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The name Tribal Male might not mean a lot to you, but the name Bijou makes every gay porn fanatic's heart beat faster ... at least if you're into vintage porn. Tribal Male offers a collection of original Bijou Theater titles which have been remastered for online use. Bijou company owner and producer Steven Toushin, who still actively runs the legendary Bijou Theater and Sex Club in Chicago, produced a lot of gay porn videos in the late 60s, '70s and '80s. Steven was a real pioneer and paved the road for all the hardcore gay porn producers and studios to come.

The Bijou Theater videos come from a very different time when the men in gay porn were less like models and more like regular horny guys who wanted to get off together. The term 'gay for pay' was unknown at that time; at that time, condoms were only used as a form of birth control, and trimmed or shaved body hair was still a rare thing.

What Tribal Male offers is BDSM, fetish and extreme gay porn videos featuring dominant masters, submissive bottoms, hairy and muscular studs, leather men, and even some kinky twinks. You will find lots of cock sucking, intense ass drilling, bareback orgies, S&M, role playing, spanking, fisting and basically any type of BDSM, and one thing that strikes me is that the sex here is real and full of passion.

At the time of this review, the Tribal Male member area contains 40 full length DVDs, each of which has each been divided into three separate scenes. The 120 scenes are included among other goodies such as audio tapes and short documentaries. The scenes are not dated, but the site claims to update weekly with three new classic movies. Since our last review in 2010, 25 new DVDs (or 75 scenes) have been added, which does not add up to three updates a week.

The videos are downloadable, DRM-free, and come in WMV and MOV formats, both of which play at a size of 640x480. If you wish, you can also watch the videos online through a player which has a default size of 720x480. You can enlarge the player, but I wouldn't recommend that because you will lose quite a bit on the quality. You can't really compare the quality of these videos to what we are used to in this day and age, as these videos are 30, 40 even 45 years old and were shot on film, so I must say that the quality is surprisingly good. Sure, the colors are not that bright and some of the videos are a bit grainy, but they are still good enough to enjoy the videos and see every detail.

Tribal Male also offers sounds recordings, short documentaries and drawings that relate to the whole gay and BDSM culture from the Bijou era. I especially like the Old Reliable audio tapes, which are from the late '60s and early '70s. The tapes contain hot sex stories narrated by a man. You can either listen to these stories or download them to your own computer. The site also hosts a member forum, but unfortunately there isn't a lot of activity. There are also some commercial links that lead to a DVD store, an S&M gear store, and a dating site.

It's not clear how often the site updates with new content, so I'll be checking back and will let you know what I find. Also the site tour promises the entire Bijou Theater collection, but that's not the case (yet). Other than that, there isn't really anything to complain about. Personally, I love vintage porn and especially the videos that Bijou created, so reviewing this site was a real treat.

Tribal Male offers a nice collection of Bijou Theater videos which have been remastered for online use, supplemented with Old Reliable audio recordings, documentaries and articles about the gay and BDSM culture from the '60s, '70s and '80s. Much of the action is pre-condom, and most of the guys are hairy, masculine and enjoy lots of hardcore sex including role playing, spanking, orgies, fisting, leather and rubber play. The 40 DVDs are broken into 120 scenes that you can stream or download to your own computer. Tribal Male delivers vintage kink and fetish porn, and fans of classic gay porn and the original Bijou Theater movies will like what this site has to offer.

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