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With Marcello features British "Italian Stallion" Marcello and his stable of kinksters (most fellow Europeans). The content offers some interesting fetishes as Marcello is into high end suits with ties and dress socks, leather, tickling, bondage and medical. The majority of action stars Marcello himself, and he loves to stare at the camera and talk dirty so the videos double as prerecorded private cam shows of sorts. If Marcello's pretending he has these fetishes, he deserves an Oscar. And if he won an Oscar, he'd rub it on his knee high, sheer dress sock covered feet while he sucked his own silk tie and came on his shiny nipples. Which is likely just what Hugh Jackman will do. We pray.

Marcello is one serious hunk, with a great physique, dark hair and eyes, and he goes through suits and socks like the rest of us go through paper towels. He should add a bonus site called With Marcello's Dirty Laundry. Maybe on that site, some of his buddies could take his suits down to the river and beat them against some rocks to get out those tough stains. Although, in this world cum on linen is a positive.

The site has 235 video updates in WMV format. In December 2008, there were 53 videos, so there's an update about every week, maybe missing a couple weeks at some point. Updates are dated, although while many of the updates are full scenes, some scenes are broken up into more than one update. Newer videos are sized at 720X576 and are good amateur quality or better. The oldest videos are shown at 320x240 and are fairly good amateur quality, although I wouldn't try to watch them full screen. Videos are downloadable, and no DRM is used. Attention is put into set design, which is good, as so much of fetish is about context and environment. While there are links reading "View Full Video" these simply open the WMV file for viewing in the browser - it's probably better just to save the videos.

With Marcello also offers 235 exclusive pic sets. For our prior review in December 2008, there were 45. Pics are fairy good amateur quality digital stills shown at around 533x800. Action is well caught in a basic, no frills way, and there are around 35 to 85 shots per set. No slideshows are available, however the newer pic sets are offered in zip files.

The site also offers 24 videos in which Marcello interviews the models. These aren't added regularly, but they are a nice extra. There are no other extras like forums, blog or live shows. There's a link to a blog, but that's no longer available (though it had never been exclusive to members). With a fetish-focused site, the lack of interactivity is a lost opportunity to provide more value to members, and for the site to better learn the interests of its audience.

Content here is organized by four categories (Marcello, Hardcore, Solo Hunks, and Interviews), then sequentially within each category. For a title, there is generally a gallery (with arrows to navigate pics manually, not a slide show), a download link for a ZIP file of the gallery (for the newer sets), and a link to view the video. In some cases, it's one link to view the full video. In others, there are separate links to view the video in parts in addition to a full video link. There is no labeled video download link, but they are downloadable using your trusty right click. There is no search box, and no tags for actors or action. Still, the preview pic and description for each video is helpful. There's also an Updates tab which shows the newest content across categories.

The site doesn't have any issues, exactly, but there were some things worth mentioning. Older videos are not as clear as the newer ones, and are significantly smaller. Some videos I saw in the browser had an incorrect aspect ratio and therefore were vertically stretched. If you download the videos, you can manually size the video to correct this. Videos (both full length and clips) take time to start streaming. You are literally watching WMV files directly in the browser, the same files you would download. So fast-forwarding, like you may be used to with Flash videos, is not possible until the video preloads. That can take a while even with a fast internet connection. I'd recommend that you just download videos directly and decide whether to keep each or not after watching them - it's not a hardship as download speeds are decent.

With Marcello does a good job of showcasing a variety of kinks. The majority of content stars Marcello himself in (and out of) dress clothes, though he gets into a range of fetishes, as do his fellow performers. With a few updates per month (each of which is dated), all exclusive video and pic sets, and well put-together models and sets, the site delivers what it promises. And of course, Marcello himself is a mouth-watering and hunky man over 30, and an excellent dirty talker. While there are some minor technical issues with the videos, overall With Marcello is a solid contender for the fetish-minded, particularly if you love men in suits.

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