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Straight Lads Spanked features college-aged guys who are punished for misbehaving, and the punishments can be pretty severe. Expect plenty of over-the-knee spankings with guys squirming as their asses become swollen, red, and sore. Bare bottoms also get a taste of the belt when it's called for. The spankings usually start off over trousers and progress to underwear, then bare bottoms. There are also whips, bath and hair brushes, hard-soled bedroom slippers, paddles, canes, and the birch, and believe me, the men who administer the spanking, whipping, and caning don't hold back.

Straight Lads Spanked films in England and the site owner says that to the best of his knowledge, the guys really are straight. They are their twenties and they're sporting a variety of body types from slim or athletic to well-built gym bodies, but I also saw several guys with quite skinny physiques and a couple with love handles and chunky bums. In these scenarios the guys often player footballers or working-class guys and they range from average to good looking. As well, these lads run the gamut from smooth to hairy, from clean shaven to bearded, and inked or not. There's a really nice mix of guys here.

In "Team Punishment" blond and scruffy-face Kevin has gotten three red cards on the soccer field and the team captain has come to deal with his latest offense - fighting. Sebastian gives him the choice of taking his spanking now in his bedroom, in the locker room in front of the team, or he can opt to leave the team altogether. Kevin protests but takes the bare-handed spanking over his pants, but when he mouths off, Sebastian pulls down his trousers and continues the beating over his underwear. When Kevin shouts and calls the team captain names, his underwear come down and Sebastian slaps the blond's bare ass until it's good and red.

Fraser is another footballer who has been fighting with a team mate. He arrives home and his Dad balls him out; he orders his son to get cleaned up and wait in his room. As "Wait Til Your Father Gets Home" rolls on, Fraser takes a shower and we get a good look at his chiselled body, very bushy pubes, and uncut cock, then he wraps himself in a towel and waits on his bed. When Dad returns home from work, he gives his son a proper balling out then pulls off his belt. He puts two pillows under Fraser so his pert ass his arched in the air, then wails on it with the strap, all the while chastising Fraser for his misdeeds. And not only does Fraser's butt turn beat red, but the back of his thighs too.

Straight Lads Spanked isn't a sex site and the guys don't jack off after their spankings, this is a fetish site dedicated to male spanking. The guys mostly receive their comeuppance from mature men in their forties or older. One of these men is called Mr. X, a hooded figure who not only knows how to teach the lads a lesson, but he's also the site owner. Occasionally, like with Kevin and Sebastian, the guys get a spanking from someone their own age. And there's always a back story as to why the guys are being punished and there's plenty to verbal chastising and sometimes ear pulling, not to mention bellowing, protesting, and sometimes crying from the guys getting spanked.

Straight Lads Spanked currently offers 216 exclusive videos and the site adds a new video every Thursday or Friday. Each downloadable video is available in MP4 format and ranging in size from 960x544 (older) to 1280x720 (newer). Quality is good amateur with live sound so you can hear every slap and holler. Some updates are full scenes where others are split into two parts and uploaded at different times. As well, the newer videos come in zip files when downloaded. The site often adds bonus scenes which are mostly interviews with the guys. You can stream the videos on the site and they play at 800x450 and there is a full-screen feature with varying results.

Each video includes a nice, long description telling us about the session, what each boy did wrong, what his punishment was, and how he reacted. The videos also each come with a small set of no more than 12 pics. These are screencaps sized at 640x480, and they're not only good quality, but they seem to be hand-picked as they show off the action in each video very well. Something handy about both pics and description is you can see both for each episode in the free area as well as a video trailer.

Straight Lads Spanked offers a couple more features. First, you'll find the blog, linked in both the member area and free area. And second, members can leave and read comments on each episode. And while not a feature, something I liked about Straight Lads Spanked is the customer support. I emailed a couple questions and got quick responses from Mr. X himself. He was helpful and informative and spanking is his passion.

The membership options here are a bit complicated. You have to choose between a streaming-only membership or a downloadable option that only allows you to download movies after your first 30 days, so you have to allow the membership to recur into the second month. Likewise, the 90-day memberships follow the same structure with downloads being allowed after the first 30 days of either the recurring or one-time downloadable membership, there's also a 90-day streaming option.

Straight Lads Spanked delivers on their tour promises from the fit and hunky lads to the intense corporal punishment including spanking, whipping and caning. The 216 videos are downloadable if you opt for that kind of membership, and a new video is added every week, but sometimes there is bonus content added too. Each scene includes a few pics and a description that you'll definitely want to read, and the tour gives a very good idea of what to expect in the member area. Not only is Straight Lads Spanked worth a visit, but it's one of the best corporal punishment sites I've had the pleasure of reviewing.

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