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For those who like a little fantasy in their gay porn, Men.com has just released their latest site, Super Gay Hero. You might guess that with a site name like that, you could expect costumed super heroes in man-on-man action, and you'd be partly right. Superman, Batman and Wolverine all suck, fuck and shoot their super loads, but there's more here than heroes. Sure, you'll find them here, but there are also several scenes from the Game of Thrones parody DVD titled "Gay Of Thrones", four scenes from their Star Wars parody where you can see Darth Vader in action (hint - Vader is a top) as well as storm troopers getting it on, not to mention their own version of The Matrix and a couple more movie parodies so far (the site is new).

The site offers plenty of well-muscled, handsome porn stars, the perfect men to play super heroes, swordsmen and other heroic or villainous types. You'll find well-built Trenton Ducati as Batman, hunky Paddy O'Brian, handsome Damien Crosse, beefy Jessy Ares as an unbeatable warrior, hairy Colby Keller, and Topher Di Maggio as Superman, as well as bearded, muscle man Abraham Al Malek. There are also some guys who are athletic rather than muscled like JP Dubois, Dario Beck, Paul Walker and lightly furry Dennis West, who gets boned by Darth Vader. There guys with tattoos - some heavily inked - and a good mix of smooth and hairy guys, and you'll find cocks in all sizes, including lots of uncut and good-sized dicks.

While the acting here isn't really Oscar quality, the sex delivers. The men are porn stars for a reason; not only are they handsome and horny, but they really know how to fuck. Even as the costumes and sometimes the locations add to the video plots, you can expect guys who love sucking cock, deep throating and ass-eating and plenty of hot, sweay fucking by tops who thrust deep into their bottoms hungry holes before the cum flies. There are also several passionate threesomes, a couple fourways and a five-man orgy including Batman, Superman and three studs who know just how to show their gratitude after they're rescued by the two superheroes.

Super Gay Hero just launched with 20 videos, so it's too soon to see how frequently the site will be updating. The videos are offered in DRM-free MP4 format, and they're available to download in four sizes from 480x290, which is good for smaller mobiles, to full HD at 1920x1080. The videos can also be streamed in the same resolutions, although the screen doesn't change size, only quality, so I wouldn't recommend streaming the lower quality versions unless you're on a small tablet or phone. Video quality overall is excellent, and it's obvious the camera men and crew really know their stuff. Each video is a full scene from one of the studio's DVDs, so you won't see these on member sites outside this network.

Each video comes with a set of pictures. These are very good quality digital stills, shown in the gallery player to fit your screen, but in reality each picture is nice and large at 1663x2495. The pics are well-lit with good color and detail, and like the videos, it's obvious the man behind the camera knows how to use his equipment. The pics show off the men well, and each set has all the features we like to see - you can watch the photos as a hands-free slideshow or navigate from pic to pic, and you can download individual pictures or save entire sets in zip files.

Super Gay Hero is part of the Men.com network, which means full members get tons of content from eight bonus sites - 1,984 bonus videos currently - plus an update every single day. The newer network content is as large and high quality as the content from this site, and even the oldest stuff is pretty good.

Now let's talk about some issues. There's a pre-selected offer on the billing page that, if left selected, will sign you up for a second site membership when you join Super Gay Hero; if you're not interested, be sure to select "No thanks, I'm not interested by this special offer". Next, trial members get limited access to the site and network. When you join the site, you're automatically signed up for the email list. And some tour claims - daily updates, 500+ porn stars - refer to the network, not the site. There's a big banner ad at the top of every page with an animated section to draw the eye. There's a full page ad when you log into the site (there's a link to the Men network on the right side), and I wasn't thrilled that you can't access the network behind-the-scenes section unless you spend five additional bucks for VIP access

Something to be aware of is that the biggest HD videos are also quite large in file size - most are well over a gig each. Luckily for most of us on decent internet connections, download speeds are fast, so you won't have to wait long for each video to download. For those on slower speeds, the second largest size videos are also good at full screen, and even the second to smallest size enlarges pretty well. And by the way, since the site just launched, it's too soon to see how frequently the site will be updating.

Super Gay Hero delivers some of the hottest, handsomest and - in some cases - most muscular porn stars around in professional productions of some of our favorite heroes including Batman, Superman and Wolverine. There are also hot suck and fuck sessions in movie parodies including Star Wars and X-Men and the Matrix, as well as super-popular cable show Game of Thrones and some more, as well. The site just launched with an offering of 20 very high-quality full scenes, each of which can be downloaded, streamed and viewed on most mobiles. Each scene also comes with a high quality set of pics, and full members get access to the Men.com network. Whether you love big cocks and top-name porn stars, love movie parodies or just love really hot man-on-man sex, Super Gay Hero is well worth checking out.

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