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Straight Men brings us straight guys and gay-for-pay men in solo jerk-off and hardcore guy-on-guy sex videos. We reviewed the site just after it opened, and it's been over a year, so let's take a look at what's new.

Straight Men's content is filmed by Mike Hancock, who has been running his own porn sites for more than a decade. After visiting his site and doing a little comparison, I see that a lot of the guys on Straight Men are imports from Hancock's site, which isn't a bad thing because overall they're a hot-looking bunch. The guys are mostly twenty-something's with average to well-defined or slightly muscled bodies and a high percentage are smooth. You'll find some well-known names mixed in with amateur guys, models like Johnny Castle, Andrew Justice, Phenix Saint, Damon Danilo, and others.

There are three kinds of videos on Straight Men: jack-off videos that include auditions, solo sessions, and dildo fucking. Behind-the-scenes videos that let you watch the director setting up the scene with the model and giving him instruction; and duo scenes, which can be side-by-side masturbation or full-on sucking and fucking. There are currently a total of 136 videos and the site is updating every two weeks, give or take a day either way.

The videos are only available to stream. On each episode's page there's a small video player that displays the movie at 430x280 and you can select one of three speeds: low, medium, and high, which will just adjust the clarity of the movie but not the player's dimensions. The full-screen mode gives you a larger version that completely fits your screen, but my 24-inch monitor presented a problem with this set-up: even with the highest-quality version, the movie was fuzzy. I tried the same movie on my laptop, which has 17-inch monitor and got better results and a clearer picture. It'd be nice if the site offered something in between the 430x280 and full-screen versions. Regrettably, the videos are not available for download.

One thing I did like about the videos was they have a graphic timeline feature that, when activated, presents thumbnails across the bottom of the video representing key points in the scene. When you click the thumbnail, you immediately jump to that section. This worked quite well with no lag in the start-up of each of the sections I selected.

Each episode comes with a gallery of screencaps and displays eight of them on the episode page. There is a zip download link that will give you the entire gallery of 50-80 pictures displaying at 672x448. These aren't the best screen grabs I've seen, but they're certainly not the worst, either. I'd be happier if Straight Men offered some better quality digital stills, but the pics do let you preview each video.

All new sites have quirks and issues that need to be ironed out, and Straight Men is no exception. I've already explained the problem with enlarged videos and I hope they resolve this one. But I also had problems playing movies on my laptop in Firefox. I eventually discovered that my browser and Flash player were both out of date, as a result the movie player was hiding behind the picture gallery and I couldn't play the movies. So if you're having similar issues, try updating either your browser or Flash; everything worked fine when I did. Still, I think it's bad form to require members to have all the very latest updates of browsers and plugins - being backwards compatible is a good thing. I didn't have any problems in Internet Explorer, but I had the same issues on my Android phone, and it's up to date.

All sites have issues, but this one doesn't really fare too badly. There is a pre-checked offer on the join page, so be sure and read it before you sign up. Otherwise all the issues this site had upon launch have been ironed out.

Straight Men has a good offering of videos, having gone from 48 to 136 in just over a year. The videos are pretty close to being half solos and half duos. The guys are mostly good looking, but some are just average, and there are a handful of really handsome guys with rocking bodies. There are a few gay porn stars, and even if they're gay-for-pay, I think calling them straight might be pushing it, but there are definite first timers here, some of whom are obviously straight. The site has cut back to an update every 2 weeks. I do wish this site offered downloadable videos, but I like the guys at Straight men, and the action is shot well to show off the stroking and sucking.

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