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Rub Him is all about man-to-man massages that include all the extras. The guys here start off getting the full treatment from masseurs with strong hands and arms and lots of oils, who know their way around the male body. Once every inch has been massaged, the rub-downs move to cock and ass massages, until the by now compliant client on the table can't help but have a hard-on that demands attention - and things go from there. The full treatment includes skilled blowjobs, sometimes toy and ass play, and when things get hot enough, mutual oral and fucking.

The men here are mostly masculine, well-built to muscular and in their twenties or maybe thirties, although in the older episodes, the masseur is a assertive daddy in his 40's, but now there's more variety. Expect six-pack abs, strong arms and faces full of cum, ass fingering, hole stuffing and oiled-up men who get the treatment in just about every way. We're talking about full-service massages here, and every one has a happy ending.

Rub Him now offers 152 downloadable videos, and they're good stuff. The vids are DRM-free and available in MP4 and WMV formats, the MP4s shown at 1280x720 and several smaller sizes including one for mobiles including iPhone, iPod and Android. The WMVs are sized at 852x480. The videos are all good amateur quality or better, and there are three sizes of streaming vids as well; while they're not as high quality as the downloadable versions, they're still quite watchable, even at full screen.

When it comes to updates, there are usually 2 to 3 new videos added each month, although three months ago there were 4 updates. Obviously the updates aren't regular, but the site is still growing, and the site is part of a network which offers at least 2, but sometimes 3, updates every week.

Every video comes with 2 sets of pics. First are the digital stills, which are good amateur quality or better and are sized at 2000x1333. These really show off the men and the action well, and are definitely worth checking out. Each video also comes with a set of screencaps, and these aren't bad for screencaps. All pic sets can be downloaded in zip files, or you can save the ones you like individually.

Rub Him is part of the Big Daddy network, and full members are offered about 900 good-quality videos and hot men. Niches include barebacking, BIG cock sex, public sex, glory holes and more from a total of 13 sites.

I ran into a few issues here. First is that there's a pre-checked offer on the join page that signs you up for another porn site, so you'll want to read that before you join. Next, trial members get limited access, and trials recur at a steep $20 more per month than the cost of a regular monthly membership. It's also worth mentioning that the FREE LIVE CAMS tab near the top of the page links to a third-party site that may have free chat (There were no models available when I checked it out), but nudity and action cost by the minute. One last thing worth mentioning is that I don't believe the DVD archive listed with the bonuses is included - I believe members must pay extra to watch the DVDs. There's no way to be sure, as we may have been given a special review pass.

Rub Him offers gay massages that deliver much more than just a rub-down. The men are hot and horny, with lots of well-muscled bodies and firm asses, the action includes massages, cock stroking and blowjobs, ass play, fucking and messy cumshots. The site has grown to 152 downloadable videos (streaming is also available) and adds 2 or 3 new scenes per month. Good news is that members also get access to a gay porn network including interesting scenarios, sexy guys and hot action. While the site has its issues, I liked the big, downloadable videos, masculine masseurs and the bonus sites at Rub Him.

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