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Steve is a mature San Francisco dominant with a fully-equipped dungeon. He started off exploring BDSM 15 years ago as a sub, but quickly realized that he prefers being in control. He films his training sessions with his slave boys and offers them on Steve Dungeon. There have been lots of changes and additions since we visited in 2009, so let's take a fresh look.

Steve is a 40-plus master in decent shape; he's experienced, stern and demanding, and he knows how to take care of his boys' needs while being served himself. Filming for over a decade, Master Steve has had 42 slave boys in his dungeon, and they're quite a variety of ages, types, and sizes. Most of the subs are white guys throughout their twenties, but some as old as 44, and there have been black, Latino, and Asian guys serving, too. The master seems to like his boys with slender to muscled, smooth bodies. I didn't see any chubby guys or bears.

The slave boys are gay, bisexual and straight, and include curious newcomers, eager novices and experienced subs. "Tall boy" is a 27-year-old, straight guy with lots of bondage experience tying up his girlfriend, but he wanted to try submitting to a man. And "College boy" is a straight student who wanted to make some "easy" money. "Pierced boy" is an escort who wanted some bondage and role play experience so he could expand his client menu. "Mechanic boy" is a gay sub who has done 22 sessions. The subs wear a variety of gear from street clothes to nothing at all, from jockstraps to leather harnesses and collars.

Steve Dungeon is divided into 8 different rooms: Bondage, Cum, CBT, Fuck/Ass Play, Foot, Spanking, Sucking and Tickle, so it's easy to find your favorite kink. The master's dungeon comes equipped with a bondage frame, suspension harness, swing, horse, and slings, and Master Steve has a full range of toys and implements like hoods and collars, restraints of all kinds, ball weights, paddles and floggers, violet wands, milking machines, dildos and butt plugs and more.

So the action here is quite varied and depends on what the slave boys want to explore; it's hard to do it all justice in a brief paragraph. You'll find loads of bondage and the guys are worked over with spankings and beatings, extreme cock play, tickling, ass play, foot worship - it's almost endless. Master Steve is a very accomplished dom who knows how to set the tone with stern talk and instructions helping his slave boys explore their kinky desires.

If my counting is accurate, there are 675 videos at Steve Dungeon, but these take some explanation. There have been 42 slave boys filmed in 104 sessions. Johnny is the latest and his session consists of 3 scenes: Strung Up and Tickled, Exposed and Stimulated, and Bent Over and Spanked, so think of a "scene" as a different activity in the larger training session. Each "scene" is offered as an individual video clip. Some sessions have a couple of scenes, others have as many as 10.

Newer downloadable videos are offered in MP4 format and play at 640x360 or 640x480. Very old videos come in WMV format and play at 320x240. Although you can stream the videos, Steve Dungeon doesn't have a full-streaming server, so there are buffering issue. Since downloading was painless and quick, I preferred that. The sound is good so you can hear every slap, moan, order and "Yes, Sir!" Every Monday, Master Steve uploads two more scenes and has been updating consistently.

Each session also comes with a set of pics, which is a series of screencaps taken from the videos. Newer ones enlarge to 853x480 and older ones just display as large thumbnails (240x180 and 320x240). While you can save the pics individually, there's no slideshows or downloadable zip files.

Are there any issues with Steve Dungeon? First, I'm disappointed that there's no way to download or watch the full sessions. Second, I don't know if it's really an issue, but this site is very highly organized, sometimes too well. Sessions and scenes show up in the various rooms, but the same scene can show up in multiple rooms. The "Slave boys" section is invaluable for navigating the site and lists each guy and links to their various sessions, scenes, and activities.

Steve Dungeon really shines in the unique and creative departments, and it's definitely not the same old thing here. It's easy to see that Master Steve loves BDSM play and his attention to detail is breathtaking, even if at times a little overdone. He has a sexy variety of slave boys and explores all kinds of kinky and nasty things with them. There's so much to watch here that it's going to take you a while to see it all. And at $19.95, then $14.95 monthly afterwards, you can take all the time you want. With at least 8 new clips added every month, Steve Dungeon is a great place for novice and experienced fetishists to explore their kink.

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