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Straight Lads Spanked features college-aged and twenty-something jocks and well-built amateurs who are punished for misbehaving, and the punishments here can be pretty severe. Expect plenty of over-the-knee spankings, guys squirming over male thighs as their asses become swollen and red. Bare bottoms also get a taste of the belt when it's called for. There are hard hairbrush spankings through jeans, on tight white briefs and on firm, bare bottoms. There are also whips, bath brushes, hard-soled bedroom slippers, paddles and canes, and believe me, the men who administer the spanking, whippings and canings don't hold back on the miscreants.

The lads here don't receive their comeuppance for no reason, either. One of the guys gets caught shoplifting, another receives chastisement and punishment for fighting at a football game. Drunk driving receives quick physical punishment, and you can bet that is one lad who will think the next time. And one particularly foul-mouthed guy gets his mouth washed out with soap before his rear receives an OTK belting. Depending on the scene, the guys receive their spankings while dressed, in their underwear or completely naked, which certainly allows us a clear view of their red, swollen buttocks.

As you've probably worked out, Straight Lads Spanked isn't a sex site, and many wouldn't consider it porn. It's a fetish site dedicated to male spanking, with a focus on younger males from 18 to their twenties receiving corporal punishment at the hands of stern mature men in their forties or older. One of these men is called Mr. X, a hooded figure who not only knows how to teach the lads a lesson; he's also the site owner.

Straight Lads Spanked currently offers 72 exclusive videos, and the site adds a new video every Friday. Each video is available in either MP4 (the newer videos) or M4V (the older videos) and is sized at 960x544. Quality is fairly good amateur, definitely watchable, and with good live sound so you can hear every slap and spank. The videos are downloadable and DRM free, although oddly newer vids are packed in zip files. Some updates are full scenes where others are half a full scene.

Each video includes a nice, long description telling about the session; what each boy did wrong, what his punishment was and how he reacted. The videos also each come with a small set of 9 pics. These are screencaps sized at 640x480, and they're not only good quality for screencaps, but they seem to be hand-chosen as they show off the action in each video very well. Something handy about both pics and description is you can see both for each episode in the free area as well as a video trailer.

Straight Lads Spanked offers a couple more features. First, you'll find the blog, linked in both the member area and free area. And second, members can leave comments on each video, which means not only can you read other members' takes on the videos, but you can leave your own comments about your favorite guys and scenes. And while not a feature, something I liked about Straight Lads Spanked is the customer support. I emailed a couple questions and got quick responses - from Mr. X himself. He was helpful and informative, and also definitely into spanking.

One odd thing here is that the recent update dates appear to be the dates the videos will be available for sale for download rather than the date they were added to the site. That means there's no way to know exactly when or how regularly updates are added, but the site definitely does update.

Straight Lads Spanked delivers on their tour promises from the hunky lads to the intense corporal punishment including spanking, whipping and caning. The 71 videos are downloadable and DRM-free, and a new scene or half-scene is added every week. Each scene includes a few pics and a description that you'll definitely want to read, and the tour gives a very good idea of what to expect in the member area. The "bottom" line - whether you're a spanking aficionado or curious, Straight Lads Spanked is definitely worth a visit.

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