Aquata Cove

Chapter 15: First Date

Yuri is putting on her light green scrubs on as she walks down the hall. She stopped as she peered into Adam's half-open door, she touched the doorknob to ease it closed, but then looked up, "Awwww~" She cooed as she smiled.

"Hey Yuri," Said Jamal, "I can't find the cord to the PS3 controller, have you-"

"Shhhh!" She hushed him, "C'mere, c'mere, stay quiet..." Jamal walked over, and looked through, chuckling and smiling.

"Hah hah... Good fo him, yo. Prolly the best he's slept in a long time, huh?"

"Oh, down boy." Yuri said as she swatted at his chest.

"I wadn't talking bout sex, gurl."

"They just so cute together, don't they??" She whispered as Adam lay there, fast asleep, with Merrick snuggled up on his chest, with his light arm on that fuzzy trail, both of them covered by the blanket up to their upper bodies. Yuri softly closed the door and stepped away.

"I remember the firs time I was in bed wit someone like dat."

"Pfff, oh please!" Yuri scoffed, "We're lucky if the blanket is still even on your bed if-and-when you leave your door open!"

"Ha ha ha! True that, true that!" Jamal snickered as he stepped out of the hall.


"Mmmmm~~" Adam slowly raise his eyebrows to pull his eyelids open. He took a deep breath as he flexed his arms and chest. Merrick blinked awake, and smiled as Adam exhaled, "Hmmm... Morning, babe." He muttered.

"Morning, Adam..." He replied. Merrick smiled happily as he moved his legs along the mattress, serving it harder for him to believe how comfortable this strange, large objected called a 'bed' feels, "Mmmmm, by the moon, this is so much better than the cove~" Merrick said as he snuggled up on the bed and Adam, "It's so soft, I fell asleep so much better than usual. It's like resting upon a huge bundle of sea sponges." Adam chuckled as he rubbed his foot with the other.

"Yeah. I gotta be honest, half the time over there, I wake up with a sore back," Adam smiled as he cuddled up to his merman, "Sleeping on rocks isn't exactly good for the spine," He kissed him several times on his lips, his fingers fiddling with Merrick's shell-slice pendant, "By the way, why do you always wear this? I don't think I asked you this before."

"Yes, I have to. This is how I know when I'm needed in the pod."

"You mean when it glows and vibrates?" Adam asked.

"Yes. When it does that, it means the Razirah is calling us."

"The Razirah?" He asked again, "Who is that?"

"The Razirah is the mermaid or merman that uses certain objects - like shards of wood or shells - as mediums to link us all to the pod. When it is time for us to leave a certain area, or if something important needs to be discussed to the pod."

"Ah, so a Razirah is like a shepherd?"

"I... Guess? Whatever a 'shepherd' is supposed to be. The Noita hand-chooses a mermaid or merman to be the Razirah, and enchants them with the power to trace, track, and summon any merman or mermaid who wears the medium of which they select."

"Wait, TRACK?" Adam said, "You mean he knows you're HERE? On land?"

"Hehehe, no, Adam, he doesn't. He only knows where my general direction. Though, if he were to FOLLOW the trace, I suppose he could figure out that I'm on land, but the Razirah is NEVER supposed to leave the pod. It's a very important task, and we can't risk losing such a member of the pod. And no," Merrick said, putting a finger on Adam's mouth, "He can't count on anyone in the pod to track me down either. As an Adra, I'm allowed to wander off on my own." Adam smiled as he cuddled to him.

"Good... I hate to think your pod will take you away from me."

"Mhm... Ok, my turn," Merrick said, "What is it that human mates do with each other? Besides just the sex and sleep." Adam smiled and chuckled.

"Well, they go on dates. Those are events where they go out in public and eat out at places, maybe go see a movie, and just spend time with each other."

"Oh ok... So... Lets go on a date today." Merrick proposed. Adam raised a brow.

"Are... Are you serious, Merrick?"

"M-Mhm..." Merrick nodded, rather hesitantly.

"Because that means being surrounded by humans. Are you ok with that?"

"I-Its ok, Adam... I..." Merrick then took his human's hand, "I trust you." Adam smiled as he kissed him tenderly.

"What's with you this time, babe? First learning how to walk, then wanting to see my home, meeting my roommates, and now you want to go out where other humans are? I never thought you'd ever be willing to do all this."

"I just... I realize that you always come to me. You always make the journey to meet me at the cove. We always do what I wanna do... We always go at MY pace... I want to come to you, this time, my love." Merrick said as he nuzzled Adam, "I want to try your pace."

Adam smiled happily as he held Merrick close, "Alright, Merrick... You'll be safe with me..." Merrick smiled and kissed Adam again. "Ooh yeah~" Adam then moved himself on top of his merman, "Now that I got you in my bed..." He crawled himself on to Merrick. The blonde giggled as he felt his burly human on top him.

"Hehehe, what're you up to, Adam?"

"I've wanted to do this for AGES..." Adam kissed him playfully, and crawled backward, kissing Merrick's smooth, tender chest, and slowly smooched a loving trail of smooches along his subtle abs. Merrick tilted his head as Adam's dark brown hair disappeared under the blanket. He giggled as he felt those wet lips rub and play along his lower belly.

"Hehehe! Adam, stop, that tickles~!"

He giggled a little more and closed his eyes as he felt those lips trace lower down to his pelvic region, just enjoying the simple pleasure of being kissed on his body.

Merrick then gasped out when he felt a sudden warm, wet feeling consume his penis! "Ahhh! Ohhhhh~!" He moaned as he felt a tongue hug and press around his flaccid member. He held onto the bedsheets as he looked down onto the human-shape under the blanket, huffing has he put his head back onto the pillow.

His soft dick hardened quickly as the wet velvet danced along his rod. He inhales as he felt Adam pull his cock down so he pushed his mouth down onto the base of his dick. He huffed and moaned as Adam pressed his lips firmly around his cock as he drove down on it, and sucked it harshly.

As Adam is blowing Merrick's glistening member, his hand reached under himself, and started masturbating. The moans and gasps coming from his lover is enough to get him going, let alone the oozing juices coming from the silky soft head of his rod. He pressed the tip of his tongue onto the underside of the frenulum, before gently pressing the broadside of his tongue onto it, and sealing his lips around the edge of the head, and dipping his mouth back down onto Merrick's cock.

The merman squirmed as he felt Adam's hands rub his hips as his cock felt the warm, teasing bliss. Merrick moaned as Adam plunged down, and slowly pulled his lips along his dick, and wiggling his tongue around the head to slurp up the precum from the glans of his rod. Merrick panted and whimpered as one of those hands moved along his hip, down to his thigh, and cupped those soft, juicy testicles. He rolled and pushed those balls around his hand, gently pulling them from the base of his dick, and feeling the soft sac on his very warm palm.

The blonde smiled weakly as he felt Adam's mouth bobbing up and down, his eyes fluttering as he felt immense pleasure from his tongue and lips rushing up and down of his sensitive flesh. His mouth hung ajar as that bouncing rhythm elevated his pleasure further and further. His hands gripped the sheets tighter and tighter, his upperbody rose itself as his dick felt an intense wave of overwhelming pleasure!

"Gaahhhh!" He moaned out loud as he felt himself spurt inside of Adam's mouth, "AwwhhH!" Merrick huffed and panted as Adam's tongue licked and rubbed every inch of his dick, slurping up the white, thick globs of his sweet cum as his lips pulled up on his tool. He giggled and smiled as he felt his human's tongue lap and lick around his spent penis, before scooting up, and standing on his knees before the merman.

Adam then grabbed his precum-covered dick, and started stroking himself quickly. He bit his lip, and inhaled sharply as he moved forward, and held himself up on the bed, over his boyfriend. He groaned and grunted as he squeezed his slippery member before he felt his own hot white fluids leap from his manhood, and shoot out four long ropes out of his cock! He huffed and moaned as he then laid himself down next to Merrick, smiling as he kissed his cheek.

"That is what some humans may call, a Morning Pick-Me-Up~" Said Adam. Merrick chuckled as he scooped up a dab of Adam's cum, and brought it to the human's lips, to which Adam opened his mouth, and took in those two fingers, and sucked them slowly and intimately. He popped his mouth from those fingertips, and then went lower to lick his spunk from Merrick's belly. The merman giggled as Adam sensually licked those slight abs clean, moving up to where some of his sperm plopped onto his nipple, and lapped up the pink spot. Merrick laughed as Adam traced his cum along his chest, and licked his cheek.

Adam moved in for a passionate kiss right after he licked up the last glob of his white gravy. Merrick put his hand along Adam's muscular arm as he tasted Adam's cum-flavored tongue, breathing through his nose as they meshed their mouths together. Adam murred as his lips drew around the other's mouth in a very rough and aggressive kiss while he and Merrick groped each other.

He broke the kiss and rubbed his forehead against Merrick's, "God, you drive me crazy~" Adam whispered as Merrick kissed his nose. He then got up, and swung his legs over the bed, before standing up, and stretching. Merrick blushed and smiled as he ogled Adam's manly butt, and watch Adam's naked body as he walked around the bed.

"Ok, so, how about we go to the pier?"

"The... What?" Merrick asked as Adam went to his clothes drawers.

"Pier, babe. It's a place humans go to catch or buy fish. It's also where I work too." Adam explained as he put on some boxers, and then pulled up his blue jeans, "I think it's a good place to have our OFFICIAL date, right?" He said as he clicked his belt into place, "Besides, there's a friend of mine I'd like you to meet, a mermaid." Merrick's eyes lit up as he tilted his head.

"Oh? What would she be doing at a human-inhabited area?" He asked as Adam pulled on a shirt.

"She said something about finding humans too fascinating to leave behind. She left her pod to live near humans, I guess." Adam then took out some yellow satin boxers, and tossed them to Merrick, "Here, put these on, and we'll get going."

Merrick looked at the silky, shiny shorts for a minute. He's seen Adam take these things off, and put them on dozens of times over at the cove, he's sure he can figure it out...

He held the waistband open, and put his right foot through one leg-hole, and then his left to the other one. He stumbled onto his back as he pulled it between his legs, and rocked back up, and stood on his feet as he pulled it up to his waist, just like yesterday.

He and Adam then held hands, and walked out of his room, and into the living room, "Me and Merrick are going to the pier, guys!" He announced, "See you later-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on," Yuri said as she saw them, holding up her spoon and pointing at Merrick, "Is he honestly going down to a public place like THAT?" Adam looked, and nodded.

"Yeah, it's better than nothing."

"Yeah, Yuri, lay off, huh?" Jamal said as he played the controller of the PS3.

"Guys, there are LAWS against public nudity, and it still counts with underwear," She said, "Look, I don't mind it, but I don't want to see the two of you getting into trouble for public indecency." Adam groaned as he turned around.

"Alright, alright. Come on, Merrick, let's see if some of my clothes will fit you..."

"Um... Ok..." Merrick said as he was taken back into Adam's room.

---7 Minutes Later---

"There, better?" Adam asked as he showed Merrick off. The merman is wincing as he pulled at the pull-on sweater jacket, and moving his hips as he sported cut-off jean shorts.

"MUCH better." Yuri said.

"Ennghh, try not at all," Said Merrick as he squirmed with his hoodie, "It's heavy and hot... I don't like this."

"All my other clothes are dirty though." Adam said.

"Oh, ok," Yuri said as she walked forward, "I got some spare scrubs he can borrow, that should be lighter."

"I STILL say he's fine with a pair o' drawls." Jamal commented.

"Come on, Merrick, lets head to my room," Yuri said as she took him close to her door. Merrick stepped back.

"A-Adam said I'm not supposed to go into your bedrooms." Yuri chuckled and pat his back.

"It's ok, Merrick, this'll be quick, I promise." With that, she escorted Merrick into her neatly kept room.

---9 Minutes Later---

"What do you think?" Yuri asked, "I think you look VERY smart in that, Merrick!"

"Psshh," Jamal said, "He look like a nurse, and not the sexy kind either - the uptight-professional type!"

"To a T, J-Man!" Yuri replied.

Merrick felt at the stiff fabric, still looking uncomfortable, wearing a long-sleeve maroon shirt under the aqua-green scrubs, and rubbing his leg against the scrub pants on his lower body, "They feel lighter, but, it's kinda itchy. The clothes underneath feel a little constricting."

"But you do look handsome," Adam said, trying to console him a little.

"Nah, nah, ain't happenin, yo. That ain't his style at all, gurl! Lookit, you gotta nudist wrapped up to the neck!" Jamal said as he shook his head. Yuri scoffed and crossed her arms.

"Ok then, how would YOU dress him up? In a sequin thong?"

"Thought chu neva ask!" Jamal said as clapped his hands, and stepped forward, "Step into mah office, lil man, I'll dress you up right!" He said as he turned a nervous Merrick into his messy room.

---10 Minutes Later---

"Huh?" Jamal asked, grinning and nodding with his strong arms crossed, "How bout dat, huh? Ya dig it? Yeah, tell me ya dig it."

Merrick smiled as he looked down at himself, wearing a white fishnet sleeveless top, and a pair of breezy white jersey shorts with blue stripes on the side, which reached up to half his thighs "I like it!" He said, "It feels a lot lighter and loose~"

"Jamal, that outfit just screams 'Easy'," Yuri commented, "Don't you have something more... I don't know, conservative? Besides, those look WAY too small for you! When and where did you get those clothes?"

"Sometimes, my dates leave their stuff here, and don't really bother to come back for them. Trust me, I dated a Nudist once, Yuri. This as conservative as they gonna to get. B'sides, he looks rockin!"

"I think so too," Adam said as he smiled, and gave Merrick a kiss, "And you look sexy in ANY clothing, babe~" Merrick giggled as he kissed Adam back.

"Well, I suppose it's better than walking around in boxers." Yuri said.

"O-K!" Adam said happily as he took Merrick's hand, "We'll see you guys later~" With that, Adam put on his jacket, and escorted Merrick to the driveway.

"Wow, what're those things?!" Merrick said as he stared at the two vehicles.

"Those are called Cars. Humans drive them to get around. The red one is Jamal's car, and the green one is Yuri's car."

"Umm..." He said as he looked over them, "That's only two. Where's YOUR car?"

"I don't have one. I got a motorbike," Adam said with a smile as he went to the black cycle. He picked up the helmet, and put it on his head, which looked downright silly to Merrick.

"Adam? What're you wearing?" He said as he tilted his head.

"Helmet!" Adam replied, with his voice slightly muffled. He knocked on the shiny hard helmet a couple of times, "It's for safety, and it protects my eyes from the wind when we move!"

"O... Kay?" Merrick said. Adam moved the motorcycle, and sat down on it, put in the key, and revved it up. "AH!!" Merrick yelped and jumbled onto the gravel, staring wide-eyed at the super loud vehicle. He struggled to get back up, trembling as he looked at the rumbling motorbike.

"SIT RIGHT HERE!" Adam yelled over the noise.

"Ar-Are you sure it's safe?!" Merrick called back.


"O-Okay..." Merrick said as he slowly approached the bike, and climbed on it. He sat down, and scooted up against him.

"HOLD ON TIGHT, MERRICK!" The merman then put his arms around Adam's torso, "TIGHTER!" The blonde nodded as he tightened his embrace, "YOU READY?!"

"I DON'T KNOW!" Merrick yelled back.

"OK! JUST HANG ON!" Adam shouted as he then started to move the motorcycle. Merrick clung tightly onto his boyfriend as the drove over the gravel, and onto the dirt road.

---20 Minutes Later---

"Ok!" Adam said as he got off his motorbike, and pulled off his helmet, shaking his hair and putting it back into its pouch, "You ok, Merrick? How was it?"

"Scary, honestly." Merrick replied, feeling a little shaky from the ride. Adam chuckled as he helped his merman up, who is also little wobbly, and kissed him.

"Ok, babe, I'll have Jamal drive us next time~" He said as he and the merman walked through the parking lot, and towards the pier. Merrick gasped as he spotted several humans ahead. He clasped onto Adam's hand for security as fear tingled inside him. Adam grunted as Merrick gripped him hard. He brought Merrick closer and whispered, "Everything's gonna be fine," Merrick shook with terror as he nodded.

Hand in hand, the two males walked onto the pier. Merrick whimpered as he stuck close to Adam, almost hiding behind him. Though, as he walked, none of the other humans would tackle him, or even look at him! "A-Adam... They won't... They're not paying attention to me... Am I invisible to them?" Adam chuckled as he stepped aside and moved Merrick to his side.

"No, Merrick, they can see you, but they don't care. To them, you're just another random human whose got nothing to do with them," Merrick observed them, cracking a nervous smile as humans kept passing him without a second glance, "See? You look like a human, just like everyone else, they don't know anything about you. Trust me, you're safe."

Merrick warmed up in a few minutes, smiling as he looked around, seeing a human-inhabited area for the very first time! Adam lead him to the Pearly Seagull, a local sweetshop. Merrick gasped and jumbled when he heard the little bell ringing at the top of the doorway when it opened. The merman looked around in wonder at the brightly colored things in glass containers, while taking in the sweet scent of the shop.

"Oh, hello there, Adam!" Said a plump, older lady behind the counter. Adam took Merrick over to the desk.

"Hey, Bertha," Adam said, "This is my boyfriend, Merrick, we're here on our first date!" He said excitedly.

"Oh hey there, honey!" She said as held out her hand. Merrick hesitated as he looked at her hand, "Don't worry, it won't bite!" She said with a laugh.

"'scuse me," Adam said as he then leaned on the desk, "He's really iffy about meeting people, he's Anthropophobic."

"Oh! Say no more, Adam! So what can I get you two boys today?" The jolly clerk asked.

"I'm gonna have the usual, and... Hmmm..." Adam looked at Merrick, and back at the ice cream freezers, "Oh yeah, you never HAD ice cream, have you, Merrick?"


"What? Ya NEVER had ice cream?" She asked. Merrick shook his head, "Ok, here, sample a little bit of each then, go on." She said as she scooped up a little morsel with a small plastic spoon.

Merrick tried each flavor, and ended up liking the strawberry flavored ice cream, while Adam had a scoop of rainbow sherbet.

"Adam, why do huma - I mean, people - offer their hands out like that?" Merrick asked as they left the shop.

"It's a form of greeting for American humans. They shake their right hands for about two seconds, and that's it. Here," He then stepped to face Merrick, and held out his right hand, "Now, you take my hand with yours," Merrick hesitated, before holding out his left hand, "Heh heh heh, no, your RIGHT hand. It has to be the right," The merman blinked before putting his ice cream cone on his other hand, and put his right hand to Adam's hand. Adam held that hand, and moved it up and down, "Nice to meet you, Merrick!" He said with a chuckle, "There! Easy." He said as he let go and walked with him.

"H-Huh? Just like that?" Merrick said, holding his hand up like he got sauce all over it.

"Yep!" He said, "Just like that!"

Adam and Merrick walked around the pier. Merrick got more and more comfortable with mingling among humans. He and Adam had lunch at this cozy café, where Merrick tried chicken for the first time - AND fried fish. They visited several shops, where Adam bought a simple, silver bracelet, with no charms on it, on his left wrist.

Merrick looked as they walked on the tall docks, where Merrick kept inspecting the local fisherman, and watching in amusement as some of them reeled in a fish, "It's so funny!" He told Adam, "Why don't they just swim in the water and use spears? It's easy!" Adam chuckled as he pushed his boyfriend's shoulder.

"Well, sor-RY, Mr Fish, but it's not as easy for us. We're land animals, we do what we know how to do," He smiled as they came to the familiar pier fishery, "And here's where I work!" He said as he escorted Merrick over, "This is the Fish House! We deliver fish, crabs, lobster, and so on!" He took Merrick to the back of the Fish House, where a boat is lifting a large net FULL of game fish. Merrick stared wide-eyed with awe as he say the writhing cluster of fish in the net.

"Now THAT is hunting!!" He proclaimed as the crane swung over to a large tank to unload the fish.

"Hey ADAM!" Came a raspy, cigar-altered voice. They turned to see Captain come up to him. Merrick stared at the large human, looking like one of those sadistic pirates merpeople have come to fear, "Don't suppose ya came in to work today, did ya?"

"Nope!" Adam responded, "Just giving my friend here a tour of the pier."

"Heh, thought so. See ya tomorrow, fishboy." He grumbled as he walked off.

"Wh-Wha?" Merrick said, "H-How- How did he know about me???" Merrick asked franticly. Adam chuckled and shook his head.

"He didn't, he was talking to me," He explained to the confused, "That was my boss, Captain. I work for HIM, like everyone in the Fish House, and he nicknames us fishboys, because we pack and deliver fish! Get it?"

"Sort of... So, he has no idea I'm a merman? He IS a pirate, after all! Are you sure you can trust him??" Adam laughed as he put his arm around Merrick, "I'm serious! Pirates are sea hunters! We've lost countless merpeople to those humans and their ships!"

"Hahahah, relax, sweetie, he's NOT a pirate. He looks like one, I know, but he's not, trust me. He's rough and salty around the edges, but he's a good guy when you get to know him."

"I'd prefer not to..." Merrick said. Adam smiled as they leaned on the wooden post of the dock, "But still... This human port IS fascinating... So much happens around here, and in just one place..." He said as he watched the afternoon sun. Adam smiled as he turned Merrick's face.

"You're so cute when you get excited." Merrick smiled back and leaned in for a kiss. Adam kissed slowly back. The blonde closed his eyes and lapped his soft lips gradually with the other. Adam licked his tongue gently against Merrick's upper lips before nuzzling him.

Minutes later, Merrick and Adam are holding hands as they walk along the beach, under the tall, large wooden pillars, "I'm kinda interested in meeting this friend of yours, Adam. It'd be quite intriguing to know how a mermaid would live near humans for so long, undetected."

"Uh-huh! She's a Holsien, by the way - a white and pink sea snake. I can't tell you how many times I helped her keep her secret though!" He said with a laugh, "She's getting better though; she's a lot more careful and subtle than when I first met her... Oh! There she is now!" He said as they spotted a the brown-skinned, pink-haired female, putting on a one-piece blouse, "Hey, Belinda!" She looked up, and smiled at the human.

"Ello to you, Adam!" She said as she trot up to Merrick and Adam, "How iss you on dis day, Adam!" She asked, cheerful and bubbly as usual.

"I'm doing great, Belinda! Here, I want you to meet my boyfriend," He said as he indicated his blonde lover, stepping aside towards her, "Merrick, this is my friend, Belinda! Belinda, this is my-"

Merrick gasped and grabbed Adam, "NO!" He quickly yanked him back away from Belinda, "Get away from her!"

"Whoa! Whoa whoa, Merrick, take it easy!" Adam said staggering. Belinda stood there, looking shocked and startled, "What's the matter, I told you about her, she's a friend-"

"No, she's not!" Merrick said as he glared at Belinda, "THAT is a monster, Adam!" Adam looked at him with wide eyes.

"What?" Belinda said, looking hurt, "I am no monster, I swear. I am just mermaid who left 'er pod!"

"You LIAR!!" Merrick said as he charged at her.

"HEY!" Adam yelled as he threw his arms around Merrick.

"Let me go! She has to die! She has to end before she kills anyone else!!"

"STOP! Stop, stop! Merrick, calm down! What're you doing?! She's just a Holsien mermaid, that's all! What're you so mad about?!"

"Don't hurt me!" Belinda said as she took a step back, "I causse no 'arm to you or dey humans! You neva meet me, you-"

"Oh no, I know EXACTLY what you are, Latolcus!" Merrick said, his eyes filled with hatred and anger. Belinda gasped as she stared at him, "That's right, you monster! I am an Adra Triton, and I know JUST what you are just by looking at you!"

"Merrick, STOP IT!" Adam shouted at his struggling merman, "She's just a mermaid!"

"No she's NOT! She's a Latolcus! A blood thief! BLOOD THIEF!!" He shouted at her.

"What?! Wait wait, back up!"

"Let me go, Adam! I won't let her take you from me!"

"MERRICK! Just calm down!" He said as he put Merrick down, just as he stopped writhing and panted, still staring daggers at Belinda.

"I am not..." Belinda said, her eyes looking tearful, "I am not Latolcus-"

"Don't you DARE lie to me!!" Merrick said as he growled at her.

"Merrick, just, what are you talking about??" Adam stammered, never having seen Merrick get this angry before, "What's a Latocus?"

"It's a blood thief! They kill other merfolk, and steal their skills and talents by drinking their blood!"

"I don't drinks deh blood, Adra Triton!" Belinda pleaded.

"STOP LYING!!" Merrick yelled, taking deep, forceful breaths, then walking to stand in front of Adam, and holding out his arms, "I may be unarmed, but I'll kill us both before you touch my Adam!" Adam stood there, shocked by his lover, "You killed your Noita, then you hunted other merfolk! How many of our people did you suck dry, huh?!" Merrick demanded. Adam turned to Belinda, staring at her.

"Belinda... Is this true?" He asked. Belinda slowly frowned as she glared back at Merrick.

"... She would no teach me..." She said in a thick, distraught tone, "She would no teach me at all."

"And so you killed your own Noita and drank her blood," Merrick said in a lethal tone, "You sick monster. Before a merperson can absorb the abilities of another, they must first drink the mystical blood of a Noita. Isn't that right, Latolcus Belinda?" He said as he clenched his fist.

"She took me in as egg!" Belinda said, "She raise me like I was her Adra, and she made me tink I was HER daughter! And she would not teach me deh ways of deh moon! She LIED to ME!"

"And you killed her, you demon!!" Merrick yelled at her, "You possess magic and skills that were never supposed to be yours! All because your Noita COULDN'T teach you! You are not an Adra Noita, you had NO right!!"

"She lied me, Adra Triton! She LIED! What do YOU know?! I did what I could to survive after dey banished me!"

"BY STEALING MORE BLOOD?!" Merrick retorted, "Mermaids don't have the powers that Noitas do, so you STOLE your abilities from her!"

"I neber use! I neber use deh power I took! I am Latolcus no more!"

"YOU LIAR!!!" Merrick shouted as he made to run at her again. Adam gasped and held him back again, "ONCE a blood thief, ALWAYS a blood thief! There IS no going back for you!!" He yelled out as Adam pulled him back.

"Merrick, please stop!" Adam said as he pulled him away from the shade of the docks, "We're going, just let it go!" Merrick growled and hissed as he struggled, and broke free of Adam's arms, and sprinted at Belinda, "Merrick NOO!" He dashed to the Holsien, and pinned her to one of the large wooden pillars. Belinda grunted and hissed at Merrick, showing her razor sharp fangs as he growled at her.

"I give you this ONE warning, Latolcus Belinda," He said, his voice low and lethal, "You stay AWAY from my Adam! Don't you EVER touch him! If you EVER incur a single scratch on him, I'll take you to the very jaws of Guardian Leviathan, and end your treacherous life!" Suddenly, Belinda's face contorted fear from the threat, "Do not waste my mercy, blood thief." He let go of her, and strode towards Adam, "We're leaving, Adam."

Adam stood there, at a loss, really. He looked at Belinda, who looked absolutely frightened at the blonde. He gave her an apologetic look, before turning, and following his boyfriend.

Merrick scowled as he gritted his teeth. He hates feeling angry, and hated himself for letting Adam see this side of him, but it happened nonetheless. He means what he said, and it bothers him that a Latolcus has been living so close to his love. The fact that she hasn't killed Adam already says something, but it doesn't change the fact that that mermaid slaughtered and absorbed merfolk for herself.

In all things, it deeply disturbs him to know that he inherited his father's wrath.



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