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TXXXM Studios features slender, smooth college-age guys, most of whom are twinks. There are some real cuties here, as well as some more average guys and a number of performers are what I'd call rough twinks - they don't have the cute factor but they have the slim body, they're the right age and they look it, but they seem a little more jaded, perhaps street-wise. Some of the guys have tattoos, although usually not big ones, and there are a few guys with facial hair and a slightly more mature look. Many of the performers are British, so you can expect plenty of uncut cocks.

This site is actually a smaller network offering content from 6 sites with different themes, so you can expect a variety of types of action. You'll find amateur twinks jerking off or sucking and fucking in one site; another offers hot threesomes in the back of a van - the guys kiss, suck dick and fuck each other, and while they do you can actually see the trees and other cars go by as the van drives on. There's three videos where the performers are tied to a bed, blindfolded and jerked to the point of cumming over and over before they're finally allowed to shoot their loads. And one of the sites, Exclusive Twinks, features some of the hotter 18- to 24-year-old boys on the site in well-shot videos of very sexy solos.

There are currently 58 videos inside TXXXM Studios - 26 from Boys on the Prowl, 15 from Amateur Twink Boyfriends, 10 from Exclusive Twink Boyfriends and 7 videos from the other 3 network sites combined. The videos are available in MP4 format, sometimes sized at 1920x1080 plus 3 smaller sizes and sometimes sized at 640x360 plus 1 smaller size. The smaller videos will play on most mobiles that play MP4s, and there are also streaming MP4s in multiple sizes and qualities. The videos range from amateur quality, mostly for some of the smaller ones, to good amateur quality, and most of the vids were shot inside of a vehicle or using only available room light, so while you'll have no trouble watching the action, the videos are often on the dim side.

Each video comes with a set of pics. These are either good amateur-quality digital stills that are sized at 1000x667 and are sharp and clear, while others are screencaps that are similar in size but are on the blurry side and display some pixelation. There are no slideshows, but the pics can be saved in zip files or individually downloaded, and you can navigate from picture to picture rather than having to return to the gallery to click the next thumb.

From some pages in the site you'll get somewhat different results in the video drop-down menu - there will be 38 bonus videos listed, yet the results for all videos will give the same number of videos. I found this pretty odd, as in reality there are 96 videos when the bonus vids are added in, but it's just a glitch, and if you search by site you'll always get the right number of vids.

Now let's talk about issues. My first concern is that 3 of the sites here are extremely small, offering 2 to 3 videos, and none of those 3 small sites have updated in the past 2 weeks. Boys and the City, for example, has only 2 videos but they're really hot videos, so it was disappointing that this site's most recent update was 5 weeks ago. Next, while not an issue, I was disappointed that many of the videos are only offered at 640x360, and in some cases the quality was disappointing, too.

Joining members should take the claim of "100's of HD quality videos" with a grain of salt, as this site has 58 videos and many aren't available in HD, so their claim of being the biggest twink kink download site is also basically marketing hype. On the join page I found a claim of thousands of videos, but in reality there are 58 core videos and 38 bonus videos, although they're not linked from every page.

There's a lot to like about TXXXM Studios - particularly the mix of cute and rougher twinks in a variety of hardcore, group, kink and solo action. There are currently 58 videos available to download or stream or play on your mobile, and the network adds a new video every Thursday. I'd have liked some of the smallest sites in the network to be bigger (2 or 3 videos doesn't really make a site to me) and to update more often, but overall the guys and the action here are hot, and I look forward to watching TXXXM Studios grow.

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