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Reviewed by on 13 Feb 2014

55 score out of 100
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Wrestle Hard is a European site that puts two or more men together on the wrestling mats to fight for victory - and the winner takes the loser's ass. This site opened in 2008 with realistic wrestling matches and some fantasy scenes, and when the loser admits defeat with a hand slap on the mats, the sucking and fucking begins. We visited this site in April 2010, so it's time to take a fresh look.

Wrestle Hard is the brainchild of Hungarian gay porn star turned director Roland Dane, so most of the wrestlers are also Hungarian. Dane was a Thai boxer for many years, so he knows his stuff. The men are very well-built muscle hunks or jocks with chiseled bodies, mostly in their twenties but a few in their early thirties. Lots of pretty good-looking men, but their bodies are the scene stealers: strong and gorgeous gym-built bodies. If you're into European porn, you'll recognize a few of the faces from other studios, but I saw lots of fresh faces here, too. Almost all of the guys are smooth and clean shaven; I only saw one with a full torso of hair and a few with face scruff, and a some sporting tattoos. And you can expect plenty of uncut cocks.

Most of the scenes run about 30 minutes and a good portion of that is dedicated to realistic wrestling. I'm not an expert, but the fighting and holding looks authentic. The opponents start off in underwear, swim suits or jockstraps, but a few had the guys going back to the roots of wrestling wearing Greek tunics. One duo match I watched was 20 minutes long with no sex, but the guys stripped at the 8-minute mark and finished their sweaty fight in the nude.

There was a 38-minute, 4-man tag-team wrestling match, which had the men fighting in skimpy underwear until the 12-minute mark. They continued fighting naked, but things got dirtier with lots of ass slapping, stuffing their underwear, sweaty crotches or butts in an opponent's face; of course there was lots of rolling around, pinning, holding, and grunting. After 20 minutes of wrestling the losers start sucking the winners' cocks and eventually get their asses fucked. Most of the wrestling bouts follow this format in duos, trios and fourways.

Some of the earlier scenes had a bit more fantasy and BDSM themes, and a lot of these videos are about larger, aggressive men humiliating and defeating smaller men before making them suck cocks. Some are a little wilder, with prisoners dragged out of jail cells and onto the mats; in one episode a thief was caught trying to steal a car and was dragged into the fighting gym by two other men who punched him and fought with him together or one at time before giving his ass a punishing fuck.

The Wrestle Hard videos are offered in streaming Flash with no downloadable versions. The older videos are featured at 512x382 and look fairly good, and the newest 25 vids are offered at 720x578 or 710x400. Most of the videos come in normal and high quality (a few are only available in normal quality) and I found the former tended to be too fuzzy to be fully enjoyed. The high quality versions played smoothly, but I had to wait for them to fully load before I could jump ahead. There are also 25 behind-the-scenes videos. By 2008-2009 standards, when most of these scenes were filmed, the picture quality was okay, but by today's expectations they could be crisper and more clear.

The pictures take a bit of explaining. Each episode shows only four pictures on the page, and you begin viewing these in a pop-up window and navigate the whole gallery of 20 or so pictures using arrows. However, there's also a "Models" section where you can download a zip of glamor shots for 77 of the guys on the sites (many of the men did repeat appearances), and there's are also 152 action galleries you can download containing 20 to 24 pictures each. They're good quality digital stills and display at 400x600 (portrait) and 895x600 (landscape). And these model pages also include some statistical information about each fighter.

There are a few issues with Wrestle Hard, the main being that the site hasn't added a new video since 2011. There is a community forum, but it was broken when I visited. And 7 of the 25 behind-the-scenes videos were also broken, otherwise these clips were quite a bit smaller (320x240) and of lesser quality. The site's layout and navigation also takes a bit of time to figure out.

I was very disappointed that Wrestle Hard doesn't update any longer because I found the wrestling realistic and was turned on watching these muscle hunks and studs rolling around on the mats. And during nude fighting, these men weren't shy about shoving their sweaty butts and cocks in an opponent's face. The fighting isn't simply a 2-minute premise to get the guys into a sexual scenario, in fact most scenes offered much more fighting than sex, although the sucking and fucking wasn't short by any means. And the earlier scenes offered some sizzling fantasy scenarios to mix things up and keep us turned on. Damn! Why did this site stop updating? But while there hasn't been a new video in almost three years, there are 104 full, sweaty scenes for you to enjoy, and true wrestling fans should be pretty happy.

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