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If you like watching guys sniffing and licking sneakers, boots, socks, and bare feet, then Sneaker Sex is going to be right up your kinky little alley. Aside from foot play and worship, there's plenty of cock sucking and ass fucking, too. And even better, there are lots of tough guys, bad boys, scallies, and skinheads, all European and aged between 18 to 30, so that means plenty of uncut cocks.

The guys on Sneaker Sex range from skinny guys to beefy rugby players with mostly smooth bodies and clean-shaven faces, maybe a tattoo here and there, and lots of fat, uncut cocks. If you like skinheads, scallies, or guys in military wear, there's a lot of them here. These European foot fetishists are mostly in their twenties, and as the site name suggests, they're usually wearing sneakers, but a few are sporting boots. Either way, the guys like to pull off their shoes and push their socked or bare feet in the faces of the guys worshipping them, either eagerly or with a bit of prodding. You'll recognize a few of the guys here as they're regulars in gay porn, guys like JP Dubois, Jordan Fox, and Peto Coast, but many more are single-name guys who I haven't seen before.

This site delivers gay man-on-man sex and kink including shoe and sock sniffing, humiliation, trampling, group foot sessions, and plenty of guys sucking cock and fucking. You'll also find lots of outdoor action, a few piss videos, and some sex toy play. Expect lots of rough sex and plenty of European boys into the aroma and taste of dirty shoes and socks.

One video I watched was called "Sweaty Feet and Sox After Training" and it features two guys in sports gear pushing a buddy or team mate to the floor. The would-be foot worshipper is forced to eat one guy's sneaker and untie the laces with his teeth, then the other one holds his head while his buddy rubs his socked foot across the dude's face. He's made to sniff balled up socks and a sneaker while the guys rub their bare feet on his body and cock. Another naked guy walks in the locker room and joins in; all three guys rub their bare feet on the guy before he's forced to suck the newcomer's big cock. One of the guys pushes his foot on the back of the cocksucker's head to make sure he goes deep.

In "Sniffing and Sneaker Licking Kicko," Mickael David follows skinny guy Lucky Joe home. Once inside the apartment building, Joe jumps the lad and drags him down to the basement where he shoves his huge cock down Mickael's throat. He spits on the cocksucker and makes him sniff his socks and sneakers before bending him over and fucking him on the stairs. It was a horny 40 minutes.

Sneaker Sex itself offers 96 videos, but there are a total of 597 videos offered in this six-site network. The videos are listed in what I suppose is date order although there are no dates. They're available in streaming Flash and play at 640x480. They're good quality at their original size, losing some sharpness when enlarged to full screen. The movies are DRM-free full scenes that play smoothly with good sound, but the music on some of the videos can be distracting.

Sneaker Sex isn't a subscription website, but you rent the scenes for a 24-hour period using tickets that you purchase in advance in packages from five to 100 tickets. The movies I saw cost between four and six tickets to watch. Sneaker Sex is part of a network featuring Euro porn (and some of it is pretty kinky) from Young Bastards, Staxus, Kallamacka, Kink Force, and Spritzz and you're free to use your coupons watching any videos not just Sneaker Sex scenes. You can also download entire DVDs at an extra cost and they run between $39 and $59, as well, there are links to a DVD store where you can order DVDs and have them shipped to you by mail. You cannot download individual scenes though.

Something I liked is that Sneaker Sex has a model index, and each guy is listed with a profile. That means you can not only quickly find any of the performer's videos, but you can learn things about him like his age, cock size, where he lives, and some more interesting stats. The videos listed for each guy are not just from this site, but from all the sites in the network. Ten of the performers also have a gallery, and while these aren't actually XXX as claimed, you can see the guys posing nude and showing off. The pictures display in a slider with forward and back buttons, but there's no way to save any of the pictures you like.

This site does have some issues. First, there's no way to know when or how often the site adds new videos. There is a Latest Updates section, but since none of the videos is actually dated, it doesn't give us a hint about the update schedule. However, when we reviewed the site in May 2012 there were 85 videos, now there are 96, so they haven't added very much content in the past three years. Next, when you rent a video, there's no confirmation page, the video just opens in a player, so be sure not to hit the RENT VIDEO button by accident.

Sneaker Sex offers extremely hot fetish videos featuring guys who can't get enough of men wearing sneakers or boots or being forced to sniff and worship them. There's also plenty of gay sex - often pretty rough - between masculine Euro guys, often skinheads or street punks. The site offers 96 videos, but there are a total of 597 videos in this network. This is an online rental site, so you pay to watch each individual video as much as you like for 24 hours. The rental prices are reasonable, especially if you buy more tickets, but the videos must be streamed. If you're into sneaker and boot worship, Euro bad boys, and rough gay hardcore, Sneaker Sex is definitely worth a look.

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