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Paulo Massa is a Brazilian hunk packing one massive uncut cock - it's 9 inches long and 7.5 inches around and sports thick, brown foreskin. I've only seen him on a couple of other sites, so I'm ecstatic to report that he finally has his own site. It's pretty thrilling watching bottoms trying to swallow Massa's huge meat with their mouths or asses - and preferably both! His site, Paulo Massa XXX, has been around for a few months now, so follow along while I tell you about it.

I've read in descriptions that Massa is part Italian. Unfortunately his own site doesn't have a proper bio page. It appears that he lives in France these days because most of his bottoms have French names. Massa seems to be a any-hole-will-do kind of top because he fucks quite a variety of men: slender guys and muscle hunks, but also a couple of fellow Brazilians, black men, and daddies; and I saw a couple of bottoms sporting small bellies. It's also hard to tell you about all the guys because at least 13 of them are wearing masks or balaclavas.

Most of the videos have Massa paired up with a bottom who sucks his monster cock - or tries to - and then assumes the position while Massa stuffs his ass. I didn't watch every single video, but it doesn't look like any of these cocksuckers get away with a oral-only session - they all grunt through a punishing butt stretching. Honestly, who wouldn't want to try? You'll only run into a dick this spectacular a few times in your life, so you might as well go for the whole enchilada.

And when it comes to getting serviced, Massa isn't an easy top. He holds cocksuckers by the head and fucks their faces, thrusting in and out of their mouths. He doesn't care if they choke or gag. And likewise when fucking them, he pushes his inches inside a bottom's tight hole despite protests, cries or swearing. Massa can also get aggressive, slapping faces and asses, grabbing butt cheeks, or presumably talking dirty to his bottoms. There are a handful of threeways where another guy joins Massa in spit roasting a bottom. And three of the videos are solos featuring other hung guys.

There are 34 videos inside Paulo Massa XXX, 10 more than when we first reviewed the site. The downloadable MP4s play back at 1280x720. I found them to be decent amateur quality with fairly good lighting and sound. Massa employs a cameraman who goes the extra mile to give us some great underneath cock-in-ass or oral close-ups. You can also stream the videos on the site in three sizes: 320x240 (mobile), 770x480 (high quality) and 850x480 (HD). There are no picture galleries on the site, but there are five small pictures on each episode's page that give you a preview of the action.

Paulo Massa XXX belongs to a network of sites run by a French company called Studio Presse, and there are two ways you can view the content. First, you can buy viewing packages and redeem tickets to watch or download only the videos you want. And second, you can buy a monthly membership that gives you unlimited viewing but no downloads. Honestly, buying tickets to watch or download all 34 Massa videos will run you about the same price as the monthly membership - maybe a little more. You'll have to weigh what's best for you: tickets will allow you to download and keep the videos where the monthly membership lets you watch them only, but also gives you access to all 12 network theaters and their thousands of videos.

While I could fantasize all day about this Brazilian's humongous tool and foreskin, it's not all rosy at Paulo Massa XXX. I'm disappointed that Studio Presse hasn't put in the effort to make the site more personal. There's a brief "about me" page that doesn't really tell us much, and the lack of a proper bio is further aggravated by the lack of subtitles on the movies. I don't need grunts and groans translated from Portuguese or French - I can figure that out for myself - but Massa often starts off the video talking to the camera or his scene partner, and it'd be nice to know what he's saying. There's a blog too, but it's mostly in French and hasn't been updated in a while.

The videos aren't dated but the site has added 10 in the past 2 1/2 months, so it seems to be averaging an update each week. And the prices, as far as we can tell, are only given in euros. And my last complaint is that a lot of these bottoms are wearing masks. Are you telling me that in all of France Massa could only find a handful of bottoms willing to service him on camera without hiding their identity?

In spite of Paulo Massa XXX's missteps, Paulo Massa's horrendously large penis is definitely a must-see. Simply looking at it will get you all worked up, but watching these bottoms struggle with it is definitely a turn-on. I watched one poor daddy gripping the bedsheets and smashing his head into the mattress while Massa stretched his hole. And it never seemed to get any easier. I don't know what this bottom was crying, but it didn't deter Massa and it sure was hot to watch. And I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

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