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Only Real Guys offers straight amateurs who have been captured on film. They've got a big collection of guys showing off their dicks or bulges, drunken and passed out boys, public nudity pics, guys taking a piss or wresting with each other, as well as college dudes in hazing rituals and much more real amateur stuff. Most of the amateurs here are Caucasians in their twenties, but you will find just about any kind of guys you can think of. There are photos of them alone, with other buddies or even in groups. While there are some pretty handsome fellows on this site, most of them are average looking guys you wouldn't even notice in the streets. However in a drunk state and with their cocks out, they become a lot more interesting all of a sudden ;-)

You won't find any hardcore action, but often it's as hot watching guys fooling around, and that includes crotch grabbing, pissing on each other, jerking off together or touching each others dicks. Things won't get any more amateur than what you'll find on Only Real Guys, so if that's what you are looking for, then read on and find out exactly what this site has to offer.

Only Real Guys was originally launched in 2002 and is still being updated. Rhe latest update is dated, and it's from 28 days ago; there are no other dates, so it's impossible to tell how often new content is added. There are eight different video categories, which contain 40 pages of a little over 400 downloadable videos in MPG format. The videos are small and of amateur quality, but that shouldn't be a surprise since these are real amateur videos which have been filmed with cell phones or low end cameras. Most of the videos play at a size of 352x240 and are free of DRM, which means they will keep working once you have downloaded them, even after your membership has expired. You can also stream the vids in an embedded QuickTime player.versions.

The site offers 430 galleries that are divided into 15 different categories. The number of galleries per category varies a lot; For example, there's just one gallery inside the military category, while there are 81 inside the dicks category. The pictures have been shot with different cameras, which means that the pics come in every possible size. The quality of the pictures varies as well, but compared to some of the videos, the pictures are of much better quality. The galleries show thumbnails and you would need to click those to see a them in their original size. The images all open in a new tab and since there's no hands-free slideshow tool or a way to download the images in a batch, it can be time-consuming to browse through all of the pictures.

Only Real Guys hosts a unique collection that is quite entertaining and definitely hot if you like amateur straight guys, but I wish that the owner would put a little more effort in how he delivers the content. Both the design as well as the functionality of the site could use some work; it shouldn't be too hard to add some handy features, like a (hands-free) gallery viewer. Video quality and size are amateur quality or even low amateur quality, which isn't really surprising because they are amateur vids and it's probably impossible to improve them any further. However, I wish they would offer the videos in more formats, because not every browser supports MPG files by default, and you would need to have QuickTime installed to watch the streaming files.

Only Real Guys offers a large collection of amateur pictures and videos. I certainly enjoyed watching the often drunk straight amateur guys fooling around, showing off their cocks and flashing in public. There are 400 videos and 430 galleries of public nudity, pics taken by friends during partying and even some pissing content. The site could use some work in terms of design and functionality, videos are small and update frequency is uncertain, but the guys on offer are real amateurs getting crazy, and that is a definite plus. Like I said earlier in this review, things don't get much more amateur than what this site is offering.

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