Merrick. I gotta go to work.”

“Whaaaat?” Merrick frowned as Adam climbed out of bed, stark naked again, “But, you’ve been to work for four days now!”

“I know, babe, and I’m sorry.” He said as he put on his pants, “But I can’t put off my job, or else I’ll get in trouble.”

“But it takes so long for you to come back!” Merrick complained, “Please, can we at least have sex first?”

“Trust me, I REALLY want to, Merrick, but I pushed it as long as I can,” He then sat down on the bed, and tilted that chin up, “I’m sorry, Merrick, it’s out of my hands. You know I love you, right?” Merrick sighed and nodded.

“What am I supposed to do until you get home then? I’m always so bored just staying around here.”

“Well, Jamal will be home in a few hours, you can play with him. He can show you how to work the PS3. Video games are a GEAT way to pass the time.”

“Ok, I guess…” Merrick pouted.

“It’s a half day today for me, babe, so I’ll be home sooner this time, I promise.” Adam said before he turned his head towards him, and pressed his lips against the other. Merrick closed his eyes and moaned pleasantly as Adam administered a very passionate kiss. He meshed his mouth firmly against the other, allowing their tongues to dance and squeeze against each other. The merman murred as he lapped longingly with his human, feeling his member start to stiffen from the mouth-to-mouth.

Adam broke the kiss, and rubbed his forehead against the other, “I’ll be home soon, sweetie.” He whispered before getting up, and kissing Merrick one more time, “I love you.”

“I love you too, Adam.”

With that, Adam went out of his house, and rode off in his motorbike.


Adam sighed as he locked up his vehicle, and went to punch in, when someone called out to him.

“Adahm.” He turned to see Belinda there, looking at him. He leaned on the wall, and crossed his arms.


“Adahm… I jus wan you to know… I do not drink blood anymore.”

“How do I know that, Belinda? Look, I try to see past someone’s past, but what Merrick says you’ve done… How can ANYONE just do that? From what you said, this Noita was like a mother to you, and you just killed her and sucked her blood like it was nothing.”

“What I have done is done, Adahm. I give you no reason to hate me. It is MY doing, and my alone.” She responded.

“Yeah, but I don’t know if I can trust you. People say one thing, and when the wrong or right situation presents itself, they end up doing something they said they wouldn’t. That’s the risk you take when you cross that line.

“Honestly, Belinda, I still want to be your friend, but now that I know this about you, I feel scared to be around you.”

“Adahm… Whats can I do to show you I am true?” Belinda asked. Adam just sighed and shook his head.

“I don’t know. When the situation presents itself.” He said before he walked away.

“He should no be here either!” Belinda said, “A male luving a male, a merman and a human! Dat is forbiddan as wells!” Adam turned back around, giving her a glare. He walked back to her, as calm as he can be.

“That’s different, and you know it. At least he never killed anyone who meant something to him. Until you give me a good reason, we’re done.” With that, he walked off, mildly insulted that this friend of his would compare herself with Merrick.


Adam’s mood has gotten better since that morning. He doesn’t know just where Belinda stands. On the whole, she’s still his friend; he only said what he did because he got annoyed with her. Besides that, learning what she is kind of scares him. That one time where she healed the cut on his thumb, that’s possibly a power she picked up from her Noita. And who knows how many more powers she has from drinking blood. Then again, she did have a point when she said she hasn’t given him a single reason why he shouldn’t trust her, other then when she tried to kill him with they first met, and the other times when she stole from the Fish House. Regardless, until further notice, he’s decided to keep his guard up.

“Aaand, here’s your order… Hey!” Adam said with a grin. Nicholas looked up, and smiled back. He’s wearing a bright blue and yellow uniform of the café he’s currently working in.

“Oh hey! Umm… Adam, right?”

“Yeah, how’re you doing Nick?”

“Ok, I guess. Kinda dealing with some blue balls though.” Adam laughed as he started loading up the Fish House merchandise into the backroom, with the Latino helping right beside him, “I got a Prince Albert, and I still need to heal.”

“You’re just wide open with that kind of stuff, aren’t you? I swear, you and Jamal would make a good couple.”

“Neh. He’s an awesome fuck, but I still not into dating,” He said as a grin dawned on his face, “So I saw you with a ab-fab cute blonde in a fishnet top a few days ago. He your pretty boy?”

“Yep!” Adam said as he hefted a bag of ice from his cart, “And I know this is probably a dick move on my part, but the sex is awesome,” He leaned his elbow on large bag, “Picture, if you will, a fine, playful, naked blonde twink. His eyes as blue as the sea, soft pink lips that would make you melt at one kiss. His skin is completely smooth, perfectly flawless. He’s completely naked, except for a jockstrap, cupping his beautiful, supple bubble butt. He bends over the couch, rubbing his perfect bottom as he looks over his shoulder, and-” Adam felt a hand over his mouth, looking at the wincing Latino.

“Please no more, it hurts to go hard,” Nick said as he grunted, gently cradling his own crotch. Adam chuckled as he continued to move the large bags of ice and fish into the café’s kitchen, “Happy for you though – ennghh.” He said as he walked awkwardly. Nick smacked Adam’s rump before he sat back down in his cart, “THAT’S for getting me hard,” Nicholas said as he walked off.


Adam scowled as his iPod zapped out as he strolled in the warehouse. He just needs to change, and head home to Merrick.

“Wut are you goin on about?? Just spit it out, would ya??” Came the Captain’s voice.

“Adam was KISSING another man!” Adam froze in his tracks, his insides suddenly purging from the statement, “Right behind the Fish House!” That voice… It’s Damien. He’s kind of a douche-bag around that gets on everybody’s nerves. He was promoted to manager a few years ago. Looks like he’s finally been found out that he’s gay.

Adam sighed as he walked away. It was nice working here while it lasted.


“Yeah? So?” Captain said.

“We gotta get rid of him! We can’t have a faggot working here!” Said Damien as he slapped his hand down.

“Why the hell not? He’s a good ‘nuff fishboy. Last I checked, the gays are good with work. He gits more cans and hooks done in the Hut than any of the other fishboys. He’s real good with customers, and has a good attitude. Is that was your written complaint was about? Bitching about one of the fishboys just cause he’s a fairy? Who the hell cares??”

“We can’t have a fag representing the Fish House! Last time I checked, fishermen aren’t some flimsy she-males!”

“Oh, fuck off. He’s more a man than YOU are, wastin my time about who kisses what. I don’t care if he was makin a puffer fuck his arse, as long as he gits his job done, what’s it to you who or what he’s chasin?”

“Captain, I insist, we HAVE to get rid of him!”

The rusty, old, fat Captain looked up at him. He put his pen down, and stood up, “Ya know, I used ta be just like you. Always goin on about what a man should be, what’s supposed to be right. Lemme tell ya story. Sit tight, you’ll love this one.

“Once upon a time, I had a son. He wuz always getting bullied in school because he was always actin so girly and pretty. I did my best to straighten him out, try to get him to act right, like a REAL man. But I’d always find him puttin’ on nail polish or find some girl clothes in his closet. I told him the bullying would toughin him up, but that got nowhere, he just kept on bitchin about it.

“He tried explaining the he was born a guy, but he was more like a lady; said he was transsexual or sumthin, I dunno. Well, I just about had it with him, and I told him, ‘Well, if ya don’t man up, son, you’re DEAD to me!’”

“So you kicked him out of your house?” Damien said, “Good, that was probably the only way he could’ve-”

“No no, it gits better,” Captain said bitterly, “I came home a week after that, and I went into my son’s room. He was beaten up, and he had slashed his wrists,” The Captain opened a drawer of his desk, and took out an old yellow post-it note, and tossed it onto the desk, “He had put this on his forehead, for me to look at when I got there. Go on, read it.”

Damien picked up the old note, and read it to himself:

-Am I dead to you NOW?-

Damien looked back up at the Captain, “That’s a shame… I’m sure with counseling, he could’ve been better-”

“Shut yur fuckin trap,” Captain spat out, glaring fiery daggers at Damien “Now look here, I ain’t gonna pretend I understand about the GLBT crap or nuthin, and God help me, I don’t really care. But if I stepped up as a person, and as a bloody father, my son – or daughter, whatever – would still be here. He fuckin killed himself because I didn’t accept him as he wuz. I thought he’d toughen up from the abuse at school, but like a fuckin idiot, I let him die…” The Captain is being as calm as he can be, but he’s fighting to keep from shedding a tear, “I don’t bloody care what people are, because it doesn’t make a fuckin difference. And I lost my only kid cause I didn’t realize that sooner.”

“… I’m sorry, Captain, but I can’t go along with this as long as there’s a homosexual working here.” Damien persisted.

“Good,” Captain said, “Then fuck off.”

Damien blinked at him, shaking his head, “Wait, what?”

“Yeah, yur fired,” Captain said as he put the note in his drawer.

“Yah!” Damien scoffed, “You can’t fire ME! I’ve made you more money in this dump than you have ever since you opened it!”

“Oh yeah that’s right…” Captain said as he slowly nodded. After a pause, he looked back at Damien, “I’m sorry, are you still here?”

“You CAN’T be serious!”

“Wut? You wanna pony ride or sumthin? I got work to do.” Damien shook his head and turned to leave, “Oh, Damien, one more thing,” Captain said as he picked up a pen and some papers. Damien turned around and looked at the salty old man, “You ever touch Adam or his boyfriend, sleep with one eye open, got it?”



Adam sighed as he took the rest of his stuff out of his locker. He stepped through the hall, and bumped into Damien. Before he could say anything, he slapped the box out of Adam’s hands, causing it to fly out of his arms, and scatter onto the floor before stalking off. Adam scowled as he squat down, and started to gather his things.

“And what the hell are YOU doin, fishboy?” Came the scratchy voice. Adam looked up to see the Captain, standing there and looking down at him.

“Just gathering my stuff, I’ll be out of your hair in a few minutes…” He said.

“Why? You goin somewhere? Don’t tell me ya quittin. Ya got one more shipment to deliver before ya take off.” Adam looked back up.


“Wut? You just assumin I’m gonna fire ya fer eavesdropping?” He said with a smirk, “You know what they say: ‘The first three letters of assume is A-S-S. When ya ASSume, ya make an ASS out of yerself’.”

Adam paused; he honestly thought he was going to get fired for being gay, “I uh… Yeah, I heard you and Damien talking.”

“Well, I won’t be doin THAT ever again,” Captain said as he snorted, “Now git that stuff back in yer locker, and finish that last shipment. Yur one of my favorite fishboys, and don’t ya forget it. I’m not about ta lose a decent canner just cause he chases worms over guppies.” Adam blinked in awe as the fat, old fisherman walked away, “Oh, and one more thing,” He said as he turned around one more time, “My best regards to ya boyfriend. Don’t let yur best catch git away, ya hear me?” With that, he left Adam to his devices.


Adam couldn’t help but smile as he punched out of work, or since that moment in the locker-room for that matter. His boss literally made his day this time. He’d want to do something nice for the Captain, but whenever someone does that, the Captain kinda turns it down.

He unlocked his motorbike, and rode it over to the candyshop to buy some gummies for Merrick, see if he likes them. After purchasing a bag of colorful sharks, octopi, and worms, he rode his vehicle down the pier, and saw Nicholas waving at him from the Lovers store. He chuckled as he rumbled his motorcycle to a stop next to him. Turning it off, he took off his helmet, and looked at the tan-skinned male.

“What’re you doing here with a name-tag HERE? I thought you worked at the Pelican Basket?”

“I do! But I work here too; two part-time jobs.” He said with a grin, “Just wanted to give you this, with my compliments,” He said, handing over a black bag, which contained a few tasteful items. Adam blushed and grinned as he accepted the bag, and took a peek in it.

“I appreciate this, Nick, but this is kinda embarrassing.”

“Don’t think about it, just wishin the best of luck between you and your BF.” Adam smiled as he stowed the merchandise with the candy.

“Well, thank you, Nick. I better get back home though, he’s been waiting for me all day.”

“Alright, man! Take care!” He said as Adam put back on his helmet, turned on his motorcycle, and drove off.


Later that night, Adam breathes deeply as he lays with Merrick. The blonde man moans sweetly as Adam spoons him from behind. “Ohhhhh…” Merrick moans as Adam’s mouth presses and kisses along his neck. His nose inhales slowly as he laps thickly into that smooth, creamy flesh.

Merrick’s dick twitches as it stands rigid as he feels the growing attention press into his tender soft buns. He squirms as his legs interlace with Adam’s legs as one of his arms dig in and hold Merrick from underneath, and with the other hold onto one of those silk thighs, pushing one up, and holding them firmly in a subtle show of strength.

“Hhhnnn…” Adam huffs as his hot breath flows down Merrick’s neck, “Tell me what you want…” He takes one of Merrick’s ears into his mouth, and starts to chew on it firmly.

“Nnnhh~” Merrick whines as he touches one of those strong hands, “I want you to mount me…”

“Mmnnn…” Adam’s lips smacked and licked around that ear, pressing his teeth on it and tugging, “What else…” He closes his eyes as he presses his throbbing erection into those warm, welcoming cheeks.

“I… Gh… I want you to suck my dick…”

“Mnnnn, really…” Adam moans lowly. Merrick blushes and moans pleasantly as he feel’s Adam’s warm hand roll and fondle his balls, “I want that too…”


“I wanna have some of that hot meat pressing in on my mouth…” Adam whispers as he nibbles on Merrick’s earlobe.

“Unnhh…” Merrick turns his head and kisses Adam’s mouth. Before he can ask his next request, Adam takes a hot breath just before his lips glue onto his.

“Mllmmmmnn…” Their mouths make wet, slurping laps as they make out deeply, Adam gently grabbing and rubbing Merrick’s rock hard cock as his own member rubs dangerously close to his pink hole.

“Hllmm… Nnngghh…” Merrick whines a little as Adam gently bites Merrick’s lower lip. His mouth parted to take a breath, before Adam firmly grabs him by the jaw, and dives back in for another hot kiss. “Mmnnhh!” Merrick’s arm tenses as Adam plunges his tongue almost down his throat.

He loves this. He loves having Adam control him in such a gentle way. To know he is so strong as to possibly force him to do anything for him, but to hold and touch him in a way that wants to do anything to him instead of going for his own pleasure…

“Mnnn… Hnngg…” Adam fumbles for the lube on the nightstand, before he finally locates it. He pops the cap open and presses the nozzle onto the crack of Merrick’s ass.

“Hhhhhh… HH! Adam, wait,” Merrick suddenly says, “Adam, stop, stop, stop.”

“What? What is it?” Adam pulls back, and scoots away, seeing Merrick shuffle around onto his backside. Adam looked, and realized that the shell slice on Merrick’s necklace is glowing and vibrating!

Merrick bolts right up, and gets off the bed, before striding to the window, and looking outside at the cloudy night sky.

“Merrick? What’s wrong, babe?” Adam asked as he too gets up out of bed rose up. Merrick then turns to face Adam.

“Tonight is a full moon…!” He said, as the clouds apart from a large, white shining lantern in the sky.



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