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375 exclusive videos in Real Player format, most videos shown at 320x240, older vids have 225k bitrate and newer vids have 850k bitrate, many vids between 3 and 5 minutes each, vids are downloadable, no DRM used.


400+ exclusive pic sets, older pics shown at 600x800, newer pics shown at 768x1152, pics good amateur quality or better, no slideshows or downloadable zip files.


Written reports and medical exams, which are basically erotic stories of each of the boys' medical exams.


Medical vids only available to 6 month members, site does not navigate like a porn site and there's no quick way to get to all the videos.

Membership Cost

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  • Monthly: $24.00 (recurring every 30 days)
  • Quarterly: $64.00 (90 days, non recurring)

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If you love twinks in schoolboy uniforms, you will not want to miss checking out Twink Academy. Twink Academy is the best site of its type I have seen. St. Samuel's International Academy is a fictitious school for troubled 18 year old boys who failed to make the grades to get into college, and the entire Twink Academy site is done as if truly is St. Samuel's. The fantasy is very thorough, the boys are very cute, and if you ever had fantasies about schoolboys, this site will bring those dreams to life.

When you check out the Twink Academy tour, you might wonder if you have accidentally arrived at a site for an actual boys' school till you go a little further into the site. Every boy is in the school uniform or in his official gym clothes, and every boy looks like he really could be a student. Not only is the tour impressive, but the boys are extremely hot.

Twink Academy has made some changes since our last visit. Upon logging into the member area of Twink Academy, you now have 5 options instead of 4 - you can visit the Latvia campus, the Colombia campus, the new London campus, check out the Academy Update newsletter, or visit Sponsor Services, which is their member support section.

I decided to check out the Academy Update first, which is addressed to the guardians and sponsors of the students. There are notices about what's new at St. Samuel's - today, a student has enrolled, and his profile was added to the site. In his profile is a photo set of him in and out of his gym clothes, 2 videos of him in his dorm room with his roommate, and a medical profile. One of the videos show the boys lying in their underwear reading and hanging out. The other shows his roommate reading a porno magazine and jacking off. The medical exam, which is a story illustrated by a few pics, is very thorough and includes a twink cumshot.

You can view all the Academy Update newsletters by date, and I spent a lot of time checking them out. Direct from 12/31/2003 "Finally for this week - and, indeed, for this year - our Guardians are privileged to enjoy their usual special access to a full video record of Latvian student Spencer Gringalionis's recent medical examination. As always when I watch these procedures, I am amazed at the dedication and thoroughness of our medical staff. What can possibly motivate them to go to such lengths? I only wish I knew..." I suspect I know what makes their medical staff so thorough ;)

Once you choose which campus you wish to visit, you are taken to a page featuring a welcome from the headmaster of that campus. When you go to the headmaster's office, you can view members letters and also view the student files.

Each student at Twink Academy has a file that is kept by the headmaster. They are listed by thumb and name, and you can see that the boys inside this site really do look like the schoolboys they are supposed to be. Inside the folder are tabs, PERSONAL DETAILS, BACKGROUND & ACADEMIC PROGRESS, PHYSICAL EDUCATION, SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT, MEDICAL HISTORY, DISCIPLINARY RECORDS, AND MISCELLANEOUS CORRESPONDENCE.

These files is where the action is. You can find "reports" for every boy. Each boy undergoes a medical exam, and there is both a written explantion by the school doctor and videos of the medical exam. Each medical exam ends with manual stimulation by the doctor, and finally of each student shooting a load - for medical purposes, of course. You will also see the doctor has carefully recorded each boy's statistics, such as height, weight, eye color, penis size, and whether each boy is circumcised or not.

Under Social Development, we discover that a lot of the boys masturbate when they think no one knows - and a few mess around with their roommates. Luckily for us, the headmaster has installed a hidden camera in every room to keep an eye on the boys. Some of the Disiplinary Action is pretty interesting since it sometimes involves humiliating the students by forcing them to strip in front of the teacher or headmaster, and on some occasions, requiring the boys to masturbate till they reach a climax as further humiliation. I don't know whether the humiliation works on the boys, but watching it certainly made me feel excited by the methods used by St. Samuel's.

There are 49 student files in the Latvia campus student files, 59 student files in the Colombia campus and 15 in the London campus, which is 51 more students than there were 26 months ago. Each student has various videos and pic sets, plus official-looking reports that link to various events, and I found these reports very erotic, and very well-written. They perfectly continue the fantasy that you are inside the site for a boys' school. The only slightly weak part of the site is that the Physical Education pics are all solo, and the swimming pics aren't in a pool but in a room. On the other hand, everything else is believable - you are peeking into a world filled with teen boys!

Twink Academy is the closest I've seen to a perfect site, and every boy in the site is a perfect 18 year old schoolboy type. The fantasy is continued throughout the site, the boys are cute, young, and full of hormones. The picture quality is quite good, and documents the school situations perfectly - although the pics of the boys wearing their gym clothes seems to always show them naked, somehow ;) One downside of Twink Academy is that their videos are only available in Real Player format, and only in one speed. Also for some reason, it took a few seconds for each video to start loading.

Something worth mentioning here is that the medical videos are only available to 6-month members. Another is the navigation. While the navigation is in perfect keeping with the site fantasy - in fact, it makes it work - it does not make it easy for those who simply want to get to the videos or to the pics. You must either browse by updates or by student. This may be an issue for some, and may be an advantage to others.

I'm very picky, and Twink Academy gets high marks from me. If you aren't into cute, slender 18 year old boys, you might still find the tour worth taking. It's interesting and creative. If you DO like fresh twinks with hairless chests and hard cocks, and especially if you like the idea of watching 18 - 23 year old students in their boarding school, I'm sure you will be as impressed with Twink Academy as I am. Downsides include irregular updates and video size - most of the vids are 320x240 - and that only 6-month members can see the medical videos. If you're looking for regular porn, this may not be the site for you, but as fantasies go, it's perfect. Be sure to check it out!

Things we liked:

  • Exclusive content
  • Best carried out site theme I've seen
  • Cute twinks from 18 to 23
  • Videos are downloadable (no DRM)

Things we didn't like:

  • All but the newest videos shown at 320x240
  • Some movies are only available to 6 month members
  • Updates are not always regular

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JK | 6 May 2013

This site used to be great. Its says it is updated every week. It is NOT. It is updated once every 3 weeks, sometimes 2, and with very little new material. The cost is extortionate for what it provides, and although there is a large archive, the new updates are very poor value. Go elsewhere and leave this website to deservedly die.

JJ | 4 Jun 2011

I'm surprised GayDemon rated this site so high by giving it a 6 (a 3 or 4 would be more in line). The originators of this site need to think of more creative--and erotic--ways of getting these boys out of their clothes other than medical checks. The overpriced videos just don't deliver.

John Hudson | 8 Mar 2011

Sporadic updates at best, and the updates they do are usually very disappointing. More still pictures than videos. Website has really gone downhill over the years. They do have a large archive but very little new material.

ken | 8 Nov 2009

Very few, if any, updates, which is disappointing. Also, none of the disciplinary scenes (i.e., boys forced to strip naked to get spanked) are in video form, just photos. The membership fee is extremely expensive, not really worth the investment.

Twink Academy | 21 Oct 2008

The site is updated without fail EVERY Tuesday, as it has been for the past 5 years. Anyone not seeing updates should refresh their browser.

macca | 27 Aug 2008

This site has gone down hill from the last time i was a member of it over a year ago.

The updates are less frequent and there is no new material on this site at all.

I'm dissapointed in how a great site after just a year has gone right down to a 1 star rating. This site needs to be be updated more and all the old material needs to go.

I would not re-join this site untill it has meet the standreds that it onces had before it went down hill

citysand | 10 May 2008

this site is terrible, you should not promote it. boring vids, poor pictures. waste of my time and $$$$$

Gaydemon | 8 Feb 2008

We have now updated the review and should be more accurate. The problem in regards to previous comments are that some memberships do not include the medical videos. Plus the way the site is built and navigation works it can be hard at times to find all the videos, but they are there!

Gaydemon | 4 Feb 2008

Sorry to hear you are disappointed with this site. The review is actually a bit out of date and up for re-review soon. I think when it was first reviewed it looked very promising. But you are probably right, it might no longer be a great option. Will hopefully get the review updated soon.

James LaFountain | 2 Feb 2008

Ditto to Pete's rating. This site is a total ripoff and the webmaster is smug about fooling the Gay public. It is updated (supposedly) every Wednesday; they forget to tell you that this happens only once in January. The scenes are rarely satisfying, and only a 100% voyeur would remotely like this site. They barely have enough material to lasat one month, never mind the six they make you buy. It is tempting to look at it, but skip it and go to Video Box Men for a real value. GayDemon's reviewer was smoking something when he wrote his review. I was looking for a zero point rating, but GayDem,on is more generous than I.

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