I was horny as fuck to suck a nice cock. I posted an ad on a well know free website.

It read " hung cock ??" " looking for a young guy 19 to 25 that's hung and needs a bj. Hosting in Dublin.

Send pics and stats if you got them. Me, early forties tall hairy hung"

The first guy was short and overweight, not what I was looking for. So I kept on waiting.

Soon, Ray replied " discrete young curious male white 7inch ddf cut cock"

I gave him directions and in route he asked if I had a problem with giving him an anon bj.

No problem I replied, I have never done it so I figured I've give it a try , I was nervous as all hell.

He sent an email "I'm here and leave the door unlocked"

I made sure the place was dark like he wanted it, which kinda freaked me out a bit. I heard him coming up the stairs and the door open. He came to the chair and sat down I kneeled in front of him and started rubbing his cock, which started growing as soon as I touched it. I reached to his waist band. He pulled his ass up and we pulled down his shorts and underwear. His cock was lying on his hot smooth body I started sucking his hardening cock and soon it was rock hard sucking his thick hard 7 inch cock felt so good. I pulled off his cock and sucked his stubbled balls and licked that spot between your balls and thigh. I didn't want to neglect his cock, so I went back to it. After a few minutes I felt his hot ripped muscled chest and the stubble, I reached up and pinched his nips, then I went up and sucked on each one for a bit, then back to his cock. I asked him if he like to be rimmed, sadly he didn't, but I asked him if I could see his ass, and it was pure perfection, smooth, a perfect shape and perfect for eating and fucking. I gently kissed his cheeks and licked his heavenly globes. I turned him around and started to suck his cock again. He asked if he could fuck my throat but it was too hard and straight and would have made me gag. So I sucked him like a whore on Friday night. I pulled out my aching cock and gave it a stroke or two. I sucked harder and harder, he said I was gonna make him cum. I barely stroked my cock and in seconds I was shooting my load in my hand. He asked if I swallowed, like a good cock sucker I do. I sucked harder and harder, he asked If I wanted him to shoot in my mouth or on my face. As I sucked his cock head, I mumbled, shoot it in my mouth. I went back to sucking his cock head and stroking his thickening cock and soon he blew in my mouth. II felt the first three bursts of cum on the back of my throat and the rest on my tongue, I savored the taste of his young hot load.

As soon as he shot and I sucked every last drop out of his cock, he pulled his shorts back up and started to the door. I told him if he ever wanted a repeat to let me know. He said ok, but we will see what happens.



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