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Str8 Chaser is a new site featuring a video producer who goes on the hunt for straight guys. The site's subtitle is "every str8 guy has his price" and this guy aims to find out how much money it takes to get these guys in the sack. Along the way are some very fun negotiations, so let's head inside and take a look.

We never see the producer because all the videos are filmed POV (point of view) style; he holds the camera and films the guys touching and sucking his dick, then ultimately we watch as he fucks them. He's got a decent sized dick that gets very fat when it's fully hard, he's sporting trimmed pubes, and from the bits of his body we see, he looks like he's in decent shape with a smooth body and hairy legs.

The guys on Str8 Chaser are all in their twenties with slim, athletic bodies. They're in good shape without being terribly muscled. Most of them are smooth, but a couple sport a small patch of fur between their pecs. Of the eight guys who helped open the site, only one guy named Mickey is not white, and he and three other guys sport some facial hair. Two other guys named Matt and Jason are heavily inked. Now let's take a look at a typical scenario.

The producer meets John in the park. John is a sexy blond guy, good looking with a cocky attitude. After some introductory chit chat in which the producer explains that he just wants to talk, he offers John $20 to take off his shirt. John pulls back when the producer tries touching his nipple saying, "Hey! That'll cost you $40." He learns quickly. And so it goes ... $40 to touch the producer's cock, John wants $60, another $100 to slide his hand down the producer's pants, $300 for a handjob, which turns into head for $500, and all of this is taking place outside in the park. The producer offers John $600 for anal sex back at his hotel, John wants $800, and they settle on $700. In the hotel room, John strips and holds his legs while the producer puts on a condom, lubes up and pushes in. After fucking him in a number of different positions, the producer cums all over John's face - it's a huge load, too - but I don't think that was a part of the negotiations, so who knows whether John got a bonus. And he's left to jack himself off while the producer continues filming.

As I mentioned, all the filming is POV, so we see John's face and his expression as he's taking the producer's very fat dick, and there's a lot of good cock-in-hole close-up action. There's lots of grunting and groaning, and occasionally the producer will tell John to look at the camera or hold his leg this way or that.

Str8 Chaser offers 19 episodes, each videos and most with pictures. The videos are offered in MP4 format and they stream in a player sized at 960x540. You can select any of five speeds from mobile to HD and each improves the picture quality, but they viewing area remains in the same dimensions. The quality is good with both indoor and outdoor filming with good sound. There's a full-screen option with very little quality loss at the highest speed. The videos aren't available to download, but I tried the mobile versions of the vids and was easily able to play them on my mobile phone and tablet.

There are also 14 picture sets as all but the oldest episodes include pics. These are good quality digital stills, sharp and clear, sized at either 960x640 or 428x640. While they're not available to download, either individually or in zip files, there's a hands-free slideshow and you can navigate from pic-to-pic using the arrows on either side of each photo. Each gallery has 50 pictures.

Your membership gives you access to the Reality Dudes hub that offers five more sites: Boys First Time gives us 626 videos of guys having their first gay sex experiences; Dick Dorm presents 78 scenes of college guys experimenting and fooling around in very sexual hazing sessions; Gay Revenge features 68 self-shot scenes of pissed off guys fucking around on their cheating boyfriends; Papi has 43 videos of mostly interracial sex between Latino and white guys; and Reality Thugs is the latest site, offering hot black studs in nine action videos. Of these bonus sites Dick Dorm and Reality Thugs seem to be the only ones that are adding new content.

Before we go further, let's talk about updates. Str8 Chaser had been updating weekly since launch, but updates became irregular, and that hasn't changed. This month they're averaging one update per week, but things vary; the two most recent updates are exactly a week apart, and two other recent updates were four days apart but two others were 24 days apart. There are also no updates scheduled for this site in the next two weeks.

There are a few more issues to talk about. First, there's a pre-selected offer on a dropdown menu on the billing page; if you leave it, you will be signed up for a second recurring membership when you join this site. It's easy enough to change the menu to "No, thanks" if you're not interested. Next, if you buy the one-day trial it rebills at $5 more than the 30-day membership. I didn't see anything to indicate the trial is limited, but they often are. Also when you sign up you're automatically added to an email list, there's no way to opt out of this until after you begin receiving the emails. There are two items on the navigation menu, a cam site and a profile / hookup site that both cost extra.

I enjoyed the videos at Str8 Chaser. The guys are generally good looking, and the negotiations were fun to watch. The producer has a fat cock, and it was a turn-on watching these straight guys play with it and ultimately take it up their butts. Are the guys really straight? Who knows, but wouldn't you like to head into a park with a pocket full of cash and see how much it costs to get a guy to suck your cock? There are 19 streaming videos, and although although updates are irregular, you have a total of almost 800 videos to watch from the five bonus sites. And if you like watching first-time gay sex, there's plenty more of it here on one of the other sites. I hope the site continues to grow because I enjoyed the scenes and liked the concept.

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