Visconti Triplets

Reviewed by on 8 Feb 2013

69 score out of 100
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Budapest-born Joey, Jason and Jimmy Visconti saw a gay porn world devoid of triplets and thus Visconti Triplets was created. Are we the luckier? Let's find out. While there are some minor physical differences among the triplets, each is lean, toned, cute and decently hung - your basic Hungarian gay porn triplets next door. They jerk off or have sex in the same room and with the same guy or guys (and sometimes women), but not with each other. There is some incidental body contact and they will cum in front of each other, though each seems to be in his own world during the scenes, shy about acting turned on by his brothers. This gives a vanilla sheen to what could be a kinky endeavor.

According to an interview on their site, they turn 24 in February (though the site elsewhere proudly proclaims them to be 19, but time has passed). The guys who join in with the Viscontis are Euro jocks generally similar to the triplets, some with a bit more muscle, some older, many hornier. After all, when you don't have the triplet thing going on, you have to work out harder at the gym, moan louder, and of course, take it in the ass and mouth more eagerly. There is lots of group action on this site, and some toy play, bareback and solos.

There are 225 exclusive videos in streaming Flash, shown at about 720x400, of average quality or better with one smaller size available. Some videos are full scenes, with some split up into multiple parts and counted as separate updates. Videos are not downloadable, and length ranges from about 5 to 25 minutes. The lighting is sometimes on the dark side and sound tends to be muddy. Camera angles are basic and mostly non-inventive. The cameraman sometimes misses cum shots, making me wonder if some are faked. The weekly updates are dated.

There are 301 pic sets with newer pics at 1912x1280 and older at 800x1200. These are good amateur quality or better, with 9 to over 200 pics per set. They are well posed digital stills with better lighting than the videos. No slideshows or downloadable zip files are offered, though you can navigate a photo set with the arrow keys.

Membership gets you access to two bonus sites. Male Digital is updated often and has videos for download and streaming as well as pic sets. Bisex Digital is updated more sporadically. Accessing each bonus site requires logging in again with your Visconti Triplets password. There is a blog that hasn't updated since June 2012 and a link to live cam shows which cost extra and does not feature the brothers.

There is no search box, tags on scenes or pic sets, model index or category filters. The scenes are numbered 1 to 225 with no clues as to what you'll get when you click each. Once on the page for a scene, there are some preview stills, a list of the actors, and a description. Photo sets and their associated videos are not cross-linked. The site content is organized sequentially.

Sometimes the preview picture of each video doesn't match the action. For example, on a scene page, there's a hot picture of two of the triplets fucking a guy at both ends. The video that plays is a duo between two other guys (not the Viscontis). Where is that video of the Viscontis dicking a guy? No idea. Also, when a scene is broken into multiple parts and counted as a site update more than once, it should be labeled part 1, 2, etc., with a different preview still used for each to highlight the specific action.

There's a pre-checked offer for another site on the join page. Trial members get only limited access to site's content. Depending on your browser, you may get a pop-up when entering the site or a pop-up with a fake representative when exiting the join page.

The Visconti Triplets gives you exclusive solo, duo and group content featuring cute, in-shape European jocks. While the triplets take center stage, their lack of direct sexual interaction keeps things legal while still interesting. Still, lots of the guys they bring in are hot, muscular and eager; ironically, each brother is sometimes hottest when in a duo with a non-triplet. Action is primarily all-male, with a few bisexual scenes. Similarly, one of the bonus sites is all-male and one bisexual. Updates are weekly, videos are streaming and photos are good quality digital stills. The bottom line - if you want to watch hot Euro jocks in action, including 3 brothers who don't sexually interact but jerk off together and sometimes play with the same guys, I suggest you check out Visconti Triplets and see what you think.

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