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A lot of gay porn sites include some cocksucking in each of their videos, but it's not really the focus of the site. Suck Off Guys makes blowjobs the main event with a collection of amateur sucking videos. The men here love sucking on dicks, and while some of the videos do include fucking and rimming, the site is all about sucking and cumshots. There are facials, cum eating and even a couple guys who jizz in their own faces. The site promises DRM-free downloadable videos and access to 2 exclusive bonus sites. Ready to learn more? Then join me for a look at the member area of Suck Off Guys!

Navigation at Suck Off Guys is simple and easy to use. There are no ads, no misleading or confusing links. After a welcome, the site gets right to the episodes. The site has a total of 79 videos. The 4 most recent updates are 3 to 5 days apart, and the 8 previous are anywhere from 6 days to 10 days apart. The pages here each list 6 episodes, with links to the rest of the pages at the very bottom, and there is a link on every page leading back to the home page, which came in handy.

The videos here are offered in 2 sizes of downloadable WMVs and also 1 size of streaming Flash. The larger WMV's are shown at between 640x480 and 960x540 . The vids are mostly good amateur quality or better, the newer videos a little higher quality than the older. The older streaming videos are shown at around 512x342 with the watermark underneath so it doesn't interfere. The more recent streaming videos are shown at up to 912x512. Quality for the streaming videos ranges from average to good amateur. All the videos are full scenes, and no DRM is used, so the videos can be played by Mac and Linux users, and whatever you save will continue to play after your membership has expired.

Each Suck Off Guys video also comes with a set of pics. These are vidcaps, the newer ones shown at 960x540 and the older around 500x333. As vidcaps go, these are actually pretty decent quality, and definitely worth checking out. A few episodes also come with a small set of digital stills that are good amateur quality and shown at 960x1229.

The guys here are a mix of amateur type dudes - mostly regular guys and some twinks. You can tell that the models here are doing these videos for fun, not for money, and two of the models (Seth and Aaron) are not only hungry for cock but are actually the site owners. If you're looking for oral action and cum, Suck Off Guys should hit the spot. A couple of the videos are actually solo, but the guys do should their loads in their own faces. The rest of the videos put the focus on blowjobs, but there are facials and cum eating. Don't get me wrong - there's also some fucking and rimming in some of the vids, but cock sucking and jizz are definitely the focus here.

In addition Suck Off Guys' core videos, members also get access to 3 archived videos, 4 bonus videos and 6 outtake videos that aren't just outtakes but also takes us behind the scenes and are pretty interesting. Members also get access to 2 smaller exclusive bonus sites from the same network, Guys on Video and Bareback Place.

The site has no serious issues, however there are a few things worth mentioning. First, the newest videos are not available to download until they've been listed for more than a month. Next, not all the guys are sucked off, although they do get sucked and some are sucked off. I notice that all the videos are dated fairly recently, but since we know the site has been around at least a year and a half, I'm fairly certain it's because the vids were re-encoded and uploaded, or the site is using a new content management system.

Suck Off Guys puts the focus on guys sucking cock and either eating cum or getting their faces covered in cum. There are 79 exclusive downloadable videos, all of which are DRM-free. Each video comes with a set of screencaps. The site's updates are added anywhere from 3 days to 10 days apart, and they're dated so you know exactly when updates happen, and average at least 1 update per week. I like the site's own extras, and the bonus sites are a nice addition. The bottom line - if you're looking for amateur guys who love cum and sucking dick, and don't mind slightly irregular updates, Suck Off Guys is definitely worth a visit.

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