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Pegasus Studios is a new site that promises to be "the internet's premiere omni-sexual adult site for all lifestyles." Omni-sexual is a new one on me, so I had to look it up. It turns out that omni-sexual is a sort of catch-all phrase for people who are attracted equally to all human beings. Fine, nothing wrong with that. But I'm always a little dubious of these be-all-things-to-all-people kind of sites, and it turns out my misgivings were warranted.

The guys at Pegasus Studios are a mix of amateurs, newcomers and porn performers who are in their twenties with slender to gym-fit bodies, and some are a little more muscular. I did see some porn regulars on the site like Angel Rock, Ray Han, Logan Vaughn, Chris Bines and AJ Monroe.

The action is broken into solo, guy-on-guy and bisexual. Most of the action is masturbation, with 25 videos. When it comes to the guy-on-guy sex, there are 16 videos, you're looking at guys sucking and fucking in home and hotel settings. I watched one model stripping off his clothes and filling the washing machine on laundry day, then when his buddy stopped by he added his clothes and they sucked and fucked on the washing machine. Another couple of guys had sex in a bathtub big enough for two, and a couple of fuck buddies got together for a romp in a hotel room. In the bisexual section I found two straight sessions and two threeways (FFM and MMF).

The videos are offered in both streaming and downloadable MP4. If you're watching them online the player is 560x348, but I also saw a few playing at 510x288. Unfortunately the videos aren't encoded very well because I saw lots of interlacing artifacts (jaggies) during sequences with lots of movement. I'm afraid things don't get much better with the downloads. Of the latest six updates, there were three different sizes of video: 642x470, 706x396, and a massive 1920x1080, but again, they're encoded at low bitrates and produce lots of jaggies. The super-huge videos didn't seem to suffer from the poor picture quality, but my computer struggled with the mere dimensions except the bitrate was only 2.61 Mbs. To make matters worse, there's a large semi-transparent watermark on the videos that never goes away and usually gets in the way of the action.

Some of the episodes have picture galleries, others don't. And the picture sizes vary, but come as large as 800x1200. When there are galleries, some have slideshows but others don't, and you can save some pictures individually, but you can't with others. And there are no downloadable zip files.

The update schedule is haphazard. In April 2014 they put up one video during the first week, two the following week, and then nothing until the last week of the month when they added three. So far May has been fared better with each week seeing two updates.

There is a bonus section called Xtra Videos, but it only contains 1,156 2-minute video clips that are really just previews enticing you to pay more money to watch the full movie on another site.

Pegasus Studios is an unfortunate site because someone is paying a lot of money to produce videos that are poorly encoded and then showcased badly. And the thing is that videos themselves aren't bad. Who doesn't like watching guys jacking off and fucking? I was turned on by lots of the guys, but then the site gets in the way with their inconsistencies. These technical difficulties aren't insurmountable; this site just needs to establish a benchmark and stick to it. You can win over your members simply by being consistent with video quality, size, and update schedule. I wish I could give Pegasus Studios a better review. It's not back to the drawing board, but they need to fix their basic video quality issues before they shoot another frame.

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