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The men of Thick and Big are mostly between 18 and maybe 28. They're a mix of cute twinks, jocks and hunks, most good looking and many well hung. That being said, some of the guys are better hung than others. Some of the performers are bigger than average, while others have huge, thick dicks that make you take notice. And some of the pics make some of the cocks here seem not as big as they actually are, although some look like rampaging man poles.

The action here is all man-on-man sex, including lots of stroking, blowjobs and plenty of asses getting fucked by rigid, bulging cocks. I really appreciated the camera work, which showed off mouths and assholes getting filled by those hard dicks in a variety of positions, then faces, stomachs and other body parts getting covered with hot cum. The action delivers plenty of heat, and cute guys who seem to be having a very good time.

Thick and Big has grown to 41 videos, with 1 to 2 videos added per month. The downloadable videos are offered in 3 formats: the WMVs and MPGs are sized at 1920x1080 at very good quality, and the MP4s are sized at 747x480 at good quality, and they're perfect for mobiles like iPhone, iPod and Android cell phones. The videos can also be streamed in 2 sizes of MP4, and they also look pretty good.

Each video comes with 2 sets of pics. First are the sets of good quality digital stills sized at 1500x1000. There's well over 100 pics per set, although often the pics are repetitious. Still, these photos show off the guys and the action well. They're available in downloadable zip files, or you can save the pics you like individually. Each vid also comes with a set of screencaps, and these are large and pretty good quality for screencaps. There's no zip files, but you can save the pics 1 at a time.

While Thick And Big doesn't offer any bonus sites, there is a link to Live Cams. These aren't exactly extra content - they're on a separate site, and members must pay extra for nudity, action or one-on-one. Still, there were plenty of guys available when I checked the cam site out, and some were pretty hot, showing off their chests or stroking their cocks through their shorts.

Nothing is perfect, so let's check some of the issues I found here. First is the pre-checked offer on the join page, which will sign you up for a trial memberships to another site if left checked. Next are a couple things about trial memberships. Trial members may get only limited access to site's content and also trial memberships recur at $10 more per month than the cost of a regularly monthly membership. And last, while the site claims weekly updates in one spot, 1 to 2 in another, it actually adds new videos only once a month to every other week.

One other thing worth addressing is that while the site claims "We Only Shoot The Studs With The Biggest Dicks," I must admit that I've seen bigger dicks than some of these guys an a variety of sites. And oddly, the pics sometimes make the cocks seems smaller than they are. Go figure! Still, a lot of the cocks here are bigger than average, and some are quite impressive.

Thick and Big delivers 41 big, downloadable videos featuring guys with thick, good-sized cocks sucking, fucking, stroking and shooting their loads. While I've seen bigger dicks on guys like Matt Hughes and Mr. Marcus, at least 1 of the guys in each of the scenes here is well-endowed. There are one to two monthly updates, so the site is growning, although not as fast as I'd like. Still, I like the good quality HD videos, and some of the performers definitely live up to the site name of Thick and Big.

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