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Twinks in Shorts is a quasi-new site bringing together the content from two Euro raw sex sites: Bareback Twink and Sweet and Raw. During the transition, both standalone sites have been re-branded with the Twinks in Shorts logo, but there's also the new site called Twinks in Shorts. It sounds a little confusing, but it'll make sense shortly.

Twinks in Shorts doesn't feature a lot of true twinks, but most of the guys are in their early to mid-twenties and are more what I call twunks, guys somewhere between boyish twinks with slender bodies and jocks with athletic and defined bodies. In the strictest of terms, a twink is boyish, smooth and slender, and while there are a few guys like that here, more of them are featuring nicely-defined physiques and some quite are muscled or just less boyish. The performers are largely Eastern Europeans - Czechs, Slovaks, and Hungarians - so you'll find plenty of uncut dick here. There are a lot of well-known gay performers like Paul Fresh, Ennio Guardi, Yuri Adamov, Zac Hood, Thomas Fiaty, Denis Reed, and Danny Montero, to name a few.

The site's tour doesn't feature guys in shorts, but their marketing guy told me that future productions with guys in shorts are coming. For now, a lot of the existing movies start off with guys in the underwear, jockstraps, or shorts - they just don't show them on the tour - and the guys don't keep them on for long before launching into kissing, touching, and sucking. Some of the latest videos feature a masseur in underwear waiting for his clients, who also arrive in shorts. The remaining videos are a hodgepodge of naked or underwear-clad lads, and by underwear I mean boxers, briefs, jockstraps, thongs, and various other stylish undergarments.

There's a nice mix of duos, threeways and a few groups groups of four or five guys who fuck bareback. There are a handful of outdoor sex scenes, but otherwise the guys play around in bedrooms and living rooms; there are a few hot tub scenes, and like I said earlier, some of the latest videos feature guys getting massages before they get it on with their masseur on the table. The performers seem to really enjoy each other with lots of kissing, sucking, rimming, and fucking, and the cameras provide a good amount of cock-in-hole close-ups. And these horny lads blow their loads on their bottom's asses, bellies, or right into their mouths.

Twinks in Shorts now offers 57 videos and adds a new one every week. The videos are offered as streaming MP4s that play at 1024x576 at three different speeds from what they call medium to full HD. The videos play well; they look good, sharp, and clear, although I did see some interlacing on the HD versions. There is a full-screen option and the videos fare pretty well, but some experience a bit of quality loss. Again, you can only watch these videos online - none are offered for download, but I was able to watch them on my tablet and they resized smaller, so they should play on many mobiles.

Each video comes with a gallery of around 15 digital stills, and most of the 78 models have a set of solo pics as well. All the pics are good quality digital stills sized at a whopping 1600x2400. You can view these in thumbnail galleries and use the hands-free slideshow option if you wish. There are also downloadable zip files, and you can save the pics individually.

Here's where things get a bit confusing. Twinks in Shorts brings together videos from Bareback Twink and Sweet and Raw, and it seems that those two standalone sites are being phased out and replaced with this new mega site. However, the older inventory of Bareback Twink and Sweet and Raw videos is included in a site called World of Men. But don't worry, access to World of Men is included in your membership, so you will get access to all the content from both the original sites.

There are a few things I should mention. Trial members may not get full access to what the site has to offer. Next, as you scroll down the tour, you'll get a pop-up with an email sign-up form on it, and if you scroll up and down or go to another page, it will reappear. Those looking to download the videos will be disappointed as this site is streaming only. The model names are clickable so you can find more of their videos, but sadly, there are no profiles or bios. Each video has a series of category tags, which are also clickable, and while there's a free-form search, it only provides results if your search word is included in the scene description. And I was disappointed that there was no way to list only the videos or only the photo sets - you can only see both mixed together.

The bonus access to World of Men and its over 1,500 videos sounds great, and if you're into variety, it is. If you're only into young guys in their twenties, you'll only find four sites there very useful: Brash Boys, Red Hot Latinos, Sweet and Raw, and Bareback Twinks. The other five bonus sites feature mostly hairy men, daddies, muscle hunks, and big-bellied bears.

Twinks in Shorts is a bit of an oddball name for this site as it features a minimal number of actual twinks and no focus on shorts (although they say vids of guys in shorts are on the way). What the site does offer is college-aged guys in hardcore bareback action in 57 streaming MP4s, each with a picture set; a new video is added once a week, and then there's the bonus sites. While you won't find many twinks, if you like guys in their early twenties, you should like the crowd here and there are plenty of juicy uncut cocks, bareback fucking, and don't forget full members get access to the 1,500+ videos on the bonus site.

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