Aquata Cove

Chapter 12: Call Of The Siren

Adam woke up with a start. He looked around realizing that the images in his head was just a dream, he looked between his legs, and reached to his Morning Wood, along with the blotch on his blanket. That was SOME dream.

He grinned as he then kicked off his blanket, and jumped off his bed. He pulled of and tossed his moist boxershorts off him, and pulled on his trunks, which feel stiff from the daily dips he's been taking, and not one trip to the washer since then, looking for that merman - he's returned to that spot 3 days ago, and that merman hasn't come back. He grabbed his goggles and his bogie board. He ran out of his room, and towards the backdoor.

"I'm going down to the beach, Gramma, bye!"

"AH ah AH ah!" Grandma said, "Noooo yur not, laddie, get back here!" Adam stopped in his tracks, and looked around.

"What?? Why not???"

"Would ya look at yur arm, boy?" She asked him, "That bite hasn't even gotten better all week! Ya keep soakin it in sea, it ain't ever gonna heal!"

"What about the water sleeve? I can wear it, I'll be fine!"

"No, your not, that sleeve's not tight enough on ya, boyo!"

"C'mon, Gramma, pleeeeaasse??? I'm THIS close to finding that fish!" He said.

"Nothin doin', Adam. As the kids say, 'There Are Plenty O' Fish In The Sea', heh heh. Why don't you take Granddad's camera and take pictures around the forest and cliff, eh?"


"And put those trunks in the basket, I'm doin laundry today. Go on, and I want at least 20 pictures in that camera by the time you come home now!"

Adam groaned as he then turned around to his room. "Okay..."

"There's a good lad," Grandma replied.

Adam went into his room, and took off his dried out trunks before putting them in the basket. He pulled on a light shirt, and pulled up a pair of boxers and cargo shorts up between his legs. He set down his goggles and board. He went into his grandparents' bedroom, and took the bulky camera from their desk, and walked through the living room.

"See ya... Whenever..." He grumbled.

"Have fun, lad. Heh heh heh," Grandma said with a chuckle.


Adam sighed as he walked along into the woods, holding up the camera, and snapping a picture of the canopy of trees. "One down... Nineteen to go..." He mumbled as he wound it back. A few years ago, he used to like taking pictures of stuff, but he sort of grew out of it.

He walked, and spotted a few colorful butterflies fluttering about. He held the camera up to his face and clicked onto them.

Adam walked along the path, hearing the distinctive waterfall approach. His shirt is damp with sweat, and tucked on the side of his shorts; it's REALLY hot today; of all days NOT to go swimming. He looked over and saw the cascading wall of white falling down, showing a brilliant rainbow sheen from the sunlight.

"Ah, Aquata Cove..." He said, "Been a while since I been here," He held the camera up to his eye once again and snapped a picture of the waterfall, "Sorry. No swimming." He said as he wound the camera back again, and walked along the dirt and rock, seeing the ocean, which is divided by a long wall of rocks. What's interesting is that it's a body of water that's so close to the sea, yet the water in Aquata Cove is fresh and pure. Maybe it's the way it runs through the rocks or something.

Adam then walked to the rocks, up to the higher cliffs. He put the camera up to his face, and turned around to take a picture of both the forest and the waterfall together. He then turned around to look onto the sea, where he spotted someone sitting on a rock.

"... Oooh, there's a nice one..." He said with a smile. It looks like a blonde guy over there on that rock, and from the looks of it, he's completely naked, except for a cross-belt on his upper body, and a dark headband, "Hehe, looks like someone's having some M/S out in the ocean..."


Merrick rubbed his arm as he felt the warm breeze on his body. His legs hung on the side of the rock as he sighed.

"... What am I going to do?" He wondered to himself. Throughout the week, he has not returned to his pod. He feels to humiliated to face them again since the red moon, and too ashamed after having touched that human.

Ever since that day, he's been struggling with so many emotions about what's happened. He should never have gone back to that reef, and he should have killed that human when he had the...

"Hnngghh!" He shook his head, and gripped his shoulder "No no no no... ! Not him, NOT him!" He gritted his teeth as the thought of even laying a scratch on that human revolted him, "I can't... But I... I need him so much... But I need my pod too..." He sniffled as the overwhelming thoughts and feelings finally got the better of him, elating a shimmering tear from his right eye, and then his left.

"I don't know what to do..." He sobbed softly as he thought of being in the human's arms, and then playing around with his young sister. He is kissing that human, and his mother is heating a cut on his tail. He and the human are on this very rock, and they are mating, then Merrick's father is showing him how to wield his trident for the first time.

Merrick whimpered as he cried, clenching his fists and his trident as the spiraling storm in his head drove him mad.

"HEEEEEY!" He gasped as he heard someone yell. He whipped around, and saw a human looking at him, waving his arm up back and forth! It's THAT human! The one from the beach! How did he find him?! He never went near that place again, not once! How did that human FIND him?!


"Heh heh, looks kinda cute, actually... If this thing had a zoom feature... Better not snap him, this IS Grampa's camera..." Adam then turned and took a picture of the sea.

"Now, what else do I wanna..."

"Aaaaahhhhhwwwwwooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooohhhhhh" Out of nowhere, Adam can hear... Singing... There's a woman somewhere, singing... It's so beautiful. He looked around for the source of the singing. He gasped as he saw another far away rock, with a mermaid sitting upon it. She's so far away, yet he can hear her loud and clear, as if she was standing right in front of him. Her long, red and purple tail dipping into the sea, her long, dark hair blowing in the wind, wearing no shells to hold her breasts.

Adam's eyelids started to feel heavy. He yawned as he held the camera up, "I better... Get a picture..." The singing continues, the lovely, long, divine singing. There aren't any lyrics or words, just the sweet, beautiful voice flowing in wind that softly plays along and against his body.

He began to feel dizzy, like he's taken 4 sleeping pills. His eyes can barely keep in focus. Everything's going blurry. The sound of the waves, the distant seagulls squealing in God knows where, the faint howls of the wind, they're all distorting along the notes and sounds of the slow, mystical singing.

His line of sight became darker and darker, everything becoming a blur of massive colors, until everything became an endless sky of dark blue, before slowly closing his eyes. In slow motion, he can feel himself fall backward, he can sense the gravity pushing down as he fell very slowly. Like, skydiving through the sea of bottomless darkness. He fell through the void, turning headfirst in the void, sinking and falling. He fell for hours, or seconds. He can't tell. All he can feel, all he tell, is that he's falling into a deep blue sky with no end.

And then, he wasn't falling. He can feel... Pillows... Soft, fluffy pillows... It feels like velvet. Adam slowly opened his eyes. He groaned as he breathed deep, liking the feeling of the velvet pillows, like a giant bed of cotton sealed in velvet.

"Hehehe," Came an amused giggle, "Good morning, sleepy head~" Adam turned his head, to see a man. He looked like a cute, cuddly college guy, shirtless, by the look of it. He has an orange-blonde facial hair, and a short field on his head, with a thick metal earring on each earlobe. He also has a bit of a round belly on him, but it's a perfect proportion to his body.

"Heyyy..." Adam said. He sighed as he tilted his head back, groaning even more.

"Aww," The guy said, "What ails you, my lord?"

"I... I don't know..." He said, "I feel so... drowsy..."

"You can't go back to sleep now, we've been waiting days for you to wake up~"

"Huh? What're you talking about?" Adam asked as he rubbed his eyebrows.

"Don't be like that, silly~" The guy said before nearing his mouth to Adam's neck, and pressed his lips there. He gave him a licking kiss along his neck.

"Ooh, that's good..." Adam cooed as he tilted his head, smiling as the man's hand felt his chest, "Ohhh, right there..." The man kissed again and again.

"Oh, he's awake? Awesome, I was just about to lick his balls until he came, see if THAT'D wake him~" Came another voice, this one deeper. The guy next to Adam stopped kissing his neck, and moved up, smiling and playfully tossing a pillow at the other.

"Hey, no blaspheming, sillybutt~" He said with a chuckle.

Adam opened his eyes, and sat up. There's a muscled, taller black guy slowly approaching him. Adam blushed as he looked at him; the man is virtually naked! He is only wearing drafty, light blue loincloth, that is tied together with a gleaming silver ring on his hips, holding the thin blue sheet on the front, and another on the back. Adam can see his large penis and testicles dangling between his legs through the cloth.

He looked to the male that was kissing his neck, to see him wearing the same loincloth, but lying on his side, the veil is on the side, and his junk is showing! Adam then looked around.

The circular room he's in is a large, totally velvet room! Everything, the wall, the huge, cushion-like floor, the numerous pillows is all deep blue velvet! There are white lanterns on the wall, draped with aqua-colored veils draped on each one, with some low, soothing music playing in an unseen source. Adam gapped as he also noticed several other men, lying around the room. All of them are different, very sexy, and all of them wearing the same kind of drafty loincloth. There's a Hispanic guy, laying on his side, who is now getting up, and walking towards him. Another handsome male lying on his belly, with a perfect view of his naked bottom through the blue cloth, who is being woken up by another one of the near naked men. The one who was sleeping on his belly looked up at the man, and then over his shoulder, smiling as he looked at Adam.

"Who..." Adam said.

"Hehehe, as... ATTENTIVE, as ever, my lord~" Came another male, tan, a little skinny, with a fuzzy happy trail that lead to his breezy cloth. Adam looked, and stared wide-eyed at his crotch! His cock is standing, completely erect, and at least a foot long, and so thick! He looked at himself, and noticed that he is wearing a golden mantle with several large sapphires aligned, as well as a soft, satin sash around his waist with a bit of a sheet on either side of his hips that reached to his ankles. Other than that, Adam is completely naked! Nude AND raging hard!

"Oh, it's so big~" Came one of the males, who knelt down, and stroked along Adam's shaft. Adam blushed harshly as those fingers felt and slid along his penis.

"This one's new, my lord~" Said another handsome guy, "He wouldn't know how glorious you are~"

"I... I don't understand..." Adam said. Part of him is questioning everything he's seeing right now, but another part of him understands completely, and is consensuous about this.

"Awww, you've must've had a VERY long day~ You just dozed right off when you returned~" Said a younger man, pouting as he laid down next to Adam, "It can't be easy being an amazing god like you~"

"Wait... I'm not a god..." He said, almost too distracted with all these men who are coming near him.

"Oh, don't be so modest, my lord~" Said the large black man, crouching down, Adam couldn't help but look at his hanging, dark package, "Just cause you were born a man and made a god, it doesn't make you less inferior~" His large, warm hand then ducked under, and cradled Adam's heavy balls.

"You always do your absolute best in what you do~" Came the first guy from before, his lips then kissing, and caressing his ear. Adam closed his eyes again, and rose his eye brows, enjoying the very nice sensation of the intimate licking of his ear.

The other men started to settle down around Adam, softly stroking his legs, arms, chest, belly, all of them affectionately smiling at him in admiration or their god.


Merrick looked in horror at the female! As far as her position, he still knows what she truly is. With one tail in the water, her other tail is behind her, wavering on the surface. He can hear her singing, her beautiful wondrous singing!

Looking back up at the human, he can see him starting to walk, dropping the object he was holding, and slowly advancing in her direction!

'... Wait... This might work...' Merrick thought for a moment as he watched.

If that siren devours this human now, then he'll die, and maybe Merrick will be able to find a mermaid on the next red moon! Would that even work?? Father says that mates of merfolk are lovers for life, but what if it was a human?? Surely, the same principal can't apply!

But what if he's wrong? What if that human dies, and Merrick will never find love again? That's how it ALWAYS works with merfolk! But it can't be the same with humans... I can't be!

"No... It's best if it... It HAS to happen..." Merrick's eyes watered more as he covered his ears.

"Just let it happen, just let it happen, just let it happen..." Images of the human started flashing in his mind. The human is holding Merrick's hand. The siren is gripping the man's shoulders, and biting into his neck, ripping him apart. The human and Merrick are sharing a kiss. The siren is slashing her nails into the human's chest. The man and merman are hugging each other. The siren comes down on the human, delivering fatal attacks and turning the ocean red with his blood.

Sparkling tears streamed down Merrick's face as he wept, clutching his head as the mystical song can still be heard, muffled, but still willowing in the air.

"Let him die... Just let him die... Everything can be fixed if I just let him die..." He sobbed as his heart ached terribly at what he's saying and what he's thinking, "There's nothing I can do... A pod of sirens have to be nearby, if I get involved, they'll eat me too..." He whimpered, giving himself a validated reason. He clenched his eyes shut as he hunched over a little lower. More and more romantic images danced in his head before they are purged by the violent glimpses of the siren's wrath and gluttony.

"Let it happen... You have to let it happen..." Merrick uttered to himself. "You can find a mermaid if this happens... Just... Let it..." His lower lip trembled as he tensed himself up.

The man's lips pressed against Merrick's lips as he held and caressed the merman in his strong arms, and then the siren's twisted face opened up in a raging cry and bore down on the human's face-

"NOOO!" Merrick yelled as he seized his trident, and leapt into the sea, jumping off the rocks - the very first action he has ever done with his legs by sheer instinct.

The Adra Triton dove into the water, his form blurring into his true aquatic appearance as he swam. He kicked his tail as hard as he could, zooming like a torpedo towards the siren sitting on the rock as she sung to the mesmerized human.


Adam pressed his lips against the gentle mouth of the man who woke up beside him, the one with the golden stubble and buzz-cut. Adam put his hand onto the side of his head, feeling the metal ring that dangles from his earlobe as his mouth pressed around the male's lower lip, licking his tongue gently tucking the other one.

He felt a hand on his arm, and Adam smiled as he turned, and opened his mouth the Hispanic male, openly kissing each other as the one Adam just frenched nibbled on his nipple. Adam moaned as that tongue pressed and licked around his hardened areola, his large boner throbbing in its perpetually constant erection - never flaccid, always hard as a rock.

Adam is the God of Male Romance, Love, Desire, and Fertility. His sole color is blue, his gem is the sapphire, and his iconic animal is the white lion. He works so hard to make what men are what they are, and it is a daunting task, as so many men are corrupt and dark, their character is what truly strains him when he tries to work his power to form boys into honorable, hard-working men. Times like this, he is able to enjoy the pleasures of his harem, the men he has handpicked to serve him when he must unwind and rest.

He put his arms under both men beside him as he broke the kiss when he felt some strong hands on his shoulders, under his mantle. Adam tilted his head to see the buff black man massaging him, and lowering down to meet Adam's lips. He kissed him back with a passion, enjoying the every taste of three men almost at once.

While kissing the large man who rubs his sore shoulders, two other males nuzzled and took in the strong, masculine scent coming from Adam's crotch. The men kissed Adam's throbbing shaft from bottom to top before kissing eachother passionately, with Adam's glans in the middle of their tongue and lip play. He curled his toes as he felt the head of his penis get licked and suckled in the sloppy, affectionate kiss.

Adam then reached down, and cupped the hispanic man's flaccid, exposed genitals, "Ahh! My lord~" Adam rubbed his soft dick and balls around in his palm, groping and massaging his smooth tenders in his hand, and making the male moan a lot more than he should be for a rub, "Your touch~ Lord Adam, I can't... Oh, my good lord~!" The man held himself as Adam's hand kept brushing and pushing his genitals around between his lap, "Ohh~ Ohhhhh~~ Lord Adaaamm!" The guy moaned out loud as his half flaccid penis squirted his sperm all over Adam's hand, just from Adam's rumored Touch Of Lust miracle - a lot of sensual energy is focused to Adam's hand, and it drives the sensitivity of whatever is touched with it by a hundred times. He sighed in content as he scooted away to let another man have his turn to cuddle with Adam, giggling as he spooned with his replacement, nuzzling his slick, spunk-covered soft member into his exposed buttcheeks. The man in his place took Adam's cum-covered hand, and licked it oh so sensually, murring as he tasted his fellow harem's sperm.

Adam broke the kiss with the tall, dark male to look at the two men sharing is cock, both of them licking and nursing either side of his hard member. He undulated his hips as they ran their tongues up and down his slick member. "Wait," Adam said, "Bring the new boy... He shall have first taste of my seed." The two men looked up at him, and smiled, backing up, and showing the new young harem recruit the open legs of their god. He blushed as he looked at Lord Adam's thick, throbbing manhood, with his large, potent, round orbs that hung below him, "Come, young one," Adam said as he sat up while the teen knelt down between Adam's legs. Adam affectionately kissed the man's soft lips as he felt along his glistening wet rod. When the kiss broke with a tender pop, the new boy gulped as he then opened his mouth, and took in the head of Adam's cock.

The male then slide his head down, and slowly went for a deep throat, gagging a little from the huge dick, "Take your time," Adam said as he brushed along the male's short, brown hair. The other men rubbed and kissed along Adam's form, basking in his benevolence.

He suckled at Adam's large member, taking in his flavor and slowly easing his head down onto the god's cock. He moaned as his mouth filled with Adam's member as he licked along the shaft, and slurped up a spurt of precum. Adam breathed in as the young male went in for another deepthroat, a lot smoother this time. Adam closed his eyes rose his brows as his dick climbed deep into the man's mouth, "Oh yesss... AhhH! Ohhhh..."

Adam tensed as his dick convulsed when the new male sucked his dick, and slipped the head out of his mouth, and spurted his thick, gleaming, godly spunk onto the man's face, hair, and on his tongue, "Ahhhhh~~" Adam rested back as the male looked in awe of the size of the load he just invoked from his god. A couple of other males chuckled and patted the young male encouragingly as he licked around Adam's shaft of his cum.

Adam looked to his right, at the first man, the one with the huggable belly and the light layer of fuzz along his head and lower half of his face, "Come here~" He said as he playfully rolled onto him, making the chubby guy giggle as Adam straddled on top of him, putting his hands on the other's pouchy chest. The man's arms wrapped around Adam's waist as he kissed his lips and nuzzled him.

"Would you have me first, my lord?" He said with a grin as Adam's huge, hung cock drooled fresh precum onto the male's cute tummy, blushing at the fact that even a short, stout man like himself has a place in sex god's chambers. Adam smiled at him as he nuzzled and kissed his round belly.

"Of course~" Adam said as he scooted back, and rubbed the moist glans into the warm crevice of the man's butt, rubbing the underside of his dick with the soft loincloth. The chubby man spread his legs and allowed better access to his rear end, feeling his hands around Adam's manly body as he felt the head of his cock kiss and press against his pink star. The guy dropped his head back and moaned out loud as he felt his god push inside him.

Adam looked over his shoulder and grinned as one of the other men had knelt behind him, and put his mouth between his firm, round buttocks, feeling the mouth and tongue of the other press around his anus, and lick his rear-end.

He looked back at the cute guy beneath him, and gently pushed in, slow enough to let the one behind him eat him out, while still going into a rhythm into the charming chubby beneath him "Awww~~~! Oh, my lord~!" He moaned with absolute delight as he felt the magnificent member fill his anus. Adam huffed and cooed as the wonderful warmth enveloped his dick, inch by inch as he sunk his cock down into him.

His fingers dug into Adam's mantle as he hilted him several times, "Oh, my lord~! You feel so good inside me!" He moaned out, just before Adam closed his lips around his, stifling his moans of lust while rubbing his hand along the orange fuzz on his face. Adam smirked as he pushed balls-deep into he male's rectum, "Oh, you feel so marvelous, my lord!" He moaned out as he clung tightly around Adam. He nibbled on the guy's neck and he pulled back, and pushed back in.

The belly guy moaned louder and louder, feeling every inch of his master's member throbbing inside of him, "Breed me, my lord~!" He exclaimed, "Please cum inside me!"

Adam grinned as he took a deep breath, as he pushed ALL the way in, and injected his very potent seed into his anus! Almost on command! The guy moaned out at the top of his lungs as he felt the hot flood of his god's thick, white fluids wash deep into his insides, "Oh master~!" He cooed. Adam slipped his soaked penis out of his ass, before he lowered down to press his face into his round bottom. His eyes opened wide as he felt his god's mouth rub and lick his soaked anus! "Oh master! You're so good~ Ahhh~~!" He can feel Adam's mouth exploring his most personal area, licking every square inch of his rear. "Ohh, OOOOOHHHH~~~" The chubby guy's short, 4 inch dick squirted out in several long ropes on his round gut, and a few stripes on his face.

Adam rose up, his penis still ever erect and throbbing, pointing up at the ceiling, as he put his hand on the shoulder of one of the men, "You... See that he is spotless..." The male then looked up at him.

"Him or his ass?" Adam grinned at him.

"Both, silly~" He answered playfully as he ruffled into his male's hair.

"My lord!" An olive-skinned man said, holding his nude bottom up, "Breed me next!" Adam smiled as he knelt down behind him, and then slid his dripping, semen-soaked rod into his ass, making him gasp and moan out in pure bliss. Adam landed his pelvis directly on that rump, putting his hands on the velvet, and then opening his mouth to land on a random male's half flaccid, fresh penis.

"Oh master~~!" The man said as Adam pulled in his soft dick with his mouth alone, "You're such a good and benevolent god!" Adam closed his eyes as he felt the penis harden inside his mouth as he sucked with pleasure.


"AaaaaaaAAAaaaaahhhhhhoooOOOOaaaaaaaaaawwwwww~~~" The siren sang to the human, seeing him walking ever so slowly to his death, enjoying whatever vision her song weaved and created for him. On last dream of joy and happiness before he has the honor of becoming her meal. Maybe she'll save a leg and an arm for her brothers and sister. Be this human looks rather young, she wonders if he'll even fill her up? Oh well~

The siren sang more as she rose her hand, offering her sharp, gleaming, red and blue fingers to the human, who is still about 20 ft away with the sea and the rocky cliff between them.

"Aaaaaaooooooooooooohhhhhh- AAAHHHHH!!!" Suddenly, the siren screeched as she felt something stab deep into her side! The siren screamed as she saw a three-pronged spear had sunk into her stomach. She gagged and growled as she slipped into the water, her twin tails curling and flailing as she sunk.

A blue and silver flash then drove the siren down into the sand, grabbing onto the shaft pushing it down onto the beautiful monster. It bore its fangs at the attacker, flailing her sharp nails in a fog of her own blood and confusion. She screeched at him, snapping her sharp jaws and flapping her tails.

"YOU CANNOT TAKE HIM!" The young merman proclaimed at the siren. The female creature hissed and snarled at the Adra Triton, swiping at him as he cranked his trident into her, a little more than needed, "YOU WILL NOT HAVE HIM, YOU MONSTER!" The siren swiped at the weapon, and snapped his trident in half!

Merrick gasped at his weapon, and roared at the siren in rage as he handled the upper half with the trident. A glittering white mist seeped from Merrick's eyes as he yanked the trident out of her stomach, swimming away from the bloody cloud from the dying siren - even butchered, this vicious sea monster still has the fury to kill back.

Merrick then spared her the pain by impaling her head. May she never sing again, and devour anyone one else. Amongst the other whirlwind of emotions, he felt a twinge of justice and gratification in having taken down this dangerous creature.

After killing the siren, Merrick swam quickly up, and broke the surface, leaving behind his broken weapon. He looked in horror as the human's foot pushed a few pebbles fell off of the cliff. "Oh no! Please, no!" He then dive forth, and swam even harder just as the human walked off of the cliff, and flew down in the air.

Merrick kicked his tail as much as he could. The water in front of him exploded as a mass white suds and air dropped down into the water, slipping off of the human's form, sinking lower once he had entered the sea. The merman whimpered in panic as he descended quickly as the human sank lower and lower, until he finally put his scaled arms around the human.

There then came the ominous shrieks from afar. Merrick looked, and sent out a signal. His eyes widened with fear as he senses the pod of sirens he predicted; they are going to take revenge for the siren Merrick killed, and are going to devour him AND the human! Both males and females sung battle cries as they head in his direction - even the MALES, can sing the battle cry. Any siren can sing, and they use that as their weapon. The pod charged towards them, kicking their two tails and baring the teeth as they approached.

Merrick grabbed around the human, and swam as fast as he could, struggling to find SOME kind of haven! His weapon is broken, he's not about to abandon his human, and the extra weight is slowing him down!

The merman let out a cry for help, screeching for any animal, anything to come in and fight! Regardless if anyone or anything heard him or not, Merrick swam desperately as he pulled the human right beside him, his tail starting to feel sore from the forceful swimming. He can hear the sirens coming closer. With their two tails, they're technically faster swimmers than the average merperson.

The struggling Adra moved desperately along the reef, until he found a concave darkness. He moved over there, and discovered that the darkness is an entrance! He grabbed onto the ledge, and pulled himself and the human in. He can only keep sending signals out to tell where he is going, as it is pitch black in front of him, he felt a thud in the reef, along with numerous screeches and snarls from the sirens that are jammed from the entrance, screaming after him, yet cannot fit through with all of them charging a frenzy all at once.

Merrick groaned as his sore body swam as much as he could, feeling the occasional rock falling around him, crowding up the tunnel even more, scratching his scales, arms, tail, not to mention how the human must be faring as they squeezed through the narrow tunnel.

He's beginning to taste the water's salinity start to purify, as well as the temperature rising. He can't think about that right now - he can barely notice the darkness starting to illuminate with an orange glow. He kept swimming until he and the motionless human came out of an opening, and into a wider area. Merrick looked drearily at the large, orange crystals that seemed to have formed along and around the basin as he and the human floated through the hot water.

Merrick pulled himself out of the water, and proceeded to drag the heavy human out of the water. He laid him down onto the stone floor, panting as he lay down with him.

The Adra whimpered and moaned as his tail burned from the intensity of what happened, tired and sore from all the speed-swimming he's had to do, in order to save this human. And... For what? What has he risked his life for?

The merman groaned as he pushed himself up, and moved over next to the human. He put his hand carefully onto his chest, and gently pressing his hand onto his skin. He rubbed along the human's left pec, and drifted along the right one, and then felt slowly along the bumpy surface of the human's abdomen.

... It's not rough at all... His skin is smooth, besides the baleen on his chest and stomach. Not at all like a shark... More like an otter... only less furry, obviously... Although... He DOES look cuddly...

Now that Merrick has calmed down, he has a better chance to examine his human. The merman came closer to the other's face, looking as the human lay motionless, looking so peaceful, his eyes closed, and his mouth slightly open. He put two fingertips on the human's lower lip, gently pressing on it, and rubbing it. His mouth is so soft... It's so tempting... He opened his mouth to explore further, seeing and touching the pink, slimy tongue, and examined his white teeth. There are only four teeth that have a pointed end, with the rest of his teeth flat and square-shaped. Not at all like anyone described a human's mouth to be.

Merrick curiously put his webbed hand along the human's face, feeling the prickly stubble on the lower part of his face. His fingers explored those strange appendages on the side of his head, feeling along the ear's ridge and down to his lobe. He then felt the dark patch of baleen on the top of his hair. He can run his fingers through it, but so easily. A whale's baleen is hard and tough, but the baleen of a human, THIS human, is soft, if not flimsy.

Everything about this human is soft and smooth, and a little fuzzy... He's not a coarse monster at all.

Merrick looked in awe of the human, up and down. Whatever humans are... The killers of the land, conquerors of all, beasts of destruction... This human, right here, the one who calls himself Adam, fits none of those descriptions. How can a man, this gentle, friendly human, be so beautiful and handsome and evil at the same time? During those first encounters a few days back, this human seemed more afraid and more cautious than Merrick was being.

The merman's heart pounds in his chest as he lay close to the human, the one that he fell in love with... The one the Undine unknowingly favored... The one the Sea Mother Atargatis chose to mate with him... This is he, right here, who can love Merrick in return always and forever...

Merrick put his face next to the human's handsome face. Every thought, every notion of swimming far away from this potentially dangerous creature has vanished away. He snuggled right next to him, and pressed his lips gently on his cheek.


"Uh! Ohhh! AHH! Oh YEAH, give it to me!" The black man said. On his hands and knees, Adam is thrusting in hard into that big, shiny, muscular black ass. He bit his lip as Adam's heavy balls slapped against those two dark kiwis, "Fuck, harder, my lord, harder!"

"Yeah, you've ALWAYS liked it hard, don't you?" Adam said with a smirk as he gave one of those dark globes a hard spank as he banged him hard. The dark man threw his ass backward in order to have that huge, godly penis dig as deep into his anus as possible.

"FUCK Yeah! Split me in half, Lord Adam!" He growled out as he shoved himself back, forcefully pushing his meaty butt against Adam's crotch, "Breed mah ass! Breed mah ass! Breed mah ASS!" He moaned out loud.

"Here it comes, my dark soldier!!" Adam tilted his head back and moaned out loud as he poured his thick, divine milk into his anus, making him groan and sigh as he felt his god's cum sink deep into him, filling him with its everlasting warmth and contentment.

Adam pulled his mast out from him, and reached in between those dark brown thighs, and pulled his thick, solid, chocolate bar under. "Uh, yeeeaah~~" He said in his dark voice, as Adam rubbed the tender glans on his thick endowment. Adam pressed and rubbed until the black man moaned out, and gushed his spunk all over Adam's hand. He smirked as he then pressed his cum-covered to those thick lips, to which he licked and suckled Adam's hand clean.

The black man huffed as he plopped onto the blue velvet. Adam stood up, his cock still perpetually erect, looking around at the spent, satisfied harem men. All of them thoroughly fucked and sucked; their dainty, see-through loincloths placed from their waists, onto their shoulders to indicate that they have been bred by their god. Some of them look like they can still have some more action.

"Alright..." He grinned and clapped his hands together, rubbing his palms and looking around. "It's your turn!"

"Huh?" One of the men asked.

"Your turn!" Adam said with a grin, turning around and smacking his clean rump, "My ass is prime for harvest~"

"R-Really??" The new one asked.

"Naw~" The black man said, "He's just testing us, boy." Adam blinked as he turned back around.

"Uh... Testing you?" He asked, "What do you mean?"

"You... We NEVER top you, my lord." Said the Spanish male, "We are here to serve you."

"Yeah! So come on, go ahead, I like it in MY ass too!" Adam said, "I am your god after all, and I can allow it." He said with a reassuring smile, but also confused at the same time - toping is good and all, but he loves to get fucked in return as well.

"The truth is," Came the olive-skinned man, "None of us are worthy of mounting you, my lord." Adam raised a brow.

"Huh? I don't get it."

"There's only one mortal," Said the chubby, orange-haired man, "One man who can really satisfy you. One rare man you gave a key into heaven. The only one you chose to ride you, in order to show that he is special from the rest of us..." He then looked down to the side, "But... He is still at sea... We do not know when he will return for you, my lord... He's been gone for so long..." He looked back up at his god, "We can see it in your eyes... You miss him dearly with every sun, and every moon. As great as you are, you never interfere with his life. You always wait ever patiently for him to come back..." He smiled as he shook his head, "We serve you everyday, and you seem happy with what we do for you, but it is only he that gives you true contentment. The only one who can truly bring the gleam in your eyes..."

Adam felt even more confused. While what they're saying makes no sense at all, he also feels a sense of sadness, and this led to more confusion. He has no idea what all of this means, yet at the same time, he feels this to be true.

"... Well then... How-"

"My lord!" Came a voice. Adam turned, and saw another such harem man, wearing a drafty loincloth around his crotch, standing at the entrance of the velvet chamber. He looked excited while panting, "... He's back! He's returned!" At this news, all the other males sat up, looking pleasantly surprised as they looked onward.

"He..." Adam said, "He is?" He said. While still profoundly confused, he also felt a sudden rush of excitement and anticipation, "Well u-um... G-Go on! Se-Send him in!"

"Yes, my lord!" The near nude man then ran off.

Adam gulped, feeling his heart pounding madly in his chest. Knowing absolutely nothing about whoever has returned. He can hear footsteps, and the song of the ocean waves. He slowly took a step, feeling as if this moment of suspense will never end.

Then, he came. Stepping into the room, is a young, slightly slender male, with good muscle within his arms, a subtle definition in his chest and abs under blue tunic with silver scale design that reached down to his waist, with a silver cloth hanging over his front and back of his lower body. His light, peach-colored skin perfectly flawless without a scratch and perfectly smooth. He wears a white, pearly band around his blonde hair, which seemed to glow in the low light, the only golden male in the room. His vivid, sapphire eyes looked into Adam's eyes. He seemed to shine with a subtle glory that outstood all of the other males.

Adam felt himself smile as the corners of his eyes watered for only a moment. The awaited male approached Adam, smiling as he walked until he is right in front of him. Adam smiled happily as he traced his fingers along those flawless cheeks, "My love..." He uttered to the blonde, in the softest tone he spoke in, "My heart's one true desire..." He put his hands gently along his neck and shoulder. All the other males watched with admiration and happiness. The new arrival just stayed silent as he grinned playfully, "I've missed you so much..." He said softly.

"Answer me this, my angel of the sea..." He said after taking a moment to bask in his love's presence, "Is this the day I can finally make you immortal, and have you by my side for the rest of time?" The blonde smiled as he then nudged his head to the side, his eyes glancing about the harem men, "Them?" Adam smiled, "They're only my servants..." He took each hand with his and held them up, "As they are yours..." The blonde blushed, suppressing a cute laugh, "That is assuming..." He chuckled and held those tender hands, "They serve only my leisure. They can never serve my heart..." Adam held his hands tightly with the other, "They bring me pleasure. You, however, bring me happiness..." The blonde male giggled - Oh, his laugh... A sound he has long waited to hear. The blonde stood up and kissed Adam's lips. Adam smiled wide at him, "I have always been yours... You know that, right?" He asked as he stroked his hand along the blonde's cheek again, "... Always, and forever..."

Adam then brought his lips to the other, gently opened his mouth and pressing around the blonde's lips. His mouth lapped lavishly around the young male's lips. He kissed him, with a wild, slow passion as he put his arms around him. He kissed him far more deeply, and with far more passion than any of the other males in his harem. He pushed his mouth firmly against the other, his large, erect dick pressing against the gilded tunic of the other.

The other men began to rub their moist, slippery penises as they watched the romantic, erotic display of their god, and the one he truly loves.

The two broke the kiss for a moment, and the blonde's hands started to untie his gold and sapphire mantle - to which, the men gasped and even flinch; no mortal is to ever try and strip a god, but as they all know, this one is special. Adam smiled as he allowed the male to undo his glamorous mantle, and let it drop to the floor, which it vanished into white light, and reappeared over the top of the entrance. The blonde then reached down, and started to loosen Adam's sash. Adam affectionately kissed him again, drawing his lips around the other as he let his arms hang beside him, letting the blonde full access to his satin drapery.

The blonde then let the sash/skirt fall to the velvet floor, vanishing like his mantle, and reappearing on the top ledge of the entrance, draped neatly on the corners of the door.

With the god now completely naked, Adam put his hands onto those soft cheeks, and kissed his love passionately again. Adam put his hands along the blonde's clothes, the scales on his tunic shining with light, along with the silver cloth around his waist. His clothes lit up in wavering light, and soon dissolved into bubbles and fluffy sea foam, which drifted off and float into the air, and off of his body and vanishing from sight. The blonde blushed as he felt himself totally exposed to all of the other men in the rich chambers.

Adam broke the kiss and tilted the blonde's chin up, "Answer me this, my love..." He said softly, "Is this day you will finally tell me your name?"

Suddenly, Adam was shoved back, and he toppled onto his back, "Oof! Wh-What??" The naked blonde then got on top of him, giggling and nipping at his neck. Adam squirmed while he laughed out loud as the blonde tickled him!

The men of the harem stared in awe as this mortal, this young fisherman, just manhandle their god in such a way! "My love, stop! Hahahahahahaha!" He giggled and squealed a little as the blonde male tickled him mercilessly. The men shifted, smiling and chuckling as they saw their god as joyful as ever when his love has arrived.

The blonde stopped tickling his god, and let him calm down as he straddled him playfully. Adam smiled up at him, looking up at those blue eyes, "When are you going to be mine?" He asked. The blonde giggled as he bent low, and whispered indistinctly into his ear. He rose back up, and giggled. Adam chuckled as he raised a brow, "What? I don't even- Oh never mind." He said with a grin before the blonde then lowered down, and kissed him passionately again.

Adam moaned pleasantly as he meshed his lips with the other, twirling his tongue into the other's mouth, feeling his curved, hard dick rub between the blonde's rear-end. Adam felt his hands along the blonde's hips, and felt his perfect bubble butt. His hand went up and spanked his rump! The blonde cooed and smiled mischievously as he backed up, and put Adam's fuzzy legs on his shoulders. "Eager, aren't you?" Adam asked as he scooted his butt inward, feeling very eager for his blonde to mount him. The blonde edged closer, pushing his legs up and poking the head of his dick onto Adam's crevice. He pushed his lower body against him, and pressed against Adam's tight, clean entrance.

"Ahhhh!" Adam tensed and moaned as he felt his blonde emerge into him. His toes curled as his ass spread around the blonde's penis, gripping onto the velvet as intensity shot into his anus!

The men looked on as they began to masturbate. Seeing their wonderful, sex-driven god be dominated by the one he deemed worthy makes them very aroused.

"Ahhh, yes!" Adam said as he felt his tight tunnel squeeze around his blonde's cock, "Fuck, yeah, mount me hard- AhhhHHH~~!" He moaned as the blonde pushed deep into him! He huffed as the blonde came in close, and started to hump into him. Adam huffed and moaned as his big dick bobbed and bounced on his abs while his balls rolled up and down from the persistent railing. "Ahhh! SSSFFF-Ahhhh! Ahhhfffuck, yes! Ohhhh yeah!" Adam exclaimed as his blonde drove his dick into him deeper and deeper. He reached down to jerk himself off, but the blonde merely pinned his wrists down, "Ah damn..." He said, biting his lower lip.

The harem started to fondle each other, getting rather inspired by the display. The chubby guy giggled as he came over and sat in the black man's lap, kissing him and rubbing his used rump against the large dark cock. The big and tall African kissed back as he started to grope and molest the chubby guy in turn.

With each thrust the blonde made into Adam's ass, Adam would feel a wave of mind-numbing pleasure! He moaned and howled with each time the blonde's pelvis slammed onto his rump! His dick throbbed and drooled persistently, begging for the release that will truly sate the God of Male Sexuality. The blonde's mouth then viciously latched onto Adam's mouth, making him moan into a harsh, raging kiss as his movements intensified.

The men are now paired up, joining into a lustful orgy as Adam and the blonde got it on.

Adam broke the kiss as he started moaning at the top of his lungs! Each thrust is literally bringing him closer and closer to a phenomenal orgasm! "Ah! AhhhHHH! AHHHHH!! OH MY LOVE!!" He exclaimed, as his dick climbed right at the top of his peak! His rod is about to explode in a burst of passion and lust!


Merrick put his face next to the human's handsome face. Every thought, every notion of swimming far away from this potentially dangerous creature has vanished away. He snuggled right next to him, and pressed his lips gently on his cheek.

As soon as he pressed his lips upon the human's flesh, the human's eyes opened wide open, flashing a blink of blue light before he gasped loudly and shot up right!

The merman jumbled back as the human hacked and coughed very violently. He stumbled onto his knees, and fell to his hands as his back arched, his voice distorting as he vomited a lot of seawater, expelling out of his body and sputtered onto the stone. The human whimpered and groaned before more water rushed out of his throat.

He then collapsed, wheezing terribly as his body shook, his eyes shuttering closed as his mind hazed with random images, his vision spinning as he soon blacked out, his chest now inflated, and shrunk, unlike a few minutes ago, his breathing very raspy from the sudden, short-lived awakening.

"He..." Merrick mumbled, staring at the now dormant human, "You were about to die...! It's said when seawater enters a human's body, they die..." Merrick's eyes watered with white, glittering fluid as he looked at the human, "You were about to die anyway... And I had no idea... I would've lost you..." The human merely breathed harshly as he lay, motionless except for the breathing, completely unaware of his surroundings.

"Thank the Sea Mother..." Merrick sighed as he shook his head and huddled up against the cave wall, away from the human.




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