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Thai Gay Boys offers amateur Thai guys stroking their cocks on camera, and a few sucking and fucking for their first times on camera. Most of the performers are twinks with smooth, slender bodies, although there are a few more athletic or less boyish guys in the mix, as well. I found some uncut cocks, too, which is always a plus. Since there are a fair amount of first-timers, some of the guys here are pretty quiet - don't expect lots of noise as they get closer to shooting their loads.

What you can expect is horny Asian guys stroking their cocks, and as they get into it more, some finger their asses or use dildos or vibrators. Some show off those asses, spreading their cheeks, and of course, there's plenty of cumshots. The action takes place in what appears to be motel rooms. BTW, the guys here all appear to be from Thailand, so this is a good site for those who are turned on by Thai guys rather than a variety of Asian men.

Thai Gay Boys currently offers 107 videos and updates once a week. The videos are offered for download in MP4 format, the newer ones sized at 1920x1080 plus a couple smaller sizes, the older MP4s sized at 1280x720 with one smaller size. Newer vids are also available as WMVs that are sized at 1280x720. While technically the video quality is pretty good, the lighting isn't always the best, although you'll never have trouble seeing the guys and the action. All videos are downloadable and DRM-free and members can also stream them in MP4 format if they prefer. Not all the vids are full scenes, btw - some are broken into 2 updates.

The site also offers 8 pic sets, each of which is a set of average quality screencaps. You can view them in your browser at 800x450 or download them at a larger size in zip files. Pic sets are not added regularly, and are added as separate updates rather than being included with their corresponding videos.

Thai Gay Boys is part of the Asia Pass network, and members get access to 7 additional sites. Some of the sites are both Asian and fetish themed, like Doctor Twink and Gay Asian Piss. There's also a black twink site, a toon site and 3 more sites. The network offers over 3000 updates (over 2000 are videos) and adds a new video 6 days each week.

Now let's take a look at any issues. First, there's a pre-checked email offer on the join page. Second, although the join page lists "All Bareback Action" on the join page, be aware that most of the videos in this site are solo jerk-off sessions, so not a lot of barebacking there. There's no search box here, and while you can click on tags to find other videos in a certain category, the results aren't just for this site but for all the sites in the network. And I was disappointed that not all the videos are full scenes; some are broken into two or three parts.

Last, the tour gives the impression that the site has more hardcore action than I found there. There are some two-guy sessions, but as already mentioned, the action here is mostly solo Thai guys playing with their cocks and asses.

Thai Gay Boys delivers amateur Thai guys from 19 to around 27 stroking their cocks, playing with their asses and shooting their loads on camera - and the cumshots are mostly well-caught, although the camera work is mostly amateur. There are 107 exclusive downloadable videos, and the site updates once a week. Members also get access to a larger gay porn network that includes some more Asian sites, among other gay porn categories. There aren't many sites featuring Thai twinks and amateurs, so I look forward to watching Thai Gay Boys grow.

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